S1E03 – Horror Hill
Published February 23, 2018
78 min
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    In this third episode of Horror Hill (http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/shows/horror-hill/) , we bring you two spine-tingling tales from Kevin David Anderson (http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/authors/kevin-david-anderson/)  and H.K. Reyes (http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/authors/h-k-reyes/) , performed by host and narrator Jason Hill (http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/performers/jason-hill/) , one a mesmerizing tale of mind over matter, the second coming to us across the airwaves from a dark and distant past, a time when the monsters in the night were very, very real. Stories featured in this episode “The Day Hypnotism Died” by Kevin David Anderson – more info about this author (http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/authors/kevin-david-anderson/) “The Voice on the Radio” by H.K. Reyes – more info about this author (http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/authors/h-k-reyes/) See full episode details, including the text of the featured stories, here:  http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/series/horror-hill/s1e03-hh/ Podcast executive produced and directed by: Craig Groshek (http://simplyscarypodcast.com/staff/craig-groshek/) Podcast produced by: Craig Groshek (http://simplyscarypodcast.com/staff/craig-groshek/) Podcast hosted by: Jason Hill (https://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/performers/jason-hill/) Stories performed by: Jason Hill (https://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/performers/jason-hill/) Sound design by: Luke Hodgkinson (https://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/staff/luke-hodgkinson/) Script by: Craig Groshek (http://simplyscarypodcast.com/staff/craig-groshek/)  & Jason Hill (https://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/performers/jason-hill/) (http://simplyscarypodcast.com/staff/craig-groshek/) Original artwork by: Jason Hill (https://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/performers/jason-hill/) Audio program © 2018 Chilling Entertainment, LLC (http://chilling-entertainment.com/)  – All Rights Reserved. No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Chilling Entertainment, LLC (http://chilling-entertainment.com/) . The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.
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