As we continue to a lion
Thank you for the honesty this episode. As, I listen eating my cans of sardines, side of raw grass fed ground meat from a local ranch, covered in collage power for fun it inspires me to also not be so shy. I’m 3 weeks from graduating my NTP program and have nervous to go down the road of Carnivore with Keto touches practice. Having been a Carnivore for 2 years but very quietly.... seeing the more of us be honest about the healing, mental and physical it makes me want to also follow my spark (despite the looks and comments) and embrace that lifestyle and help teach others. Thanks. It was perfect timing for me, I needed that “go for it” moment. 🥩🤗🤗
Great podcast with small irritations
kari foxtrot
Love this podcast, especially a lot of the guests that are on. However, in regards to the actual sound quality, the guests usually sound perfect, and the host sounds like she’s in a tin box with a lot of echo and a higher volume. I have to switch the volume up for when the guests speak and down when the host speaks. It is aggravating. The worst is when her advertisements come on and surprise me, if I have earphones in it’s so loud I curse and skip forwards past it. I’ve never actually listened to her trying to sell her program specifically because of that. But the information and conversations are good enough I’m still listening anyways. She seems like a really interesting person that puts in the work to find the best and most current information, and not just for keto.
Great Information with Constant Improvement.
Great Keto/Carnivore/Biohacking content with a great host and some of the best guests in the LCHF/ZCHF space. Best of all, it seems that as a recent listener, Vanessa updates/improves/adds new content/ideas as she learns...which she seems driven to do continually. So, the content gets better and better for n00bs, or experienced listeners, alike. Thank you, Vanessa!
A must listen, if you are doing Keto
Vanessa hosts this awesome podcast. If you are trying out Keto, you must listen. She shares her wealth of knowledge and also has had a variety of guests from the Keto space. This is a very informative podcast and I appreciate all of the advice Vanessa shares.
Mimi Hickory
Worth the time. It was great.
Love the info, great guests. Invest in some decent audio. Interview with M.P. Was awful, seemed to be on her end but still, no excuses for such poor quality sound. I really like the podcast and I think it’s holding you back.
I appreciate that Vanessa puts a lot of time and effort into putting out content but it seems like she has a hard time expressing herself at times. Also seems like she repeats herself a lot when she has run out of things to say. Most irritating: her pronunciation of certain words, especially palatable and satiety.
Gret information
I appreciate Vanessa’s candor and her willingness to personally try new hacks and share her results.
Love it!!
Henry's Mommacita
I love these podcasts but at times your voice is a little hard to an small echo in the background.. Good info and much appreciated
Teaching with kindness
Vanessa imparts so much knowledge and has such great guests, I learn something every time I listen. I don’t miss an episode.
Fantastic, uplifting
Vanessa is so smart and so kind. I love this podcast so much. It’s nerdy as hell but also somehow very light and uplifting. My kid LOVES the music she uses. I do too :)
Love this podcast!!
I love this podcast! Vanessa makes Keto so simple to understand and follow. She has some really great topics and guests. I’m always anxious for a new episode.
Wealth of Knowledge! Has great listeners!!
Love listening to Vanessa - you learn tons of information on a gamut of Keto and non-Keto topics.
Julie Anne Garcia
I love Vanessa’s podcasts. I’ve learned so much about the ketogenic lifestyle from her. So much great info here. I also love the recipes in her book Keto Essentials.
Love it
I am so glad to have found this podcast. I just started a trial of zero carb and the information she provides in this podcast is helping me so much! Great interviews and info.
Very helpful and great info!
I love this podcast and how Vanessa explores how keto and look different for different people. I think that’s so important. I like listening to people talk about the experiments they’ve done with their own diet to see if I want to make adjustments with my own. Great guests and such a wide variety of topics!
Great podcast
Just starting Keto! I already feel soooo much better! I love listening to your podcast. Full of information and evidence based.
New to Keto
New to Keto and love all your tips and tricks. Thanks for sharing ❤️
Excellent podcast for ketogenic lifestyle
I have been thoroughly enjoying this podcast. The host is entertaining and the information is spot on. I also like the fact that she documents her experimentation with modifying her nutrition. Keep up the great work!
Keeping it simple
Since keto has become part of pop culture there are so many things getting added to the keto umbrella which is making it super confusing. That is one reason I am enjoying ketogirl! She helps to keep things simple and give perspective to what is important. If you are interested in nutritional keto sis at all, then you will love this podcast!!!
I’m a few weeks into my ketogenic journey. This podcast is so informative, I’m soaking up every episode every chance I get. Thank you ketogenic girl!
Best keto podcast (life changing!)
Best podcast for keto and all things health. She makes it Informative and easy to understand. The podcasts are straight and to the point. I love listening to keep up to date with the newest research on health and Keto. Not only are the podcasts all informative but she does so in a manner that the information can be applied to your life. Absolutely life changing! Thank you for all your hard work
Great info!
I have listened to all the Keto/nutrition podcasts at some point & this is one I stay subscribed to. Vanessa provides a fairly technical/sciencey info podcast & makes it interesting & understandable. It’s not too hippy dippy touchy feely nor so heavy duty advanced degree bio chem that it can’t be followed. She has a good variety of guests & topics & I enjoy hearing the results of her N=1 self-experiments.
Frances Schwedhelm
I have been listening to Vanesa’s podcast for a few months now! The content, guests and her Keto guidance/support have been a tremendous help on navigating my own Keto journey.
Great information
Fantastic content. Great guests and I’ve learned so much by listening to this podcast. Vanessa is terrific. My only issue is the interruption in the middle. I understand your promoting your program but I don’t enjoy that interruption when i’m into the show. It’s done at the beginning, why again? Other than that awesome!
Five stars!
Absolutely love Ketogenic Girl! She’s helped me so much starting this new lifestyle 💜
Awesome Podcast!
Excited each week to see what the new podcast will be about! I really enjoy the scientific level you strive to learn and share.
Great podcast!
Really love Vanessa’s passion for testing new ideas on herself, quickly interviewing experts about it, and then reporting back her results. She’s smart, warm, resourceful, and a joy to listen to. And not surprised she headed back to school! A+
Ketogenic girl
I love her books and podcasts! I am doing her 28 day keto challenge but enjoyed her carnivore podcast!
So informative!
Ketogenic Girl really helped me understand the science of the Keto diet. I highly recommend!
Great info!
Love ketogenic girl! Her episodes are informative, and her guest choices are great. Great way to learn and continue learning keto. Bonus points that her voice is calming, clear and easy to listen to (I’m rather sensitive to voices).
Not Enough Keto Information
The title never really matches with what they’re talking about. For example one topic is called “Perfecting Ketones”, and they don’t talk about perfecting them. They just talk about eating real food and to limit your fat. That’s a very broad answer and not helpful at all. It would have been nicer to break down the macro tips, protein amounts, or even a dummy meal plan to perfecting ketosis. Give more nutritional information then talking about China.
Great Motivation For Me!!
I am lucky to have came across who you are while you were a guest on another podcast. I have been Keto now for about 6 months and it has completely changed the way I live my life when it comes to food and nutrition. I use your podcast episodes as a learning tool to keep me Motivated in my new life style. You are so knowledgeable about this topic and I appreciate how much you and your guests are able to share. I am a Nurse and work night shift on a busy surgical for and have a lot of stress at work. I would love to see a picture that maybe focus on night shift workers, stress, and staying focused on health maintenance and nutrition in stressful careers. I would love to buy your program but unfortunately paying for 2 kids in college don't allow me the extra luxuries! Thank you for all you do.
Fantastic Resource!
So glad that I found Vanessa! Love, love, love listening to her podcasts. I appreciate the explanations of the science behind how the Ketogenic diet works. Guests are well informed with relevant information to share. Keep up the great work Vanessa!
My favorite podcast
I have learned so much from these podcasts… I love all the different people that she has on!! so much information. My family thinks I’m crazy that I can’t wait until her next episode!
Great Info
Vanessa seems really educated on Keto and I like how she does experiments on herself. I think this podcast is enjoyable but my one complaint is she says “like” so much, sounds like a valley girl. I counted 4 times in one sentence. It just makes me cringe when an educated woman talks like that
Regular listener
Ketogenic Girl is one of my regular go-to keto podcasts (along with ketovangelist and Keto Answers) - so much useful, nuts and bolts information. I am truly grateful for this community, it has changed my life for the better.
Impressive !!
I have been so impressed and have found incredible benefit from the information and knowledge Vanessa provides us with on all of her podcasts. Not only is she well read and articulate, but she also explains research so her listeners can understand the science behind the topics. She also interviews the most interesting leaders in this industry. Vanessa, thank you for all you do to promote optimal health!!
Great podcast!
I have been listening to you for a month or so and I have really enjoyed your podcasts. I just finished your most recent episode with Dr Bikman and it has so much great information that I plan to re-listen to it. Thanks for everything you do. I look forward to listening to more episodes.
Informative & Empowering!
Love this podcast and love Ketogenic Girl! The interviews are extremely interesting and informative. Every guest has their own approach and expertise in the world of low carb living, so these episodes are not a repeat of the same information over and over. Ketogenic Girl has seemingly explored every avenue of health and wellness with her guests, yet, I’m always surprised with a new episode that dives a little deeper into the science, behavior, or economics of human health and wellness with a new perspective or approach. I have truly learned something new in each episode!
Love you, but
Love you podcast, but please take a breath and talk slower.
Extremely Knowledgeable!
I love listening to these podcasts. This girl knows her stuff and she is knowledgeable when her guests discuss different topics. Thank you for all the valuable information!
So informative! Love your approach to talking about keto and the range of topics covered! Also really enjoy hearing about your personal experiments and the results!
I loved this
I noticed every body kept talking about mthfr. I have this gene mutation and have been struggling. What advice did I miss? Can you help me??
Thank you
Thank you fellow Keto loving vanessa for providing this podcast so we can all learn more about Keto. I love learning and your show is very informative! Thank you
I had to unsubscribe
In a French Knot
I listened to 5 minutes of one podcast and she says “like” WAY to many times and I could not focus on the content.
Love this gal
My new favorite pod cast, partially due to less advertising and more content.
She doesn't interrupt the guests!
New listener to this podcast and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I appreciate so much that Vanessa does not interrupt her guests and actually lets them speak and get their message across, or answer a question she has asked. Not only that but the content has been terrific and I've enjoyed her variety of guests, and I've learned new things. I went keto 2 years ago, I enjoy learning new things about keto, carnivore keto, carnivore because it all goes back to why I started this whole process, which was/is improving my health.
Great informative keto podcast
I've been following a ketogenic lifestyle for a few months and I'm always looking for new information and podcasts. Fast Keto is a great podcast with wonderful information and interviews. You can tell she is super interested in all the nitty gritty, chemistry and science of keto that the average lay person might struggle to understand. She's able to explain things in such a simple and informative way that I am always picking up new ideas and information.
Whole Food based Keto
I found Vanessa through Leanne of The Keto Diet Podcast. I have so enjoyed the episodes so far and have learned so much even though I have been doing Keto for years. Keep them coming!
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