Not Serious
This podcast is extremely politically correct. It is not open-minded to diverse ideas.
Great at deconstructing the news in a fresh way
Wannabe immersion
Substantively this is a good podcast. But this relentlessly tired schtick of reading out SMS comms as if they’re being written in tedious real-time makes it seem like you all think texts are written by high school girls that don’t read so good. Grow it up. There’s enough disingenuous show-boating on the news already. There’s far, far, FAR less annoying ways to wait out the clock. You’ll get the fifth star back when ya’all realize that you’re no Orson Wells. Thx.
Love it
Love it
Love VOX daily digest.
However. It does come out very late.. I would love to drive to work (in the morning) listening to this. Still, a great podcast for a quick touch up on current news!!
The only podcast I listen to consistently
I’m a regular podcast listener with varied taste. This is the only daily news podcast I listen to regularly. It’s not easy to take a deep dive into a subject in 20-30 min, but they somehow manage to do just that. Is it left leaning? Yes. Do I care? No. It’s still good reporting in an intelligent and entertaining interview format with smart, articulate guests. Love the host—he’s a great combo of smart, funny, nerdy, cool, and sincere. I love that sometimes the topic is familiar, and sometimes it’s something I should know, but don’t. Yeah, I’m a fan.
Not the best news podcast out there.
Auron Renouille
Fairly simplistic podcast when it comes to news analysis, and deeply disappointing to see them shilling for the sensational and tabloid-esque CourtTV. Please find some basic ethics in terms of who you’re willing to accept ads from.
Great daily podcast
Ever since discovering The Daily, I’ve loved to get my news in small 20 minute deep dives. Today, Explained is even better than The Daily, in my opinion, as Sean is funny and witty, and the coverage isn’t always straight off the NYT front page. Adding diversity and fun to the daily podcast gamut!
My Favorite Daily Podcast
I listen to Today Explained everyday, and I’m finally rating and reviewing like the ever mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder asked me to. Today explained is my favorite daily podcast. It keeps me up-to-date on important current events and Sean Rameswaram is a great host. Definitely worth listening to!!!
What is today?
What is today if it is not explained
Just learned something new
In all the recent coverage of the Ukraine, I just learned from listening to this podcast that the Ukraine had given up it’s nukes back in the 90s as part of a deal with the US, Russia, etc. In general, I Appreciate the way Sean gets at stories and explains things.
Best Round Up Show
this is my hands down favorite show of the “daily round up” genre...super smart, witty and well-researched. I love that they alternate between the news of the day (impeachment proceedings) and other, less pressing but still important stories (plastic burning, autoworkers strike). I’ve listened to every episode.
Best coverage EVER
Nowhere else did I get coverage of worker strikes and protests, or recycling issues. I’ve only been subscribed for a few weeks but I’m extremely happy with my decision to hit that button! I’d rather give 11/10 but 5 stars will do 🤷🏼‍♀️
Mujin (player name)
Nice name
I really like this show but
The host is incredible. Love him. And the show is awesome in all ways. I just wish it came out earlier. As it covers current events and not getting released (atleast I don’t see it) until 5 EST most days it’s just kind of redundant to what I’ve seen all day. I’d far prefer to here it here than some other outlets
Intellectual honesty is lacking. DS mouthpieces.
Fun and informative
M Liu-S
Almost always right in the amount of information, the level of depth, and the balance between informativeness and fun. Sean is great as host for this podcast. Enjoyed how music is creatively used in the podcast.
Great podcast! #FreeHK
Big Adventures
Today Explained is a great podcast that dives into a lot of interesting topics! Especially good (and important) was the show “Hope for Hong Kong” which aired Aug 22. Hong Kong is arguably the #1 most important issue right now when it comes to the struggle for global democracy. If you’re reading this review I would highly encourage you to 1. subscribe to this great podcast and 2. Voice your support (by contacting your house / senate reps) for the Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act of 2019. This proposal will do a lot for the people of HK and now is the time they really need out help. Thank you guys at Today Explained for covering this story and helping us all understand more clearly what’s happening in Hong Kong and around the world!
Every American should listen to this podcast
Senor Loop
If every America would listen to this short daily podcast, we would all have much more informed political discourse. Do yourself a favor and subscribe. Mark Louis Travel With Hawkeye podcast
How I keep up with the news
Great podcast. Covers topics all over the news with more depth than the headlines without dragging on for 1-2 hours, and also covers topics that aren’t making the headlines. Sometimes a tad overproduced, but it’s a fun yet informative podcast; I love Sean’s sense of humor. Keep em coming!
False advertising
Remember when Vox advertised that Ezra would be on the post debate pod? Remember when Ezra showed up? Me neither. Keep “writing that book”.
Explaining the News
K Salamander
Today Explained helps me to understand important issues by asking the right questions. They always break it down for me. About 1000x more helpful that watching the news.
Cnn Climate Change Debate
Fil Ericson
This thing didn't even include when Biden was asked if her would attend a fossil fuel industry sponsored fundraiser, then did it anyway. Bad coverage to help voters. 1 star.
Lately I've been preferring this podcast over The Daily because the host of this podcast never makes annoying hmm's during interviews and he doesn't talk extremely slowly. However, this podcast isn't perfect either. There's a significant liberal bias in this podcast, which is the case with all of the daily news podcasts, and most of the ads are awful.
A must-hear
News explained in depth in a short time. Sean is a wonderful host!
Graduation at MSD
Loved the youthful conviction and clarity of MSD’s David Hogg. As usual T_E, well done. Even Winsome Commercials! Great topics. Even enjoy the commercials—especially Uber w/ Sean’s Mom! I just got a new red Quip and it’s great. Sleek, light and wonderfully functional!
Binge listener
Maybe it’s weird to listen to a daily podcast in big doses, but that works best for me. I often find that I’ll hear about or read about something in the news, but not fully grasp it (or fail to take the time to investigate). Then in my binge of Today Explained episodes, I’ll find several that address exactly the topics that left me with questions. Great host, great guests; I couldn’t be more pleased.
Chris Likes Dogs
I personally love this podcast because it makes everything in the world that is happening currently today so much easier to understand.
reveiwing nickname 2
Never will I miss an episode!!!
Nxt Gen Cowboy
I absolutely love this podcast! Such a unique, interesting and insightful take on big news stories of the day! Every weekday I look forward to this snapshot of the news of the day!
Worth listening everyday
Mr and Mrs Podcast
This is at the top of my podcast list everyday. Always good content and something to learn.
I wish all news was presented like this!
My favorite podcast for current issues. Keep up the great reporting!
Quality subscriber content
It truly is all killer. There is always something interesting to hear.
They always cover the best topics and ones that are a little bit outside of the mainstream always covered on every other podcast (daily, etc)
Show #369... Reviving death
The most powerful show I’ve heard in a long, long time. Keep up the good work Vox!
Great way to get my news, such a well done and smart show!
Lowrider puppies rule
I felt compelled for some reason to write a review and rate the show. Thanks for the show and the info!!
Almost always on point
Vox does a pretty darn good job answering very current issues in depth. When you hear a news story - example: responding to Iran shooting down a US drone - they answer the obvious question you’re already thinking but the headlines aren’t addressing: what’s the history of responses to this? Are drones new? Have we shot down a drone of theirs? Every episode is about something that occurred in the past day or two.
Enjoying the cast so far
I’ve only listened to a couple of episodes, but so far it seems like another great, liberal news source. Now if I could find an actual conservative show that doesn’t melt my brain . . .
Very biased
Good luck in finding a non biased episode. It is the “administration” that is causing the border problems. Maybe it is the government, but they forgot that the federal government is 3 parts. Shameless Trump is the devil news reporting. Should not be treated as a news source
Enjoy your Episodes. Why the “haunting” music in the first couple minutes of the show?
Awesome podcast
I love Vox’s “explainer” articles, and this podcast makes them into audio form! The episodes are well-researched, and the production value is excellent.
Great podcast
Zach Ehmann
I’m amazed that Sean and team are able to put out content that’s both high quality and current EVERY weekday. From breaking news to the broader policy questions brought up by ongoing events, the show does a great job of breaking down the issues in packed bite-sized pieces.
Sean, you’re hilarious
“Why are men so threatened by women who kick balls?” Aaaaaahahahaha!!!! Times are changing.
Another great format to learn from Vox
[PS. Include Ezra often for brief insights - he’s a real asset] Thanks, Sean (and Crew). Retired from my DC commute, I listen early the following morning (before The Daily, The Big Idea and Up First are even available). A great time of day, with my morning coffee, to gain Vox-worthy insights with Sean’s energy, depth and context. [and the playfully-handled ads remind me of the Pod Save America crew]. I’m in a different mental ‘place’ when I listen to the excellent, in-depth (still delightful) analysis from other Vox pods like The Weeds and The Ezra Klein Show. Today’s dive into the VA black face issue was the first I’ve heard that provided a full historical context - of minstrel shows with black-face ‘end men’ in the North - but with the unique history of VA. Well done! Bravo, Sean and thanks.
Note on Renegade general
tic talk
“Imagine if one of those migrant detention centers was bought.” One is—homestead is a privately run detention center run by the firm Caliburn. Just gonna gloss over that? 🧐
Always learning from this- mind opening
Bethany Siegenthaler
I always feel like I’ve learned a piece of humanity from this podcast. It’s the best thing I’ve added to my mental check list of things to keep up with in 2019. Great variety- always thought provoking. Thank you!!
Review on 40 Acres...
stef morgan
Not a very ‘sympathetic’ / critical take on this issue. Disappointing coverage from an ordinarily solid program.
Pod Diddy
I don’t know the name of the Podcast awards but this is a def winner. 5 episodes/ week. Excellent production— are you trying to become the hardest working man in Podcasts? Everyone is smarter for having listened.
Vox is garbage
Box is liberal propaganda that doesn’t actually spend any time on actual research. They are the info-wars of leftism and should keep making podcasts so that Democrats hear it and immediately become alt-right.
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