Such an enjoyment to listen!!
When I was searching for a podcast to listen to when I started a new job of doing very monotonous and repetitive work, and y’alls podcast makes the day just fly by and I’m so thankful for it 💜 You guys rock!
So fun!
This podcast makes me feel like I get to fangirl with my best friends. Since I don’t have friends that are fellow fans, it helps me feel like I’m a part of the community and I really appreciate all that they do!
This podcast is AMAZING for any ARMYs who want to share the joy in stanning these 7 wonderful gentleman. I have laughed and cried and gasped along with these two intelligent producers of the podcast who have done an outstanding job in breaking down all there is to know about BTS. And whenever I just need a break from life for a bit, I can always count on Kayla and Bethany to really brighten my day and remind me what a beautiful time it is to be Stanning BTS!
omgggg i absolutely love this podcast so freaking much. it an absolute perfect way to start my week and i actually couldnt find a better way to do that. much love for you guys. love you kayla and bethany. this is absolutely perfect for armys. keep going guys. fighting!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Joyful Fun
I found this podcast bc I straight up went looking for BTS podcasts. I adore it. I love hearing from fans who are in a similar part of their life as I am, and honestly, I love having bits of fandom I don’t have the time or patience to consume explained to me! This podcast feels like hanging out with close friends talking about something that makes us all happy and I really value that. It’s bright, it’s joyful, it’s not looking to start a fight it just wants to have fun. And somedays, that really means a lot. I find myself listening and cracking up at the gym, or driving from a business trip. I really really love it!
This podcast is essential for any ARMY! I started to listen to it once I got into BTS, and it makes me so happy every time I listen. Kayla and Bethany are some of the sweetest, hardest working people and they absolutely deserve our support for making an incredible podcast! Would definitely recommend ❤️
So cute
This pod is co amazing
Fans I can actually relate to!!!
Really Reilly
As an ARMY in her 20s sometimes it is hard for me to find fellow fans with similar feelings towards BTS! Kayla and Bethany are so sweet and relatable, and both of their voices are so nice and easy to listen to. They make you just wanna be their friend and fangirl right alongside them!
This podcast is funny, relatable, and gives me an outlet for the overwhelming number of feelings that BTS brings me 💕. I really appreciate all of the research and effort Kayla and Bethany put into their content. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Kayla and Bethany really embody the meaning and purpose of ARMY. These two keep me informed and help me things I miss on twitter. Their reviews of the concerts, music videos, albums, etc. allows the listener to pinpoint things that they just might miss the first time. I have enjoyed my time with them so far. Can't wait to see what's next! THANKS Y'ALL!
I discovered this podcast around a month ago and I wish I’d found it sooner!! Kayla and Bethany, you guys are super funny and relatable and I really enjoy listening to you. Thank you so much for your hard work! (Btw I can’t wait for the bonus episode :D)
Lots of Love
This podcast is amazing Kayla and Bethany are so relatable and you can tell how much work they put into this podcast.I have been listening to this podcast for almost a year and I always can’t wait till Thursday for a new episode.Thank You Kayla & Bethany ❤️
Love it!!
This is my favorite podcast!! Kayla and Bethany are hilarious!! They say everything I think when it comes to BTS, and it’s like I’m with friends just fangirling about our favorite band. They also go into great detail about everything BTS related. I always look forward to Thursday’s so I can hear a new episode!
plzzzzzzzz 😭😭😢😭😢😢😭
Who’s sings the intro? A female bts member? YES! I overall love your podcast 😁❤️
mia the this is me fan
Can not relate so hard I have been an ARMY for a half a year and I have been freaking out over this podcast I relate so hard to these girls.💜💜💜 Purple you 💜💜💜
I love this show!
So much fun and bubbly with spirit and love. So genuine about the love they have for bts and army.
I love this podcast and perhaps didn’t realize how much I did until an April fool’s prank made me think I would have no more of this podcast! My reaction revealed to me how much I really do love it! The thought of never finishing the ships series or never hearing the latest updates on BTS via Kayla and Bethany’s fangirling was so upsetting! So I’m super relieved and thankful that there will be more podcasts to come!! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this podcast, keep em coming!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Love this
I’m a new ARMY and this podcast has been so helpful! I absolutely love it and it doesn’t hurt that I’m a fellow Taekook shipper. Both girls are so funny any relatable, I often find myself squealing along with them at the boys’ cute moments. 10/10 would recommend this podcast to any BTS stan or newbie
I come from a small town where no one knows about BTS and I was so happy when I found this podcast. I can listen to it and fan girl along with them I feel like I friends with Bethany and Kayla I 💜 y’all
Meep🍼 and 🍫 sweets19/85
lazzy punk66789
Hi Bethany and Kala to nights ago I thought hey it’s been a while since I’ve sunken into a really good podcast 🙃 or audiobook/story. I’m 100% and ok I’m over90000% fan and of this beautiful genuine. Funny. Super sweet, inhumanly smart strong and unbreakable boy band. I live with my mama and I’m still trying to search for my path in life, I graduated from high school 4 years ago I was 19 the year was2016 may 30 Friday. and I was beyond grateful That I got to leaf school and sad 😔 I had a really hard time making friends in “the “school” I went to and I’m very socially awkward and I’m a big introvert... so yeah., I hope that if this sends I wont get scolded and frowned upon because I have a very and I mean and repeat strict family 😒. I was in a special needs program I use to behave problem short fuse and not a people person wen I found out the class I was going to be in oi 😞 not happy about it but my mom said that this person has been working for years with students with special needs has helped them. I thought gee what’s the worse that can and will happen I’m not that great at math even when I try my hardest and to solve “the “ problems I would immediately get yelled at by a para someone who helps you with your your doing i.. guess I don’t know 🤔 whatever. She would stand right on top of when I would be doing my assignments and that’s when the person space became a big issue with other people around me other students in the room would smirk at me because I’m not that advanced at math when I was little we would do touch math um like touch the numbers and add up and subtract 🤔 but that all changed when I was chucked into this “program”. The para would point out that I should be more like the other students and would say. Honey it’s really sad that 1 out of the 8 students in this room can easily and perfectly know and instantly give the answer to the problems and it takes you “10 minutes to figure this out😡. She made me so mad and sad at the same time it was my first day of school that was supposed to be a good start 😢 it’s really hard to do what you’re supposed to be doing when your at school my mom tells me to do something you do it politely and that’s it but this woman wait no hag witch everyday would not just point me out but stand on top of me and say if you get this right the way so and so is without any doubt why can’t you 😢😭😭 I hate her I never got to say hi to anyone wen I would wake up fro school and when I got home my parents would just look at me like why can’t you just do what you’re asked of an do it p.s. I have a mouth and that’s what got me in a lot of trouble at some point because I was get picked on and belittled for it I try not to cry because that means you’re weak and can’t deal with what someone is telling you but it was getting to the harder to feel like ok I can do this all of my classes were different we art that I ❤️ science, P.E. And then math 😞 again. I was 15 to so at age and time my body was still going through um.. puberty and what not but I’m very sensitive and I have short temper and yes attitude if I don’t like what someone is saying to me so.. yep. But she would yell at me everyday and time if something wasn’t done the right way or ho I was dressed!🤬 my mom never let me dress like the other girls and what they would wear I wore decent clothes jeans and a simple shirt and that was it modest. As each day passed i felt “it” was going to get much worse my what you’re supposed to call “teacher” did nothing even when she would work with me would get inpatient and snap at me rather than say just take your time slow down and not rush it was the complete opposite 😢 and what made it absolute hell is that I was getting frustrated and mad at this point I finally just snapped and started yelling at her because she was giving me time to do it on my own and the para would say things about me behind my back with my teacher and act like she did nothing wrong. I know you’re not supposed to curse ,swear say bad words because it’s a bad habit and then it gets wore. This is wear my behavioral problems come I don’t have a filter so I just do before thinking things through I’ve been this way since I was small even when I try right at the moment to not say what I’m feeling it goes south 😥 and every time I wouldn’t do something that I am asked to do I would get a launch detention with her my teacher. But hers the thing a why would anybody do what there asked of if someone else is treating the like trash and telling them your not good enough and belittling someone because they have a small, teny tiny disability and who they are 😢😪. If I had not found out who BTS was and how it helped me fight my depression and anger issues 😪🤧 I don’t think I would be wear I’m at now.
Slayyy Army Queensss
Listens to them for the first time and loved it! We need more armys like these girls lol. Loving, caring, just all around authentic people that I wish I could hang out with. Keep up the great work ladiess!!!!!😋 Tata and Chimmy said hi~
Road trip go to!
Nina Simone91
I’ve been listening to you guys for a while now and can I just say I absolutely love this podcast. I don’t listen to you guys regularly like I should, but whenever I take my 7 1/2 hr drive to Virginia to visit my best friends, this podcast is the go to. The long drive seems so short whenever I listen to you guys and some episodes are always repeated, especially the sexy mochi one! God I love Park Jimin! Lol I’m going to VA In about a week and half and I have 8 new episodes to listen to! Can’t wait ❤️
Love this podcast!!
For those of us (raises hand) who stan BTS and stan them hard ... and alone ... it is such a blessing and privilege to listen to Bethany and Kayla every week. Like having best friends in the car on your drive to work. Love this podcast and these two charming and awesome hosts!!❤️💜
Fanning out
Omg I love these girls. There love for BTS is so inspiring and makes me love them even more than I already do. It helps to hear the girls talk about BTS because I literally don’t know anyone that knows who they are so hearing someone love them so much makes me feel less of a freak! Keep up the good work girls and put more episodes out I can never get enough of y’all fangirling! I love y’all!!
Thursdays are the best
I discovered BTS in May 2018 and little did I know I was about to expose myself a whole other world. BTS changed my life and listening to Stanning BTS weekly makes me know that I am one of millions that adore these 7 men from Korea. None of my friends are into BTS and my job life isn't going so great, but knowing that I can look forward to Thursdays with Kayla and Bethany keep me entertained, excited and inspired for BTS' journey!
Loving it keep up the good work
I’m Loving it!
I have such a great time listening to you ladies. It’s like hanging with the girls talking all things BTS. Keep up the great work.
Enjoyable and relatable
This is a light, fun fangirl podcast to listen to. I find the episodes to be relatable and appreciate Bethany and Kayla for creating an inviting and enjoyable space.
I love all there songs
Thank you for this podcast!
Love bts and love this podcasts. Thanks ladies for all the work into each episode, especially all the hours you put into research. I really appreciate it!
Are these girls my friends?
These girls are so lovely to listen to and I get an outlet for my fangirling with them! I recently discovered them, but I want to try to become more interactive with them because they seem to genuenly care about their audience. Keep up the good work ladies! :D
I’m 100% total trash for BTS and I’m so glad you’re guys’ newest podcasts is one of my favorite ships.
I’m probably one of There biggest fans
I love Jhope :):)
Lol ok so I have written a review but idc because I love this podcast so much it’s so amazing like I connect with these girls so much and if I’m being honest I’m most likely there biggest fan I love this podcast so much I even talk to Kayla and Bethany on Instagram and there such incredible people and I mainly listen to this because I have one other friend that likes BTS and other than that have no one to relate too anyway I’m so excited to see what Kayla and Bethany have to bring in the future (also if this is the 200 review and they end up reading this hi I talk to you guys on Instagram my Instagram is if that rings a bell oh and my profile pic is yeontan either way I love your podcast also this is not self promo I’m just saying that I talk to you ok bye)
I am a Chinese Army and using this podcast to practice my English listening skills💜 Amazing!
Super fun to listen to and amazing to have someone to fangirl with!
So I came back and I’m the beginning I wasn’t a huge fan of your stuff. But now, after revisiting you girls I’m in! Keep up the good work of BTS! 💜💜💜💜
QUEeNS yes yes yes your sexy mochi jimin podcast is so iconic and SO AMAZING thank u for entertaining and informing me
Makes Me Happy
I listen to a few K-Pop podcasts but sometimes I just want to gush over BTS and this is the place to go. Appreciate the time & effort you put into this Kayla and Bethany!
I needed this podcast
I’m alone in my standing of BTS and listening to this podcast is like listening to friends talk about BTS and I usually make comments along the way. Love these two!! Please do a Jungkook episode! 😍
Love u guys and bts
loce bts
U guys are so cool
Best podcast ever!
jk is bae
I so love this podcast! I can’t believe I found fangirls who I can fangirl with. I can’t wait for a jikook episode and the next fanfic files!
Having a great time ✨
quason m
It’s so fun to hear other ARMY’s 💜expressing their love for all the boys (sorry I’m bad with words through text) The energy is really nice and I can relate and vibe when I need something good to do. @arianaxhonoret on instagram I post a lot of BTS tbh I’ve been on myself about making a separate account (idky I haven’t yet) anyways I love you and thanks for existing 💫
This is a very cringeworthy podcast but to each their own. Like, hearing them try to say members names makes my elbows itch. ~yuck~
Loveeee itt
Love your guys friendship. Listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m hanging out with some friends just talking about BTS.
I Hope Kayla and Bethany see this
It's Just Me 😐
This podcast has helped me understand BTS better and the way these young women do it is hilarious! I appreciate that they didn’t let the haters stop them from doing this. I don’t know if I would’ve done that if I were in their shoes, and I thank anxiety and depression for that. I have strict parents that don’t understand me or anything that I’m going through and I don’t have a phone just an iPad mini, so I can’t really contact all my friends. BTS is the first boy band I’ve ever liked or listened to because I’ve always “disliked” boy bands in general, but when my best friend showed me “dope” something clicked and I decided I’d start listening to them, and now I don’t know what I’ll do without them. Jimin, my bias, showed me what hard work can lead to, that being short isn’t bad, and that even the most beautiful people can have scars, or pasts that their ashamed of even if they’re completely perfect in the eyes of others. Yoongi showed me that I should do what I love to do no matter what other people say, and that whatever problems I have, others are going through too. Namjoon showed me that keeping a clear head helps you figure out what’s important and what’s not, and that no matter how many people say you CANT you keep going and show them why you CAN. Jin showed me that even if you’re angry with a sibling or close friend you should always talk things out because keeping it bottled up helps no one (especially when you’re the oldest). Jungkook showed me that even if your the youngest or the smallest at the beginning, hard work can change that and make you the best you can be. Taehyung showed me that even if you started out rough you can always get better. Hoseok showed me that even the tiniest ray of sunshine can light up the world. Together with all of you loyal ARMYs out there, I was shown that loving yourself, and being true to yourself can change not only your life, but the lives of others, and sometimes even the whole world. I hope one day I’ll be able to express my gratitude to BTS in person. That’d be amazing wouldn’t it? Me fainting at the sight of them and waking up in a hospital😅
Korean in L.A. loves your intro song and podcast
Oppa Gangnam Style L.A.
Korean in L.A. here. Love your original intro song. It's such a sweet ode to BTS. Ladies, you are hilarious and give so much joy to us. Haters are eunuchs. Screw them. Don't change . Do yo thang ! -Love from L.A.
U all amazing
You both the best. Love yourself.
I 💜 them!!!
They are so relatable to my inner fan girl and are so informative and I love how they make podcasts for their fellow ARMY. 💜💜💜
I found my tribe!!!
This girls are amazing! I’m glad I stumbled on this podcast and found other women like me who are so obsessed. I legit want to be friends with them. Keep it up!
I really enjoy listening to the podcasts! Every episode never fails to make me smile and laugh. They always lighten my mood because I love to just fangirl and relate with them 💜💜 I’m also going to the BTS tour concert in Fort Worth TX!
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