Educational Leader
Security Sam
I adore Seth Godin and this podcast is no exception. I just shared this episode on Google and the history of search that every school student should listen to. It beautifully summarized the inception of Google and search from the beginning to today.
Pure wisdom
I just want to say that I haven’t found anyone out there who can share insights in such clear-concise-engaging way. Pure love to this podcast by Seth!!!
Capitalism topped with white guilt.
Godin’s commentary is a mishmash of bright marketing concepts and social justice self-loathing autoflagellation. People like me don’t need sanctimony like this.
Delivery is terrible.
I was really excited to see Seth had a podcast because I really enjoyed seeing him present at a conference. I am very very disappointed in this podcast and I’m amazed at all of the 5-star reviews. Delivery is terrible and not natural at all. Speech is way too slow and is very distracting to the content.
Fantastic! Thank you for your insights!,
Just smart and insightful
It amazes me that a human can formulate and express ideas like Seth does without making opinions. Brilliant mesh of historical evidence to support original thought. Thank You Seth. Helping me immensely.
Half the time
Seth sounds a little smug to me—like he thinks he’s talking to a group of 3rd graders; the other half, I find his ideas thought provoking & novel and actually potentially helpful.
Stretching the mind!
Seth’s blog and podcast inspire and stretch my thinking, and I can apply the lessons to work and life. Thank you Seth!!!
People Like Us Need Podcasts Like This!
Have you ever felt there’s something wrong with the way we do business today? Have you ever suspected that a lot of our long-held assumptions about Marketing, Sales, and even Education could use some healthy scrutiny? Every Wednesday, just in time for your morning commute (I check weekly, believe me), Seth delivers a fresh, well-researched, well-thought out insight. There’s no commitment to hours of listening to get to the good stuff. His messages are quick and thought-provoking. I know there’s a lot of self-serving business information out there, pretending to be helpful. Who needs tiring, numbered lists telling you how to get rich, or how to grow your business? There are many blogs for that. Who wants to hear more interviews of “experts” making their lives out to be perfect and their successes inevitable? There’s other podcasts for that. Instead, every Akimbo episode leaves you with something new to thing about. Somehow, Seth manages to create more space in my already-crowded mind! To get the same benefit, all you need to do is listen. Yes, there are sponsors but that a good sign. Companies are willing to pay to get their messages to people like you and they see Seth’s messages as valuable. For Akimbo, the only thing you’ll be paying with is your time. Give it a listen and I challenge you to say it’s not a worthy investment! Sincerely, Chris Pawar Cleveland, Ohio
Seth is one of the best thinkers out there
This short podcast explores various aspects of business, marketing, and life. He always find such new and insightful ways to think about problems. I love this podcast.
The best 30 minutes a week you’ll spend on yourself
Thank you Seth for breaking down big ideas into actionable steps. Look forward to each week and I would definitely notice if you weren’t here! Thank you again.
Seth is my hero. The REAL deal!
Keys to Courage
In a world with so much posturing and so much noise, Seth Godin is a bright light and a pure force of good. He encourages others to show up and share. To use our voices to be the change we want to see. To pick ourselves. His podcast Akimbo is fantastic. Value packed. His daily newsletter seems like he’s been in my head, speaking just to me. His books transformed my life, giving me the guts to walk away from my 25 year career. And his workshop,The Podcast Fellowship,got my idea of sharing my story out into the world in 8 short weeks. Seth is my mentor from afar, my hero. I’m so blessed to have stumbled upon his work a few short years ago. Subscribe to his podcast, but his books, join his workshops and change your life. Thank you for your generosity Seth. YOU are remarkable.
Useful, out of the box
Erika in Idaho
Really great resource for all types of creators and alternative thinkers. I appreciate the listener question section for a slightly different look on the last week's topic.
Hey Seth- I have been following you for years via your books and newsletter plus when ever you are a guest on other people’s shows (video and audio) and now finally I get to enjoy you on your own podcast, thank you for remaining alive on this planet!
Anything that Seth Godin creates is genius. In his podcast, he deconstructs complex aspects of our life and work into small pieces that make sense and then puts everything together again. He teaches us to see things beyond the obvious and understand how change happens so we can move our work forward. Thank you, Seth Godin.
Clever and important
Gregg Robins
As a regular reader of Seth’s blog, I am also delighted to listen to his gems in this series. Very much appreciate his point of view, experience, and clear thought process. Thank you, Seth, for everything you share!
I am excited when I see a new episode
... in my feed! Each episode is filled with motivational encouragement in a way that only Seth can do. So much great content without fluff. One of my favorite podcasts!
An outstanding podcast on all things related to marketing.
I absolutely love this podcast and always look forward to a new one. I especially like the real-life stories that Seth Godin shares, whether they be from his life or from others. His experience in so many different areas translates into a masterclass every week. And I highly recommend visiting the show’s website to see the show notes, which are not like most show notes. They are like blog posts with graphics, videos, etc.
Quality Guy. Quality Podcast.
Victor In LA
Content is deep and for real. Been a long term fan. U will definitely get a lot of value. Give me a well deserved listen
Big Sort
Such clarity. So much to ponder and have further conversations about. I want to make so many of these mandatory listening. Thank you Seth!
The Best Podcast
Sarah Bereza
25 minutes of philosophy? That's what this is, and it's amazing.
Love his thinking hate his presentation
I wanted soooo much to love this podcast. Godin's work has been a constant for me in writing. But he has no energy whatsoever in his vocal delivery. I can barely stay awake listening. Honestly, I can't get past the first 10 minutes of any episode, despite trying mightily on multiple occasions. Seth: GET A COACH (or drink an espresso). No intonation, no modulation. It sounds like he is working hard to deliver in an expressionless monotone. Does he teach like this??? I certainly hope not for the sake of his students. Form should follow content. Here, I never get to the content for the form's shapelessness.
Fantastic per usual
The reason Seth Godin is different from others is because he isn’t affected. He seems to be guided by a genuine moral code and a desire to do better and improve stale and outdated societal standards. There’s not one ounce of pretentiousness in his communication, no covert agendas, and I believe and trust his motives to be genuinely what he conveys. He doesn’t need to shout aggressively and say he knows everything to hype people up. His content and wisdom speaks for itself. If you want a fresh perspective on society, culture, and “marketing” from a unique point of view - listen to this podcast.
Seth always has permission
No matter what story he’s telling, Seth is the marketing prophet we need this century and will go down in history and the guy we most certainly want to be paying attention as he is always paying attention to the trends and the changes in the world. This podcast makes you change your thinking in ways you never thought possible. Seriously.
one of a kind insights
Thank you Seth for your generosity. Look forward to each episode!
My favorite podcast
By far my favorite podcast hands down.
If it’s for you -
It’s for you
Slow but informative
Quin T. Senshall
Very interesting stuff here, but sometimes Seth drones on and on for far too long with little excitement.
Seth is brilliant!
Years ago I discovered Seth as an educator intent on pursuing change in schooling. Changing the status quo from top-down information dumping to passive students to ones who think, engage, and take risks. From there, I delved in to work and found that what what originally resonated with me applies to adults as well (to humanity as a whole, actually!). Seth is a true teacher— knowledgeable and insightful. He plants seeds of wisdom, facilitating critical thinking about “work that matters for the people who care” and has influenced my thinking dispositions. Seth shares just enough of his original thought that I’m not left feeling that I can’t extend his wisdom and create something of my own. Obviously, I can’t say enough about Seth and his inspiration to go make a ruckus!
Nutrition for the brain!
Culture/life changing
Lulu Marcano
Seth Godin is one of my favorite human beings. I just wanted to say that.
LOVE this podcast
PhilLarson .net
Short, to the point and WISE. Seriously, I love Seth. This podcast has so many great lessons for business AND life. And he talks to you like a human, like an equal, with subtle humor and quirkyness. Might be my favorite podcast. It is for sure the only podcast I will go back and re-listen to episodes. Keep it up, Seth!
My favorite podcast!
Amanda Star Kingsley
This podcast pushes me outside my usual train of thought and asks me to consider things I have been ignoring. Even when it goes over my head, I LOVE IT!
Yes. Yes.... Yes!!!
One of a kind! A must-listen and subscribe, if you want. Really really easy to follow-along and get hooked. To think. To learn. To hopefully act. GREAT production and sound design too - clean, crisp, and elegant. Wonderful! Thank you for producing this show!
New Perspectives
Seth Godin has consistently changed the way I see the world and the way I make decisions in it. This podcast keeps up that reputation. Check out the episode "Throw Throw Catch Catch" for my favorite Seth Godin content to date (and that includes his books).
sheer clarity on culture and so much more
caroline leach
Seth sees what's really happening. He tells stories that grab you from the first few words. He gets you thinking in new and fresh ways. Akimbo is one of my favorite podcasts. Like all ideas from Seth, this podcast is an absolute gem!
Seth is a great teacher
This show gives a short, easy to digest nugget of wisdom each week. Always relevant and actionable. Plus, Seth is a great story teller. Very much worth your while.
Love this podcast!
Simpsoni Balogni pony
Super insightful - Seth really makes his listeners think. Thank you for planting much needed seeds of truth. I am very impressed by this podcast' research and relevance on the topics graciously share. Keep up the great work!
These are the thought provoking stories, supporting theory and well thought conclusions that become the grist ideas that are so necessary for breakthrough, for perseverance, or whatever it takes to get your big brain working on your focus or goals.
Like glasses for my business soul
I listen to Seth Godin to regularly reroute my tendencies to want a quick fix, the easy way out. Helps me keep my eyes on what counts.
Seth speaks...
Thrilled to have Seth Godin on the reg podcast. My only critique/request, do like Ferriss and Rogan and front load/back load your ads. Putting them in the middle is super annoying and not necessary. We binge on podcasts like we binge on Netflix. I will definitely skip front ads but by the time the second or third podcast autoplays I am busy doing something else and they’ll play out. Your sponsors will still be heard and the podcast flows better.
Painkiller Already Convert
PKA sent me - love the podcast. Great information presented in an easily digestible way.
A blessing
If you listen to this and read his blog I promise that it will change the way you look at things. Then you can buy the books and the courses and really learn from one of the best minds of our time.
Love the ideas and encouragement!
Hung Tough Nets
I love hearing Seth's thoughts and perspectives in this short and sweet podcast. As a progressive thinker, artist and female business owner there are countless tidbits that inspire and encourage me about the future of our culture, remind me to stay true to my intentions and goals, and help me to think in ways I might not have on my own (or at least would have taken me longer to arrive at...)! Also, I adore his use of female pronouns for examples that often default to a male one:) Way to bend the culture! Keep the episodes coming please!
Good stuff!
It’s all good stuff. Great knowledge and information with each episode.
Awesome podcast
Per usual, Seth does an incredible job diving deep into areas that we take for granted, helping us see the water in which we swim. Highly recommended for anyone who has a pulse and wants to contribute to society.
Compelling, interesting, educational and entertaining!
Michael. Charlotte, NC
Seth has a way of telling stories and weaving in facts and anecdotes in a presentation style that keeps me smiling through the entire podcast. Plus, you’ll think about some things in an entirely different way. That’s growth and it makes the time spent worthwhile.
Modern Day To Win Friends & Influence People
Brian Chuckanut
The more you listen the better it gets. Simple presentation and good anecdotes.
Must listen podcast on a variety of topics
Always thought provoking and gives practical next steps. This one is especially intriguing! I often listen, think about it and then listen again. I have forwarded Seth’s podcasts far more than any others.
An absolutely enriching and inspiring podcast from Seth Godin, just as I expected! Thank you for everything you do Seth!!
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