Dear President Donald,
You are a renaissance man, draped in bronzer. -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
The absolute best Trump podcast there is & one of the best, podcasts, period
With Trump the money is where it all begins and ends, and nobody tells it like Trump, Inc. Take the fact-finding intensity of Propublica, the hivemind buzz of Wikipedia, and the true crime tug of Serial, add the best radio storytellers in the game, and you’ve got the absolute best Trump podcast there is. Mueller was just the beginning.
Truth tellers
No one covers Trump like this team. They put it all out there. Great podcast.
So informative
Its the most in depth source I know regarding the Trump business.
History liker
The best comedic talent I’ve heard in quite some time. I laughed my way through a few episodes.
New kid
Podcast’s name threw me off but I read your episode content. Yay! I’ll stay for the food.
Upbeat and very informative.
This is deep look into a complete web of information. Well worth the time and you will be in the know when your done
Rivetting and unsettling--onging
lake nan
I continue to be SO very grateful to this team of journalists for working to research, to clarify how evidence of Trump business practices in the White House are eroding our democracy. Thank you!
Keep it coming
Excellent, just want more
Just wish there were more.
Must listen for anyone in the Trump era
Deep investigative journalism which provides an anchor for how our societal perspective has changed during the Trump “era”
If only this was a soap opera
Happy tot
Great work. Omg.
Jim Sack
Beautifully written, excellent sound, well voiced.
Trump, Inc
Excellent investigative journalism! But where did you go? We miss you! Another bravo to Trump, Inc! So much to investigate...keep your excellent research coming.
Great Podcast!
So much interesting information about the Trump businesses. I look forward to every episode. Highly recommended for those interested in the stranger than fiction world we now live in!
Thank you!
So glad you guys are back! I love your podcast even though it scares the hell out of me. Keep fighting the good fight, exposing this man for what he really is, and helping to deliver this country from Trump, Inc.
Is Congress listening?
Trump Inc
Looking forward to more episodes. Have listened to all, some more than once. And have told friends to listen too. Keep up the good work. You have a lot to work with!
Trump inc
Did Trump remove y’all’s podcast abilities?
More episodes!!
I am anxious to hear the next episode. You guys do a great job independently reporting the facts of Trump’s finances. There’s no political bias, just facts. Great work.
Trump derangement syndrome at its peak level. Do retards know they’re retarded? Obviously not ,after hearing this show
Well done
Eye opening and yet not eye opening....
Very thorough and well done
A thorough investigation of the Trump administration.
So glad you are still investing
Great podcast
The best...
This has to be the MOST informative, well researched and most thorough investigative reporting in reference to the corrupt Trump family dealings. I have listened from the get-go and share it with everyone I know. If this sort of reporting was on television, the whole Trump grift-group would not be in the White House. Many thanks and many more kudos to all the brilliant reporters responsible for these insights; this should be required listening for all Americans.
Our Savior !!!
This man has done more for the United States then any other president in history. You watch you people fail to understand this is not a left versus right a party versus party. It is a Good Vs Evil. Wake up they have been spoon feeding you since elementary you were nothing but sheepeople.
Trump Inc
Amazed at how much fully documented information about the man who somehow became president anyway.
Mandatory For Americans with Ears
This podcast should be required listening for every member of Congress.
Tie it all up?
Aviary Cafe
The straight line and dotted line connections between the players and activities in all of your stories begs to be diagramed and shared with the American public. Having that visual, linking the loans from Deutsche to the projects in DC and Chicago and Florida, to the ties to the Russian bad would be such a revealing picture! My head hurts trying to keep it all straight. I can’t imagine how your production team keeps from getting dizzy! Keep up this incredible work!
Incredible depth of reporting on a massive can of worms! Literally gave me chills!
The Best look Inside Our Criminal President
With every podcast it could not become more clear that the American people have placed a criminal enterprise in the White House .... This series is the absolute best reporting on this alarming situation and hopefully will someday be vindicated in its reporting by the necessary public exposure and downfall of this crime syndicate that operates within our nation’s White House !
Very informative
Excellent research, perfectly presented. I must warn you, it can fill you with rage!
Keep up the
Amazing work!
My attention
This podcast captures my attention like no other. Love the perspective and the pacing. Truly informative.
Fascinating and Disturbing
I'm very impressed with the investigative journalism done by the podcast crew. This is information all US citizens need to hear.
This is a podcast that does it’s homework and provides researched and factual, pertinent news delivered by a well rounded and talented staff of reporters. First person interviews with people from across the globe who have had direct involvement, in-depth discussions and peer reviewed reporting. Brilliant!
Love this Podcast!
Barb in Milton
Truly enjoyed listening to your conversation with Andrew McCabe and am always anxious for your next Trump, Inc. episode. Thank you.
Lol Mueller Report...
Y'all are a joke + liars; if you want to disagree with the president, disagree on policy instead of chasing Russian conspiracy theories that blow up in your face. It just shows us that you can't argue with his policies.
So glad to have a show that takes a deep look at the Trump family business. Music and production is superb. Love to listen while I’m cooking or at the gym.
Extremely well presented
The show does a very good job of presenting various “questionable” aspects of our current President.
state of the art podcasting
Trump, Inc. is a first-rate work of investigative journalism. Each episode is a deep dive into one of the many facets of Trump's business dealings and their intersection with his Presidency, with terrific original reporting and many gems of insight. The sound production is top shelf too. WNYC/ProPublica have set the bar high.
Simply excellent!
Thank you for such professional journalism presented so well. A++++ Podcast!
Scooby snacks
This podcast had some potential, much could be intelligently investigative but particularly after the Muller flameout, it has turned to Scooby and the gang sneaking around Trump hotels and Mar-a-Largo. You can completely picture them in fake mustaches and trench coats, sneaking around the hallways, checking used rooms service trays outside the doors and fingering through cigar buts with magnifying glasses. Insert dramatic dum dum duuum.... music at every turn, and you have the equivalent of the Saturday morning cartoon podcast. It’s kind of hysterical in its own way, but Trump is Moriarty combined with Voldemort and SPECTRE... and he’ll get away with it too, if it weren’t for these meddling kids. Urp! Go get him Scooby. Lol
I have enjoyed binge listening to your podcast. I’m listening to these little known facts about the president. I feel like I’ve gotten to know him better. I like learning and this podcast is a good balance entertaining and informative.
Informative and beautifully produced
I’ve learned so many disturbing things from this show — which means they’re doing their job! Great reporting and incredible production.
Poorly Executed
Non-Ideological Listener
While there is much to be investigated about this administration, this podcast continually falls short. The pieces on Cohen were decent synopses of publicly available information, but the investigations of Trump business dealings usually do more to demonstrate the podcaster’s lack of understanding of business operations than actual malfeasance. To date, the only demonstrably illegal/improper use of the presidency uncovered by this podcast centers on golf tee box markers with the presidential logo (something the producers highlight continuously in pleas for inside tips). Everything else reported by the podcast amounts to a house of cards presentation accompanied by sinister background music. The post-Mueller report episode demonstrated the extent to which the podcasters seem to be driven by ideology, not pursuit of facts. Good concept, but poor execution. Follow the facts as they are, not as your ideology wants them to be.
So deep inside the administration and the corruption its appalling.
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