I wish I could put this show on everyone’s must hear list. It’s important to get all points of view. These guys are digging for truth, and often find it.
Noam Hassenfeld should be the host
Omg, Noam Hassenfeld is such a better host than Sean. I can’t stand his bad attempts at humor…at best, it’s super corny and at worst, it’s shows insensitivity for topics that have real weight and consequences. Stop trying to be cute or clever if you can’t nail it. The humor is so cringe-y and takes away from the credibility of the show.
Too biased
I don’t mind left-wing shows as long as the opinions are fair. This one isn’t. While talking about CHAZ, they give so little concerns to the residents and business owners affected by the chaos- what wrong did they do to suffer from this damage and loss? Who’s going to compensate them? The mobs in CHAZ? Or all the tax payers? I support whoever have an opinion to express but by doing so you CANNOT risk or damage other people’s lives and properties! Also about the military police,why do you only focus on why they shouldn’t bring helicopters but not at all think about why this happened? If no mob riots recently happened, destroying public and private properties, risking innocent people and cops’ lives, why do cops want to be like military? If you only point your fingers at others but not at all reflect what wrong you did, you are either an idiot or self-entitled. Removed from my list.
Breona Taylor episode
hshaj d dnsna
This episode seems really echoes racial bias and gives off a Fox News feeling. Get better unbiased guests to interviewed.
It used to be good
Hostage of a political narrative. I used to enjoy the show so much... please go back to 2 years ago
So, so, so much expository...
shmoop doop
I love the content of this daily podcast, but the advertisements and plugs for other podcasts and stuff take up a pretty significant portion of time. I sometimes get more news in much less time with other dailies. But I do love Vox Media!
A great way to stay informed
A very good daily news dive.
Informative and entertaining!
This is one of the podcasts I make sure and listen to everyday. Brilliantly informative of the day’s greatest topics and the sense of humour ensures that it doesn’t get too monotonous. The show is biased to liberals so you wouldn’t enjoy if you strongly lean to that side, however I enjoy it regardless as a foreign listener!
It’s explained, yes, but with a bias
I’ve been listening to this podcast since inception even though I disagree with most of the positions they take. I suppose it’s for the same reason I read the NYTimes even though I lean towards the WSJ - it’s important to know what both sides are saying. If you’re looking for an unbiased take on the important issues of the day, this podcast is not it. This is a view point of the left. Far left at times. Many good points, no doubt, but if they lean any more leftwards they might fall over. There is only one guest per episode, so no rebuttals to the inevitable leftward slant to the “explanation”. They are entertaining and the music is cool. (BTW - Noam is a much better interviewer than Sean.) Listen to this only as part of your balanced news diet, not as the only source of editorialized content.
Entertaining show, clear liberal slant
Enjoy it for what it is
I Love This Show, Except For...
Matthew Yglesias’s voice!! This show is excellent for my drive home from work, but dread when Yglesias is featured. He sounds like a Portlandia parody of a news anchor. Or a character on Bob’s Burgers. It’s gotten to the point where I read the description and if Yglesias is featured, I will skip the episode, even if the subject is something I’m interested in.
Great Way To Get a Debriefing of the Biggest News Stories
Read the Title!
Misleading information
misleading minds with cult like tactics
My favorite podcast
Informative, easy to understand, and very responsible reporting.
TE > The Daily
Jenna Everton
Listened to every episode since the day it started. Somehow this show makes me laugh even in the darkest of times. The music is so creative. I love Sean and I love this show.
Best-produced podcast on the planet
Autumn Reed
This pod is always insightful and manages to give you all of the facts you’d get from scouring the New York Times and somehow still gives unique perspectives on subjects. It is also the best-produced podcast on the planet. They have a song, sound effect, or sound byte for everything.
Typically good content, lackluster host
I’ve been listening to the podcast for around a year. A lot of the content is good. I like the overall approach of providing context and history for the episode. The biggest drawback is that the host is somewhat immature. The episode on Antifa with the Worldly host was childish and silly, undermining its content, which was otherwise pretty good. Sean also has a consistent issue with coming across like a rock— just rattling off questions and not at all responding to the interviewees’ comments. The worst example of this was the black academic who called in to discuss the Minneapolis protests and related them to his battle with cancer. Sean said nothing in return. It’s not even clear that he is always listening. Vox has an issue with having some bro-like hosts that I think undermine the audience I suspect that the network is trying to reach. Michael Babaro of The Daily would be a good aspirational figure for Sean.
Take a toke
You may need to smoke something pretty strong before listening to this one. But if you’re looking for a biased, one-sided perspective, this is your huckleberry
Today Explained
Mira Chester
After listening to an episode, I feel like I’ve got A well informed context for the daily news.
Love the show!
One of my favorite podcasts. The greatest hits episode was BRILLIANT.
I love listening to this podcast daily with my other favorite Vox pods!
Informative, empathetic, poignant, funny
Great show. It’s smart and interesting and imbued with a wonderfully honest and goofy sense of humor. Nice work all of you. And I love the music. 20 20 20 twen ty.
Omg can this be any slower or more ad filled??
Today - end of May 2020 - the host, after a full minute of commercials, takes another full minute to play their theme music. This after hearing that ppl listen to the show at 1 1/2 speed! TAKE THE HINT, producers and host! I’ve been listening to this podcast from its inception, but no thanks, guys. Do not tell me how to listen to my news. YOUR life might be slow right now, but mine is not. And nobody wants to listen to that theme music more than absolutely necessary. Come on.
Perfectly sized
This is the only podcast that I listen to regularly. It’s perfectly sized, paced, and well produced for a daily podcast. All that coupled with Sean’s upbeat and playful tone makes for great listening.
Professional and informational
I rely on this daily news podcast for the last couple of years. It's delivered in a highly compressed no-nonsense way on pressing daily issues. Love the guests, the host way of interacting with them, and the music! Highly recommmmmend.
Best part of my day
Excellent reporting, but with jokes, and legit bops. Plus an absurdly charismatic and relatable host. What else could you ask for???
Best podcast ever!
It’s a must listen to podcast. An engaging drill down into what is going on in the world today.
Great Explanations
RockonGood people
Must listen to podcast.
Yes, the current situation IS Trump’s fault!
Proud Florida Democrat
The 5/19 podcast with Ezra Klein is a companion piece to his article in Vox the previous week that we don’t have a president or a plan to deal with the coronavirus situation. Trump’s behavior in “normal” times was atrocious but manageable to a certain degree. This crisis has laid bare how ill equipped he and his administration are to handle a situation of this magnitude. I have long maintained that Trump wanted to win the election but not the presidency and I think I’ve been proven right. I’d say he has completely abdicated his responsibility as president but frankly he never assumed it in the first place. Kudos to Ezra Klein for his brilliant reporting on this issue!
Unbearable? Uptalk?
Who let these poorly informed partisan hacks into the recording studio?
Full of Misinformation
This podcast is nothing but an extension of extreme left politics. They have Trump Derangement Syndrome just like the majority of the MSM, and spread false information. Do not believe their skewed partisan propaganda.
Wrong information
Why are you repeating wrong facts? There is no evidence that there were a bunch of burglaries in the neighbourhood...nor reports of it.. repeating that wrong information as a foundation for their actions is really bad reporting.
It’s fine for quick summaries
I generally like long form but this show gives decent summaries of popular stories.
Transcripts now impossible to see
Moving transcripts to google docs with access across the generic site loses the episode context and the repository has no resources devoted to its access—I have yet to see a transcript or even a directory. Bad move. Today I hit the link to see the transcript at the same time I started the podcast. When the podcast was over, the link I hit to see the transcript still hadn’t gotten to the Google docs page. Something is definitely broken.
Victimology Explained
Jeffrey Purtee
Liked the concept so I gave it a try. Let’s just say if you are a leftist/liberal/professional victim looking for confirmation bias, this is the podcast for you. After listening to several episodes I could no longer take conservative bashing agenda and moved on.
Thoughtful, insightful, unbiased
Host brings in experts who have no agenda, they only provide information specific to the question, example: States are opening up, are they ready? Answer: At this broadcast, 5-6, only 9 states have the minimal testing, contact tracing and adequate medical capacity to safely, slowly open up! This info is not what Trump supporters want to hear!
Biased and arrogant
bc Lpha
Not enjoyable. Simple and one dimensional takes that always frame the liberal/progressive side favorably. If you’re a teenager than you’ll like that podcast but if you’re a serious adult it’s not worth your time.
Too Partisan
This show is basically Vox giving their fan base red meat.
Double WOW
I’ve been listening to the podcast for about a month. Saw good reviews thought I would give it a try. I find that it is extremely biased. Approximately every other episode I find myself wondering why I am listening to it or skipping. I am not a trump supporter and I am not a democrat. I believe that compromise is the better of our two party system and that both have good and bad. Sadly mostly bad on both sides. I was looking for a good two sided debate of current topics. Guess I’ll look someplace else.
I live in San Diego, so thanks for the Shout Out, Sean!
Loved the youthful conviction and clarity of MSD’s David Hogg. As usual T_E, well done. Even Winsome Commercials! Great topics. Even enjoy the commercials—especially Uber w/ Sean’s Mom! I just got a new red Quip and it’s great. Sleek, light and wonderfully functional! Loved the Ambassador Taylor/Ukraine/Quid Pro Quo episode. Got me to read Taylor’s 15-page intro to his Congressional testimony. Really good to hear diagnosis of Syria as well as coverage of Baghdadi raid. Sean and his team (including Sean’s Mom) are performing a valuable public service in an informative and entertaining fashion. Impressive combo!
Great pod!
I listen daily and look forward to each episode! Keep it up!
Best Daily News Podcast Out There
This show is funnier, more engaging and more informative than “The Daily” from the New York Times
Best Island
AK Cortster
The Island of Explained is one of my favorite pieces of covid-19 coverage anywhere, any format. And I’m 43. Well done!
Would be 5 Stars, but "breaks" are too long
The content is top notch. The only beef is that there are too many "breaks" and ads. Take up 10-15% of the total podcast.
Highly recommend
This podcast does a nice job at making the news digestible and compelling. The host is well-spoken and funny. Leans left.
Debby A. G
Absolutely love this Podcast, addictive & TRUTHFULNESS finally, can hear what our family & I have been saying with in our home. So happy others can share & hear your Voice! Keep up the Great Work... excellent titles and perfectly told.
Your biased “reporting” is shameful
My Favorite News Podcast
Today explained is a great podcast that goes beyond the sound bite to explain the day’s news in a manner which is concise yet complete. Sean is a great host, and the regular guests are equally well informed. Also, it feels weird to say this about a news podcast, but TE has surprisingly good music. Keep up the good work.
I LOVE this show!
Sean is so informative and totally unabashadly human in every sense of the word. The always makes me smile at some points and giggle at others, all while educating me about the super intricacies of the daily news. I totally second the review that says that they feel like Sean is their bestie! :-D
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