February 3, 2020
Rafael from Exodus Farms in Brazil talks about what he learned on his trip to Yakima, the challenges of starting a new hop farm, and what it is like farming in Brazil. This interview was recorded last Fall at the Barth Haas Hops Academy in Yakima, WA.
June 14, 2019
Seth from Mecca Grade Estate Malts in Madras, Oregon was visiting town and stopped by to talk about malts. Learn about trends in malt breeding and farming, his family farm's partnership with OSU, and even a grain fungus used in the production of LSD. Enjoy listening and happy brewing!
December 27, 2018
Diane Gooding, generational hop farmer from Gooding Farms, talks about what it's like farming hops in Idaho, some of the green initiatives she's enacted on the farm, and even a little bit about the recent Farm Bill that was just signed. New original track by YVH's own Stephen Quantrille.
October 19, 2018
Kaleb puts his nose to work at Hopsource smelling new experimental public hop varieties. Hopsource was a week-long event hosted at Yakima Valley Hops by the Brewers Association and Draught Lab to sniff out future superstar hops. Chris Swersey from the Brewers Association walks Kaleb through the sensory evaluation process as well as talks about how the BA is supporting the public breeding program, what goes into breeding experimental hops, and what your nose can tell you about hops in a single whiff. Apologies for the episode getting cut short, but please email with any follow-up questions for a Part 2 with Chris in a couple weeks. READ MORE HERE: Original track by YVH's own Steve! Photo credit to the ever-photogenic Brü Crew!
September 18, 2018
With more than 55 years in the beer business, John Gorman has seen it and done it all. Not only does he know a bit about the industry as a whole, but he also had a key role in bringing the famous Galaxy hops to The States! Listen and learn what this veteran has to say about sanitization, his favorite up-and-coming hops, and what craft beer can learn from the macro guys. Oh, and his story about Galaxy is pretty good too! Picture from John's retirement party with Jeff Perkins. Original music from Exposure Therapy.
August 20, 2018
Eric Desmarais (4th generation owner of CLS Farms) finishes his conversation with Jeff Perkins and Kaleb Schwecke and talks about: - His breakout El Dorado hop - The Economics of bringing a variety to market - Neomexicanus hop genetics and how they are different Bonus: Save the date Friday, September 28th for the 5th Annual Fresh Hop Party. Listen to the whole episode for a secret password that does secret stuff.
July 16, 2018
In this special episode, recorded live on the floor of Homebrew Con 18, Kaleb turns the tables and gets to interview Marshall and the Brülosophy Gang. They talk about the state of homebrewing, how homebrewing affects the craft beer market, and all the new hot trends folks are playing around with. There's even a surprise visit from Dan Pixley of Milk The Funk! Original music by Steve Quantrille. Cheers!
June 1, 2018
Eric Desmarais (4th generation owner of CLS Farms) sits down with Jeff Perkins and Kaleb Schwecke and discusses many aspects of the hop industry including: - Hop history in the Yakima Valley - Hop growing regions - Which varieties grow better in certain areas - Hop picking windows and kilning techniques Part 2 will be available next week! Original music for this episode from our good friend Exposure Therapy.
May 22, 2018
And we're back with Hannah as she talks with Justin and Jocelyn Leigh from Dwinell Country Ales. Kimchi beer? That's a thing! Listen and learn about a bunch of other fun stuff too!
April 6, 2018
Justin and Jocelyn Leigh from Dwinell Country Ales come share their beers with Hannah and chat about a bunch of stuff including: 1. What it's like starting a new brewery. 2. Some of the goofy recipes they've brewed. 3. The power of beer names and styles. With a bunch more coming at you next week in Part 2! Original music once again provided by Stephen Quantrille. FIRE!
March 2, 2018
Learn to grow hops from someone who has been doing it since he was only 13 years old! Junior Loza stops by to share his hop growing knowledge in Episode 3 of the Late Addition! Thank you to everyone who sent in questions beforehand and be sure to leave any follow-up questions in the comments! Original music once again by Stephen Quantrille with voicework by Corey Hacker. Thank you to everyone for listening and for the continued support! Happy brewing!
February 17, 2018
Hop quality expert Zac German sits down with Kaleb to discuss everything that goes into good hops. Not only does Zac talk about recent developments in the USDA public breeding program, but he addresses the inebriating effects of wet-hopped beers and squashes his biggest hop myth. Once again, apologies for the mic quality. New mics will be here for the next episode and we will keep trying to get it sounding better and better! Original music by Stephen Quantrille with voice work by Corey Hacker, Hannah Kivi, with Scott and Stephen Quantrille. And don't forget to send us your hops growing questions! See you next week!
February 8, 2018
Nicholi, a statistical geneticist, stopped by the Hop Shop for what turned out to be the very first episode of The Late Addition. He talks about a range of topics including the hop breeding cycle, experimental hop varieties, as well as some new discoveries in hops' chromosomes. Nicholi is joined by Jeff and Kaleb from Yakima Valley Hops and Joshua (friend of the shop and rock lover). Original music by Stephen Quantrille with Corey Hacker. We know that the audio was a little rough in spots, but new mics are on the way and we will just try to keep improving and learning as we go! That being said, please let us know what you think of this first episode! Shoot us your questions, comments, or any suggestions you might have! Nicholi will be stopping by again soon, so send us any questions you'd like him to answer in the future!
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