In love
The only podcast I religiously listen to each week. You get to see another side of famous people that you would normally not see. It's interesting but at the same time so real. Dax and your crew, you have done it. I'm so thankful for this podcast.
Don’t get it....
Foggy Star
Dax has an enormous ego. It’s really embarrassing. Dax is just great, just ask him🤤
Would love to hang out with them bc they are that cool
Only way to start the day is with a little Dax and Monica!
Absolute favorite podcast! Dax is so sincere and nonjudgmental. Love his anthropologist insights, honest background, and genuine curiosity towards others.
This is the most amazing thing I've ever heard!
Dax Shepherd is hysterical! I love his sense of humor! Amazing!
Dax all the way
Dax does a great job of drawing the guest’s personality out of them. He has become a good listener and it makes it easy to listen to the podcast. I envy Dax’s vocabulary, lots of creative ways to express yourself! Dax, i love how honest you and Kristin are. It is refreshing to see other couple who work at having great marriages. Only reason i gave 4 stars is because of Monica. I get that she’s a family friend.... but she adds nothing and sounds like an out of her element valley girl. If you have to include her , then have her so fact check only. Not hem and ha the whole podcast thru.
Best Podcast Ever!
I just adore Dax and Monica. I once saw Monica in a restaurant in Los Feliz and almost lost my mind like I saw the Pope! My entire office listens and discusses on the regular. We have even used some of the topics on Expert on Expert in meetings. I have actually assigned my team episodes of EOE as homework! We sometimes joke that we all have to remind each other that Monica and Dax aren’t actually our friends! This podcast is a National Treasure!
Love the podcast!
I listen to you guys every morning and it’s my favorite way to start my day! Thanks so much for bringing good vibes into my day everyday! I don’t know if you take suggestions but I would love to hear an interview with Rob Zombie if you can get him!
New to podcasts
I only recently got on the podcast bandwagon and I think this show is just so delightful. I adore both Dax and Monica and I enjoy the way the interviews are conducted and how it feels like you’re listening to a nice conversation. Nothing feels forced or unnatural and I feel like everything flows very smoothly. Thank you to everyone involved with the show for sharing such great entertainment with us.
Great podcast!
graciously kind
Absolutely love this podcast!
Love this podcast
This is by far my favorite podcast. I look forward to it every Monday and Thursday. Dax is such a great interviewer. Leaves me wanting more each episode.
I like the Interview with Duane Chapman but some of these it feels that Dax makes it all about him. I get that he has Hollywood in common with these folks but let them talk about their stuff without adding “I” so much.
The Dog
Kat’s Page
Excellent show. What a character and a heartfelt story. Bring him back I would love to hear more.
The best podcast
Can’t get enough of this podcast!!!
The long form interview with no clear organization drove me crazy for the first few episodes and now is what I adore when I listen to it - feels like you are eavesdropping on some of the most interesting conversations by the most interesting people. I also love how emotionally available Dax is so really put himself out there - kinda awesome and a great role model for many.
Awesome podcast... except Monica.
I love love this podcast. Love how real and open Dax is, the Dog’s episode got me crying on my way to work... But good lord! Monica’s voice is like listening to a Kardashian. Her vocal fry is out of control, We get it, you are in Hollywood but talking like that just makes you sound like an annoying plastic doll. Plus her silly laugh on the middle of the interviews takes away the flow of the conversation. She is the reason I just can’t listen to this podcast more often. It’s so cringe worthy.
Would be a great podcast...
rusty t-bone
This would be a glowing 5 star review if it weren’t for Monica’s fake laugh. Ruins all the funny moments between Dax and his guests and made me turn off a few episodes. She seems like a nice person but the laugh has got to stop.
Love the podcast
I’m on over the road truck driver and love listening to the pod always been a HUGE FAN of Dax and enjoying back episodes, thank you
Bring Dog back for more!
We need a two-parter for this Bad B!! I love Dog’s story and just want to hear more with you three (🐺,🐭,&🏍)!!
Dax is an awesome human
Priscila Oh
Dax is a lively human being and comes off as authentic and genuinely interested in the people he interviews. His guests seem very comfortable in opening up and tell great stories.
Dog The Bounty Hunter
What a wonderful heartfelt podcast! I was crying along with Dog- losing a beloved wife is so hard My prayers go out to him!!! Keep up the great podcasts Dax! I am a fan forever👍👍👍👍👍👍
Get over yourself
Sick of hearing white comedians complain about how they aren’t allowed to make fun of anything anymore. Are you really so uncreative and unfunny that you can’t find anything to make jokes about except marginalized groups? Some of the interviews are pretty interesting but Dax is obviously a pretty toxic and flawed dude.
Keep doing what your going man
Anthony M Vega
Great podcast and great episode he’s got such good stories and things he’s over came. Another one for the books!
Enough. White. Male. Voices
With your career and your connections you have the ability to probably get almost anybody you want to appear on your podcast, but you continually have white males. If it isn’t a white male it’s a white female. It would be nice if you could broaden your horizons and expose your listeners to a broad variety of voices. Have some more diversity learn about different people other than just those who look like you. Especially in this day and age, it comes off as seriously tone deaf and willfully ignorant. And while Dax tried to get better about interrupting guests, he still manages to make most conversations about him. Maybe if he talked less and listened more the episodes wouldn’t need to be 2-3 hours. Dax - we hear you every week; you don’t need to be the center of attention every episode. It’s about your guest, not you. I just can’t support this pod anymore.
YAS Dog Chapman, YASSS
So..I’ve always been a huge fan of the dog. People laugh when I tell them this- as if Its a joke- but It is an incredibly serious fandom! There is just something about him that is so warm and loving but he’s also absolutely fascinating and unique. I really enjoy this podcast but this episode in particular was absolutely riveting. I learned so much about Duane and his insane, beautiful life. And the story Dax told about his vacation 15 years ago had me sobbing in my car on the highway. Also, their chemistry was incredible. Almost like a father and son catching up. Just A++...10 outta 10 would recommend. Aloha and mahalo!
Less Monica
I want to love this show. I do love Dax and his journey and everything he has to say. I love the guests. However, I can’t stand Monica 😬 I can’t stand her fake laugh, her real laugh or any of the other annoying noises she makes throughout the show 🤦🏻‍♀️ the fact check portion is pointless because I often feel like I have to go fact check Monica’s fact check. I don’t listen to the show anymore but wanted to hear Dog the Bounty Hunters story, but Monica is active on the interview and I can’t even finish the episode 😭
Avid listener until Casey Affleck. No go for me.
Unexpectedly emotional
The episode with Dog made me super emotional & I got a little choked up listening to him. This episode really made me think about how someone’s past and/or appearance can cause me to be judgemental, & I don’t want to do that anymore. One of my favorite episodes, thanks for sharing these moments.
Podcast newby
I am new to podcasts, but I have become obsessed with Armchair expert!! I love every episode! I have been listening to them at work and am trying to listen to every episode, so I can be all caught up. I don’t want to miss anything Dax or Monica say. They are funny, interesting, and I love love Monica! So well done!!!!
Interviews are real!
Loved the Dog Chapman interview. Very real and emotional. ❤️
Surprisingly beautiful
Never thought I’d cry during an interview with Dog the Bounty Hunter. Great episode!
The episode with Dog was one of the most interesting episodes I've ever heard. Always had an awareness of who Dog was but never watched his show or knew anything about him, but I found myself hanging on every word.
Was Liking this, but....
I was loving listening to this podcast, but I had to turn the latest episode (with JGL) off. In the beginning, they’re discussing why people should separate art from abuse or science from abuse. Look, I think I get what you’re trying to say, but... it just doesn’t matter. This narrative (valuing an abusers art over their victim’s pain and suffering) is what has allowed people to continue abusing with impunity. Look at Woody Allen! Someone’s ability to act, produce, write.. should not be valued over the violence they have committed. This type of conversation just perpetuates a culture that accepts this type of violence. This is why it’s systemic. I was also bummed to see that you all interviewed Casey Affleck (a pretty well-known abuser). It just grossed me out and really bummed me out. Unfortunately, it’s an unsubscribe from me.
Beth Woodcome Platow
Dog the Bounty Hunter! He stole my heart. I love Dax & Monica. They’re curious, opinionated, open, flawed, and perfect.
So well done. Have to comment on the Pete Carrol episode. As a sports fan, I didn’t think highly of him, but after listening to your episode with him, I’ve done a complete 180, so much respect for him. So many other great episodes as well!!
End the “Fact Check”
I have listened to every episode from the beginning, and present this as constructive criticism. I will start with, I enjoy this podcast for my commutes a great deal. Great guests and conversations! Dax likes to share his story, and I enjoy his approach to delving into the lives of his guests (probably since I am a Michigander myself). My only dislike is the entire “fact check” segment. The podcast is long to begin with, which is fine as the conversations with guests are fun, but these fact checks drone on, and are basically based on Monica’s Google searches and inconsequential babble. Some of the sources she uses are questionable at best (Like her confusion as to all “.Gov” websites always being a reliable source), and Monica often uses studies to present data gathered that represents a correlation between two items in a study as causal, which is very misleading to a listener. If the fact Most fact checks turn into a pointless flirtatious conversation between Dax and Monica which I find uncomfortable and cringeworthy. I will keep listening, and skip the fact checks until the producers realize they aren’t why people are listening to the show.
Self proclaimed #1 Fan!
When I first started listening, the podcast had been on for a few months without me hearing about it so I skipped to celebs I knew/loved... Now that I’ve become a dedicated Monday & Thursday listener, I find myself going back to old episodes to make sure I’ve listened to all episodes and fill the other 3 days of the week with Dax & Monica! I love that most of the episodes steer clear of politics and that Dax & Monica are able to be open minded to different perspectives 🍒 Hoping for a Live show in LA in my future 🙏🏻
Thank you
Loved hearing Dog and your stories. I’m on a journey of living 100 days on purpose... thank you for sharing your purpose❤️
Dog is awesome!
B Renee C
The interview with Dog was outstanding! Dax is so good and makes his guests feel so comfortable.
a mellifluous pair
micah margaret
listening to Monica’s giggle and Dax’s laughter is the highlight of my morning + their thought provoking insights help me navigate my own psyche ❌⭕️
I’ve been a fan for about s year now. Love the banter, advice and relatability of topics. The expert advice is on point and I always want to support my fellow Michiganders. #puremichigan #pureentertainment
Duane Dog Chapman
Best episode yet. Didn’t expect to be crying like a baby during this episode, but wow. Keep them coming!
Surprised and so happy
Heather Bishop
I just started listening and can’t get enough!!! Idk what I was expecting...but it wasn’t what this podcast is. I’m so grateful because this podcast makes me think, look inward... and I am trying to be a better person daily and I believe this has helped.
Best. Episode. Ever.
Ashley M. P.
I just listened to E on E with Dog The Bounty Hunter. I have listened to almost all of the episodes and this is by far the best interview. Thanks for sharing this with us!
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. And after weeks of second chances hoping they would take the feedback their listeners are giving them I am finally ready to say I will go insane if I don’t unsubscribe. A lot of the guests are awesome (although they lack diversity- primarily in viewpoints) but you only kind-of get to hear them talk due to interruptions. Mostly I just can’t listen to an older male boss talk to his employee the way Dax does (and yes they are friends but he is also her employer) and get away with it. Yes Dax we get it you’re rich and famous- yes Monica we get it you are part of a circle of famous people. The definition of humility can not be found in this podcast and for that reason I’m out.
Nails on the chalkboard
Been a listener since the first episode. Really liked the spectrum of guest that have come along and enjoyed the long form conversations. However, I just can't focus or endure the show anymore due to Monica's laugh/fake laugh. I stopped at the episode where he had Kal Penn on. Her laugh just comes off as fake and at random moments, in most cases the guest wasn't even trying to be funny. I understand it's a matter of personal preference but I feel the content is tarnished with the horrible annoying sound of her continuous fake laughter.
Awesome sauce
Love the interviews but more importantly, great sound quality and love Dax’s voice! Also, doubt he reads these but would recommend he read the book “Big Potential” by Shawn Achor, you would get a lot out of it.
So funny! Dax is awesome!
When I began AE I wasn’t sure what to expect, but gosh I am so happy I began listening!! I’m way late to the party, but that’s ok! I have tons of episodes to listen to. I love how the episodes go from funny to more in depth issues. It’s seriously my FAVORITE podcast!
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I love him. He sounds like the coolest most down to earth actor, if there ever was one. Just love him. ❤️
Best podcast for sure
Nick malty
Thank you Daximus
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