March 6, 2019 Episode cuts off before it ends
I look forward to this podcast every month, and usually am re-reading Threads Magazine several times over before my next issue arrives. Is there someway to re-post last month's episode wo it can be heard all the way through?
A Great Podcast
Elliot Anne
Love this podcast - it's nice to hear sewing-related content that is not totally focused on quilting. I have been sewing since 5th grade but really blossomed in my 9th grade sewing class in 1976 - Thanks, Mrs. Battcher! I made lots of clothes for my kids and switched to quilting when they wouldn't wear their matching outfits any more. Now I'm back to garment sewing for my grandkids. I love it all.
Fun podcast, one tip for audio
Enjoying the podcast, but would recommend looking into using some pop filters to decrease the vocal pops and clicks. Keep up the fun podcast. Enjoying hearing all of the guests.
We are going to need more!
A Victorious View
I’ve listened to two episodes of the podcast. I really enjoy it. We are going to need more! Once a month just will not be enough. Thank you for establishing a relevant selling podcast that lovers of sewing can relate to. Keep up the good work!
Great sewing content!
I love his podcast so far! Great sewing content just like Threads magazine.
loved it
So fun to hear viewpoints from Kenneth King. Looking forward to the next podcast!
Great info
That was so fun to listen and learn from.
Challenges of Teaching Sewing
Very informative and interesting. Love the “get to know you” questions. Look forward to more!
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