Favorite podcast
Jordan consistently has interesting guests, made better by his insightful interviewing skills. This show constantly pushes me to learn and grow. I recommend this podcast to friends and family far more often than any other podcast.
Incredible podcast
I’ve been following Jordan and his work for a while. Jordan not only has incredible guests, he also asks the best questions to get the most important information from the guests. Keep up the great work! I always look forward to seeing who the next guest is!
Powerfully Applicable
This show (and the previous one before he left) has had a profound impact on my life. This is the kind of valuable content you didn't know you needed, but is life-changing once you have it. Even when an episode doesn't seem like it'd be very appealing BAM wrong again. Can't turn it off. Do your best-self a favor and listen to this show. #HarbingerRules
One of my favorite pods
I love this show! The subject matter covers such an array of topics so there’s something for everybody. I’d highly recommend that you check it out.
My main self-development podcast
Jordan always has super interesting guests and does a great job of engaging them and providing a meaingful show for the listeners. My wife doesn't listen to podcasts at all but she enjoys the Feedback Friday episodes when we're on long drives. I sometimes feel his co-host Jason offers some less than stellar advice to which Jordan will even call him out on so I don't feel that platform and those topics are the best avenue for Jason's input. Other than that, I love the show :)
Great content, great host, insightful guests
This podcast has contributed greatly to my life. 6 minute networking has given me tools to get my dream job. Also, the guest have given me great insights into how to better my life!
Always fascinating and educational
My friend recommended the Jordan Harbinger show to me a few months ago and I’ve listened to it religiously ever since. Despite sometimes having guests and topics with which I am not familiar, every single episode has been very entertaining, educational, and extremely interesting. Jordan has an amazing ability to really dive in deep on the topics he covers with each person and I feel like I get to learn amazing new things every day I listen to the show. I can’t tell you how many times I come home after listening to an episode and tell my wife, “You won’t believe what I learned today on The Jordan Harbinger Show!” Since then I’ve turned my brother on to the show and he’s started listening as well. We both love the show and will share our thoughts from them with each other regularly. Some of the best ones include: • Arthur Brooks - Loving Your Enemies (possibly my favorite episode of all time) • Alex Kouts parts 1, 2, and 3 on negotiation • Chris Voss - Also about negotiation • Matt Schrier- Surviving a Syrian Terrorist Prison • Hal Elrod - The Miracle Morning • Jocko Willink - Discipline Equals Freedom • Pretty much any Feedback Friday Overall, it’s a great show. Give it a listen!
Great actionable takeaways.
Out of all the self improvement podcasts options out there, Jordan and his team offers the best real world advice. His program 6 min networking has had a direct impact on my life. Because of what I learned on this podcast and 6 min networking I have received job offers and improved my negotiating skills with my boss which has in turn made me more money. Plus, he hates on “influencers” and MLM/Cults by calling their BS! Keep up the good work team J, I sincerely appreciate you guys!
Keep it up 👍
Jack of 1 Trade
Great show and continued success in this new phase. The LifeProTips from Reddit are very helpful.
Florida Fan
I have been a fan of Jordan for a long time. It was disappointing when he was no longer on his other podcast. But now he’s back! I love the updated format. Guests are always challenging my thoughts to new personal insights. I’m always looking forward to your next podcast. Thanks, Jordan.
Reinventing the Podcast Medium
This well-researched, well-crafted production (podcast and YouTube channel) has recently taken itself further upward as Jordan and his expanding team make a good show still better. Listeners in Sept of 2019 are invited to secure a place in the production's visit to a Federal prison to meet and mentor the inmates- an event, host Jordan gleefully proclaims, will also be his celebration of his 40th birthday. Top that, lesser lights! New support staff are given full credit as this show seeks to uncover interview subjects whose work challenges both listeners and the research done by the host in preparation. Solid, well-voiced and professionally produced, this is my new favorite subscription.
Became a regular listener and I am finding that I am learning new things
Really interesting guests, good questions, and thought provoking new perspectives!
Life Changing
I’ve been following Jordan for years now and his interviews and insight really are life altering. They always provide a perspective on life that helps move you in the right direction.
Guy from Ohio.
I find the topics interesting and informative, even the guest I don’t agree with, Jordan has the ability to make the show interesting and fun to follow. I usually learn something from every episode, and enjoy myself while doing so. Jordan is a world class interviewer and the pace and energy of the show reflects that. It’s rare in today’s climate you find a friendly and respectful of all ideas show, but with this one, you’ve e found it.
Love the Jordan Harbinger Show!
Great, thought provoking topics, mixed with a bit of wit and very little fluff. Like that they stay on topic, are thorough without being more than about an hour each, and the podcast is truly about the topic and not all about the host.
Great podcast for a Good Life
Jordan not only has excellent, thought-provoking (life-changing!) guests; he’s genuine, humorous, and clearly out to serve his listeners.
Awesome guests and great advice
This is by far my favorite podcast. Jordan always has incredible guests on his shows and caps off the week with feedback Friday and some excellent advice on varying topics. Highly recommend!
Great info in every show
This is one of the only podcasts where I listen to every episode. Jordan has a way of always finding something useful for every listener. I’m always looking forward to the next show!
Informative, Authentic, and Actionable
This podcast really has it all when it comes to a self-improvement show. Jordan is not only an incredible and engaging host, he is also super thoughtful and genuine with his guests; so much so that he is able to extract unique perspectives from each and every one of his guests. I always find myself learning actionable tips (not just fluff!) that will help me become a better person and challenge my thinking. For that, this podcast is a staple in my rotation and I encourage you to add it into yours. You will not regret it one bit!
Quality guests, better conversations
I chew through podcasts like it's my job, and this one is always on the top of my stack. What impresses me most about Jordan, the host, is how much he's able to draw from his guests through good questioning and conversation. This makes it easy to get a good nugget of knowledge, even if I didn't think I would be interested in the topic. Strong recommend!
Great podcast! .. w/ Phil Hellmuth, guest
Hey Jordan, and team: Wow, excellent podcast! I really enjoyed learning about the world of high stakes poker/ world championships, with your deep dive podcast here, with Phil Hellmuth. great questions/ great job everyone. Thx, Adam ~~~~ @adam_chiocca ~~~~
Keeps getting better!
I have been listening to Jordan on various platforms for over a decade. He is thoughtful, inquisitive and authentic. The show features great guests ranging from authors to military leaders to celebrities and focuses on personal growth and relationship development. Not only is Jordan super talented, he surrounds himself but passionate and talented people like Jason and Jen who help put together the show. Do yourself a favor and subscribe, this show has helped me with my career and relationships which has really increased my quality of life.
Stop Reading. Go listen and subscribe.
You won’t be sorry. Always at the top of my podcast feed. Does not disappoint. Every week Jason and his team does the hard work of finding the smart ones—not celeb, self-help fodder. And it’s only gotten better. Thank you for doing the hard work for preparation each week. Grateful this exists—lifts us all up.
A must listen!
As a freelancer, this is a must listen. As a human who is constantly learning new things, discovering new ideas, developing more possibilities, this is a no-brainer. Jordan Harbinger is one of the finest interviewer you will ever hear. His ability to reach each guest and ask the questions we all would want to ask but didn’t know it until we hear him do it, is life-changing. His manner is inclusive and engaging; his intellect is edgy and always steps ahead, and he never takes himself seriously. He reveals the seriousness and gravitas of each guest’s focus with respect, depth and obvious research and clarity. His commitment to truth and honesty while revealing both is truly inspiring. No matter what you do, where you are, or who you are, you will get so much from listening and engaging with this podcast. This will influence your life, your business and how you do both. 5 stars isn’t enough. Thanks Jordan for all you do!
Entertaining AND Practical
Jordan and the team not only interview super interesting people, but ask questions and give advice that you can apply to your life. A lot of the content is backed by science and experience, not self-help mumbo-jumbo. I'm a better person for it, and I encourage my friends to listen as well. I also like the 6 Minute Networking course found on the show's website - I've learned tips for keeping in touch with people better and reaching out to new ones to build my own business.
Encouraging, funny, and thought-provoking
Spastic Squirrel
Such an awesome podcast with amazing guests that have even more amazing stories and information to share! Feedback Friday’s are some of my favorite because of the valuable help and advice that Jordan and Jason give out. There’s nothing they don’t know at least a little something about lol Plus, the bringing in friends who specialize in that particular field for advice is a really nice touch. Love the show and keep up the awesome work!
My favorite episodes are Charlamagne The God and Kobe Bryant. I really enjoy how his interviews are less formal and minimal advertisements in the middle. Great podcast to hear prominent figures of their strategies to success.
Best podcast for my recovery journey by far!
I was introduced to Jordan’s show when seeking for relationship building advice. What I received from this show are much more than what I was looking for! I’m on my recovery journey from corporate burnout and every episode I listened to gives me advice I can understand and relate easily! Give me the motivation to keep taking action and every new min are new opportunity to get better! Thank you for such great contents and please let me know what I can do to help with your rebuilding effort! Grateful Asian Immigrant, Leong
Always useful, entertaining and relevant
If you’re looking for a single podcast that will help you in a number of ways—from your professional career trajectory to your love life, then click “subscribe” on The Jordan Harbinger Show without hesitation. I rarely listen consistently to a single podcast, but TJHS has consistently delivered an amazing amount of value to me personally, both at work and home, and this has become a staple on my morning commute. And it keeps getting better every show! Props to Jordan for being the best-prepared host of any podcast today. That prep work shows in the interviews, and the guests certainly appreciate the effort. In addition, the networking tips and processes from Jordan’s previous career are incredible and easy to follow as well. I highly recommend them. Lastly, the production quality is excellent. Jason gets his props, too. There is nothing more annoying than listening to a “podcast” recorded in a car with sirens and horns in the background...even if the information is good. Jason does a great job making this podcast sound great! Thumbs way up, buddy. Do yourself a favor and subscribe. You’ll be glad you did!
I enjoy the majority of Jordan’s interviews in this show. Always instructive and helpful, and Jordan works hard to ensure there are solid takeaways. The Kobe Bryant Interview is probably my favorite so far. Good work, Jordan and team!
Best Podcast Out There!
I’ve been listening to Jordan for years! He always makes sure to give actionable advice so you can truly improve yourself each day and become a better version of yourself!
Great podcast
I always listen for great advice and awesome conversations. Jordan and Jason are great.
Fantastic :)
John C. in San Diego
I really enjoy Jordan’s podcast. The most recent one that I heard was about Combating Cult Mind Control with Steve Hassan. I took a lot of notes and go over them often to make sure that I don’t fall prey to manipulation. I wish every school taught this topic. It would help the society become critical thinkers 💪💪
Highly useful
I've been listening to Jordan since his prior podcast, and it just keeps getting better all the time. The interviews feature inspiring, educational, and inspriational people, but always with a practical "what really works in life" approach, not just feel-good fluff. And Fan Mail Fridays have great questions/answers for real problems facing real people. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone.
Best ever
never again 111
The Jordan Harbinger show is the best podcast hands down. Nothing more to say from a podcast addict.
Fascinating guests, but my favorite part is Feedback Friday, which offers the richest content - really valuable no-nonsense advice on how to thrive in the world. Love Jordan’s ability to penetrate topics with unfaltering insight and wit.
Variety. Depth. Growth.
Now press play! You’ve just found one of the most diverse and useful podcasts available! Just start scrolling through past episodes - I would find it hard to believe you couldn’t find a topic or guest you fancy. Jordan does a 5 star job keeping the conversations going and asking the tough and interesting questions of his guests. I especially enjoy Feedback Friday episodes on my Friday morning commute. Thank you Jordan, Jason and crew for what you do! GO BLUE!
Utterly brilliant
First found out about the show from listening to the guys over at Mind Pump. Adam kept referencing “the old show” and I was always curious. When the better show started I instantly subscribed. I’m fascinated with human interaction and how experiences can shape and mold individuals. I think the first episode I listened to was a feedback Friday series and I picked up to applicable pieces of advice and used them instantly. Of course they brought me success. Been an avid listener ever since. I highly recommend checking out this show if you are interested in anything at all. Literally, he covers everything. The producer also had a unique take on experiences and interviews and it’s cool to hear his perspective as well. Thanks for what you do Triple J.
Great podcast
I’ve learned some great practices and tools from this podcast! It’s extremely helpful & insightful for my business and personal life.
Always helpful and insightful
This show is excellent, bar none. Jordan is an excellent communicator and interviewer, asking insightful questions to bring out the best in his guests. His guests, by the way, are always phenomenal humans who are experts in their field and also generous with their information. If you want a podcast that will give you actionable advice (especially Alex Kouts' three-part negotiation course) or understanding how to navigate building professional relationships, this is worth subscribing and staying updated. Edit (9/2019): Because of what I’ve been able to learn and practice from the show, I’ve received job interviews from people in my network and have been able to increase my income by over $40,000 in 8 months. The things you learn here WORK!
Constant Learning and Growing
The Jordan Harbinger Show is one of the best podcast out there. The fact that he is giving us so much insight and knowledge from top professions in their field is incredible. Whether you are looking to grow your personal or professional goals or just to keep learning —this is the podcast for you! Jordan perfected his craft in his interviewing skills. He really keeps the audience engaged. Jason, Jen, and the rest of the crew work really hard behind the scenes to make every show better than the one before. Keep up the good work guys!
Excellent Content
Very impactful content. Highly recommend that anyone listen. Keep up the great work!
Each Conversation is a Living Biography
This is how I feel Jordan’s shows go. It’s like a discovery call with a Coach that informs the listener and the person being interviewed about the great story of their life to date. We get an inside view of the moving parts and their impact on the person. As a listener I truly appreciate how much mutual respect there is between Jordan and his guests. They are grateful for each other’s contributions to the cause. One of the podcasts I always share with clients, friends and family. Thank you Jordan.
I agree with your wife. . .
Stop talking. Let the guest talk. I want to hear from the expert (guest), not your uninformed or biased opinion on everything.
Calling all the twenty somethings!
Working my way through all the episodes! Lots of tips and interesting things to think about, I think especially if you’re just out of college/starting your career. (I’m in my 30s now but there’s lots of stuff I wish I could go back and tell myself.) Currently really enjoying the Vanessa Van Edwards “How to Captivate with Social Cues” episode :) I’m waving my arms around trying to figure out how to stir soup horizontally hahahaaa so I definitely look like a crazy person!! Thanks for all your work!
Do Yourself a Favor and Go Listen
I’ve learned more listening to this podcast than I did during my college years. Not only does Jordan provide practical advice but he also pushes the thinking of his guests. I’ve listened to hundreds of Podcast episodes and The Jordan Harbinger show is definitely in a league of its own. Jordan’s careful combination of genius interview questions along with dialogue that’s both academic yet accessible makes for an incredibly insightful show every episode. It is evident that Jordan and his team spend a lot of time preparing and researching for each episode. I can foresee incredible amounts of success for Jordan Harbinger and his team simply because these guys are incredibly intelligent and generous with their knowledge. Thank you for all that you do and know that your hard work is helping many of us who are in search of personal and professional guidance in efforts to live our best life. If you’re reading this, please do yourself a favor and listen to every single episode as they all have essential wisdom that anyone can apply to their lives. Keep up the great work, Jordan!
Fun and Informative
I have been listeinng to this podcast since the beginning. The tips, interviews, and advice given in each episode are insightful and relevant to my life. The overall quality of the show is something that I use as a reference when listening to other podcasts. Seriously, one of the best podcasts out there!
Looking out for us
I really enjoy the Jordan Harbinger Show! I feel that unlike other podcasts, listening to this show is always in my best interest and a great use of my time (as well as fun and interesting). Jordan seems to try to improve everybody’s lives through what he brings us in his show. I often share this show with others. Jordan appeals to a diverse audience; for example, I am a college music professor who would not concern myself with too many of Jordan’s topics unless I had stumbled across his show. Do yourself a favor and listen.
Always something useful
Jordan and the team never fail to deliver useful, actionable life-enhancing advice. Listening to this podcast is always a good use of your time.
I always learn something!
I admit it. I'm a podcast junkie. Other podcasts have come and gone, but I've listened to Jordan for many years. He is, by far, one of the top interviewers anywhere. Jordan prepares for each guest and asks all the questions I would. Thrn he usually goes a layer deeper and asks insightful questions that I hadn't even thought of yet. His style is conversational -- and I never get the sense he's trying to impress. Jordan is actually listening and genuinely interested in a guest's answer. And he keeps key points practical. No fluffy, self-help, mental cotton candy here! I always feel smarter after listening than I did before. Highly recommend a listen!
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