We love Murph!!!
Robert Baratheon IV
The best dnd podcast on iTunes
Easy to Get Into
I’m a super DnD fan and wanted to “play” when I couldn’t be at a table. Living vicariously through these guys makes any car ride so much fun. I’m almost caught up on all their content and I can’t wait for more!!
This is by far the best and most entertaining podcast I have ever listened to!
All Stars All the Way
Before I started listening to NaddPod I had only a passing interest in D&D. Thanks to my boyfriend for his suggestion and you guys and your wonderful personalities I am now in love with collective storytelling! I'll soon be joining a new campaign and I'm stoked! Thank you!!!
Just wow!
I found this podcast via a reddit post, and am sooo happy I did! Only up to episode 19 right now but these characters, and the cast are incredible. The DM allows plenty of flavorful stuff, and the story is pretty darn good from the get go! -Big Mike, Beverly’s newest squire and armor cleaner.
Princess Dezy
This podcast is a perfect blend of humor and geekery. I cannot speak highly enough of the hours of pure entertainment this podcast has to offer. I listen to it on my commute to and from work and even look forward to my drive because now. Thank you to the band of boobs and Murph for putting in so much effort; it’s brought me great joy. Also, it is SO worth the investment to become a patron subscriber and experience “Short Rest”, the after-show where the NADDpod team discusses the show, peak behind the screen, and general humorous ramblings.
Great podcast
Cats the meow
I watched the college humor d&d, fansty five and feel in loving listening to d&d. I love playing Lord of The Rings online as well. So I was looking around for something and found this and love it. It’s a great idea to do what happens after the whole saving the world. Love love love it!!!!
This podcast is beautiful and currently I am listening to episode 9 of trinyvale
The Duck
All, I have been looking for something like this for some time. All the goofing and seriousness of the campaign so far in deeply enthralling. I have been listing from episode 1 and am in the process of making it to the most current. As of now I am wanting to go get some manuals and start my own campaign. Thanks for the laughs and the pulling of the heart strings as well
A crit on charisma!
These guys completely crit on charisma! No performance check required! One of the best pods out there (“we are, we are!”). This show gives you bardic inspiration +6 throughout your day! Also check out Em & Murph on the series Hot Date...they’re brilliant! Wanna request a shoutout to Billy @Slaughter1 from “The Infertilities-Bane” herself - Moonshine! 🌙🌟🍄💋
They’re so great!
I can’t believe that I hadn’t written a review yet! This is one of the BEST actual play podcasts EVER! So quick and light but can also pack an emotional punch! But most of all, the chemistry of the cast is AMAZING! So funny and you feel like you’re a fly on the wall of the best home campaign that has ever been played! Seriously! Give it a shot! You won’t regret it!
Thanks for making DnD so fun
Mortys Master
This podcast got me interested in DnD and I started playing with my friends. I’ve listened since the Green Teen Jamboreen and can wait for new episodes every week. Saw you guys in Chicago and can’t wait to see you next year!
Like squid.. wired, but awesome!!
This show is straight up awesome, even though it has a flare of Strange. It honestly makes me smile the whole day. Wish I could game with y’all!! Can I get a shoutout to Cyanide Smales from Bev, or Hardwon?? Keep rockin strong!
Crick elves are best elves
I am coming into this way late. My husband has listened forever, but my first episode was the Christmas episode. I have been a fan of Emily and Murph for years (shout out to Adam Ruins Everything and Dropout), but never really liked podcasts. This one changed everything! Smart, hilarious, with enthusiastic players and a DM willing to embrace the rule of cool. No longer will I be forced to play my video games in silence! Now, the dulcet tones of Moonshine will guide me! Keep up the great work, guys.
Heck ya!
Lulu's 9
I love this podcast! The hosts make me laugh every episode. I can’t get enough.
One of the best real play podcasts available.
Alistar the Minotaur
This podcast is undoubtedly one of the best I've listened to. The production value is impeccable, the story is incredible, involved, and always leaves you with a "But what happens next?" Feeling at the end of each episode. It's fun, hysterical, touching, and poignant all at the same time. Murph has done such an expert job creating a world that truly lives, breaths and evolves. Creating memorable characters like Balnor the brave, "worlds best #2 dad." Or Memaw and Mama the de facto leaders of the Crick Elves. Even Josh the Kobold who touched our hearts before he was flung off a tower to his demise. There's Beverly Toegold the 5th, the moral compass of the group and goofer extraordinaire. He has touched my heart on countless occasions, and as a man who suffers from an extreme lack of butt, I identify with him. There's Moonshine Cybin the Crick Elf Druid/barbarian who's awe inspiring power is only outmatched by her pendulous breasts and terrifying fertility. Just talking about her makes me worry that she'll call me on her speaking stone next month about how we're going to be having a child. And of course there's the oft-dead Hardwon Surefoot, pride of the dwarfanage. His heart and valor in battle is only overshadowed by his impressive sexual experiences... Build em and build em thick Hardwon. This is a podcast that will have you laughing, scratching your head in confusion, and getting misty-eyed all in the same episode. If you like DnD and real play podcasts, this is a must listen.
Enemy of my enemy
Mayor Bojangles
I’ve been a fan and patron of this podcast for a few months (binged the whole series and starting it over) I’ve always thought the story telling was amazing but the latest episode is so good (enemy of my enemy) Jesus Christ Murph, how many other DMs have the courage to write a freaking creation story into their campaign?? Q Please please please write this into a novel.
Fast and fantastic.
My second favorite Actual Play podcast after The Adventure Zone. Good sound quality, and the game moves fast without a lot of discussion of what to do next like a lot of DnD podcasts I listen to. Definitely worth a try.
Its Rad
This show is rad, these people are funny, and activly have fun playing the game.
Heartfelt Comedy and Adventure!
E Simps
I love listening to this podcast and have listened to each episode at least twice because I have enjoyed the stories so much! They both have so many heartfelt moments, tears, and big belly laughs! I love the found family of Moonshine, Hardwon, and Beverley (And the found family of Jens, Onyx, Nyack, Keychain, and Blavin too)! Thank you for all of the hardwork and love all the work you all put into the campaigns. I look forward to seeing how the stories unfold. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, you brilliant Band of Boobs!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Best ever!!
This is the best podcast ever I love how they are always funny and have great sound quality. I love this so much and hope after the campaign after the campaign they do another campaign.
My favorite podcast!
I’ve been extremely hooked for at least a year now to the point where I am almost done re listening to the whole thing over again. Subscribe to the Patreon the short rest is awesome as well for people like me who can’t get enough of these guys. I’m close to being a broken record from how I tell everyone how awesome this show is keep up the great work guys! I don’t ever want this story to end! Listening to this has given me better inspiration in my campaigns as well!!
Band of misfits
I have recently stumbled on this messed up but hilarious podcast. My best friends recently moved all the way from Kentucky to Washington state and they are who I would play dnd with. I don’t think I have laughed this much since our campaign with Ledeke Nacklesnort ( a gnome Druid, played by April, who is covered in moss and randomly collects every bit of nature), Kube (a Dragonborn monk, played by Kube, with a two huge kegs that he keeps strapped on his waist and always searching to fill said kegs) and Irieallya (a drow Rogue, played by myself, who has a strong addiction to mushrooms and uses Ledekes hair to keep her mushrooms in stock). I have learned not to listen at work because my coworkers now think I am even weirder. Finding this podcast was like rolling a nat 20.
Blessed by PawPaw
The first day I started listening, about a month ago, I walked outside and saw an opossum on a fence. My boyfriend started listening two days ago, and this morning he saw an opossum on a tree on his way to work. I’m not saying when you start listening you get a visit from PawPaw, but evidence is mounting that you do. Anyway this podcast is amazing. I’m on episode 20 and I’ve cried multiple times. Usually from laughter, but not always. Can’t wait to be caught up. I’ve told my friends almost every day to listen.
D&D on the Appalachian Trail
"Soundtrack" AT Flip-Flop 2019
I’m currently hiking the Appalachian Trail (1,600 miles down, baby!). I’ve never played D&D or listened to a D&D podcast before but I must say I was an instant fan of the show. Most everyday we listen to multiple episodes while hiking up and down the rugged mountainous terrain of the AT. Many times other hikers will pass us (going the other direction) and hear the shenanigans booming from my phone. Thanks Murph for always somehow managing to be making the most hilarious NPC voices while other hikers pass us. When I finish the trail I’ll be interested to try playing myself :) #notembarrassedthough
Shout out to the 2-crew!!!
The 2-crew week in and week out provide a fun, adventurous story narrated so freely by each party member. Their personalities all shine so well within Murph’s world and is a bright spot in my day when I can laugh at their successes or cringe on their failures. The NADDPOD campaign is what I would aim to have with my friends. Thank you guys for having fun and making this story your own.
Love the podcast
My name is fox
Callou callay!
Just visited the two-crew at the Crittsburgh live show and I have to say, I didn’t think anything could be better than the podcast but the live show was amazing. I dap up Hardwon.
Amazing podcast
Tysen Myers
I have been listening non stop to this podcast for the past couple weeks and am always so entertained by it. Keep up the great work
baby hugger
You guys are my R.Cane
As a nerd truck driver
As a nerd truck driver, this podcast has been amazing. I’ve always wanted to play dnd but never had the opportunity. My wife encouraged me to check out podcast while driving because music was becoming boring. Stumbled upon this incredible podcast and haven’t been able to stop listening. It’s encouraged my wife and I to find some people to play dnd when I’m home. Thank you for allowing me to keep my nerdy side alive while driving coast to coast!
So funny
New to podcast as well as D&D. This is absolutely hilarious and makes me want to get into the game. Moonshine, yer my girl. Tell Paw Paw I said hey, yuh hear!
More like Rad pod
Moustaches for Johnny C
This podcast never fails to lift my spirits and make me laugh. Thank you sweeties.
Best All Time Fav
This podcast group are honestly my favorite to listen too. I get excited to listen to each episode every Thursday night. I do grave yard shifts and it’s the only thing that makes me laugh out loud when working all night. Sometimes I get home and I’ll sit in my driveway an extra 20 mins just so I can finish the episode. Highly recommend to everyone!
Oh yeah. That’s the stuff.
If you don’t know where this review is going based on the title, let me tell you. It’s going places, pal! NADDPOD is an improvisational masterpiece. From the very first “I’m drinking in the beautiful sounds of the fiddle” to the hundredth “shout out to the 2-crew,” this post cast freaking rules. Is it inclusive? Check. Do they address social justice issues through a fantasy lens? Check. Is it sex-positive? Check. Is there tasteful swearing and profanity? Uh, ya bet there is. But what about great accents and inspired character acting? You know it friend. Does anybody read these reviews? Doubt it! But if you did read this, stop being a nerdy reader and listen to NADDPOD instead!
I don’t even play D&D
Taylor Frey
I have no idea how the game works and I have no intention of ever playing, but my boyfriend put this on during a road trip once and here I am thirty-odd episodes later. Great storytelling and an entertaining listen all around! Would recommend
Simply Amazing.
I started listening to this podcast a few months ago and I am absolutely in love with it. Everything from the characters to the story telling is perfect. NADDpod will always hold a special place in my heart
Idk what
Xbox Matti
Bad puns, vulgar humor, foul language… This is exactly the kind of podcast I was looking for. Moonshine is bae! ❤️❤️❤️
i’m in love with this pod
this podcast makes me look forward to car drives and they get me through grinding on college projects! if hardwon shouts out brandon (that’s me) i’ll have a heart attack
Watch This!
I had no idea I could be so completely enthralled by listening to a group of people playing a role playing game. I have literally cheered and been on the verge of tears listening to the adventures of The Band of Boobs. Murph is an incredible DM and the players do such an incredible job at personifying their characters that you actually feel like you know them. Moonshine (Emily) is that woman you have a complex crush on, you know nothing will ever happen but are just happy to have her in your life. Hardwon (Jake) is the cool older brother you never had but always wanted and Beverly (Caldwell) is the enthusiastic neighbor kid who you feel like should be annoying but turns out to be really deep and extremely pure hearted. I could probably go on for hours about all of the wonderful NPCs and guest characters as well, Balnor, Old Cobb, Maw Maw, Paw Paw etc but suffice it to say that they all add a richness to the world that keeps me desperate for the next episode and itching to get to a live show. I truly can't recommend NADDPOD highly enough.
Just started and it good
Just started listening and got to episode 50 how ever the audio skips forward towards the end when they group talk to the giant sea creature
Incredibly funny
I’ve never wanted to play D&D until now. Spent an hour at work just looking up terms and stuff, and if I found a group of fun goofs to play with it’d be almost as lit as these guys.
Love this podcast.
I just found this podcast a few months ago but find myself listening to multiple episodes a day while at work. It’s a lot of fun and I love all the characters can’t wait to go to a live show next time they’re in Chicago
Love this podcast •shoutout•
I recently have had a friend get into D&D but I didn't really know how to play. I've looked at other D&D podcast, but I was they left me confused. Once I found this podcast it made me fall in love with the game and now I’m playing a game. The cast makes it an overall fun experience and quickly got me up to speed. It has such a good blend of great game play, comedy, depth, and shenanigans. It cracks me up every time. Murph has done such a great job of writing a campaign the is so enjoyable and keeps me on the edge of my seat. Hard-one, Beverley, Moonshine, and last but not least pawpaw has surely got my heart. The band of boobs are the greatest group I have listened to. This podcast is just overall amazing. P.S. If y’all are still doing shoutouts then can I please get a shoutout from Moonshine or Murphy. -JaÿPłaÿz333
The Best D&D Experience Without Playing Yourself
This show is the best. The players are hilarious and so into their roles, which makes it all the more fun. Murph tells a wonderful story and has built such a fun world! It’s made me want to play again!! And if you’re all still doing shoutouts, I’d love to hear one from Moonshine!!! - Pete44
Love this podcast
some random dnd fan
This was my first experience with Dungeons and Dragons and it’s great. The whole crew really knows how to have fun. A friend recommended it to me and now i’m playing in his game and have started a game of my own. Would recommend to any fantasy or comedy lover especially if you are interested in D&D!
Two Peas in a Podcast12
Fun, silly, & a little hard to comprhend at times. Still, fun if your looking for something less serrious.
Listen If You Like Comedy, Drama, and High Fantasy
Destroy All Podcast with War Rocket Ajax.
Not Another D&D Podcast is a podcast where three friends (and sometimes a special guest) from the world of comedy play a Dungeons & Dragons game run by their Dungeon Master Brian Murphy. Often silly and over the top, and at other times deeply moving and poignant. You'll fall in love with Moonshine Cybin, the crick elf (Emily Axford), Hardwon Surefoot, the human raised by dwarves (Jake Hurwitz), and Beverly Toegold IV, the plucky teen halfling scout (Caldwell Tanner), as they try to clean up the mess left by the last band of legendary heroes in the world of Bahumia. Listen through the first arc and you'll be hooked.
Freakin love it
My best friend phoebe introduced me to the NADDPod and I’m in love! I’ve never even played DnD but you guys may have gotten me interested... I’m not sure if you guys are still doing shoutouts for 5* reviews, but if you are... I’d love a shoutout for myself from Moonshine! (with maybe a special mention for my best friend for showing it to me...) Love y’all! You’re so fun and I am seriously enjoying this podcast!
If I were a pre pubescent teen this would be an okay podcast.......maybe but the jokes and voice acting is just terrible beyond comprehension. This shouldn’t even appear in the same category as Critical Roll it’s an embarrassment...
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