Unique and different
I love that the give the original, graphic, horrific tales from their time. It’s so hard to find these stories in their original content. Even ones that claim to be “original” are still watered down. The narrator does a great job telling the story and using different voices. I can actually visualize the story.
It’s just so well done. Love every podcast. Especially Tales!
More sjw crap
Men bad. Women better. Keep that hair purple and short.
Enunciation is so painful and lifeless. Like listening to a ‘how-to’ video produced for imbeciles. Sure speaking clearly is important if you want to be understood, but this lady way overdoes it. Yeesh
All time favorite podcast!
I’m 30 years old and I listen to these every night. No matter how many times I’ve heard each of these podcasts, they’re so well done and well narrated with their voices so soothing yet animated at the same time- I’m addicted.
Awesome 🤗
I love the amount of research and effort that goes into each episode! All Parcast podcasts are fabulous!
Perfect bedtime stories
I listen to this podcast while falling asleep at night. The narrator has a very soothing voice, but not monotoned. Just expressive enough for a good storyteller but calming enough to drift off to dreamland!
I love this podcast!
Please release episodes more frequently!
I’ve always had a fascination with dark fairy tales and folktales and I’m so glad to have found this podcast because it brings these stories to life. I love listening to the show and would really like it if there were more episodes released for me to binge :)
Love, love, love!
Zsa Cook-Downing
Such good storytelling!
Great storytelling
I am captivated by this podcast! The storytelling is intriguing, and it brings a new angle to familiar stories. Highly recommend!
Dark and scary... the way they were intended
I’m a big fan of the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales. I love how messed up and dark they were, never holding back or talking down to the children they were meant for. All of the violence and blood are left intact with this podcast, exactly as it should be. The stories, read by the host Vanessa Richardson who also does all of the character voices, retains the whimsy and magic of listening to a storyteller around a campfire without watering down the original violence. The violence can be jarring at first, were essential to allowing children to learn about the dangers of being a child in a harsh world. It’s a great podcast and the stories timeless classics. There are a few I would never recommend for children but by and large the ones I’ve previewed then played for my kids were well received and the ones I didn’t play for them were enjoyed by me.
We enjoy many of the Parcast podcasts, but the fact that you’re using the same female voice actor in so many Parcast podcasts is boring and annoying. Come on Parcast, you’re enjoying success as one of the top podcast networks so why don’t you hire some new voice talent?? This woman is sounding overly dramatic and to be honest I listen to quite a few Parcast podcasts and I’m extremely tired of her voice. There are so very many wonderful podcasts out there for my listening pleasure. Why on earth would I listen to the same old voice day after day? The answer is, I WON’T!!
Perfect 👌🏼
Great research, compelling story telling and interesting subjects. You can’t go wrong with any of parcast’s productions. Stupendous!
The McDonald’s of Podcast
Boiled down to the nuts and bolts, Parcast makes audible BigMacs. The creators should be proud?
Love this podcast! The only thing I would do differently is use different voices for the characters like they do on mythology! Everything else is wonderful :)
Myths and Legends knockoff
This is the exact same concept of Myths and Legends podcast that is 5 star rated and years running. This comes off as so as well. There’s nothing original that separates this podcast from Myths and Legends which is more informative and fun. Storytelling leaves much to be desired. Clearly not a good actor(voicing) and definitely do less of that and just tell the story. It feels like the narrator is telling stories to children with the over acting and over dramatization but this is not intended for kids. Mispronunciations are not corrected on later episodes. Not bad overall but Falls short on it’s attempt to duplicate the winning formula in Myths and Legends.
Entertaining all around
I absolutely love these stories! I first heard began listening to Parcast Network pieces after hearing about them from another Podcast, “Unexplained”. I began listening to “Mythology” and finally heard about “Tales”. These podcasts have completely taken over my commute to work. I used to listen to music but now I can can’t wait to be in the car to listen to the the next story! I’d love to hear the original story of The Little Mermaid. I’ve heard it’s quite a dark story in its original form.
I absolutely love these stories. I have listened to them many times each. Hope you have many more to come.
These are so well told.. entertaining and easy to listen.
Great podcast
Triser snake
They do a amazing job telling these old tales and it’s really great to listen too while I work
Reliving my childhood
I loved being read to as a child. This cast is the next best thing.
Meester Creeper
Very engaging!
Great for long commutes. Voicing is amazing
Great fun!
2cats 1turtle
This is narrated really well. Really fun stories. Wouldn’t let young kids listen, and they do acknowledge this. I would recommend this!
Snow White and Red Rose is the best 💙💙
Love love love 💙💙💙💙💙
Too many adds
There is not nearly enough actual content, and they push FAR too many samples of and adds for other shows.
Incredibly good
Incredibly well-read original fairytales, and with no ads or interruptions. Almost too good to be true? But I still can’t see any downside or catch.
Loove it
Love every single parcast podcast! Love the voices that tell the stories. Vanessa, Bill, Tim and others. Looove it!!!! Listen to it on my phone, computer, everywhere!!! Congrats!!!
Love these
I love hearing the real, original story. And I never thought I’d hear the word “sinewy” so often...
Changed from the initial idea, in a bad way
This podcast started out great: new, interesting yet dark details about old stories and has turned into adding excessively gory, unnecessary commentary to old stories in attempt to force the “dark” they promise
The past
These stories brings me around the fire as I travel for my job
Excellent storytelling
Love these tales! They give a brief history of the tale, and then do a superb reading. Very enthralling and entertaining.
Love, love, love
Great podcast! I love hearing the old familiar stories but even more I have discovered new ones to talk about! Will continue to listen to this wonderful program!
Grace Renee
Now that I am listening to the actual stories as written as opposed to what we were taught. I have a new found respect for this new knowledge. Thank you for sharing this. I love it. Very binge worthy
I’m extremely picky with stories but your storytelling is the best.
The usual hosts
Thanks please tell me that all the hosts aren’t the same ones that do the serial killers podcast.
Great story telling
This has been one of those podcasts that I enjoy listening to. The way the stories are conveyed is much more interesting than listening to someone read a book. Very entertaining.
I l o v e t h i s p o d c a s t
Absolutely incredible. Not only are these originals free, but also told in an intriguing way. They also explain at the beginning what triggering topics are in the episode.
I love this. My mind is usually too active to follow audiobooks, but this just short enough that I can follow it without a problem.
Best podcast ever
I totally love this podcast. I don’t even remember how I came across it. But, I enjoy the stories. When a new one comes out, I drop everything to listen to it. My favorite is Ali Baba! I’ve lost count how many times I’ve listened to it!
Story time
So fun! Love the voice changing for characters. I feel like I’m getting bedtime stories.
Creepy bedtime stories
It reminds me of being a kid and having a bedtime story read to me, but with a dark side that makes them fun, new and interesting. Keep up the great work!
Dark but very well told
I love the different spins on the stories I’ve heard as a child. It is chilling and exciting all at once. Very well done.
Like all of parcasts shows, Tales is excellent. The real story behind your favorite Fairy Tale and the Fairy Tale you didn’t know you wanted to know! The narrators are great and do a wonderful job to keep the audience hooked. Highly recommended!
I love this show! The stories are so good and I love that they don’t censor them! And I love the voice actors! I love hearing old tales I’ve never heard of and I really love the historical explanations at the end. Beautifully done.
Moving on...
I get the appeal to this podcast but the retelling is below par. It could be SO much better. Weird voice changes, mispronunciations and wrong terminology all lends to discredit the integrity of the stories.
Love love love your stories. I can’t wait for the new one to pop up on my feed. Your one of my favorites.
Great Podcast, But....
Can Vanessa please learn how to pronounce words? It’s so distracting from these great stories to hear her butcher very easy words to pronounce.
Great podcast!
I love parcast! They’re my favorite and this podcast is no different. Beautifully narration
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