July 29, 2020
Part 4 of Gabrielle's Mafia story is all about her finding out what Peter Raneri was up to before she met him. She tells about Peter and his first wife Margie's neighborhoodItalian Family restaurant in Smithtown, New York. They had 2 sons Frankie and Peter. She shares that Peter Raneri's Dad Frank Raneri was a part of making moonshine at Patsy's in Manhattan in the 1940's.Peter's restaurant became hugely successful and he became a local celebrity getting a lot of attention appearing on radio and TV shows as the 5 star Chef he was. He was a huge personality. Because of the huge success of the small restaurant they built a big Raneri's restaurant on Jericho turnpike in Smithtown - wildly popular the Jackson 5, The Commodores and the 4 Tops, just to mention a few used to perform there.Gabrielle tells funny stories about Peter's pranks he used to pull in the restaurant. While his wife Margie worked tirelessly at the restaurant Peter, who was a life long Gigolo started an affair with the new hostess Lisa who became his second wife and they had his 3rd son Michael. Larry Iorizzo who was Peter's best friend used to have a running tab at the restaurant and he always paid it. Once Larry got involved with Michael Franzese Peter used to keep the restaurant open all night long so all the Mafia guys could hold all their meetings there.Michael told Larry to no longer pay the tabs which in the end started draining the restaurant. Peter used to work ungodly hours, many nights sleeping at the restaurant. Larry told him to stop killing himself and come to work with them to have an easier life. After all they were making millions of dollars weekly. Gabrielle reads a Newsday paper article about SBA loans that were made out to Raneri's restaurant. Michael Franzese was linked to many SBA loans to small businesses. It is extremely interesting with details about a murder at the restaurant. The restaurant received a blizzard of publicity because they found a body with a document signed by Peter Raneri. We read about all the pressure that was put on Peter Raneri by law enforcement and he was threatened that he would be charged with killing Ladenhauf. ........... to be continuedParty with Miss Polly:Is grinding cheating?Question of the Day:Significant Other of 5 months invites you on an all expenses paid family trip to a weekend getaway. Do you bring a gift for the parents for inviting you?
July 21, 2020
After Larry Iorizzo got arrested in Panama, turned in by his friend President Manuel Noriega there was a lot of chaos with Peter Raneri and his partners and friends in Austria. Gabrielle only spoke very little English and was confused on what was happening but accepted a ticket to come to New York City to visit Peter.When she landed in JFK International Airport she felt sick to her stomach and all she wanted to do was turn around and go back home. She questioned her own sanity.While driving over the Queensboro bridge Frank Sinatra "New York, New York" came on the radio and suddenly Gabrielle felt at ease and thought this was a super cool experience and adventure. When arriving at Peter Raneri's sisters house they were discussing that his sister Angela lived only a few streets from John Gotti's former house where his middle son was killed by accident by one of the neighbors. The neighbor got abducted and went missing and there are all kinds of different scenarios of what could have happened to him. From his limbs being severed while alive to him being buried alive in acid. He was declared dead but has never been found. Peter used his sisters attic as his bank account and went upstairs to grab some money. Gabrielle was super confused, she had never experienced anything like this before. Then she tells about going to Larry Iorizzo's house because Peter needed to have very serious conversations with Larry's wife Rosemary about what to do since Larry's arrest. .........................TO BE CONTINUEDParty with Miss Polly at around 24:06What is butthole sunning? Why do people do it? Is it good for you?Don't miss this segment - it is hilarious Question of the Day:Would you be ok with your significant other to be an OBGYN or plastic surgeon?
July 13, 2020
We jump right into Part 2 Continuation of Gabrielle's Mafia Story. We find out when she first met Peter Raneri, New York Colombo Mafia Crime FamilyAssociate, in September 1984. He would soon become her husband. They met in a bar in Vienna Austria. Gabrielle talks about feeling like Julia Roberts in Pretty Women, except she was no escort. But the way Peter showered her with flowers and gifts and attention definitely intrigued her. Especially after her ex oil sheikh boyfriend became a threat and Peter stepped right in and swept her off her feet. Gabrielle kept hearing about Peter's best friends, Larry, Michael and Sunny. She had no idea at the time that they were Mob Bosses, Sunny Franzese, Michael Franzese and Lawrence Salvatore Iorizzo. Larry Iorizzo had chartered a 747 plane to fly the entire wedding party, including friends and family from New York to Vienna for his oldest daughter Carol's wedding. Gabrielle kept wondering what they did for business since she had never seen anyone live this kind of lifestyle and she was always told they did Import/Export.Being young and naive she believed every word. Peter proposed one month after meeting Gabrielle and she said yes.From one day to the next things started getting very tense and stressful and Gabrielle had no idea what was going on and was always told not to worry.Larry's daughters wedding was called off, the 747 cancelled. Peter was on the phone with Sunny and Michael non stop. Gabrielle then shares about Larry Iorizzo's arrest in Panama, how he was kidnapped at gunpoint. Michael Franzese threatening to kill his son Larry jun if Larry sr. didn't do the right thing. Larry Iorizzo and their clan were very friendly with President Manuel Noriega and they had lived a life of luxury, owning yachts, jet planes and cleared millions of dollars weekly. Gabrielle tells about Peter's successful restaurants Raneri's in Smithtown New York and how that led Peter into the Mafia lifestyle himself, after the restaurants became a Mob hangout.After Larry got kidnapped he was put on a plane to Miami and arrived into the welcoming arms of FBI agents. Everything started to unravel - Gabrielle literally met Peter weeks before all this started happening. Peter told Gabrielle that he had to go to America for 2 months and talked her into coming with him. Gabrielle thought - Anyone can do anything for 2 months ....................TO BE CONTINUED Party with Miss Polly:What does the term "SUPERMAN" mean?Question of the Day:If your exes Mom unfollows you on Social Media would you unfollow them back?
July 7, 2020
200 Episodes - Wow - we are very excited but couldn't really properly celebrate with the pandemic among us.Gabrielle decides to start from the very beginning to give her story the most justice.She talks about growing up in Linz, Austria and says there is no Mafia in Austria. One of her grandfathers was a huge Adolf Hitler Fan.Her other grandfather fought in World War 2, got injured and ended up in a concentration camp. Her grandmother owned the bomb shelter in the apartment complex they lived in and was in charge when the sirens went off and everyone had to hide in the shelter, including Gabrielle's Dad who was a baby. When her grandfather returned from the camp he couldn't deal with everything he saw in the war and became an alcoholic. This changed the entire path of their family because Gabrielle's Dad also became a severe alcoholic. She tells about her parents marriage falling apart and how her life was constant chaos and holding grudges for months at a time. Gabrielle talks about leaving home at 18 and all the twists and turns her life took. She particularly talks about her tumultuous love affair with a Saudi Arabian oil sheikh that in the end lead to her meeting Peter Raneri, an associate in the New York Colombo Mafia Crime Family.Gabrielle had no idea that this meeting would catapult her into the Mafia lifestyle. She had no clue how fast her life would change!!! ...............TO BE CONTINUEDParty With Miss Polly: If a guy is all about pleasing a girl he is with during sex and making sure she finishes, does that mean he is probably into her or is that how he is with everyone?Question of the Day: Have you ever cheated and not been caught?
June 16, 2020
Lies, Cheating, Betrayal and Heartbreak for our family when Gino's ex girlfriend decided to move to Florida and the way we all found out the truth. Here is the way Gabrielle, Gino and Marcella experienced it, since lots of you have asked what in the world happened? Gabrielle is first and shares her own heartbreak and disappointment that Whitley chose to lie and walk away the way she did.At the same time she wishes no ill will on her and only hopes that she is happy. Gino talks in detail about the betrayal that he felt, how it started, how he felt taken advantage of and the heartbreak he experienced when he put the puzzle together and realized that she cheated. Especially since she plastered his apartment with paintings and love notes all over the week before she moved just making sure she had a place to come back to in case the new boyfriend didn't work out. Gino says he has learned a lot from all this and has had a great time being single and dating. He just recently has met a special girl that he likes a whole lot. Marcella says that she thinks Whitley wanted to be in the party life style but couldn't do that with Gino because he is not a party guy and heavy drinker. Marcella is sad to watch Whitley today in her new life because she feels that the party scene gets old after a while and she thinks that Whitley does none of the things she was passionate about while she was with Gino. She definitely doesn't approve of lying and cheating and felt bad for Gino at the time but thinks he is better off today but also doesn't wish anything bad for Whitley. Party with Miss Polly:If you are dating a doctor and he insists on giving you a pelvic exam to check for STD's before sex - would you be offended?Question of the Day:Is it possible to go back to being friends with an ex hook up who broke your heart if both are now casually hooking up with others?
June 8, 2020
We are back with Gabrielle's husband Patrick Gilmore and we continue where we left off on episode 197 about how we met and that Gabrielle was insistent that her children would not get to meet Patrick for a minimum of 1 year and she stuck by it to protect them in case the relationship didn't work out. We talk about what an amazing Step Dad Patrick is and how supportive of Marcella and Gino he has always been. He was extremely supportive and a huge help when Marcella struggled at 18 years old while dating an abusive drug dealer and Meth addict. Patrick talks about when Marcella got kidnapped and how that led to he and Peter - Gabrielle's ex Mafia husband and Marcella's Dad ending up becoming friends through this horrible ordeal. You can hear details about this kidnapping on episode 14 when Marcella bravely shares about it. We then talk about Patrick and Gabrielle's relationship rules. They both say that they made the rules together and decided to honor them from the beginning and that is how their relationship has been such a success for the last 20 years. Patrick passionately explains that everyone wants what they have but nobody is willing to do what it takes.Party with Miss Polly: "Is it safe to bleach your private parts?"Question of the Day: " Your significant other tells you that you won't find someone better than them!!!! ..... RED FLAG????? "
June 2, 2020
The Too Posh Team is super excited that Patrick Gilmore, husband of Gabrielle of 16 years and together 18 years, and Marcella's step Dad finally makes it on the show after 1 1/2 years. Patrick is the reason why the Too Posh Podcast exists and we talk about how it started and he basically forced us to do it. Then he tells us where he grew up and that he was the black sheep of his family. They had no money and he didn't have many opportunities. One afternoon after watching Navy Seals he got off the couch and joined the military.He was in the Army for 3 years. He tells about basic training and of his time being stationed in Hawaii for 3 years. He was very fortunate to not have to experience combat. He does tell us about a crazy story involving a ship with 550 Chinese nationalists where a coast guard got killed. We learn about what he likes and dislikes about having been in the Army.Everyone always ask us how Patrick and Gabrielle met and here is all the insights you could ever want. It is a fun, crazy, interesting story that is not your everyday love story. You will hear all about the first moment meeting at Cool River in Las Colinas, Texas and the days after which involve Gabrielle's Mafia husband, who she was still married to at the time.They were officially separated and technically single, however he did not take it well at all being confronted with the reality of Gabrielle meeting another man. Patrick's and Peter's first encounter the day after Patrick met Gabrielle at their Italian Restaurant, Raneri's in Valley Ranch, Texas is a very interesting one. As Gabrielle kept dating Patrick Peter went completely psycho and threatened to kill them, chop them up, feed them to the sharks - they were followed - it was absolutely insane. We hear Marcella's view on all this and Bernie cannot believe that this story is real. PARTY WITH MISS POLLY: Is it true that having multiple sex partners or having too much sex turns your vagina into roast beef?QUESTION OF THE DAY:Your significant other doesn't text you on nights that they go out - red flag or deal breaker?
April 20, 2020
Marcella asks Miss Polly a very interesting question about cucumbers. Ralph tells us about some calls he has had to go on where guys with high blood pressure or other health issues took Viagra that didn't end well. He tells us why he pulled his rank to not have to do something. We then learn about cock rings.
April 7, 2020
After leaving you with a cliffhanger in episode 195, this episode will give you all the incredible details how Toni's vagina ended up on Instagram.Do not miss Toni's, Sivan's and Priscilla's recollection of the events that led up to it, from Toni's full body make over - her ex not being able to contain himself even though being with the girl he cheated on her with. The girlfriend kept posting Toni's vagina on Instagram out of revenge and even sent it to the the boyfriends mom. Toni thought about pressing charges against her but didn't because she is such a good hearted person, and itactually helped her gain followers. Then Toni, Priscilla and Bernie discuss the issues they have when sharing children with an ex and how difficult it can be. Priscilla, Toni and Sivan talk about how they make it work without major issues in their business. Sivan is a tough bitch with a big heart that has been burnt by family and friends many times in her life. Sivan believes that "if you don't stand for something you will fall for everything". And when she believes in something she doesn't want to sugar coat it, even though that gets her in trouble sometimes. They are big believers that there is enough business for everyone and are supportive of everyone. Sivan's highlight of every day is going to Toni's Insta stories because she has the most funny, inappropriate memes, that everyone wants to post but isn't brave enough to. WITH MISS POLLY: Are guys annoyed if a girl hasn't gone to their apartment or house after a 4th or 5th date = having sex with them. This is worth listening to - there is a lot of hilarious banter. QUESTION OF THE DAY:Should the person being proposed to have a say in their engagement ring?
March 31, 2020
Sivan Parienta joins us with her 2 assistants Priscilla and Toni and the conversation starts off with a bang. Sivan, a cosmetic nurse that makes 5's into 10's is a hustler.She has hired Priscilla and Toni as her assistants and together they are building their empire. They work together with one of the most sought after plastic surgeons in Dallas Fort Worth Dr Deuber and his wife Cary who ownLemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery Center. We learn about how Sivan met Priscilla and how Priscilla hated her at first but Sivan loved her hustle and work ethics. We find out how Priscilla became Sivan's in house assistant and right hand woman. Toni is behind the scenes who handles her finances and is her life coach. Toni used to be Sivan's client and they became really close friends when Toni went through a really hard time with her finding out that the father of her baby had been cheating on her for months. Sivan's work was exploding - an average cosmetic nurse sees maybe 8 patients a day but Sivan sees 25 per day. Both Priscilla and Toni proudly talk about Sivan's generosity that includes her buying them boob jobs, nose jobs and cars. Sivan proudly says that both Priscilla and Toni believe in the business so much they work many hours outside of business hours building the brand and they are truly like family. At the same time they are trying to create a balance. Sivan is the artist and loves having Priscilla and Toni to keep her life straight. Sivan tells us about the one time she messed up a client by listening to what they wanted instead of her better judgement. We talk about Sivan, Cruz and Marcella all being so artistic and how dangerous it can be that they do not enjoy the business side. Priscilla and Toni talk about their boob jobs. When Bernie asks Toni if her ex ever came back after she had a full make over her answer is shocking. We will leave you with the cliffhanger that her vagina ended up on Instagram. FlushedCome back next Monday and listen to Episode 196 and hear all the details and drama about this situation.
March 23, 2020
Cruz is the star of this hour as he takes us along his incredible hair stylist journey. We have lots of fun co hosts, Marcella, Sivan, Priscilla, Sarah and Toni that are all holding their breath as Cruz tells his story. Once the YouTube Video comes out this is a must watch. Cruz joined us originally when he shared his story of the devastating loss of his wife Laura Avila in Episode 167. That show has been consistently Number 1 since its release. He says that is was very therapeutic to tell his story then and still helps him today.Cruz is an insanely talented hair stylist that is a true artist. He takes us through his journey step by step from the time he started hair school at Ogle and was obsessed and loved it from the first moment. It instantly became his passion.He graduated in the top of his class.His first job was at Salon Matrix, a super trendy salon in Dallas, Texas where the owners Joey Bennett and John Wilson gave him a chance. He gets very emotional when talking about this. At Ogle he learned the French Method technique, then went to Vidal Sassoon to learn precision cutting, to Angel del Solar from Spain who was another mentor and taught him condense cutting. He learned all these techniques and put his own spin on it and made a name for himself. Back in 2002 Cruz was known for doing all the funky colors that everyone is wanting today. He has always been way ahead of his time. He also learned how to do ethnic hair and all different textures that a lot of stylists do not get to learn.He was at Matrix for 5 years when the lease was finished and they all went their separate ways. At that time Cruz opened his own salon called Style Lab with his business partner Eddie G. Cruz was the artist - Bernie worked there - 8 stations - 7 guys, 1 girl, handsome straight and gay guys = Boy band hair salon. They had a DJ Booth, and abar with a lounge. It became a huge success but Cruz was not business savvy and had to close his doors. Everything fell apart and crumbled after 5 years. Due to some crazy coincidences Style Lab was reborn this time with a boutique inside the same location. Once again his lack of business knowledge led to it closing yet again.Cruz took pride in his craft and has always been a big believer in advanced education. He never stops learning. Do not miss his detailed, incredible description how he created the Style Lab at the Mosaic apartment complex Pool Party era. These were his rock star days when he was wearing eyeliner.He tells us about his cousin Natalie and how she has been his ride or die and followed him through thick and thin. After 3 years Cruz felt bored and took a huge once in a lifetime opportunity to train under someone amazing inLos Angeles and left the Style Lab to a new business partner that sadly got hooked on drugs and everything fell apart very quickly and Style Lab had to close yet again.Cruz moved back to try to save it but it was too late. At that time his cousin Natalie became friends with an ex football player who invested in the salon but devastated Cruz by telling him he was no longer needed and the salon would now be owned by his cousin and the football player and would be renamed to Studio 1514, which is still a thriving salon today. Cruz says that everything was dying on the inside. He had to accept that he built everything, but didn't build the business. He has worked at the salon, treating it as if it was his own and he loves mentoring stylists and creating soldiers and several have opened their own successful salons. He says he is super slammed at work and believes there is enough to go around for everybody. His journey has had a lot of ups and downs and made him what he is today. Very soon he has an exciting announcement to make and we are so looking forward to that day. You can reach Cruz at Studio 1514 or contact him on instagram at
March 10, 2020
We have an exciting hour with lots of fun co hosts, Marcella, Cruz, Sivan, Priscilla, Sarah and Toni and the star of the show Jordan Elizabeth. Jordan is a former Dallas Mavericks Dancer and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Jordan and Marcella have been friends since Kindergarten, went through elementary, middle and high school together. They also danced on the Dallas Mavericks together. After that Jordan went on to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Sivan is everybody's injector and keeps us all looking young. Jordan was born and raised in Dallas, has a 2 1/2 year old daughter and is a workaholic because she loves her job so much.She is a personal shopper for men and women, men's custom clothing and has an online boutique.She comes to your home and will go through your closet and she does alterations as well. Her website to get more information of all her services is her Instagram is loves helping people.We talk about her blended family and her experience as a Mavs Dancer and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. She says that after being a dancer you go through a period of trying to figure out who you are and realizing nobody cares about you anymore and nobody wants your autograph any longer. We have a REALLY FUN discussion about the new "FANS ONLY" accounts with models modeling naked.Jordan and Marcella discuss how it works between all the girls once you make the team as a professional dancer and all the pressures. We talk about Jordan's short marriage with a man who swept her off her feet and did all the right things. Jordan says he wanted her to be a Highland Park housewife and she wasn't ready at that time of her life at 23 years old. We ask how motherhood has changed her. Party with Miss Polly:Miss Polly sadly had a migraine during the time of this recording but we had fun with all the co hosts chiming in on this questionIs having sex in water/pool/beach/ shower dangerous?Question of the Day:Do you keep all the jewelry, designer purses, engagement rings that your ex got you?
March 2, 2020
We get to meet the beautiful and amazing girlfriend of our Co Host Bernie - Stacey Vaughan Elfarr joins us and tells us that she grew up in a dysfunctional family where they found out that her Dadhad had an affair and had an entire other family with 3 kids with their former babysitter. She has 5 half siblings all together. Her Mom moved them to New York after finding out those devastating news and Stacey felt like there were so many things out of control in her life the only thing she could control was her body. She was severely bullied at her new high school and not accepted as the Florida cheerleader. She became a cardio bunny and severely anorexic because her beauty standard back then was that stick thin was it.Stacey says that when you suffer from an eating disorder it never truly leaves you and you never truly recover. Even after conquering it you always struggle off and on. It was YOYO for her until she found weight lifting when she was in college. While going through anorexia she became depressed and always prayed to God for help to get her out of it. Weight lifting gave her a healthy slow progression and she realized she had to eat to gain muscle. Her whole perception changed on what was beautiful. She used to think that stick thin was beautiful but because of her prayers she was rescued. Overnight she felt that athletic and muscular was more beautiful which saved her life. Stacy did one competition and won and she was supposed to go on to the National Level but declined. She was the most muscular after her divorce - Bernie says she got in "FUCK YOU" shape. She has 2 children with her ex husband and they have a great relationship today. Stacey says that she always healed herself in the gym through life's ups and downs and that it is a great distraction and very therapeutic. Bernie says she is hard core in the gym and that most of the time he cannot keep up with her. We learned what went wrong in her marriage and the biggest problem was that she lost a huge part of her identity moving to East Texas with no family and friends and haven given up her successful career. She says he is and has always been a great guy but wanted her to stay home to be a housewife and stay at home Mom but that was not in her DNA.She started an animal rescue business that became quite successful.We learn that Bernie met Stacey at the Dallas Cowboys Fit Gym in Frisco Texas in the Dallas Cowboys Training Facility. Stacey tells us about the body building show she competed in and also about all the criticism she started to receive from family and friends alike about her muscles and that she no longer looks feminine to them. She was accused of taking steroids even though she would never think about doing that. She says that with all that bullying she could have easily relapsed into her anorexia but instead she decided not to listen to her haters. Stacey is proud of her muscles and they have kept her healthy and strong and they make her feel good in her skin. She challenges anyone to not care about what others think because nobody knows your inner struggles and pain. She almost died starving herself, muscles make her feel good and healthy. Stacey also designs gyms and fitness centers for apartment complexes and she is also an accountability coach. She will put a program together specifically for you with workouts, nutrition and supplements. She customizes everythingto each individual and tailors it to each persons unique makeup. We get into a heated discussion about the Super Bowl half time show with J LO and about aging in general. Marcella goes on a rant and Bernie jumps right on the soap box. They also talk about how unfair the criticism is about JLO and Shakira but yet everyone is cheering on Lizzo in a thong. You can reach Stacey at
February 24, 2020
Sarah Qutub Elchantaf wanted to come on the show to share her courageous story about being in an abusive marriage with her military husband and having the courage to leaveeven though she had a small child at the time.She believes that at any given moment you have the power to say "This is not how my story is going to end".She wants to help all people that find themselves in an abusive relationship and give them the knowledge and the power that they can leave. She was only 20 years old when she got married and had her baby and tells us that her husband was very controlling very quickly due to his insecurities. We learn about a lot of military guys that go into the military as a last resort because they have no other option in life and that gives them a guaranteed paycheck.When they come back from war they usually do not have life skills to adapt and Sarah wishes there were changes made so they would be required to get counseling. Her husband was deployed straight to Iraq. Upon his return he became a raging alcoholic and suffered from severe PTSD and was mentally and verbally extremely abusive. He was very jealous and used the worst curse words repeatedly. Sarah's Mom suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and Sarah took her in to take care of her very sick mother. She admits that she stayed way too long in her marriage and encourages everyone to leave sooner otherwise your life is going to be miserable and it is terrible for children to witness. When she decided to leave the fighting got worse and worse and he tried to strangle her and was punching holes in the walls. She had to call the police and he was arrested.She admits that she also was very toxic at that time. Originally he got charged with a felony but that was dropped and it makes her happy because she didn't want this to be on his record his entire life since she says there is always hopethat people can change for the better and he is her daughters Dad. She left - signed a lease for a 1 bedroom apartment found a job that paid her $ 14.50 an hour. She tells everyone to not be afraid to leave, find the courage to do it and YOU WILL FIGURE IT OUT!!She cleaned her Dad's house for extra money and pushed herself very hard and excelled in her career and started making a lot of money and realized that she will never NEED a man again. Determination and Discipline is what got her there. Today she is happily married to a man she is madly in love with. She tells us about helping her neighbor get away from her abusive husband with 3 children.She believes that 2 happy homes are better than 1 unhappy home. She also wants her daughter to love her Dad and that wasn't going to happen had she stayed. Today her and her daughters step mom are best friends and talk on the phone daily. They are going to start their own podcast about co parenting. Stay tuned and follow Sarah on her social media for updates. sarahqutub on all social media Party with Miss Polly : Is it true that women who use vibrators make it difficult for themselves to climax without using a vibrator? Question of The Day:If you were cheated on in the past, is it a good idea to tell your new partner or keep it to yourself?
February 17, 2020
The beautiful Gail Hourani Bashara is back for part 2 of our more than interesting discussion about her best selling book "Plastic Surgery Confessions".She self published the book and you can get it on Amazon. We ask her how sex, drugs, alcohol and plastic surgery go together and she tells us about one example of a very prominent Dallas Plastic Surgeon who would be on "Whip Its" while performing surgeries. Then she shares that one of her close friends had surgery by a surgeon who had been at the country club drinking before her surgery and now she can no longer close her eyes.Bernie then tells us that since he has been in the medical field for many years, it is not at all unusual for surgeons to be under the influence.Gail reveals that some of the book is truth and some is fiction.Then we learn about testicle lifts, ball ironing and scrotal beauty procedures. Gail reveals that she has had 2 nose jobs. We get very important advice that you must check if your surgeon is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery but even then you have to research them thoroughly. We learn about Free Tequila Fridays at the radio station and we are hoping for Free Vodka Saturdays at our Podcast recordings. Bizarre plastic surgery procedures are next and we talk about someone that had horns implanted into their forehead. Bernie tells us to look up tells us that she was engaged to one of Nick Nolte's best friends and she says she has never seen such an insane amount of substance abuse. She says Fame really messes with you. She says he is extremely charming. She tells us about a crazy situation at one of the company office parties where a co worker slid down a slide completely naked with her legs wide spread open. She immediately went to Alcoholics Anonymous and has never spoken to anyoneever again. Gail does book signings at the North Texas Drag Queen Bingo at the Shops of Legacy in Plano, Tx.gail.bashara@gmail.comPARTY WITH MISS POLLY:Your Significant Other is masturbating while you are sleeping in the same bed or in the other room. Is that ok or not ok?QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you believe that we are meant to meet certain people in certain moments in time in our life?
February 11, 2020
We are so proud to welcome the amazing Gail Hourani Bashara, author of the bestselling book Plastic Surgery Confessions.She brought us a pink drink called "Orgy" combined with a syringe shot, that can be used to drink a shot or get botox injections ;) for her clever marketing material to advertise her book. She is doing book signings around the metroplex where you can pick up this fun promo piece as well. We learn about Gail's upbringing in a Christian Lebanese family where she was the miracle child. Her parents who hated each other created a toxic living environment that took a toll on her. She got out of Oklahoma as soon as she could at age 18 and moved to Dallas, TX.She says that there are many similarities to herself and her life to the main character named Gabrielle in the book, but some things are made up. She was inspired to write the book because plastic surgeons are like rock stars that know all their patients secrets so she wanted to expose some of their secrets. Gail believes that after age 33 we are all in this together and gravity is our ultimate enemy and it is non stop maintenance with aging. She has been married over 30 years but thinks she is a bad wife to her absentminded professor husband and admits that they have considered divorce many times but always make it work in the end. Gail tells us that the book was written from pain. The discussion about the book starts lots of conversation with the panel about knee lifts, Botox, leg lengthening procedures, boob jobs, nose jobs, ear pinning surgeries, pit pudge etc. Party with Miss Polly segment: Do you ever find that you are just casually hold your boob?Question of the Day segment:Is it okay to respond to a text from an ex when you have a current partner? The text was just a general How are you?
February 4, 2020
Tonja Hartman shares the incredibly brave story about her son Cody's addiction, imprisonment, bipolar disease and how she deals with it one moment at a time. Tonja has 2 sons and 1 daughter. We learn all about how hard it has been to deal with her sons struggles as a Mom, how it affects her other children and her marriage. Mom's are only as happy as their unhappiest child. We learn about Tonja's grandfather who was a southern Mafia guy that ran moonshine. Her grandmother had to escape Alabama to get away from him.Tonja talks about the generational curses in families and how her grandfather, her uncle and her brother all have some of the same tendencies - 2 personalities, charming but also mean and violent. These are the first born tendencies in their family. Her brother did horrible things, was in the drug scene, got arrested etc. Tonja said that when her first born son came along they noticed that things were not right with his personality when he became a teenager. She knew that there was something spiritually not right and put him in counseling to help. Her family and others were trying to talk her out of doing so, insisting he is just a normal teen. She was married to her 3rd husband at the time. As her firstborn he struggled with confidence even though he was very naturally talented and bright, charming and needy and lying and staying up real late at the same time. They moved to Decatur, Texas and that made him very angry and he moved in with his Dad. His Dad did not believe that he had a mental illness and there was always disagreement with his treatment. Tonja continued taking him to psychiatric care to test him. Bipolar is very hard to diagnose. She talks about his escalating behavioral problems in his Senior Year of High School and drugs were involved. He was self medicating on top of what the psychiatrist was prescribing. He got arrested right before his Senior Prom for drugs. His manic behavior and drug use got a lot worse and together as a family they tried to help him and balancing tough love. Tonja herself has been in counseling and therapy to educate herself.Her son was sent to prison for possession with intent to sell which is a federal charge. She is advocating that people that age for that conviction should not be sent to hard core prisons but need different facilities. She says the mania can rip though a family like a rip tide and it is very difficult to deal with. Tonja says that he is very manipulative during that time but at the same time is very sweet and what a hard balance that is for a Mom.The struggle is where is the healthy part of being an advocate and where to apply tough love and in the meantime having family members undermining you.She says that her son has been incarcerated several times. She says prison guards will target and bully you and that they are very crooked and should be in prison themselves. We are teaching drug addicts to be criminal, then put them back in society and they are set up to fail. Tonja shares her emotional day when she went to see her son for the first time in Ferguson prison. She went into the chapel and broke down balling her eyes out. It is so hard to see your child that way. He eventually was released from prison. While she was going through the breakdown of her 3rd marriage she found out that her son was arrested yet again. He had gotten a girl pregnant who was a drug addict herself. Her son is 30 years old and has a 5 year old son that Tonja does not get to see. Every time her son gets out of prison he violates parole and goes back.She says the family is divided but that the family needs to be united and get educated for a real chance to help her son. Cody is extremely manipulative and the family makes Tonja out to be the bad guy even though she is the most educated and supportive and it hurts her like hell because it hurts their...
January 27, 2020
We welcome singer and actress, mother of 3, Miss Tonja Hartman who is an extra ordinary leader who has a passion for raising up people to make a difference in the entertainment industry to train up people to know God's word. Primarily teens and young adults because there is so much confusion out there on their direction in life. She tells us her life story and bravely talks about that she was sexually abused as a young girl by a male babysitter and by a family member and date raped by someone when she was a Senior in high school. She talks about how abusers make you think and feel that you are terrible and that you caused it and they make you believe the lie. We learn about her very specific encounter that changed her and she realized she had to live in God's word. Tonja talks about the sexual advances in the professional world and that she lost a job because she wouldn't buy into the advances from a boss. Tonja teaches us what the aftermath looks life after such devastating experiences. We are especially intrigued by Tonja's lesson about what God says about generational curses.She teaches us how she tries to not hold on too tight to her beautiful teenage daughter Ari and that we should not shelter our children too much where we don't allow them to experience pain.Tonja wants the little girl in her, the driven person to soar and shine how God created her to be and she loves the movie "Wonder woman". God has given her the drive to keepgoing even through the toughest times and she wants to make a difference and help others soar. Tonja gives us a great lesson on that the "me too" movement has gone too far and that people have forgotten common sense. We learn about sex trafficking being a huge issue in the entertainment industry. Tonja talks about some of the issues in some churches and how they fall short in helping struggling people particularly women going through a crisis. Tonja's passion is for people outside of the church. She tells us about a shocking story where a pastor supported her 1st husband who had a porn addiction, wasn't responsible as a husband and father and wasted all their money gambling, while she worked 50 to 60 hour weeks. The pastor actually asked her to submit herself to her husband even if that meant watching porn with him. We learn about her divorce, she went through a new church and how she ended up marrying a womanizer who was verbally and emotionally abusive, making her believe she was crazy. Her Mom hired a private investigator and they found a whole sack of porn that they brought to the pastor of this new church who got mad at her for even bringing it up. She had to go through a second divorce. Her and her boys had to go to counseling, they were so scarred from this experience. She says it has been a hell of a road but standing up to what is right and not being silent has been healing. Her family doesn't really want her to tell her story, because we make the victims of abuse believe they shouldn't stand up for it and the people that get protected in the end are the abusers. She is a believer in iron sharpens iron. We learn how she met her 3rd husband who she is in the middle of divorcing at this time. She tells us about losing her precious Mom to brain cancer, moving to California, getting pregnant with her daughter.While in California in less than a year she found out that her husband was having an affair which knocked the wind out of her. She didn't see it coming at all. It is a gripping story you don't want to miss. Tonja is a big believer in telling the truth at all times and that she told her cheating husband he had to admit to their teenage daughter that he was having an affair. Gabrielle and Marcella are 100% on Tonja's side, however Bernie full heartedly disagrees and this starts a fun, passionate discussion between our guest and cast....
January 21, 2020
We welcome Michael Bell with Dallas Half Acre Farm where he grows beyond organic produce. Michael is an extremely interesting person and his story has us spellbound and never wanting to buy produce at a regular store again. Not only is he an urban farmer in his free time, but he is a full time PE Teacher as well as a very committed husband and father to 3 young children. He is a huge Gary Vaynerchuk fan and followed Gary V's blueprint from the Smurf message.We start the show with our new segment 60 seconds rapid fire questions. Then Michael tells us that he started farming at age 5 with his grandmother and that gardening had been a passion ever since. He followed Curtis Stone a farmer from Canada that makes over $ 150.000 in 10 months with lettuce and Michael knew he could do the same. Michael teaches us about the 3 levels of produce1. you should never buy stuff at the grocery store that is not organic - it is awful for you.2. he teaches us about the organic label and how it has been watered down in the last 10 years. 3. beyond organic - that is what Michael grows and it is so clean, fresh and pure that his children eat it straight off the plant. His kids eat his tomatoes like candy. He tells us the incredible story how he stumbled upon the land where Dallas Half Acre Farm started and how it cost exactly the amount his grandmother left him in inheritance. It was truly meant to be. We also learn how his wife feels about his farming. He delivers to local grocery stores and his demand is higher than he can even fulfill. A lot of his customers also come from the vegan community. We discuss how the different temperatures can kill lettuce and plants and how especially difficult the Dallas Summers can be. He is going to get chickens in a few months and will then offer eggs as well. Michael full heartedly shares Gary V's belief on college education in 2020.You can keep up with everything Michael has going on on the farm by following his instagram account. with Miss Polly segment:A common sexual fantasy is having sex with someone that is not your spouse? Is that a problem? Is that cheating?Do men think about sex every 3 seconds?Question of the Day segment:Is there such a thing as friendly cuddling?
January 9, 2020
Bernie has mixed emotions about how he feels about revenge. We learn about how some people have gotten their revenge like Why not just text his present girlfriend a sexy picture of yourself. Paint the inside of their car or take a baseball bat to it, but make sure its the right car. Gabrielle tells the story about one of her friends who got caught cheating and the husband shot up her car and threw all her clothes in the pool.Marcella says she never thought of doing crazy things like that but she loses her mind so bad that she almost passes out from screaming. Another form of revenge is the guy has to stand in the middle of the mall with a huge cardboard saying he cheated. Tattoo artist tattoos poop on the back of girlBride found out that future husband cheated and she read all the texts between the girl and him instead of the vows in front of everyone at the church.There is a website called if you think your significant other is cheating on you or if you are local in the DFW area contact Detective Gomez from Cheaters and he will get you all the answers. P and P talk with Miss P: How to deal with painful sex1 in 4 women suffer from painful sex due to several different issuesCertain anti depressants can totally kill your sex drive. Question of the Day:What is the longest you would date someone without getting engaged?
January 4, 2020
The newest trend to affordable living especially in super expensive cities like Los Angeles and Seattle is Pod Living. It is designed for singles. In this episode we learn all about this co living project.Some people love it so much they get their body tattooed with their pod number. Others have gotten married after meeting at the pods.There is a NO SEX policy. It costs $ 12.000 for 50 square feet of space. The pods do not even have curtains and privacy can be a challenge. The positive is that you do not need a security deposit or furniture. There are also pod communities with lockable doors and that is where couples go to have sex and rent those for a few hours. P and P with Miss Polly:If your partner is really bad in bed and their performance does not satisfy you should you tell them?Question of the Day:Is it a red flag if your significant other switches and drops friends easily and has no life long friends?
December 21, 2019
Micro Cheating is like the little sister to emotional cheating. Marcella joins us by phone because she had the flu. So many different behaviors can be suspicious like putting extra effort into your look knowing this special someone will be at the office today.Deleting text messages that seem harmless enough but you wouldn't want your significant other to read them. Bernie gets VERY passionate about this subject. He says that "MICRO FUCKING CHEATING" is just justifying cheating.You should never talk or flirt with someone that you have had sex with in the past. Spyder tells us what he does when he DJ's. Bernie tells us that he is really respectful in his relationships because he has cheated and has been cheated on before and does not ever have to deal with that again. And he wont accept it from anyone. We all agree to always trust your gut. It is always right. Marcella thinks not posting your significant other on social media makes it easier for you to cheat.If your partner has a friend of the opposite sex and they text like crazy as if they are in a romantic comedy. You watch them flirt when you are out and you can see by the response that this is not innocent. You have seen that look before.Detective Gomez says that EVERY SINGLE TiME someone is guilty they make you feel like you are crazy. Major red flags when your significant other makes your closest friends uncomfortable. If their closest friends didn't know you were dating for the longest time. They start slow texting you back but when you are with them they never put their phone down. We all agree that there is no MICRO cheating in this article but full fledged cheating. P and P Talk with Miss Polly:erotic literature - is it common? should you read it? your top 5 suggestions!Miss Polly's favorites The Crossfire series Sylvia DayNIghts in Bliss series by Sophie OakBare belly shifts series by TS JoyceSleeping beauty trilogy anne riceQuestion of the Day:How do we feel about guys that spray tan?
December 19, 2019
Cuffing season means that you are looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend during the holiday season. Spyder says it is the people version of hibernation.This term is new since 2011 and it is a sudden pairing of content singles. It is to have someone to cuddle by the fire, to kiss on New Years and to take to the office Christmas party. The official cuffing season starts in the fall and ends in the spring.Preferably before Thanksgiving and after Valentine's Day. There is an official website called where you can get partnered up for cuffing season and it is easier to make new introductions. Gabrielle and Marcella are horrified that you then have to have sex with random people, but Bernie tries to convince us that everybody is banging everybody anyhow. We then discuss if sleeping around helps youget over a heartbreak. signs of cuffing:urgency to meetthey are making all sorts of holiday plans after the first few datesthey want you to meet the familythey make plans but nothing beyond Marchthey want to watch movies and stay in but nothing else all their friends are in relationships - this prompts us to talk about that being single is not always a bad thing. Bernie talks all about the positive aspects of being single. There are pros and cons to being single and being in a relationship.Suddenly they leave their toothbrush at your place for convenience.The friend you had for years suddenly confesses their undying love for you.P and P Talk with Miss Polly: Why do some people laugh or cry uncontrollably after sex?Question of the Day:Do people really ever get over their first love?
December 14, 2019
Coach Larry Clay Lonis is back and in this episode he talks about his experiences and journey with churches and especially mega churches. He says that people walk around condemned because of their history and focus on the negative. He says he felt freedom because he survived so much and now feels that he can survive anything.In most cases fear holds us back from doing things. He tells us that the martial arts business is very melodramatic. and that people have tried to use his history against him. In 2004 he opened another location of his Krav Maga facility in Grapevine Texas, but his business partner didn't want to pay him and started all kinds of rumors about him on public online forums. He tore apart his reputation so nobody would want anything to do with him. Clay made a big name in the industry and people either loved him or hated him. He teaches us what Krav Maga is. We learn that he was part of the Powerteam a church ministry team that travels around the globe ripping phone books, bend iron bars with their teeth, break huge ice boulders etc. This would get people's attention and then they would share their testimony. They were doing all these inspirational things but were never allowed to use God's name in schools. We then find out that Clay was put on a "WATCHLIST" at one of the megachurches because he got into a facebook discussion with a church pastor. He had posted about his personal feelings about mega churches because he had found out how poorly they had treated a former employee. The mega church held a staff meeting about Clay and wanted everyone to watch him, who he was talking to, interacting etc. He was truly blacklisted. Clay started studying etymology and was reading a book called "REORIENT" by Kevin Weave that everyone should read. He believes that we have the right definition but the perception of the way churches operate is completely off and done completely wrong. He knows that it is controversial but he believes it is important. He then gives us history about Constantine the pagan priest that established all the churches.Clay wants to coach and help people and make a positive impact.theemailaddressyouaskedfor@gmail.comQuestion of the Day:Your S/O wakes up every morning in a bad mood that lasts a couple of hours. They are rude and condescending. Red Flag or Dealbreaker?
December 12, 2019
Clay Lonis, a personal friend of our co star Bernie visits us and shares his absolutely mind blowing life testimony of being born into a world of neglect, abandonment, starvation, violence and extreme sexual violence. He is a big believer that your history doesn't determine your future. Clay shares that he was raped for a period of 6 months by young adults in his neighborhood at the age of 6 years old. He credits his little sister with being the only one that stopped this horrendous abuse. His sister took on the mother role in his life, because his mom preferred dating around and leaving the kids to fend for themselves. When it came out that he was raped his mother beat him up for it. She knew the entire time but didn't care. After she beat him up she sent him to school and told him to tell his teachers he was in a car accident.The counselors immediately recognized that this was not a car accident and CPS got involved. One of his step dads committed suicide and the next step dad was also extremely violent. His name is "Uncle Nasty". Clay used to be chased around the house with a 2 by 4 and lived in terror. Most people that hear his story are shocked to see him smile and be a normal person. He has conquered and overcome a lot of things. His Dad started Clay in martial arts at a very young age, but was in and out of his life. His grandfather was a pastor and the only example of a positive male role model he ever had in his life. Clay says that most men have no idea how much of an impact they have on their sons and daughters lives and what a bigger impact they are going to have if they are not there. Clay's teen and young adult life was littered with bad decisions until he hit a breaking point. He tells us that he just recently reconnected with his mom after 23 years, because he has a 4 year old daughter and wanted her to know her grandmother who has changed for the better. He has forgiven his mother for everything that has happened to him. He says with forgiveness there need to be boundaries. Clay talks about his anger issues and that fear drove him. He got kicked out of college because of a fight with the basketball team. He was angry but inside he was always scared. This story breaks down the walls of fear, hurt and anger and its benefit is freedom with a true understanding of forgiveness. From all the torment and struggle he does have severe PTSD. "The most poignant moment of the show was when he tells us under tears that he told a christian counselor that he always remembered the beginning and the end of the rape - but he never remembered the actual act itself happening. The counselor said : Let us ask Christ where he was when this was going on. They prayed and while they prayed he envisioned what he was going through as a kid and then he saw Christ covering his eyes."The entire studio was in tears. He says that it was because of God's protection, covering his eyes and plucking his ears when he needed it, that he was able to thrive once away from the abuse. Question of the Day: Would you be freaked out if you found a camera in your partner's room without knowing?
December 6, 2019
Alex Gonzalez our local journalist is back and this show is dedicated to Dallas Ft. Worth residents or people that come to visit the DFW area. He regularly writes reviews for local residents. Most recently he reviewed the following restaurants that are standouts in the area. He went on a Galleria Restaurant Tour and we agree that Oceanaire is above and beyond our favorite restaurant. The food, drinks and service are impeccable. High-end chain offering seafood, steaks & a deep wine list in sophisticated but lively environs.Mi Cocina is a staple in our area and all of us agree that their frozen drinks are the best anywhere. Everyone needs to try their Mambo Taxi, Mambo Limousine and Dilemma. Trust us - let us know what you think.It is a collection of neighborhood restaurants serving authentic Tex-Mex dishes and legendary margaritas all over Dallas – Fort Worth ...Mi Dia from scratch is a standout because of their fresh ingredients and their table side guacamole and Hibiscus Champagne Margarita are so amazing that everyone needs to try them. Upscale Mexican restaurant features cooking of chef Gabriel DeLeon, whose dishes blend traditional Mexico City recipes.Alex tells us about Legacy Hall in the Shops of Legacy West in Plano Texas where he really likes the new restaurant The Italian Job - they serve fresh affordable pasta dishes and have an excellent "Frozee".Wahlburgers - Mark Wahlbergs restaurant in the Texas Star in Frisco leaves Bernie very underwhelmed and disappointed because he expected a lot more. This conversation turns into a Where can you find the best burger in the DFW area?The guys talk about Uncle Ubers in Deep Ellum, which is Alex's absolute favorite place for burgers and sandwiches. They also like Hop Doddy's, Village Burger Bar and Jakes. Te Deseo is a new Latin Restaurant in Dallas with the most incredible food and a dance floor where they have either live music or a DJ."Lively Latin American-inspired restaurant featuring a series of sultry-lit dining rooms, a courtyard with a must-see art piece, four bars, and a stunning rooftop patio overlooking the city. Gloria's is also a favorite. For more than thirty years, Gloria's Latin Cuisine has served a signature mix of Salvadorian, Mexican and Tex-Mex classicsDizzy Brands alcoholic ice cream and popsicles are incredible and their headquarters is located in Addison. The ABV is 17%."DizziBrands small batched lickable liquors feature a wide variety of alcoholic ice creams, sorbets, gelatos, cupcakes, frozen pops, gelatin shots, and gummies in a selection of sizes with branding that is unmatched in the industry."Sugar Daddy's Cakery stars from Sugar Rush on Netflix have the most incredible desserts in the area. Not only are they gorgeous - they also taste insanely great. Ashton Snyder and Lio Botello, owners of Sugar Daddy's Cakery in Dallas, appeared in a competition over desserts for the Netflix show Sugar Rush.They were also on the Kelly Clarkson Show and Alex wrote about them for an article in the Dallas Observer. Zip Code Media Cafe in Plano - a great new place with a green screen to create content. Alex thinks it will be a hot spot for social media influencers and journalists.Better than sex desserts in Plano is a great scandalous date night place or a girls night out place with great wine choices besides the cleverly, raunchy named desserts. Side Care Social in Addison is a place where you can sing Karaoke with a live band.North Italia in Shops of Legacy West is another favorite Cut by Cinemark Frisco is a new luxurious movie going experienceParigi Longtime neighborhood bistro boasts creative New American cuisine in a sophisticated atmosphere on Oak LawnGung Ho on Greenville Avenue Casual, colorful spot for chef-driven American-Chinese favorites from fried rice to broccoli beef.60 Vines has...
December 4, 2019
The incredibly skilled journalist Alex Gonzalez who is a contributing writer for the Dallas Observer, Local Profile, Dallas Voice, Crave DFW and many more joins us.We met Alex when he wrote a great article on Marcella when she starred in the Netflix Reality Show Dancing Queen. The article was titled "Marcella Raneri spills the tea on "Dancing Queen", self care, and handling rejection." and it was published on October 22, 2018.Since then Alex's career has exploded and he is gaining a lot of attention and the respect of everyone in the industry. Most of Alex's work is online but some of his articles are printed in local magazines. Alex writes a lot of articles about food, new restaurants, cool spots, art and culture and weekend events. He recently wrote a local food guide for people with dietary restrictions. He tells us about the most inspirational story he has ever written. Then he tells us about the most shocking story he just recently wrote about the porn industry. Alex tells us about his experience being a nude model in college. He did it as a part time job and still sometimes does it to make extra money. We freak out over the details of this situation and cannot even believe how nerve wrecking it has to be to get nude in front of your peers. The article "A Day in the Life of a nude art model" was posted online on September 9, 2019.Alex wrote a very powerful article that is posted on Linked In titled "I am no longer working for free -- and neither should you" and he is very passionate about this topic.He believes that when you are seasoned and no longer a beginner you should not be expected to work for free because it is insulting. You should always be grateful to your mentors, but you are not obligated to work for them for free for your entire career. Alex's dream is to go to work full time for a national publication like GQ, Billboard or his absolute favorite Rolling Stone. We talk about Frisco, Texas becoming the first test site for Uber Elevate, which happens to be in our back yard. The article published on September 18, 2018 and we cannot even imagine this future life of flying cars over our heads. Alex put together an amazing article called "Best Non conventional date ideas in Collin County, Texas".We are a bit shocked about the article he wrote that "Plano ranked 15th in the nation for infidelity". He tells us that he got to interview divorce attorneys for that article and he learned that the biggest issue that leads to divorce is money and the biggest issue to infidelity is lack of communication. An absolute incredible article called "29 acres to open living community for adults with autism" makes us realize how important this project is for so many people.P and P Talk with Miss Polly: A common fantasy many people have is spanking, bondige and hot waxQuestion of the Day: Is it a red flag if your partner gets mad if someone looks at you or checks you out.
November 30, 2019
We welcome the "COOL" TJ Glover who we had the pleasure to meet at the Night of Superstars. He introduces us to the All American Premium Wheat Vodka perfected in Texas. MVP Vodka is distilled 6X, making it gluten free even though its made with wheat. He is an investor and President of Sales. Roy Lee Williams, is a former American college and professional football player who was a safety in the National Football League for nine seasons. He is the main boss behind MVP Vodka. BJ Johnson who is also a football player is the co founder of MVP Vodka. We learn about the beginning when they would all meet to test all their favorite vodkas. Bernie asks how they went about creating a special, different recipe to stand out in the flooded Vodka market. We cannot believe that the name MVP Vodka was available for them.They have been in business for 4 years and it can be found at Specs, Goody Goody, Total Wine stores. They also have a deal with MGM in Las Vegas. TJ tells us how difficult it is to get into stores. He shares with us that it was a 2 year process to come up with the bottles, manufacturing etc. They want a show bottle that stands out on the shelves. We learn that night clubs want money to get your alcohol into the bar and to make it a feature. The big brands have major pull. TJ tells us that the goal for MVP Vodka is acquisition. The deal with MGM came about with Celebrity Bar Tender Russel Davis from TV's popular Bar Rescue series. MVP Vodka has amazing recipes on their website that everyone should try. We also learn that Vodka can relieve jelly fish stings. Then TJ tells us all about Friday Night Lights and he just went home for his 20 year reunion for the 1999 National Championship team. They even got inducted into the Midland, Texas Hall of Fame.We learn all about TJ's private life, how he grew up, his road to college, his journey to playing on the Arena Football Team Lubbock Lone Stars for 4 years. He met his wife who is a 6 foot tall stunner and has a 1 and 3 year old. Find mvpvodka on all social media handles. P and P Talk with Miss Polly:Have you ever fantasized about a sexual encounter with the same sex?This segment is quite possibly one of our funniest segments we have ever done. Definitely worth a listen. Question of the Day:You have broken up with your long term partner of 4 plus years, 5 months ago. Do you text them for their birthday?The banter is once again super funny. Don't miss it.
November 28, 2019
We start the show by introducing Gabrielle’s son and Marcella’s brother Gino Raneri as one of our new co hosts. He is 26 years old, single and a tennis coach at Brookhaven Country Club in Dallas, texas. Then we jump right into our topic about nudism and Marcella informs Gino that his grandmother is a nudist, which prompts Gino’s memory of seeing nude grandma by the pool when he was younger. Gabrielle then shares her nightmare experience when her parents forced her to go to a nudist camp beach vacation in the former Yugoslavia. We cannot believe that there is actually an American Association for Nude Recreation. Somehow the conversation turns to the TV Show Real Sex. We find out that the second Saturday in July has been officially declared as National Skinny Dipping Day. Then we talk about the show Naked and Afraid. We learn all about Nude Festivals with live music, nude games, cruises, 5 K runs, Beer Mile Runs, Beer Pongs, Clubs etc. We talk about Marcella’s experience in a Coop Finnish Sauna in Austria when she was a teenager.We learn that there are no orgies or any sexual activity allowed in nudist environments unless you are in private.We decide to send Bernie on a nudist excursion as part of his journalistic duties. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly:We ask Miss Polly if she is a Nudist or would become one?We also ask her who would need to see a sex therapist. Question of the day: Would you care if your partner never posted you on Instagram?
November 23, 2019
We learn that a Gigolo charges wealthy women $ 500 an hour and can earn $ 15.000 a week. We learn that some 18 year old girls pay a Gigolo to lose their virginity. This confuses Bernie very much. We learn what women really want behind closed doors and why this Gigolo’s clients pay for sex. This Gigolo tells that he received a $ 1000 tip from a husband to have sex with his wife. This discussion leads to our Porn star friend Emily Austin and we tell Bernie that her husband loves to watch her have sex with several guys at once. Somehow the conversation turns to Sugar Babies that are in serious relationships but still see their Sugar Daddies on the side without their boyfriends knowledge. The Gigolo tells us that the most requested service is the 50 Shades of gray experience. If you are getting lame sex at home say something. We encourage people to be honest in their relationships and ask for what they want. We discuss that if there is no sex in the relationship it usually falls apart. Gabrielle reveals that every city has Gigolo hangouts. Then we discuss Gigolos having sex with married couples which leads to a discussion about double penetration.This discussion takes a crazy turn and we are all so uncomfortable that we end up calling Miss Polly so she can explain it all to us and she tells us if that makes a guy gay. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly Segment: Would you hire a Gigolo? Absolutely hilarious discussionQuestion of the Day: What kind of underwear do you prefer wearing?
November 21, 2019
We welcome back Randy Sullivan whose life resembles Breaking Bad Live and this is part 2 of his story. Please listen and watch Episode 173 to learn all the details about his Dad and what life was like for Randy.In this episode we learn all about the tough times Randy went through putting himself through college being extremely poor. He still has a visible scar from all the times he gave blood so he could have money to eat. We learn all about Randy being a Playboy through highschool and college years - then becoming a Christian and extremely active in the church.He got married very young to a beautiful wife and they have 2 amazing children that Randy is very proud of.Randy talks to us about working for multiple companies that promised to give him equity if he helped grow the business, but that never happened. In one particular instance he discovered fraud, but instead of the owner believing him he ended up getting fired. He then decided to open his own business, so nobody could ever give him empty promises again. The conversation then turns very passionate about marriage, stay at home Mom's, working Dad's. Husbands not understanding all the difficulties stay at home Mom's endure. Husbands not feeling appreciated. Getting married too young.Spouses talking bad about each other. Definitely a segment that needs to be heard.
November 16, 2019
In this episode with Colleen Michaelis and James McClenahan we discuss Shatterproof which has become a National Force for families who are dealing with addiction and need help and support.Colleen talks about her experience with Shatterproof last year and the incredible support their family received after their sons Tommy McClenahans death. In 4 1/2 weeks they raised over $ 11.000 and were the second largest fundraiser for Shatterproof in Dallas. Parents, students and teachers of the school Colleen teaches at, as well as many friends participated.The speakers at the event had a humongous impact on the kids and several 5th graders did their year end projects on addiction. Colleen is proud that they are spreading the word in little bits and pieces. Colleen spoke to a book club about Dopesick and tells us that none of the parents knew the link from hydrocodone to heroin. She was also interviewed by the Dallas Morning News about the Han Gil hotel after it was raided. Rick Calvert the federal prosecutor came out to speak to everyone in Coppell, TX about this situation. The Han Gil, once a nursing home and then a hellhole off Royal Lane only blocks from Herbert Marcus Elementary, was a place where meth and coke were manufactured and sold. Where women were trafficked. Where people were beaten, burned and shot. Where young men and women overdosed, their corpses dumped in faraway locations.Even though there is no proof that Tommy was ever at this hotel, but the story is important to get out how disruptive and awful addiction is.The Coppell Police contacted Rick Calvert because 3 kids from Coppell died and the drugs were traced back to the Han Gil Hotel. When it got raided 80 % of the license plates of the cars there were from Coppell. The district got a lot of backlash when Rick Calvert came to speak because it made a lot of people uncomfortable. Parents were upset that now their children would know where to go to get drugs. Colleen says No - now they are armed with the knowledge where to stay away from.She tells us how she talks to as many students possible and how she was interviewed by Michael Molthan from M2 The Rock and he came out on Team Tommy Day and how incredibly powerful and special that was.We learn that now the drug dealer gets charged with manslaughter if someone dies of an overdose. Colleen tells us when she personally met Nic and David Scheff from the movie Beautiful Boy. She got to tell them about Tommy and their mission to end the stigma.Colleen highly recommends that every child from the ages of 12 on and their parents read the book "HIGH" Everything you want to know about drugs, alcohol and addiction. If we educate kids they are going to be armed with information when they are faced with the decision. Colleen wants every school district to adopt this book for mandatory reading. 97% of heroin users started with a prescription medication, which was either prescribed to them, or taken from a friend or someones medicine cabinet. Colleen shows us her new tattoo and reads us a letter she just found that Tommy wrote to her when he was 19 years old and in his first rehab treatment center. It is beyond powerful and Colleen is so incredibly brave to share this letter with everyone. She wants other parents going through this to know that it is not their fault and not to let guilt consume them. We are in awe of Colleen and James's special friendship and how they have managed to support each other through the worst of times as ex spouses. Colleen says that everyone wants someone to blame, yet that is not going to bring Tommy back.Colleen is very thankful to all the people that have allowed her to speak, their family and friends, their community and her school district. She is happy to say that we as a nation are becoming more aware. You can find Colleen on facebook under Colleen Michaelis...
November 14, 2019
James McClenahan and Colleen Michaelis are beyond brave to share their story about the overdose death of their beautiful son Tommy McClenahan on August 10, 2018.They are helping many people that are listening and might be in this exact situation and possibly missing important signs that can change the outcome of their story. Colleen came on this show less than 3 months after Tommy passed away and you can hear her brave testimony in episodes 77 and 78. Since then she has tirelessly worked to bring awareness and education to thisopioid crisis not only in the small town of Coppell but all over the country. This episode we get a first hand look inside the grief of a Dad. James takes us through his memories of being Tommy's Dad from the time he was little and how he was just naturally great at everything. He tells us that even though Tommy struggled he was always convinced that he would beat the disease of addiction. Up until a month before his death there was every indication he was beating the disease.Even though James noticed signs in early highschool he never understood how powerful and highly addictive these opioids were. Colleen says that Tommy had so much greatness that as a parent you allow that to cloud your vision because you believe that he will stop anything that is silly and the greatness will take over. Colleen warns everyone that in addition to prescription medications all drugs are being laced with Fentanyl or Oxycontin because drug dealers know that will bring the customers back. Most people don't even realize that the Xanax bars are also laced with it and they take those at parties. The Fentanyl issue is so deadly. Fentanyl was initially used for pain treatment in severe cancer patients. Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin and 2 tiny little grains can kill a man. It is extremely powerful. James and Colleen have made it their mission to get the word out and get people and parents aware of how truly dangerous it is. James tells us about the time Tommy had a sports injury and was prescribed opioids. 2 1/2 millions of people are addicted to opiods. You can be addicted to hydrocodone in 3 days. There is a huge misconception that once people complete drug rehab they are going to be fine going on with life but reality is they need treatment for the rest of their life. James bravely and tearfully takes us through the day when he found out that Tommy passed away. He leaned on his best friends that were right by his side. He had to call Colleen and his son Ben, Tommy's brother. Both Colleen and James are so grateful to the town of Coppell, Texas and all their friends who rallied around them. James says he doesn't know how people do it without support. Colleen tells us that the average age in Texas of children experimenting with alcohol and smoking is age 11!!!!!!!Colleen warns everyone to be very vigilant with what you are prescribed. When kids have been given opioids and medication for one thing or another it makes them way more prone to addiction when they are older. With opioids it takes on average 8 years of relapsing, being sober, relapsing, being sober to get 1 full year of sobriety. That is very daunting and almost too much to handle. James shares about his experience at Encore, which is an after care program from the rehab facility Unplugged where Tommy was. He went to a reception held for Tommy and was blown away by how many people showed up.Addiction makes good people do bad things. It changes and rewires the brain to make it think you need this drug like you need food and water. James talks about how hard it is on Tommy's younger brother to have lost the person that he always looked up to. Tommy was the 8th drug related death in Coppell of Coppell High School graduated students in 2018.With Colleen's leadership together with the superintendent and the principles...
November 9, 2019
Randy Sullivan, realtor with Keller Williams and host of Bourbon Real Talk Podcast joins us in this episode that ends up being like a real life Breaking Bad Movie.Randy tells us that his Dad was a meth manufacturer that had a meth lab in their garage. His house got raided when he was 6 years old and he remembers every detail and gives a riveting account of all that went down that night. Both his Mom and Dad got arrested. His Dad was in prison for about 5 years the first time. His parents got divorced while his Dad was in prison and his Mom married his uncle.His Step Dad was always supportive of him and a great person, sadly he recently had a stroke and is now a paraplegic. When his Dad got out of prison he and his younger brother lived a happy, normal life for a few years, spending every other weekend having fun at their Dad's house. Sadly that didn't last and his Mom and Randy who is by now a teenager start suspecting that his Dad is yet again dealing drugs. Randy remembers the day when he walked into his Dad's house and it was again a meth lab. Shortly after that his place got raided again and he got thrown back into prison.Turns out it was Randy's Godfather that wore a wire and ratted out his Dad. His Dad was in prison over half of his life. We hear about some prison rules that are very interesting. Randy didn't drink until age 28 and never smoked or did drugs. He went to Texas A&M and wanted to make a better life for himself. His brother sadly went a totally different route, always looking for the get rich quick scheme. He was wild and after 9/11 joined the military. Even though he didn't get deployed he was at a training ground at Fort Polk, Louisiana. His brother always had to play the part of the terrorist. Even though he never saw active combat he was always hunted. He had to live in the woods, eating bugs. He had severe PTSD and struggled finding his path. Sometimes he would threaten suicide but Randy did not believe him. After leaving the military he got duped by a company that took advantage of him and never paid him. He was at the end of his ropes and got into a fight with his wife. Walked away and killed himself. He killed himself as a right handed man with his left hand, which is called an off handed shooting. Randy is a huge advocate to get help for mental health. Randy himself took such a different path in his life and he is not a quitter and will fight through any adversities. As a matter of fact he welcomes any struggle thrown his way.Randy has a beautiful wife and 2 amazing children. He gives the most important parenting advice at the end of the show. You can find Randy at kwfrisco Realtyand you can listen to his podcast on all podcast hosting hubs or on and you can find them on youtube and instagram.
November 7, 2019
Miranda Landers is our special guest. She owns a mobile spray tan company called "Bronzed To Glow".We learn that she customizes each tan to each individuals skin tone. She talks about growing up in Springtown, Texas and moving to New Jersey as a nanny for 6 years. We find out that she felt like something wasn't quite right with her body and was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2014 at the age of 31 by Dr. Cynthia English. When giving her the bad news the doctor cried and insisted on quick treatment since Miranda is in her child bearing years. Sadly the cancer was more aggressive than originally thought and she had to have an immediate hysterectomy. Miranda really struggled with the fact that she would never be able to have children and felt worthless and worried that nobody would want to date her. Miranda fell into a deep depression and couldn't even manage to attend her friend's children's birthday parties which in turn affected those friendships. The fact that Miranda could no longer have children affected her more than the cancer. She talks about freaking out at the radiation center and running away. Miranda acknowledges today that all this is part of her journey and what a big journey it is indeed.Miranda did find her Prince Charming and is now happily married for 3 years. She battled several more medical issues and her depression and anxiety were a huge mental game.She says her husband has been amazing through all those tough times and fully has supported her and has been strong for her and she appreciates it so much. She then tells us that the only thing that made her feel better while at her lowest point in her life was getting a spray tan. She says as weird as it may sound to someSpray tans saved her. That is how she got into the industry and she feels like she is helping people and she is extremely passionate about it. We then talk all about Spray TanningWhat happens when Miranda comes to you - wearing clothes or nakedColor ConsultationSmellWe learn all about prep and post careMiranda sets herself apart by traveling all over DFW for no extra charge. Her social media pages can be found at bronzed_to_glow on Instagram and FacebookPenis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly: Sexual Fantasy - Being dominatedQuestion of the Day: Is it a Deal Breaker if you significant other has a tattoo of their Ex
November 1, 2019
Roxanne Esposito Drese and Jessica Kramer from Skin RX Clinical Spa are here to give us a lesson about skin care in incredible detail. This Spa is a hidden secret located in Southlake, Texas.Gabrielle starts the show by admitting that she is an incredible snob when it comes to aestheticians and skin care, mostly due to a skin condition she has battled for years. She has only trusted one aesthetician in the last 30 years.When Roxanne extended the invitation to Gabrielle to come to the spa for a treatment after she has been in business for 10 years she was excited yet cautious. Gabrielle cannot say enough how AMAZING and INCREDIBLE her experience was. She is blown away by the incredible knowledge of Roxanne and Jessica.Every little detail was perfect and you can tell from the minute you step foot in the spa.Roxanne tells us how she got into the industry, after going through a divorce. She was completely dependent on her husband being a stay at home Mom with 2 daughters. She threw herself into school and work often working 70 to 80 hours a week, sacrificing so much.She started her own spa and she wanted it to be small in the beginning and has now grown into 4 providers plus Roxanne and 2 support crew members. Roxanne is on the cutting edge with all technology to give you the best experience. Marcella is very hopeful that she has finally found a place that can fix her acne prone skin and make her pores smaller and her whole appearance of her skin better. She said she might bawl her eyes out if they can really fix her olive troubled skin that she has battled her whole life. Roxanne and Jessica tell her START CRYING NOW.We discuss accutane and Roxanne and Jessica tell us how that drug changes your skin forever. We learn about what a hydrafacial is.We discuss the difference of providers that market themselves well and are not necessarily that great at what they do and the ones that are true excellence in their field.Roxanne won the International Title at the Skin Games Competition.It is like the Hunger games for Skin Care. Wow what an accomplishment for her. We discuss age management, acne prone skin, pigmentation.Dermaplaning - what is it, does it hurt etc.We discuss "Brotox" for men and that they should only get a sprinkle and not be smooth like women's skin because that just looks weird.Chemical peels - the different levels - it is like boot camp for skinRoxanne and Jessica are big believers that you have to make a custom plan for each individual - not one skin is alike. We learn and talk about Roxanne having melanoma stage 2 a couple of years ago.PLEASE GET YOUR SKIN CHECKED YEARLY!The most important thing to do for your skin are sunscreen and washing your face. Never sleep with your Make Up on. Do not use soap on your skin. Definitely never use make up wipes - that is like swiffering your skin not cleaning it. We discuss St Ives and the huge lawsuit because of lacerations on skins because it is made from walnut shells.We talk about the problems with Rodane and Fields and since it is an MLM company the people that sell it are not educated enough and it is way too expensive.Roxanne does not love the ingridients. We discuss Fraxel and Halo Lasers, Melasma etc.Bernie is blown away by all of it. We learn that if you want lasers on your face you cannot immediately do those - you have to prepare your skin properly.Everyone needs to be aware of that and ask questions.We find out that this year Roxanne's entire team went to compete in the skin games and they all placed in the Top 10 in their respective categories with Roxanne taking home 2nd place and a $10,000 check that she donatedto the lioness project.Skin RX Clinical Spa is now a case study location. Bernie is so impressed and says that gives it even more validity that it is a...
October 31, 2019
We are excited to welcome 2 successful, blonde, hustler bombshells, the owner of Skin RX Clinical Spa Roxanne Esposito Drese and her friend and co worker Jessica Kramer.The show starts out with us talking about if Halloween is an excuse for girls dressing slutty. Naturally the discussion turns to Spanx and then we discover that men wear Man Spanx.We get to know Roxanne better, she is the oldest of 5 girls that grew up in Florida, where she met a professional Major League Baseball star who she married. They were married for 9 years, before getting a divorce and have 2 daughters ages 13 and 10.Roxanne is also a fashion model. Growing up she was exposed to domestic violence with a father who struggled with substance abuse. He was in and out of rehab, then had a period of being clean, got remarried only to die of a sudden heart attack caused by a relapse at the age of 42. Roxanne saw a lot of violence even though her mother always tried to protect and shield her and her siblings.There were times they were in and out of shelters. Because of her fathers sudden death Roxanne is a big believer to never holding grudges. We learn that her mother has remarried and that her StepDad is the same age as Roxanne. Bernie immediately dubs her a Super Cougar. Roxanne takes pride in giving back to the community as a domestic violence advocate. She is a big part of the Lioness Project out of Trophy Club, Texasa non profit organization helping women and children break the cycle of domestic abuse. We talk about teens being in abusive relationships.Bernie gives us an amazing speech about what happens when sex gets to be part of a relationship which makes us soul tied and tangled and then more lenient how people treat us. Domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness. Dating talk with Roxanne and Jessica is hilarious. Bernie tells us outrageous stories from the time when he used to be a hairdresser and what women would do to come on to him. We learn all about Jessica who used to be a client of Roxanne and became Roxanne's first employee and is a big part of the spa's growth and success. She is an award winning age management specialist. She is married and the mother of 1 son. P and P Talk with Miss Polly: One of the most common sexual fantasies are Three Somes. Question of the Day: You are on your second date and your date gets completely wasted. Is it over?
October 26, 2019
We are proud and honored to welcome Melissa Lawson the Reigning Queen of Nashville Star, Season 6 and of the upcoming new podcast “Living With the Lawson’s”.She tells us about being born and raised in Arlington, Texas and her happy childhood that was made difficult with being bullied in school. The bullying started in 1st grade and followed her throughout her school years until she left for the Performing Arts Youth Conservatory at age 15. We are amazed to learn that she has 7!!!! boys from the ages of 4 – 19 years old .We learn how she met her first husband, who is a musician and 14 years older. They got married and lived a very conservative, perfect life. Melissa’s expectations of herself and others are extremely high, but she was only causing herself a lot of grief and pain. We learn the Melissa is an entrepreneur at heart and that she loves business but she also loves singing and performing. Listen to her story of when and how she was introduced to Country Music and her road to being the Queen of the Burleson Jamboree for 7 years. She started at age 13.Melissa is very open and honest about her weight struggles and how it affected her early career in Nashville. The music industry is ruthless. She tells us about their move to Minnesota and her ex husbands love and sex addiction. She tells us about the scientific facts of what watching pornography does to the brain. When she had 3 boys and the youngest at the time was 9 months old she auditioned for American Idol, Season 4 and made it to the top 75. It was the year that Carrie Underwood won. We learn a lot about the behind the scenes of the American Idol auditions and how devastating the experience was for her. She shut down emotionally and quit singing for 3 years and had 2 more babies. Now the mother of 5 she went back to singing at church. Her weight went to 300 pounds and she told herself Enough is Enough. Melissa is such a big inspiration and she believes that everyone should live their life for a purpose and a passion and that we all have gifts and talents to share with the world. We then learn about her experience of going to audition for Season 6 of the TV Show Nashville Star in Austin and the challenges she faced getting there in 2008.She tells us about the process of the first few rounds and writing her original song. Trust us you want to listen to this, it is fascinating.We then learn that she went to Nashville to audition for the top 50 and what sacrifices that entailed for her family.We love the message this sends to Mom’s everywhere that you can still go after your dreams. The question of the day Segment: How do we feel about the scandal of parents like Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin paying to get their kids into college.Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly Segment: The true toll of porn on teens and young adults. Miss Polly gives us amazing advice that every parent needs to hear. We end the show with a LIVE PERFORMANCE of Melissa singing her original song “READY TO STAND”. Chills you guys. Do not miss it. We have listened to it over and over.
October 24, 2019
Gabrielle’s brother Horst Kendler joins us for a second hour. He came all the way from Austria to appear on the podcast. The Too Posh girls think it is a great idea to discuss One Night Stands only to find out that Horst cannot stand this conversation, hates the thought of it and does not see the need for this nonsense. Spyder on the other hand happily tells us about his experiences.Somehow the conversation takes a left turn and we talk about all the gross things that are being sold on ebay, like toenail clippings, etc. We are so disgusted and outraged and Gabrielle’s brother is very confused at this point what he has gotten himself into by appearing on this show.Just when we thought this show couldn’t get any funnier and crazier Marcella decides to read the 12 most common sex injuries that could happen to him or her. Horst is becoming more and more tortured by these topics of conversation and his shock and outrage leaves everyone in hysterical laughter. We cannot wait for this youtube video to go live. Horst is left completely traumatized, but he does tell us that he would love to move to the United States because everyone is so friendly here.
October 19, 2019
We welcome Cruz III as a co host to this show. Vivian tells us all about her experience when she tried out to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and was featured on the Hit CMT Reality TV Show "Making the Team." 2 years in a row. It all started with her being an Apache Belle at Tyler Junior College and how she fell in love with dance. After losing 30 pounds she tried out the first time for DCC and instantly became the first fan favorite on the show Making the Team. She was in awe of all the support she received from family and friends. She went through training camp but that year the directors let her go right before the team was chosen because her thighs were too big. She was devastated but also hopeful and determined to come back the next year. Her focus became losing weight and it consumed her so much that it became an obsession. She counted every calorie she put in her body and spent every possible moment in the gym. She takes us through the second auditions and how once again she made it to training camp. This year though the producers made her into a character and manipulated scenes so that she would appear self absorbed and better than others.This is the total opposite of who she is in real life. Right before the final team was being picked Vivian could feel that Kelly Finglass was about to call her in the office and in a last ditch effort she wrote them a poem.The poem meant nothing and they cut right to the chase and told her that they didn't want to take a risk with her and let her go a second time. Vivian says that the producers set her up and she was devastated how they destroyed her character on an International level and that it prevented her from making other teams and people would gossip about her. This experience has been the most tragic in her entire life because they defamed her character. She lost so much and she got so much hate mail with really nasty messages. Vivian developed bulimia and never felt good enough, not pretty enough. Marcella gets very passionate about how reality TV producers have no qualms about anything and will do whatever it takes for ratings and views.Vivian gives a very inspiring speech to everyone especially the younger generation on how to love yourself even at your worst. Marcella talks about how trying to be perfect can become an obsession in this industry. Vivian had to unlearn the brainwashing and she says she just recently healed from it after 5 years. She talks about her spiritual journey and that she has created a YouTube Channel and is writing a book to inspire others. She has gone through healing hypnosis and her and Cruz start talking about spirituality and connection with the universe that leaves us speechless because we can't relate but we will do another show to learn all about it. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly: Why is being dominated a sexual fantasy?This whole segment is one of the funniest to date. The banter and talk between the cast is hilariousQuestion of the Day: What if an ex from 5 months ago responds to an Insta Story ? - do they miss you or just want to be friends?
October 17, 2019
The beautiful Vivian Ralena Williams who is also a Too Posh model joins us and we find out that Marcella met her when she choreographed the music video shoot that Marcella appeared in. The Music Video by Fact or Fiction is called On the Floor and you can watch it here. has amazing energy and is a light to others. She tells us about her upbringing which was very poor with a single mother and 2 half siblings. She was alone a lot.She was very shy, too sweet which made her a target to be bullied, manipulated and taken advantage of. She drops the bombshell that she was sexually molested at the age of 6 by the grandfather of her half siblings. That grandfather was also molesting her half sister as well as several cousins. Vivian always makes the best of every day, no matter what the circumstances are. She feels like she has lived many different lives in this one life with lots of different levels of trauma. She doesn't know if her own Dad even knows that this happened to her, because they had a roller coaster relationship for years. She is happy to say that they have since made up.Vivian has been a writer her whole life and that is a way she copes. She shares that she was raped while out on a date at Tyler Junior College. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly: Why do men find high heels so attractive? Women say they do not wear them when going on a date with an ugly man, because they don't want to have sex with him.Question of the Day: Can you accept a compliment or does it embarrass you?
October 12, 2019
Enrique Cruz joins us to share his heartbreaking story about his late wife Laura Avila who tragically died after plastic surgery gone wrong in Mexico. He starts by telling us how he met the beautiful Laura in El Paso 16 years ago at a Fashion Show. Cruz admits to having been a big time player and womanizer before he got serious with Laura. She changed him to become a better, more respectable man.Laura was his person and he knew instantly that he would marry her one day. Laura was a very commanding person and the boss in their relationship and he was totally fine with that. He actually loved it.He tells us that when you grow up in a border town like El Paso or Padre Island it is totally normal to cross the border to Mexico to go to doctors and hospitals. Cruz takes us through the details of surgery day at the Rinocenter in Juarez, Mexico - from the normal nervousness before surgery to him getting back to the clinic early to make sure everything was going ok.He had received no phone calls from the clinic during the duration of the surgery.Upon arrival at the clinic he was told the surgery never took place because something went wrong with the anesthesia and they were just waiting for it to wear off which should be within the hour.4 hours went by and Cruz kept demanding to see Laura, but they always refused. When he finally goes back to see her he found her convulsing. Laura was left a minimum of 6 to 8 hours laying in the back of the clinic after an allergic reaction to anesthesia with no urgency to get her emergency medical help. She was not even given oxygen. Finally an ambulance was called and it was then that Cruz learned the seriousness and grave situation Laura was in.The anesthesiologist Dr. Ciudad Juarez made a fatal mistake and administered an epidural in the wrong place in her spine where the anesthesia went to Laura's brain instead of her spine. This caused her brain to be without oxygen for over 1 minute, making her brain swell, her kidney's fail and she went into cardiac arrest. Laura's mother had no idea that Laura was doing this surgery, Laura wanted to surprise everyone later. Cruz recounts the days of the ICU stay in the hospital in Mexico, to her Mom and sister arriving and then how complicated it was for them transferring Laura to University Medical Center in El Paso.Laura's sister caught the doctors from the Rinocenter red handed trying to change information on Laura's medical charts while she was in the hospital in Mexico. They were trying to cover up their mistake. They had to get security involved. The University Medical Center in El Paso had to inform the family that there was nothing more they could do for Laura and that they would have to make "THAT DECISION" as a family. Cruz describes the days of him staying in Laura's room, while she was hooked up to so many tubes including a feeding tube. He describes the agonizing times the desensitized nurses would carelessly stick longneedles into Laura and he could see that it was painful for her and even would see tears form and run down her face. It was so difficult for all of them to make the decision to take her off all the machines and transfer her to a hospice facility. Cruz says that every day he could see her disintegrate more and more.One of the catholic priests from Laura's Mom married Laura and Cruz on her death bed. Laura passed away on November 24, 2018 peacefully surrounded by her husband and her family.Cruz had not realized how big this story had become in the media and that it had reached international attention. He told Laura that she was famous right before she passed away. Cruz says that there are different angles of everybody's sides in this story but it all ends the same. Cruz and 30 family members and friends traveled to Tulum, Mexico where they spread her ashes and celebrated...
October 10, 2019
We welcome back Valerie Wilhelm to give us a recent update on her life. We give a shirt recap on how traumatic and tragic her life had been and how far she has come. After the suicide of her husband she picked up the pieces and is an incredible single Mom to her 4 children who are thriving. She tells us some absolutely SHOCKING developments of how she has gotten taken advantage of, of how the system was used against her. while she was at her lowest. She shares a heartbreaking video of her going "ANGER ROOM" on her deceased husbands car that is infested with rats. Valerie has given power of attorney to her parents because she can no longer handle all the stress of probate court etc. Valerie tells us that she looked at her husbands death scene photos. She had to hire a Private Investigator to get pictures and information from the Irving Police Department in Texas,but was told to stop digging. She found very, very disturbing evidence and says that the death scene was manipulated. She then discovered that her late husband had a life insurance policy that was supposed to pay her and her children a lot of money. She went to a fraud detective and created a paper trail. She has the smoking gun, knows who pulled the trigger and where the bullet landed. She is determined to get to the truth.Somebody else filed for Jeff's life insurance which is insurance fraud.The CFO of Valerie's late husbands company was found dead 5 days after she filed a lawsuit. When there is a lot of money there is always greed. On a positive note in Valerie's life she has started dating a widower that she has known for 9 years and they are in a sweet, new relationship and madly in love. We are so happy to say that there is life after tragedy. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly:Why do some men struggle to have an orgasm in the evenings verses in the morningQuestion of the DayIs a lap dance cheating?
October 5, 2019
We start the show with the announcement that J LO and Shakira will be the halftime show at the 2020 Superbowl. That sparks a discussion about the post plastic surgeon Dr. Galanis from Beverly Hills made on Instagram. Dr. Galanis is concerned that idolizing J LO and her beauty at her age are not based on reality. Marcella who is a huge J LO fan loves that she doesn't allow her age to define what she is going to wear, what movie she is going to make and to Marcella she is simply goals. Marcella also does not believe that you should ever say you are old and she goes on a rant about it. Then we start with our part 2 of what elegant women should never do. Elegant women do not obsess about what everyone else is doing.Elegant women don't try to change others behavior. Elegant women don't worry about what they cannot control. Elegant women don't dwell on the past. Elegant women don't flaunt their moneyElegant women don't do clutterElegant women don't wing their dayElegant women do not try to be perfectElegant women do not take life for grantedPenis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly: Do blue balls really exist? What are they? How do they happen? Can it be fixed?Question of the Day: Have you ever been cat phished?
October 2, 2019
We are very passionate about this show as we read the controversial article written by Sharon Grigsby where she suggests that The Dallas Cowboys should retire the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. The article was published in the Dallas Morning News and inspired by local author Karen Blumenthal. Marcella gives a heartfelt speech about the passion of being a dancer and how many young people are inspired to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. People fly from all over the world to be a part of America's Sweethearts. Marcella tells us about one of her 10 year old students that cannot wait to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. When watching the CMT TV Show "Making the Team" you can clearly see how passionate the women are that are trying out. Gabrielle's brother flies all the way from Austria every year to watch the Cowboys game. There were 1200 little girls that attended the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader junior workshop this year. We are all very frustrated by Karen and Sharon's opinions and we are suggesting that both women should put on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader uniforms and try to do what the Cheerleaders do,before placing such harsh judgement. We also extend an invitation to both ladies to come on our show so we can have a discussion about this subject matter. The Cheerleaders work very, very hard, look incredible,are smart, have jobs, are highly educated, are mothers etc. and we are frustrated that the Sharon's and Karen's of this world are looking to cause problems for no reason.Marcella then talks about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Director Kelly Finglass who she admires and looks up to and has the utmost respect for. Marcella says that she was not a Dallas Mavericks Dancer for attention but because she lived to perform. Bernie talks about some of his Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader friends who are highly respected and have amazing careers. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are highly respected and incredible role models that are held in the highest regards. Why would you want to do away with them? IF there were some that are messing up then maybe make the argument but they are not. Marcella then talks about how difficult it is to be a dancer and being told NO NO NO constantly and how hard you have to push. It takes a lot to get up on stage and be judged. Marcella talks about the strict rules that the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have. She shares with us what happens after you make the team. Then she tells us what happened to her when she had a major wardrobe malfunction and she flashed 30.000 fans during her Dallas Mavericks days. We are offended that Sharon and Karen act like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are dumb asses and then read one of our Too Posh models Krista Nicole Burrell post about being an educated women that also models bikinis. No matter if she is wearing a swimsuit or a blazer she still is a classy, educated woman and amazing mother. We shouldn't be judged by what we wear but you can definitely judge us by our behavior. We talk more about Kelly Finglass and how you want her respect. Kelly Finglass is set in her southern traditional ways and that uniform has been around for 47 years and she is so particular how their bodies fit and look in it. We absolutely love the article written by Paige Skinner that was published in the Dallas Observer that there absolutely is room for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.Her points are powerful and extremely well written. She talks about how extremely athletic they are etc. We read Kelly Finglass comments The Dallas Cowboys uniform is in the Smithsonian museum. P and P Talk with Miss Polly segment: What are the most common sexual disorders for men?Question of the Day segment: Would you want to go on a honeymoon with another couple?
September 27, 2019
This show is a MUST LISTEN. We welcome Dallas’s one and only Amanda Murdock. Amanda talks about being adopted and growing up with a wonderful family and meeting her biological Mom and finding out that she also has a biological brother meeting him and loving and spoiling her nieces. Amanda, Marcella and Whitley start talking… Read more
September 25, 2019
We welcome Founder and CEO Carlos Frias of Green Lotus. He is the ORIGINAL “OG” for the CBD Hemp business in Texas. He and his brother started the company 3 1/2 years ago and just recently went through a reverse acquisition and took the company public, as well as acquiring Freedom Leaf company.He tells us how they… Read more
September 20, 2019
Never dress inappropriatelyNever speak carelesslyNo swearingNever upload provocative pictures online Don’t have bad habits like cracking your knuckles, cracking your neck etcNever chase men everNever have aggressive body languageNever have bad posturenever be desperate in any situation Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly: Would you ever get so angry that you would cut off someone’s penis?Question… Read more
September 18, 2019
Goodness the ways people try to save money are mind blowing. People hide their friends and family things and then give it back to them for Christmas.People share dental floss and so many other really disturbing things that make us all gasp.We start talking about people stiffing servers, especially people from Europe that just don’t know… Read more
September 13, 2019
We get very passionate about some of these subjects on this show. This show is all about the things people do that make us hate them like …..when people accuse you of something that is not truewhen they won’t admit that they did something wrong and deny, deny, deny.People that can’t take NO for an answer. People… Read more
September 11, 2019
We talk about people that are addicted to eating sand, drinking paint, chowing on rubber tires, eating cat food, licking and eating their cats fur, eating glass etc. Gino tells us about a You Tuber by the name of LA Beast that does extreme eating challenges. When we talk about the woman that is addicted to sniffing… Read more
September 6, 2019
Miss Polly is at the studio in person and we are so excited. Bernie’s fire chief brother Ralph is also joining in on the fun. This show is a follow up of Gino’s bumble account that the cast created for him. Gino is in shock by the pictures and questions he has received. He thinks Tinder is way better… Read more
September 4, 2019
Sivan and Jen the fun cosmetic nurse injectors are back and brighten up this show. We start the show with some fun chatter about Gino having a new Bumble account and the whole cast gets into swiping. Then we start going over habits of people that you should never date. Jen has the brilliant idea to let everyone raise their hands if they have ever dated someone with those flaws. This episode will be especially funny on YouTube. There is fun banter on all the below points. 1. They won’t let you see their phone.2. They are evasive how they spend their time3. They can’t keep their stories straight. 4. They try to put you down. 5. They get angry when you aren’t feeling intimate6. They don’t think to buy you gifts7. They don’t like your friends and family8. They employ double standards9. They expect you to shoulder their problems10. They flirt with your friends 11. The won’t name the relationship12. They don’t make you a priority13. They aren’t attracted to you anymore14. They still talk about old relationships15. They talk more about themselves16. Stay away from someone that is narrow minded17. Avoid people that do not like animals 18. Steer clear of people that don’t know what the rules of the relationship mean 19. Don’t marry someone that breaks promises20. Stay away from liars 21. Watch out for people that pick fights with you22. Avoid abusive personalities23. Don’t chose someone that doesn’t let you have your say24. Watch out for people that haven’t grown up yetOnce again the most important Too Posh Dating Advice is brought up’IF YOU WEAR ROSE COLORED GLASSES THE RED FLAGS JUST LOOK LIKE FLAGS”PENIS AND PUSSY TALK WITH MISS POLLY: Do you think you can develop sexual chemistry with someone or does it have to be there right away?QUESTION OF THE DAY:You offer them a drink at your place, when they leave they leave the glass for you to clean up. Turn off?
August 30, 2019
Superstar Registered Medical Cosmetic Nurse Injectors Sivan Parienta and Jen Pilotte join us again and they vow that they will never let their instafame get to their head. The recently released a trailer/sizzler for a new reality show called “Plump it up” directed by Cary Deuber from Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery Center. Jen tells us that what they do is not all about vanity but that when people get injections it can have a big impact on their life. They talk about using filler to give people a non surgical nose job. We talk about the industry and how lots of people have no business injecting people. Sivan tells us about a client that wanted more and more injections and she turned her away only for that client to go to someone else and now looks like a monkey’s ass. Then Sivan tells us about her horror story about her ectopic pregnancy, where she almost died. Then we talk about the 15 most annoying celebrities on Instagram. Jen questions why we all follow fake Insta Celebrities. We are also wondering why so many people suddenly are doing “FANS ONLY” accounts on Instagram. Peoples lives always look so much better on Instagram. If you see a shared account by a couple that always means that one partner cheated. Sivan thinks life would be so much simpler without social media. Brittney Spears gets talked about and that we all think she could look a lot better if she had some botox. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly: What is Kama Sutra and should everyone buy it and use it ?Question of the Day: How long do you think a long distance relationship can last?
August 28, 2019
This episode is about teaching people how to set up a Bumble account. Bernie and Marcella take you through the steps making Gino a new account because they all want him to have a “HO” phase.The truth is they all want him to get lots of experience. These apps help you to meet new people. We take you through the steps to start a profile and answering all the questions. We learn about what starting comments to make so you stand out. You will also get a lot of people that are not your type which is all part of the experience. Bernie who is a dating expert tells us that many times the body does not match the photos online when you meet these people in person. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly:After a breakup how long should you wait to hook up in order to be respectful? Question of the Day:Is it a turn on if your partner cooks for you?
August 23, 2019
This subject is a very sensitive subject that can cause issues with friendships. Marcella has a LOT to say on the subject and Bernie is shocked that it is even an issue at all. Marcella is tired of people asking her when she is going to have babies. Gabrielle remembers all the rude comments when she got pregnant at 42.We all agree that children keep you young if you have them later in life. Marcella feels very strong about not settling for the sake of time and if she doesn’t ask people need to stop giving their opinions. Having a child with the right person is hard enough, having a child with the wrong person is torture because you will be connected for a lifetime. Some people actually define you as a woman by having a child and people say such mean things and do not realize all the pain they can cause for people that cannot have children and desperately want them. People need to be more sensitive. Bernie talks about how he didn’t give enough credit to stay at home Moms until he had to stay home one day with the kids and realized how difficult of a job it is.Stay at home Moms do not get enough credit and it is a 6 figure job. Parents need to stop dominating the conversation about their children in groups that have never even met said children. Learn to paraphrase in order to not bore others. We discuss how hard it is going through a miscarriage and people having still born babies.Some of the annoying questions people ask or talk about that needs to stopWhen are you going to have a babyHorrifying labor and delivery stories Until you have a child you cannot understand You think you are tired?Have you considered adoption, IVF or surrogacy?Your pet is not a babyYou are going to change your mind about having a babyYou can’t know love until you have a childWe talk about how new Mom’s get so overwhelmed that they start ignoring their friends with no children. This can cause very hurt feelings because those friends start feeling left out.Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly:Would you rather have sex without love or love without sex?This segment is so hilarious – don’t miss itQuestion of the Day: Do you enjoy engaging with strangers?
August 21, 2019
Who knew that this episode started the segment idea about penis and pussy talk with miss Polly that has now become everyone’s favorite part of the show Penis and Pussy talk with Miss Polly, what does a professional Dominatrix do, sexual abuse by a family member, the benefits of sex toys especially for dance Moms, kinks and fetishes.
August 16, 2019
We start the show without our co host Bernie who got stuck in the operating room having to do major facial reconstruction surgery.The show starts with us learning about the symptoms of Munchhausen and Munchhausen by Proxy.  We learn about what the causes and clues are. We learn the difference between Munchhausen and Hypochondria. Gabrielle shares the story about her grandfather who was a hypochondriac who ended up committing suicide because he was so ill, yet being a picture of health. Then Gabrielle and Marcella share the story about a family member who they suspect has Munchhausen and Munchhausen by proxy and whose son is suffering the consequences. We describe an incident when the family member insisted her son be rushed to the emergency room during a thanksgiving party because she was not receiving enough attention. Nothing was wrong with her son. We are absolutely stunned that anyone would want their child to be ill for their own attention and financial gain.Bernie also shares about one of his family members.Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly:Why don’t women’s breasts match?Question of the Day:Are you more of a sun or ski person or both?This conversation becomes super funny when Gino calls out Marcella for her behavior on a family trip, where she was slamming cabinets.
August 14, 2019
We start the show with the sweetest proposal of all time with a little Golden Retriever Puppy.It is very important for the guy to plan the proposal correctly and to make sure the girl is ready, nails done and to hire a photographer and videographer to capture this special moment forever. We learn about lots of cringe worthy proposals, which leads us into a conversation about how we feel about if girls should pay on a date.Bernie and Gino discuss that dating is expensive and about people taking advantage. Spyder tells about his proposal story which leads to Marcella sharing her story when she talked someone out of proposing to her. We discuss how important a Pro’s and Con’s list is and how clear it makes things when seeing everything black on white. Bernie asks if we could invite some of Marcella’s ex boyfriends to the show but Gino flexes his being the son of a Mafia Dad and says he would get into fights if some of them showed up. Marcella talks about how people want to get into a relationship with her but then try to change who she is and how that doesn’t work with her free spirit. Gino then explains what happened towards the end of his relationship with his girlfriend of 4 1/2 years.Bernie talks about his heartbreaking breakup when he was 19 years old. We discuss more bad proposals especially a Disney one. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly: Can certain exercises lead to better sex?Question of the Day: Have you ever taken someone back and not regretted it?That question leads to Gabrielle telling the story of how she met Patrick and how she took him back after they broke up for a few months.
August 9, 2019
Yes, Sex Island is a real thing, where 50 guys go to spend 4 days and 3 nights with 100 girls. 2 girls per guy, unlimited sex and it is drug friendly.We read Sex Islands mission statement as well as all the Frequently asked questions. We find out that some guys have their bachelor parties on Sex Island. Bernie tries to convince us that some girls do not care if their future husbands do that. There are men eating off the naked bodies of prostitutes. Orgy’s start immediately. Doctors, Lawyers, pop stars half of them are married are all clients of Sex Island. Guys will tell their wives that they are going on a work trip. We start talking about men’s clubs for women and that makes of an interesting topic. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly:How can you make intimacy a priority?Question of the Day:Do you like being spontaneous or do you like being a planner?
August 7, 2019
This show gets right to the point and starts off with a bang. We discuss a situation that happened with one of our former Too Posh Boutique models that is a pathological liar. A few years ago she used to lie to us about having cancer, her sister dying, her Step Dad being vice president of Winstar Casinos and so much more. Her lies caused several issues to the point that we had to fire her. She would come in and out of our lives and always ended up lying again until her brother passed away.We didn’t believe her at first because of all the lies she had told before, but sadly this turned out to be true. After that she seemed to not lie so much and came back into our lives, always knowing that we do not tolerate lying. About 3 weeks ago she told us that she had to have open heart surgery. Gabrielle was going to go to the hospital for support when the night before she saw a social media post of a suitcase and her saying she was leaving for the weekend to go to Florida. Immediately Gabrielle asked her if she had lied about the surgery and was told there were insurance problems. Gabrielle instantly knew that she was back to her old ways and didn’t believer her. Then came more lies that her ex boyfriend passed away. This was even posted on Snapchat with RIP etc. But to top it all off last week she posted a photo on Facebook that she was severely injured from a lawn mowing accident  where a piece of glass hit her on her neck barely missing her major artery. Only the photo was not of her but of a woman this happened to in another state. She was trying to get money from people for medical expenses which is fraud. It took a simple Google search to find out that this was all yet another huge lie. Only this time others on Facebook figured it out and called her out on it and posted the real woman and proved that this was not her. Nobody likes liars and to be lied to. You have to listen to the details of how crazy this situation was. We learn about all the symptoms of pathological lying and liars.We talk about Gabrielle’s ex husband who also was a pathological liar and that he even had 2 passports and Gabrielle didn’t know his real age for years. Gino feels that his ex girlfriend lied to him about who she really was for 4 1/2 years. Bernie encourages Gino to join Tinder, Bumble and Hinge.Marcella tells about the time she got caught lying after throwing a high school party. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly: Why don’t my private parts look like a centerfold ? This question turns into a hilarious conversation. Question of the day:Are you more of a rational than and emotional person? Gino describes his elbow injury that left his elbow shattered after a basketball dunking accident.
August 2, 2019
Jolee our 15 year old teen is back and we are discussing the most common teen problems in 2019. 1. AcceptanceParents put too much pressure on their children and parents want to live through their kids too much. Marcella says that kids peak at different times and to leave them alone. Gino tells us about his recent run in with a parent at the tennis academy he coaches at. Bernie asks if children have natural talent and if you can detect it immediately. parents need to not be delusional when it comes to their children’s abilities. Gino tells us about the Fortnight World Cup and the millions of dollars that were won. He and his duo partner were in the top 200 of millions of people a few years ago. 2. DepressionMarcella believes that schools are behind a lot of the stresses that teens face today. It’s kids being mean to each other that is causing Teens depression and anxiety. Gabrielle is a big believer in spending lots of times with your kids at night and talking about everything. Bernie shares a story where his 7 year old is already exposed to kids being mean to him and how painful that is to watch as a parent.Jolee tells us that because the bullying from the dance kids was so severe, now nothing bothers her anymore. 3. Teen suicide Teens dont realize how final suicide is and that they are really not coming back. We have to talk. Talking is the answer and so is the 3 day rule. Gabrielle talks about her grandfather committing suicide and how it affected her and their whole family Pain is temporary, being bullied is temporary.Bernie says even though it took him 3 years to get over losing his hand even that pain was temporary. We all agree that perception is not always reality. 4. Alcohol us and binge drinking5. Drug useJolee says that none of her friends at PAC do drugs but that lots of her former dance friends do and post it on their secret instagram accounts.We take a quiz about abbreviations teens use that parents need to know about. 6. the effects of caffeine in teens7. teens riding with their drunk friends8. teens are ditching driving Gabrielle is all for that  because of her European heritage Gabrielle reads a short tidbit about human sex trafficking which is so scary and we will do a full episode on.The scariest is teens approaching and befriending teens and women approaching women. Sex trafficking is real. P + P Talks with Miss Polly: How to talk to your teen about their sexuality and teen pregnancyQuestion of the Day: Do you believe money can or cannot buy happiness
July 31, 2019
We start the show by remembering Marcella and Gino’s Dad who passed away on this day 8 years ago. Then we introduce Gabrielle’s daughter and Marcella and Gino’s younger sister Jolee who is 15 years old. We ask her how she feels about being the baby of the family.She then shares that she stopped dancing and that she is in the process of trying out for a new girls singing group at Septien Entertainment Group.We share a story about Gino getting into a bar fight trying to protect Gabrielle a few years ago. Jolee talks about her favorite family moments being Marcella Moments which turns into a really funny conversation about Marcella not being a natural blonde but acting like one often. Jolee then shares the painful time as the owners daughter and the directors sister when we owned Prestige Dance and Performing Arts Centre. She talks about how mean the girls were and how she was constantly bullied and used by her peers. There was a lot of being left out and finding out about it on social media. She loved to dance but they ruined it because they were so mean and drove her to quit dance all together. We then talk about what a blessing homeschooling has been for Gino and Jolee and Marcella is still holding a grudge why she didn’t get home schooled. Gabrielle shares a story about the time when Jolee’s best friends from dance spent the night, went to the state fair the next day – and then got ghosted and completely ignored to this day, while the group went to a different dance studio and ignored phone calls to purposefully not include Jolee. We have not heard from those people in almost 3 years. Mind boggling.This is when Jolee joined DFW PAC in Southlake which has been the best experience. The kids there are all family. Anyone that has a child that likes to perform needs to check this school out. We talk about how important it is to keep Teens busy with extra curricular activities. P and P with Miss Polly:How can teens not fall into peer pressure? Statistics about teen sexual activities. Sexually transmitted diseases in teens. Question of the Day:Where would you live if you could in the entire world.
July 26, 2019
We are re releasing this episode because Miss Candy taught us so many amazing things about relationships that everyone needs to hear. This is the last Best Of episode. Stay tuned to all new episodes starting next week, Candy Marcum is back and in this episode we learn that she specializes in couples therapy and uses the Gottman method to assess.John Gottman is a psychologist and typically psychologists are not talk therapists, they are researchers. He studied couples for 40 years and can tell with 96% accuracyif a couple will make it or not by looking for the 4 horsemen in his method.The 4 horsemen are as follows:1. If a person is critical and always blaming2. If a person is contentious, always thinking they are so much better than their partner.3. If a person is defensive4. If a person is stonewallingWhen you see a couple and that is all that they are doing, they are not going to make it unless they go through counseling.Candy teaches her clients to use the “I” word instead of the blaming “YOU” word…..She teaches us so much about how to resolve conflicts in relationships. She emphasizes to always look for the good and not concentrate so much on the bad.She helps couples find common ground in conflicts. She says that in every conflict there is a cry for something.We talk about the different morals and values couples have in their relationships.She helps couples find compromise.She talks about the heartbreaks and joys and successes of being a counselor.Gabrielle then asks Candy’s advice about having so many people in her life that are alcoholics and addicts and how it has affected her. Candy says that when people are in their addiction nobody is more importantthan the next fix.She encourages Gabrielle to go to ALANON and Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings to try to find some peace about the situation.We absolutely love Candy’s calm and nurturing way of counseling.She tells us that she is very involved with the LGBTQ community and the human rights campaign. She chaired that organization for 4 years after being involved for over 10 years.She informs us about the GLBT Chamber of Commerce. She serves on the foundation board of the GLBT Chamber.Candy is a GLBT Counselor but she also has many straight clients.She teaches us what the letters in LGBTQQI stand for and the meaning of them.Then we talk about the importance of romance and date night in relationships. She teaches us that Finances and Sex are the top reasons for divorce.She encourages everyone to read the Love Language books. Candy loves teaching others.
July 24, 2019
We are re releasing one of the best shows with the International Superstar of World Ventures Mr. Johnny Wimbrey, who was our celebrity guest for our 100th show. Johnny teaches us lots of success principles and one that he believes in without a shadow of a doubt is the fact that the common denominator for all success can be traced back to an introduction.We then talk about how we met and how crazy it is that our paths crossed. Johnny is a big believer that you have to meet new people daily, otherwise you work against yourself if you want to be successful.Johnny and his wife Crystal go to 5 star restaurants and eat at the bar, because that is where they can meet lots of people.Johnny is a big believer that when you let people talk they tell you who they are.Johnny is so proud of his wife who also is a published author of books called Alphascripts: The ABC’s of the Bible and the newest one 123’s of the Bible. They are books for ages 2 – 11 and Johnny thinks they areamazing and aesthetically beautiful.Johnny then tells us where his favorite spots to vacation are and where the one spot is that he would uproot and move his family to. Don’t miss out on his choices. It is very interesting.Johnny tells us that he doesn’t trust too many people and that he is only loyal to God.Hear him talk about his exit strategy.We go back to his upbringing and his high school days and his most mature moment in his life at age 18.Listen to the gripping story of what happened after his friend murdered one of his best friends and Johnny was ready to retaliate.He tells us about letting go of revenge and the very next day he met his beautiful wife Crystal and his whole life changed.Johnny talks about his time at KD Studios Actors Conservatory and how hard that was but that acting school saved his life.After he graduated he got his first sales job, started studying Les Brown, Tony Robbins etc and the rest is history.You will be absolutely stunned to hear how much money he was paid for his highest paying speaking engagement.You will be even more stunned when you hear how much money his highest paid day on stage was.Johnny say he makes money but money doesn’t make him. Family always comes first in his life.We talk about Gary V and his work ethic.He tells us what attracts him the most about his wife Crystal and how she demanded respect from him from the first moment she met him and he says he wishes all women were more like that,because men are always watching.In 2019 he is slowing down and concentrating on helping people branding themselves. He wants to be the American Idol for public speakers and authors.Becoming a published author says you are who you say you are and a book will get you on panels, radio and talk shows.Go to to see if you will be chosen to be a part of his award winning book.He teaches us that you have to get to a point where corners are cut for you, you are not the one cutting corners.We end our 100th episode with a champagne celebration. by wimbrey
July 19, 2019
Until we get to record in our brand new beautiful studio at MZ Sudios next week we are re releasing one of the most important shows we have ever recorded. The fact that Dr. Gemoules can help people that are suffering from bad Lasik surgery is unbelievable. Not enough people know about it and we hope the whole world will find out, This is so so important. Dr. Greg Gemoules is back on what is our most important show to date. Everyone needs to listen to this show and share it so we can get the word out to the world and give hope to people that have become hopeless after complications from Lasik surgery. This show was prompted because Jessica Starr a Detroit Meteorologist, 35 years old, married with 2 children 5 and 3 years old committed suicide in December 2018 following complications from Lasik surgery. She committed suicide 1 month after the surgery by hanging. Dr Gemoules finds it very sad because he feels he could have possibly helped her. The official statistics say there is only a 1 % chance of complications with Lasik surgery but the reality is that it is more than 20 %. 12 people have committed suicide and many people that are alive with Lasik complications live in purgatory because they are in so much pain every single day. Investigative reporter Jace Larson wrote a report in January 2019 about the devastating effects. We hear about Nancy Burleson whose son Max also committed suicide after refractive eye surgery. Dr Gemoules tells us how he started his practice in 1984 in Coppell, TX right around when refractive eye surgery was becoming more popular. He started seeing patients with complications and back then couldn’t adequately fix them. Please listen to the touching story of a psychologist who came to him in desperation and Dr. Gemoules instantly fixed his issue. The patient and Dr. Gemoules eyes welled up in tears and at that very moment Dr. G, as he is lovingly called by everyone, knew that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He is such a kind and humble man, it makes perfect sense that he would devote his life to helping others. He single mindedly pursued this passion and everything else became less important. Listen to all the details on how he figured out and developed the scleral lenses that have helped so many people from all over the world. From 2005 to 2008 he published yearly on his findings and what he was doing with these new scans and got a patent. This started helping people with Lasik complications or any other surgical complications, but these lenses are also a perfect fit for other conditions like Keratoconus or corneal conditions aquired by nature not induced by surgery. Even though this treatment is available in other places, it bothers Dr. G and us that it is not better known. People with Lasik complications go through the 7 stages of grief. Dr. G wants to give everyone with these conditions hope, because he can help them.The Internet is a dark place and when these patients search they most often find hopelessness because their search leads them to lasiksuicide pages instead of pages like Dr. Gemoules website where they can find hope. We have to make a difference and share this podcast, youTube video everywhere so people suffering can regain their life. Dr Gemoules goal is to have people reach out to him so he can tell them “YES WE HAVE HELPED MANY, MANY PEOPLE AND WE WILL HELP YOU. IT IS NOT THE END”The people that have complications usually go back to the Doctor that did the original surgery who then suggests more surgeries. They go in and out of doctor offices and nothing helps them. We need to spread awareness to the whole world. Dr. G is changing lives and we need to get the word out.  Dr. G give us a synopsis what happens if you come to see him for the Scleral Contact Lenses.
July 17, 2019
Our studio is moving and we are so excited to start recording in the new beautiful space next week. In the meantime we are re releasing this Best Of Too Posh Episode with the amazing Alexa Moffett. Her YouTube video of this show has almost 3000 views. She is so popular and we absolutely loved having her on the show. Alexa Moffett the amazing dance teacher and choreographer who started to instruct and form some of the most well known dancers in the U.S. when she was only 15 years old is back and tells us her unique, interesting and amazing rise to fame. Her choreography has been awarded on both regional and national levels.She started dancing when she was 10 years old at a local studio in Minnesota. She discovered her passion for teaching at age 12 after moving to Arizona and by the time she was 15 she was allowed to take on some kids, but soon the atmosphere became jealous because of all Alexa’s success at competitions. She got hired by a competitive studio and at first she regretted her decision but then she she decided to become the best dance teacher in the world and created 2 super power teams that won everything anytime they would compete. Studios in Arizona stopped going to competitions when they heard that Alexa was bringing her girlsShe founded 2 dance groups, Fresh Faces and Complexity, which were featured on season 8 and 9 of America’s Got Talent. She is the choreographer of DJ’s Mix, who are the the featured winners of Disney Channel’s Shake it Up Make Your Mark contest.Fresh Faces got to perform on Radio City Music Hall and stayed in New York for several weeks for filming for the show.Being on the show Dance Mom’s really accelerated her to fame. Molly Long and Alexa created their own traveling workshop in Australia and it was very successful. On the tour she found out that she had been fired from her home studio which was her life. She was devastated. .Her dancers have been featured on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, Dance Moms, The X Factor, Bunheads, and DigiTour with Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson.
July 12, 2019
We are re releasing this episode with our new permanent Co Host Bernie Diamond where he bravely tells us his story of survival after being shot. Bernie has been an incredible co host, who adds a lot of fun and excitement to each and every show. This episode will help you get to know him better. The Too Posh girls are super excited to welcome Mr. Bernie Diamond.We hear the traumatic and inspiring life story of Bernie. He tells us that he grew up sheltered and got sucked up in the Dallas Party Scene. After working at a bank he found his passion as a hair dresser and was working towards opening his own hair salon when tragedy struck. We hear all the vivid details of the fateful night when he got shot in a case of mistaken identity. With blood everywhere and his left hand dangling and only attached to tissue he ended up fighting for his life and hiding to avoid being shot more as the popping of gun shots continued around him. After spending 1 month at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, enduring dozens of surgeries to try to save his hand, they ended up amputating his left hand. At the same time both his Dad and brother got diagnosed with cancer.He battled with depression for years trying to figure out what to do next. His dream of owning a hair salon and his whole future as he knew it were all destroyed in a single moment. The bible verse Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God” helped him get through those tough times and he was certain that God had a bigger plan for him. He got into the medical industry to help others.
July 10, 2019
We start the show with Ralph telling us about recently losing one of his colleagues to pancreatic cancer and how there are 7 firefighters that have been diagnosed with cancer after they all fought the same warehouse fire. Ralph says that firefighters are often exposed to hazards that can cause cancer. We are thanking Ralph and all firefighters for putting their life on the line on a daily basis. Ralph says that firefighters really love it when they have the support of their community. His Station is in downtown Ft. Worth and he explains how many stations he is in charge of and we learn that he has had the most calls so far this year. There have been over 850 calls, that is more than double than the next busiest station. Even though Ralph is the Battalion Chief he still goes out on calls.  His fire station still has the poles to slide down, but the older guys don’t use them because sometimes they can get insured. We learn how quickly the station responds to calls. Ralph will not give us an exact number of people he has saved – we think it is because he is so humble, because we know that he has saved many lives throughout his 19 year career. He tells us that an emergency scene looks chaotic but when first responders arrive it becomes a carefully orchestrated symphony. Ralph’s station has a large Hazmat team as well as a high angle rescue team. We hear about the time when they rescued a window washer that was dangling from the side of the building when his scaffolding broke, that also injured someone on the ground. Such a dramatic story- we also have photos of this incident and will post the pictures on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Ralph tells us that he has guys that are highly trained special forces guys that save people from high rises and all kinds of situations. The test that you have to take to become a firefighter is difficult and you can not be afraid of height. The ladder as it extends gets smaller and smaller and every time you take a step it sways. Ralph is not only a Battalion chief but also part of the Texas Task Force. As a Battalion Chief he is a team builder and always trying to optimize the men and women to work in a group that works precise. Sometimes there is drama in the stations and that is exactly why they have ranks to keep everything orderly. Ft. Worth is one of the best departments in the country. Ralph has worked with special forces from all over the world. He then shares his scariest story where he and 2 other firefighters were in severe danger trapped on a roof on a 3 story building. He prepared himself to be burnt, but by a miracle he and the other 2 survived. You must listen to this story and we also have photos from this incident. Ralph then shares a few very important safety tips for everyone. PLEASE LISTEN – THESE CAN SAVE SOMEONES LIFE. Firefighters will check your fire detectors as a courtesy. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly: How would you describe someone that is sexually literate. Marcella asks Miss Polly a very interesting question about cucumbers. Ralph tells us about some calls he has had to go on where guys with high blood pressure or other health issues took Viagra that didn’t end well. He tells us why he pulled his rank to not have to do something. We then learn about cock rings. Question of the Day: You are on a date, you go to their house after, place is a mess. Turnoff?
July 5, 2019
We welcome the amazing Battallion 2 Chief Ralph Diamond from the Ft. Worth Fire Department who explains the rank of a Battallion Chief and what it entails. Ralph is the brother of our Co Host Bernie Diamond whose incredible life story is on our episode 46. Ralph tells us about his upbringing and being the older brother of Bernie. They talk about their recent guys trip to Galveston and Nasa in Houston. Then Ralph talks about how he experienced the devastating news about when he was awakened in the middle of the night to hear his brother was shot. He immediately raced to Parkland hospital to be at his brothers side. He tells when he first saw him in the ER and that when he saw the severity of the injury to his hand he knew that his brother was going to be severely impacted by this.At the same time he was dealing with his older brother and father both being diagnosed with cancer. They are great examples that what you are going through is only temporary and it is not forever no matter how bad. Ralph became Bernie’s biggest advocate during his stay in the hospital. We ask Ralph if firefighters love it when people bring them food. He tells us about a man that brought them food on a daily basis for years because he was so thankful that they saved his daughters life. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly: Why do women life men in uniforms and who are the best lovers?Question of the day: Would you rather be bald or have a man bun and for the girls would you rather have your man bald or with a man bun?? We get very strong opinions and we have a discussion about Fabio.
July 3, 2019
We start the show by looking at some of the case studies of the TV Show and how much weight the patients started with and how much they lost. There is another show called “Where are they now” that keeps up with their progress and we find it incredibly interesting. Then we talk about the untold truths about the TV Show, the shady pasts, enablers etc. The show sometimes performs surgery on untreatable patients. Dr. Nowzaradan specializes in the super morbidly obese patients.Marcella says it is sad to watch and that you only get one body in this life and to destroy it like that has to be devastating. Food is like a drug to lots of people and lots of people emotionally eat. We wonder how some of these people go to the bathroom and we find out they get bedsores. Some patients expect a quick fix and don’t want to do anything for it. Some of these patients have been featured on fat fetish sites like BBB. Big Beautiful Women where they pose in lingerie. There are people that shop on these sites for fat girls to marry. Supersized Bombshell is another such site. They complain about suffering from social stigmatization.We think that they are very weak minded and need mental help. Gino talks about how he was raised and how he was trained as a tennis player that he was held responsible for his actions.He says that he has never gone through life thinking he was owed something. Marcella agrees and says it is a POOR ME mentality. Then we discuss the very important “3 DAY RULE”. We talk about how nothing lasts forever – even the bad times. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly: Are your potential lovers ever intimidated by you and your knowledge? Question of the day: Would you ever be in an open marriage?
June 28, 2019
My 600 lb life the TV Series is today’s topic. Gino cannot believe that is truly how people live and finds it hard to wrap his head around all of it. Gabrielle saw one episode and thought it was the only show until she started researching and was absolutely shocked that there are several seasons and how many episodes with different people there are. Gabrielle then tells a little side story about Marcella’s Godfather, the late Larry Iorizzo aka Larry Harrison from her mafia past and that he weighed over 600 lbs at one time. There are 70 different episodes on the show my 600 lb life. Marcella says that these people have a very unhealthy relationship with food as often shown on the show. Some of the spouses are very supportive and some are not at all. Bernie tells us that there are people that are trying to make themselves heavy on purpose. Marcella encourages everyone to watch the show FED UP on Netflix. Gino and Marcella are convinced that people that reach 600 lbs had to have started with bad habits in early childhood. They both talk about how they were allowed soda, sweets and snacks in moderation and only after eating fruits and vegetables first. The first season of my 600 lb life was filmed over a period of 7 years. There is also another show called Skintight which is a follow up show because they have to have surgery to get their loose skin fixed. Several people have died since appearing on the show. There are some people that have lost over 400 lbs. Some of them are bedridden, have to be weighed on a meat scale and transported with forklifts. Gino is wondering who is feeding these people. Bernie then tells all about how dangerous it is to be a diabetic and what can happen to you. Where are they now – we are following up on some of the stars from the show and their weight loss. Gino thinks that should give everybody hope because it is proof that it can be done. The first 100 lbs are the easiest to lose when you are that big. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly: What is your most interesting, fascinating and weird case you have come across?She tells us about a customer that was looking for something for a prostate massage. From this conversation we learn that men can orgasm without an erection. Everyone’s mind is blown and she explains all the ins and outs. Question of the day: Is Having a good relationship with your partners family important?
June 26, 2019
We start the show off with Nudist Beach Etiquette. Marcella learns about fowls being birds which leads to Gino explaining MM aka “Marcella Moments”.Gabrielle tells about the time she was at a nudist beach as a teenager and was traumatized when in the grocery store in line to get cold cuts and surrounded by nude people. We discuss a nude flight people can take. We then wonder what happens when men get aroused at nude places and we learn all about the towel that every nudist is supposed to have with them. We learn that in Germany the nudists are called FKK which means Freie Koerper Kultur which translates to Free Body Culture. Bernie is contemplating taking a journalist trip to one of the nudist camps and Gino admits that he is not converted but all this information has definitely sparked his interest. We learn about a London Pub that holds nudists sing a longs. Nudist people are very nice and do not judge others. There are naked amusement park rides, naked weddings, naked family swimming sessions, nude cruises, nude hiking and naturally we are starting to wonder if there are nude podcasts. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly Segment: Men want to know how to gain control of their erections. Miss Polly teaches us that the penis is a muscle and then teaches everyone how to work out their penis much like Kegel excercises. She gives detailed instructions.She encourages men to stop masturbating for a while and lift weights with their penis with a wet washcloth. Question of the Day Segment: Does it matter who adds who first on Instagram?Marcella and Gino get into a hilarious siblings squabble about Marcella not listening when Gino talks.
June 21, 2019
We start the show by introducing Gabrielle’s son and Marcella’s brother Gino Raneri as one of our new co hosts. He is 26 years old, single and a tennis coach at Brookhaven Country Club in Dallas, texas. Then we jump right into our topic about nudism and Marcella informs Gino that his grandmother is a nudist, which prompts Gino’s memory of seeing nude grandma by the pool when he was younger. Gabrielle then shares her nightmare experience when her parents forced her to go to a nudist camp beach vacation in the former Yugoslavia. We cannot believe that there is actually an American Association for Nude Recreation. Somehow the conversation turns to the TV Show Real Sex. We find out that the second Saturday in July has been officially declared as National Skinny Dipping Day. Then we talk about the show Naked and Afraid. We learn all about Nude Festivals with live music, nude games, cruises, 5 K runs, Beer Mile Runs, Beer Pongs, Clubs etc. We talk about Marcella’s experience in a Coop Finnish Sauna in Austria when she was a teenager.We learn that there are no orgies or any sexual activity allowed in nudist environments unless you are in private.We decide to send Bernie on a nudist excursion as part of his journalistic duties. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly:We ask Miss Polly if she is a Nudist or would become one?We also ask her who would need to see a sex therapist. Question of the day: Would you care if your partner never posted you on Instagram?
June 19, 2019
Bernie starts the show by telling us that he saw his son and stepson affected when his marriage to his ex wife was not going well. He also thinks kids are resilient and can definitely bounce back.Gabrielle thinks that if you are in a miserable marriage do not stay together for the kids until they go to college, because they will feel betrayed and feel like they lived a lie.Marcella says that the kids feel lied to and that you cannot hide anything from them anyways. Lots of her students confide in her about this exact situation. Bernie says that there are more Dads than ever before fighting to be in their kids lives after a divorce. We all agree that divorced parents should never talk bad about each other to their children. Marcella then shares her story about her Dad and Step Dad getting along and how wonderful that was, but how that didn’t happen right away. We read about 10 reasons why you should stay together for the kids and 5 reasons why you shouldn’t. Then we learn that Bernie is very sad that he does not have a relationship with his stepson today, because he loves him very much and wishes things were different. He shows us that he has his name tattooed on his arm and wishes he could take him on a vacation with him and his son. Bernie says that his biggest fear while going through his divorce was who will be in his sons life when his ex wife starts dating. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly: If you gained weight would you want your partner to tell you or keep it to himself ?This segment is hilarious – do not miss this Question of the day – What luxury is totally worth the price?
June 14, 2019
Bernie talks about his fun experience on a Disney Cruise. Marcella says she wanted to be a dancer on a cruise ship and that Gabrielle talked her out of it because of the nightmare of working on a cruise ship. Gabrielle tells about her nightmare cruise experience on a Norwegian Cruise line. She tells about being in Disney World on a Family Trip when her ex husbands Mafia Boss called and ordered them to come on the cruise. Working on a cruise ship seems glamorous but it is such a dark world. Don’t ask – Don’t tellCruise ship workers have sex with everybody. They have a secret slang. They have to keep hands off the guests, but we believe that rule always gets broken. There is a Thrill fest for all The crew members live in very close proximity. All work – little play – no privacy – thin walls Pirates attacked over 200 ships last year. Crew workers get to buy drinks for $ 1,50 for the same drinks that cost guests $ 15. The food is terrible.  The average work week is 80 hours per week. A lot of people cannot handle it and don’t complete their 9 months contract. We talk about the show “Below Deck” and how demanding those guests are. Marcella cannot imagine having to take care of those guests. One of Marcella’s biggest fears of going on a cruise is the neuro virus. Crew is charged for water, toilet paper and Internet services. We learn that the food is recycled during the whole course of the trip because there is no way to get fresh food. We learn that the chef’s add extra fat to all food to work wonders as a laxative, which is intended to assist in the ships plumbing. We are all freaking out over that. Then we learn that there is a morgue on every ship. Management doesn’t trust the crew and has crazy policies. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly: How often do men need sex everyone needs to hear that segment Question of the day: What is the weirdest food you have ever tasted.
June 12, 2019
We start the show with the exciting announcement that we have over 20.000 downloads. We find out that we have listeners all over the world even in Australia. We also found out that our Podcast was brought up in court and helped someone’s custody case. We talk about how coming on the podcast and sharing her story has changed the life of Valerie Wilhelm completely.Then we jump into the topic if you would stay in a sexless marriage or relationship. Bernie cannot even bare the thought and he thinks that if guys go without sex for an extended period of time they are probably cheating. Marcella thinks that some people do not want to have sex because they are insecure about their bodies. Marcella then talks about staying in relationships too long and that she wants to make sure she can trust the people she is dating. She does not want to put a tracker on your phone.Bernie says people are always way more sorry when they get caught cheating. We all agree that women are emotional and men are physical.Guys need to be the ones to be romantic and put extra effort and the girls will enjoy sex more. Everyone wants to feel special and appreciated. Gabrielle reminds everyone that you have to do for each other what you did when you first met. Once a week date night is super important. We all agree that the happiest couples are the ones that have a healthy sex life. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly: Miss Polly gives us the definition of a sexless marriage and then tells us that she herself was in a sexless marriage for 7 years. We learn that the average couple under 30 has sex 2 times a week and that decreases as you get older. and it is more once a week. Bernie thinks sex once a week is an absolutely horrible idea. You have to try to fix a sexless marriage or relationship with a licensed sex therapist. We discuss ED and ED caused by over masturbation, which can cause huge problems. Communication is the number 1 thing to try to fix these problems. The guy needs to plan date night and wine and dine the women – this will assure the chances of the women wanting to be romantic.Question of the day:Is it normal for friends to get jealous when a serious partner comes into the picture?
June 7, 2019
We start the show talking about a guy that gave up showering and bathing for a week and Bernie thinks that is a really stupid experiment. We learn about a scientist that has not showered in over 14 years. Bernie says that nobody thinks that you are sexy if you do not shower or brush your teeth. Gabrielle talks about her recent trip to Los Angeles where she was told by an Uber driver that an Indian passenger told him that in the Indian culture it is a fact that if they do not shower or use deodorant and the more the man starts to smell the more attractive it is to a woman. Marcella freaks out if anyone smells bad and remembers being told as a child that she shouldn’t ever be the smelly kid in the room. Then Marcella tells us all about her teenage dance students and how she teaches them about personal hygiene. Then she talks about the misery of early flights that she has to take when out of town judging for dance competitions and when she has to fly with people that do not shower or brush their teeth. We discuss 3 dating deal breakers: Bad BreathBad KissingBad StyleThen we talk about how often people shower in other countries. We learn that Americans are average when it comes to hygiene. We discuss how we feel about living in messy houses. 6 foreign hygiene normal’s that Americans find disgusting. We learn about Squat toilets and no toilet paper in other countries. Then we discuss the devastating ways women have to deal with menstruation in other countries. This leads to the discussion about feminist women in the USA that believe in free bleeding. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly segment: How to broach the subject of personal hygiene with my partner if they are smellyQuestion of the Day Segment: Would you ever try space tourism if you could afford it?
June 5, 2019
We learn that a Gigolo charges wealthy women $ 500 an hour and can earn $ 15.000 a week. We learn that some 18 year old girls pay a Gigolo to lose their virginity. This confuses Bernie very much. We learn what women really want behind closed doors and why this Gigolo’s clients pay for sex. This Gigolo tells that he received a $ 1000 tip from a husband to have sex with his wife. This discussion leads to our Porn star friend Emily Austin and we tell Bernie that her husband loves to watch her have sex with several guys at once. Somehow the conversation turns to Sugar Babies that are in serious relationships but still see their Sugar Daddies on the side without their boyfriends knowledge. The Gigolo tells us that the most requested service is the 50 Shades of gray experience. If you are getting lame sex at home say something. We encourage people to be honest in their relationships and ask for what they want. We discuss that if there is no sex in the relationship it usually falls apart. Gabrielle reveals that every city has Gigolo hangouts. Then we discuss Gigolos having sex with married couples which leads to a discussion about double penetration.This discussion takes a crazy turn and we are all so uncomfortable that we end up calling Miss Polly so she can explain it all to us and she tells us if that makes a guy gay. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly Segment: Would you hire a Gigolo? Absolutely hilarious discussionQuestion of the Day: What kind of underwear do you prefer wearing?
May 31, 2019
The Too Posh Girls have decided to re release this important and powerful episode and they have included the powerful and sobering sound bytes of Morgan and Bode Miller as well as Nicole Hughes as they share their heartbreaking stories of losing their toddlers on the same day to drowning.They share that a child 30 lbs and under can drown in 30 seconds. They give us some insight into what happened on their awful day and how this could happen to anyone. They were both vigilant mothers about water safety and took every precaution known to man.Yet their babies drowned and when you hear them tell their stories it will change your life forever.It is heart wrenching, yet we owe it to them to listen since they are brave enough to share their stories.They have united in their grief and want to bring the urgency of this conversation to everyone. They are pushing to have this conversation at every well visit appointment in ever doctors office. They are pushing for a change with the American Academy of Pediatrics.Nicole Hughes talks about Levi’s legacy program for water guardians.Please share this episode with all your friends and family.
May 29, 2019
Marcella and Gabrielle talk about the times they have been in situations where parents will talk about their children so much that it becomes annoying. Especially the ones, where we have never met said children. Marcella thinks the bullet points are great, but spare the details. The bragging about children should be limited to family and close friends. Non Stop bragging in a large group of people where everyone has children is rude, especially those Moms that always interrupt. Marcella suggests for Moms to watch Bad Mom’s Christmas, the movie. It is especially terrible when Moms go on and on about their child and never ask about yours. We then talk about the fact that parents do all the school projects for their kids, because they are in competition with everyone. Marcella encourages Moms to get a hobby. Parents love to brag about that their child received a letter from The Duke Star Education Summer program and don’t realize that every child gets that letter. It is a business.Marcella, who teaches lots and lots of kids warns parents that their children confide in her always how stressed they are. Then we discuss the 11 most annoying parents on social media. 1. The Over The Top Picture Poster2. Your actual parents3. The Misinformer4. The Humblebragger5. The One Upper6. The Know It All7. Too Cool For Parenting8. The Complainer9. The Crafty Parent10. TMI11. Flawless Facebook Families Parents be humble about your children. Mom’s lose their identity along the way and start using their children and living their dreams through them. Penis and Pussy Segment with Miss Polly: We get Miss Polly’s opinion about today’s topic Question Of The Day Segment: How do you feel about Clowns?
May 24, 2019
Bernie Diamond joins us again as co host and he shares the super exciting news that he got engaged to his amazing, Russian girlfriend after a short break up. Then we jump right into our discussion of 7 questions to ask when determining whether your partner is a narcissist or just self absorbed. 1. Do they want to impress strangers more than they want to impress you? 2. Do they consider themselves special in some way that sets them apart from others?This subject somehow makes us talk about how we are going to be more selective on who we bring on as guests because we are very disappointed that a lot of our guests come on the show and then do not share their stories. 3. Do they give you the silent treatment? Both Marcella and Gabrielle get anxiety when reading this because they both have experienced this form of treatment in their lives. Gabrielle then shares a little bit about how her parents would not speak to each other for weeks or months sometimes and how her whole family used silent treatment as punishment.She shares that her Dad didn’t speak to her for over 20 years and died without ever contacting her.Gabrielle broke the chain of this behavior and doesn’t allow silent treatment in her family at all. Then Bernie shares that he is not talking to his Dad because of the disappointment of him leaving his Mom, after they went through so many tragic events together. 4. Are they ridiculously thin-skinned, prickly at every perceived slight?  5. Do they react angrily when you disagree with them? This point makes Marcella share her outbursts of anger that are always prompted by a man that cheats. She is beyond honest about her anger issues and has often thought she should go to anger management classes. When she finds out that a boyfriend cheated her anger pushes her to a different level that includes throwing dishes and glasses etc. 6. Do they ever give you compliments?7. Do they empathize when you experience heartache or just fake it? P + P Talk with Miss Polly Segment: Miss Polly has very strong opinions when asked if narcissists can change. Question of the Day Segment: Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person? The question of the day somehow prompts us to talk about a disturbing encounter that Gabrielle experienced with a boutique customer that ended with her receiving many penis pictures.We then talk about dick pics and Chat roulette. This conversation is hilarious. Don’t miss it.
May 22, 2019
We discuss 17 points to remember that will help us to find “THE ONE” for your life. 1. You are not too old. This makes Marcella go on a rant about rude people who think they can have opinions about putting pressure on women that are not married or do not have children at certain ages. 2. Love is not reserved for the special people in this world. 3. It is a numbers game 4. Relax and do you5. Love does not make everything better6. Don’t be negative Marcella tells us about a dance judge that she had to share a room with for a whole weekend that was the most negative person she has ever met 7. Don’t pretend you are ok8. Don’t stay at home all the time9. Don’t rely on others10. Ask others to help11. Build a good life for yourself12. Have faith13. Know you deserve love14. Accept the love offered to you 15. Throw out the idea of an ideal partner Bernie talks about a service at his church “Elevate Church” and Pastor Keith Kraft talking about how he and his wife make their marriage work. 17. Be a better communicator We talk about that many of Marcella’s girlfriends call Gabrielle for advice and Bernie thinks that Gabrielle and her husband Patrick need to do a podcast on marriage and relationship advice. Marcella says that sometimes love is not enough. Miss Polly was not available for her segment for this episodeQuestion of the Day Segment: Will you sign up for Facebook New Secret Crush?This discussion ends with us planning to start a Dating Game Segment with Bernie in future episodes
May 17, 2019
Marcella’s brave testimony about her mental and physical abusive relationship continues to be an inspiration to others and it has helped so many woman come forward with their own stories and helps heal their broken hearts. We hope that women can see the signs and leave at the first sign of abuse.
May 15, 2019
After releasing this episode over a year ago Valerie has changed her entire life. She has lost an enormous amount of weight, inspires and helps women everywhere, is writing a book and started 2 businesses. She is healing from the traumatic events that have happened to her and is a better mother than ever before. ——————Episode 7:Valerie Wilhelm shares her brave and powerful testimony of her life in a volatile, abusive relationship. She shares the gripping details of drug addiction, alcoholism, domestic violence, gas lighting, and the night her and her children escaped from being murdered and her story ending with her husband committing suicide.On this episode we share Valerie’s incredible life story that includes very private details of her now deceased husband. It takes incredible strength and bravery to share a story like this and is intended to help women of all ages to learn to recognize the red flags. Every time a victim of abuse gets to speak about their experiences it allows them to heal a little bit more. We knew him personally and he was an amazing man and father but together in their relationship they were so volatile that it turned disastrous.The pushed each others buttons to the lowest points imaginable.
May 10, 2019
Bernie Diamond joins us at CoHost again as we discuss this very important topic. We go through the 11 signs and right off the bat Bernie thinks everyone should keep this list and make sure they check it while dating. 1. They are charming AF at first2. They hog the conversation talking about how great they are As Gabrielle is reading the explanation of this point Bernie brings up that all this sounds very familiar to a person we all know here in Dallas, also known as the self proclaimed former King of Dallas,who was Marcella’s abusive boyfriend that she talks about in Episode 15, when she shared her heart wrenching, brave story.We then ask if you are born a narcissist?3. They feed off your compliments.Gabrielle says that true narcissists show their traits very early. Bernie believes that if you are with a narcissist you are going to live in hell.Gabrielle says that the sooner you push back the sooner you know if you are dealing with a narcissist. 4. They lack empathy5. They don’t have any long term friends Bernie is wondering how narcissists can get away with being such assholesWe completely skip over point 6 – 7. They gaslight you8. They dance around defining the relationship9.They think they are right about everything and never apologize Bernie says that this is textbook like the former self proclaimed King of Dallas. Marcella talks about her pros and cons list and how that puts things in perspective Then the discussion about dating married people comes up and Marcella talks about how she would never, ever consider it, because she has too much respect for women and would never want to inflict this pain on anyone. She then talks about a recent incident when a married family friend texted her and how disappointing that is. 10. They panic when you try to break up with them. Bernie forces Gabrielle to tell some of her dating rules and the discussion arises that if you don’t kiss on the first date what if they end up being a bad kisser and then you wasted your time. 11. …. and when you show them you are really done, they lash out. Marcella says that a narcissist can beat you down so much that you don’t feel like yourself and you are so lost. Sadly Miss Polly wasn’t available for this episode but we end the show with the question of the Day.What sport would be funniest to add alcohol to.
May 8, 2019
Sadly Leighton Fields could not uphold his commitment to the podcast due to work, but we hope he can pop in from time to time. We are excited that Bernie Diamond decided to be our co host for the next 3 episodes. If you would like to hear his insane life story and survival of a shooting in Dallas please listen to his gripping Episode 46 and watch it on youtube. We talk about how marriage is tough as it is and if you break the trust by cheating it is almost impossible to survive. Very few marriages are in healthy spots and if kids are involved it makes everything so much worse. Social media has made it so much easier to cheat, and people compare their relationships because of it. It is very rare that social media matches up to what someone’s real life is. Ask yourself the question: “Could you give your phone to your significant other for an entire day?”Marcella thinks that guys think too much with their little head. Bernie then tells a recent story where a fun evening took a drastic turn that ended a serious relationship. A fun night out instantly turned into hell out of nowhere. Marcella tells us about one of her exes when she found out that he cheated, and she believes that cheaters will go to their graves denying, denying, denying. She also feels that you can paint an excuse on anything to make it ok to cheat. One nights stands, midlife crisis etc. Broken and hurt people hurt people. It is important for someone to heal themselves before jumping back into dating. Bernie tells us a recent experience with online dating. Gabrielle believes that you have to have God in your lives and in the center of your marriage to give yourself a chance of a successful marriage. Bernie says that people are so fearful of being alone that they stay in relationships they shouldn’t be in. We all agree that not being appreciated is a huge problem in all relationships. Our little Too Posh Podcast comes to the conclusion that relationships and marriages cannot survive cheating, however if our listeners disagree with us we would love to hear from you. Miss Polly was not available for this episode but we did have the Question of the Day segment: Do you believe in Love at first sight
May 3, 2019
Kyrie Barnes Part 2 of her life story that is so traumatic it will make your heart ache.She is wanting to help others with her honesty and hopes her story will be an inspiration to others. We jump right into the time right after her divorce and her Mom’s  tragic death at 44 years old. It was only Kyrie and her children and her brother who at 26 years old was her rock at the time. She tells us that there was a criminal investigation into her Mom’s boyfriend after her death for neglect. 3 months after her Mom’s death, her grandmother who has always been such a huge help to Kyrie suffered a stroke and could no longer help with the kids. At the same time her ex husband went to rehab for drugs and alcohol. Shortly after that her brother got really, really sick with a mass on his brain that needed surgery. 2 days after the surgery his brain started to swell and his body was starting to comatose. They had to rush to the hospital to make a really tough decision. Listen to how bad this story gets. She had PTSD from the death of her Mom and was now facing the toughest decision of her lifeto try to save her brother. During all the traumatic time with her brothers illness her beloved grandfather passed away. The situation with her brother continues to get worse. Kyrie felt helpless and became depressed and emotionally unstable and broke off with her wonderful boyfriend of 2 years. After that she was not thinking clearly and was trying to co parent with her ex husband and a night of a bit too much alcohol led from one thing to another and she ended up getting pregnant with her 3rd child. They tried to get back together but that ended quickly. She moved to Texas to be close to her aunt and uncle and started a long distance relationship with a wonderful guy and fell in love and got married and had her 4th baby, Kyrie then tells us the most shocking situation of all. Her 2 older children have been sexually molested by their own father since the ages of 3 and 4 years old. This has resulted in CPS interviews, Children’s advocate interviews, Forensic interviews with the police involved. Kyrie had to go to the court house to file for an immediate danger protective order to try to protect her children. The order was immediately granted. She is doing everything in her power to protect and help her children. The children are going through intense anger issues, body image issues etc. The last 6 years of her life have been hell, but her husband and children are her life and they keep her going through all of it. Gabrielle encourage Kyrie to make the best life with her husband and her children after going through so much heartache, trauma and pain. Kyrie then says how hard it is when people judge and are so mean  and do not know all she has been through. We call Miss Polly who is a survivor of sexual abuse by her father and ask her input and advice. We end the show with the Question of the Day.
May 1, 2019
Kyrie Barnes has a story that is incredible of overcoming hardship and coming out stronger. She is such a fighter and we are having 2 parts to her story because it is unreal how much one person can endure. Kyrie grew up in a dysfunctional home with a lot of fighting and alcohol abuse. Her parents got divorced when she was 9 years old and her and her younger brother spent a lot of time with their grand parents not seeing their parents for long periods of time. She moved a lot and was always the new kid in school and often found herself bullied and not fitting in. As a teen she got into an abusive relationship that was both verbal and emotional. She got engaged and married quickly and once she got pregnant her husband was disappointed and acted out in abusive and threatening ways. After enduring an emergency C section of her first baby, when he was 9 months old  she became pregnant again with baby number 2. Her husband started smoking pot a lot and they quickly lost the beautiful new home they had moved into. Her husband was like a Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Her Mom was a big help during that time and she loved her grand babies very much. After 5 years of marriage and living in an unstable, unhealthy and abusive environment Kyrie packed up her 2 children and moved in with her grand parents. She also found out that her husband had cheated on her several times. She then experienced a beautiful time in her life with peace after all the chaos in her marriage, but it was short lived. She was hired by MAC and became a Make Up Artist for them and loved her job.Her Mom moved in to help with the children while she was at work. An always constant however was her ex husband who always brought his chaos around, talking bad about her and threatening to kill himself constantly. Then everything came crashing down when Kyrie realized after 7 months of living with her Mom that her Mom was addicted to Crystal Meth. She then tells the heartbreaking, devastating story of her Mom suffering 2 strokes and tragically passing away from drug abuse. She tells us of being there when her Mom took her last breath. 3 days after her Mom’s death, she found out she had to move and the next day her beloved dog of 8 years had to be put down, because he got sick. Her ex husband was no help, except still being abusive.Her brother was her rock during this difficult time. We take a break in Kyrie’s story to ask the question of the day and then have our Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly which addresses if sexual abuse in marriage is a real thing. We encourage everyone to listen to Kyrie’s part 2 of her story because if you think it can’t get any worse think again. Instagram:
April 26, 2019
As soon as Marcella hears the title of today show she immediately gets heated and talks about her experiences with infidelity. She says, disappearing, losing phones, not letting her look at your phone all equals to you being a cheater and a liar. She passionately says that cheating is the worst thing you can do to someone. She believes that if you cheat on someone than you truly do not love that person because it is so beyond hurtful. Leighton wholeheartedly agrees and says that you do not have to have sex with someone to be cheating. Deleting Text messages and having trust issues always means that something is off. Gabrielle says to always ask yourself: If my partner was sitting right next to me, would i do this. We ask if you can get so drunk that you use it as an excuse to cheat.   Leighton suggest for everyone to read the 5 Love Languages book to understand your partners needs better.  We discuss the risk factors for affairs but all quickly agree that they are all excuses. P and P Talk with Miss Polly: Do you think that people cheat if the sex is bad, not enough or non existent. Question of the Day: What is your favorite way to be seduced.
April 24, 2019
We are so excited to have Leighton Fields as our permanent new Co Host and we talk about how that came all about. We love the idea of having a male’s perspective on the show for all our listeners. His charming personality and quick wit is the perfect addition. We start the show with Leighton’s take on how he felt when we were approached with the billion dollar idea of co hosting and being the faces of a new webcam site that turned out to be a billion dollar bust. Listen to episodes 58 and 59 to get to know Leighton better and enjoy some of his live music. Also watch those episodes on YouTube. In today’s episode Leighton opens up about some dark times of drug and alcohol abuse that he had to overcome. He tells us about being in Lubbock, TX and falling in the traps of this party town. He was deep in habitual cocaine use that left him homeless. He struggled with spiritual warfare and sleep paralysis. He detoxed and overcame his drug addiction because he was interested in a beautiful Christian woman and wanted to pursue her. He has not touched an illegal substance since 2013. He wrote a song about that dark time called “Momma and the Devil”.We talk about how Fellowship Church changed all of our lives. We find out that Leighton is also a stand up comic but he refuses to perform for us on the spot, because he says it is one of the hardest things to do. We discuss how lots of people do not understand or know show etiquette and don’t give performers enough applause while they are on stage. Leighton is on the hunt for a future wife and knows that he will not find his perfect woman in a bar. P+P Segment with Miss Polly: We ask Miss Polly her opinion if you should send nude pictures to someone you are dating. Leighton tells everyone to not send him naked pictures because he is trying really hard to get his life right with the Lord. Question of the Day Segment: What is your favorite sports team. Everyone please support Leighton and request his new song “MOMMA AND THE DEVIL” on the Ranch Radio station, 95.9 and 106.9.You get to hear Leighton perform his song live in the studio. Leighton is going to film a music video and also record a full length record and release 20 songs in 2019. Leighton Fields writes all his own music.
April 19, 2019
A very warm and heartfelt welcome to our new permanent Co Host Leighton Fields. He has committed to being with us on every show and we could not be more excited. We start the show with the whole #FreeBritneySpears drama, about her being held against her will in a mental institution. Leighton tells us about the time he and his brother went to a haunted, abandoned mental institution in Big Springs, Texas.We then continue with part 2 of complicated relationships The one where you’re “just friends” but will probably get married.Leighton loves the idea of being friends first and falling in love later.The one where you’re just keeping him around for the attention.Leighton refuses to be friend zoned.  The one where you’re technically broken up but not really at all, considering you still hook up all the time. The one where he’s perfect in every way, but you still just don’t feel it.Leighton tells us that it is way better to be Steady Eddie than Sexy Steve. The one where he texts you all the time, then says you’re the clingy one. The one where you’re in love with his best friend so you settle for him.The one where you know you’re settling so you silently resent him. Marcella tells everyone to never ever never settle. The one where you both like each other and are too afraid to say anything until it just fizzles. Leighton says that a man wants the chase.  The one where everything is good but the sex. The one where nothing is good but the sex. The one where you text three times for every one text he sends but you’re hoping the next text he sends will change everything. The one where you have great texting chemistry but literally no chemistry whatsoever in real life.Leighton refuses to be stuck in an uncomfortable conversation. The one where your chemistry is through the roof when you’re together, but you only hear from him every couple of weeks.Marcella says that if a guy wants to be with you nothing can stop them. The one where you’re on a “break” with unclear terms.The one where you’re good friends who talk about everything except for the fact that you hook up sometimes.The one you’re secretly seeing each other because literally all of your friends hate him so much.Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly Segment: We get Miss Polly’s take on The one where everything is good but the sex. The one where nothing is good but the sex. Gabrielle ends the subject of the complicated relationships by telling everyone that Your relationships will continue to be complicated if you have to make excuses why you are not treated right. Question of the Day Segment: What is the meanest thing you have done to get back at someone that has done you wrong.
April 17, 2019
Leighton joins us as we start the show to discuss how women behave in 2019 and how forward they are with their sexual advances. We also talk about how some women demand to be choked and hit during sex.Leighton says that how he was raised he would never dream of hitting a woman, but his parents did not prepare him for today’s world where women want this type of behavior. Being single in 2019 is a challenge. We then talk about different types of complicated relationships. 1. The one where you leave a toothbrush at his place. Leighton has very strong feelings about that one and Gabrielle asks why you would stay at his house if you are not exclusive.  2. The one where you don’t love each other anymore, but you are trying to pretend like you still do. Marcella has very strong feelings about moving in together if not married and that it makes it way easier to break up.3. The one where you have been booty calling each other for an awkwardly long time for it to still just be nothing more than a booty call. Gabrielle is asking how that works and Leighton makes it clear that you cannot find a wife that way and that it will leave you very lonely. 4. The one where you don’t hook up anymore, but you still talk frequently for people who hooked up three times four summers ago. Isn’t everyone friends with everyone they hooked up with?5. The one where you are pretending like you don’t care that you are not exclusive because you don’t want to lose him.Leighton would absolutely give the right woman the whole world.  6. The one where you are exclusive but not dating. Leighton shares his recent experience that was great but ended to not waste anyone’s time. 7. The one where you love each other but circumstantially it just isn’t going to work so you won’t be in a relationship but constantly talk to each other and refuse to date other people. Marcella tells us that she could never do a long distance relationship. Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly Segment: We get Miss Polly’s take on why people stay in complicated relationships and Miss Polly and Leighton flirt 😉Question of the Day Segment: What is the longest you have gone without sleep and why? We learn about Marcella’s crazy dance judging weekend and her slight meltdown
April 12, 2019
We are thrilled to welcome Leighton Fields as our new co host. With his refreshing sense of humor and handsome good looks he brings a whole new dimension to our Too Posh Podcast as well as a male perspective, which is fun and very entertaining. We discuss if pilots and flight attendants hook up at 30.000 feet. We ask if anyone in the room is in the Mile High Club. Then we come to the conclusion if you have a Cheater mentality you should definitely become a pilot or flight attendant. We call Julie Mack who has been a flight attendant for a major airline for over 25 years and she tells us that she found love in the air. She also tells us about lots of scandals that happen in the airline industry. She has caught many people having sex on the plane. Miss Polly Segment: We get to hear Miss Polly’s thoughts about this subjects and she tells us that some pilots and flight attendants actually have entire different families in different cities. Question of the Day Segment:  What is the most favorite place you have ever traveled to, and where do you want to go next. This prompts Marcella to talk about her super human powers when encountering bugs.
April 10, 2019
This show we discuss all the terrible things people do on flights and we are so shocked and annoyed at how some people behave. We discuss the ongoing debate if the shades should be kept open or closed. Gabrielle has super strong opinions about that. We talk about people reclining their seats, people having too much fun and partying, which we are all in favor of but others get super mad about. People complaining about others tapping on the screen behind their seat, pulling themselves up on chairs. Marcella’s biggest pet peeve is when people try to get off the plane first and pushing and shoving. People being nosy, reading your magazine and having commentary about it, operating ipads and computers on 100% brightness. Smelly bathrooms, farting, snoring, sneezing and coughing. People taking off their shoes and showing off their nasty feet. People that bring gross, smelly food on the plane. Passengers that use the tray table as changing tables. People removing their dentures and people watching porn.Mile High Club, people changing clothes, stretching their legs, or clipping their finger and toe nails. Then we wonder if it is bad to do full facials and make up on flights. We all agree that men need to go back to being gentlemen on flights.
April 5, 2019
Melissa Lawson, Winner of NBC Hit Show Nashville Star Season 6 is back and continues her INCREDIBLE life story. We pick up with her being in Nashville, for the Nashville Star competition, making it into the top 12 and being sequestered for 3 months. We get lots of behind the scenes information. She says that she was given an opportunity and felt like it was her responsibility to take full advantage of it and work as hard as she could. The show was MC’d by Billy Ray Cyrus, who Melissa says is truly an amazing guy and the judges were John Rich, Jewel and Jeffrey Steele. Melissa’s mentor was John Rich, who really fought for her. She tells us how extremely nerve wrecking it is to stand on stage to find out if you get voted off. She tells us about the finale and what it was like to be announced the winner of Nashville Star, Season 6. So incredibly exciting. After winning she experienced the ride of her life for a few months, being whisked from interview to interview, being flown to Bejing China and performing for the Olympic games and headlining every weekend for months. After about 6 months she returned home only to find her kids out of control and slowly her life crumbling in front of her. She was asked to step down from the worship team of her church because her fame was a distraction, she found out her husband was having an affair, Warner Brothers told her she had nothing to offer them and released her from her contract, they had to file bankruptcy, lost the house, cars and every material thing. They lost it all. Her husband tried to save their marriage and had to come clean about everything he had ever done, and it confirmed everything she had suspected for years. Melissa is so compassionate and decided to forgive him, because all she wanted was to keep her family intact. She has PTSD and fights mental illness on a daily basis from the traumas she repeatedly experienced over the course of 20 years. However she is friends with her ex husband and they co parent together. Listen to her experience with Tony Robbins who worked with her and her husband, Rick. The pair, who have five children, are struggling to overcome Rick’s infidelity while Melissa was away from home on tour and recording. The conflict has affected Melissa’s career and the couple’s relationship with their kids. The outcome is crazy. They tried to repair their marriage several more times, but after yet another affair Melissa had had enough, left, filed for divorce, started her own super successful company and met her new husband. She was going through a very confusing time and made choices she is not proud of but you must hear her tell the story of getting pregnant with her 6th child. It is spellbinding and mind blowing. She wrote a suicide letter, took pills, was rescued, but was put on lock down and put in a psychiatric unit for 14 days. Today Melissa is trying to inspire women of all walks of life and she started a podcast “Living with the Lawson’s” and is actively working on reviving her music career with her boys that have a band. We encourage her to go on America’s got talent. Melissa is a big believer that nobody has to be perfect and it is better to share the truth than to keep secrets. What an inspiration she is. Question of the Day Segment: Name a movie that you have watched over 5 times that you are still entertained by.Penis and Pussy Talk Segment: The sex talk isn’t enough. How parents can teach teens about healthy relationships. To end the show Melissa blesses us with 2 more songs that give us chills. Her talent is incredible. She truly has the voice of an angel. We want to see her get another chance and become the star she was born to be. Everyone needs to know Melissa Lawson. You can find her on her social media accounts at
April 3, 2019
We are proud and honored to welcome Melissa Lawson the Reigning Queen of Nashville Star, Season 6 and of the upcoming new podcast “Living With the Lawson’s”.She tells us about being born and raised in Arlington, Texas and her happy childhood that was made difficult with being bullied in school. The bullying started in 1st grade and followed her throughout her school years until she left for the Performing Arts Youth Conservatory at age 15. We are amazed to learn that she has 7!!!! boys from the ages of 4 – 19 years old .We learn how she met her first husband, who is a musician and 14 years older. They got married and lived a very conservative, perfect life. Melissa’s expectations of herself and others are extremely high, but she was only causing herself a lot of grief and pain. We learn the Melissa is an entrepreneur at heart and that she loves business but she also loves singing and performing. Listen to her story of when and how she was introduced to Country Music and her road to being the Queen of the Burleson Jamboree for 7 years. She started at age 13.Melissa is very open and honest about her weight struggles and how it affected her early career in Nashville. The music industry is ruthless. She tells us about their move to Minnesota and her ex husbands love and sex addiction. She tells us about the scientific facts of what watching pornography does to the brain. When she had 3 boys and the youngest at the time was 9 months old she auditioned for American Idol, Season 4 and made it to the top 75. It was the year that Carrie Underwood won. We learn a lot about the behind the scenes of the American Idol auditions and how devastating the experience was for her. She shut down emotionally and quit singing for 3 years and had 2 more babies. Now the mother of 5 she went back to singing at church. Her weight went to 300 pounds and she told herself Enough is Enough. Melissa is such a big inspiration and she believes that everyone should live their life for a purpose and a passion and that we all have gifts and talents to share with the world. We then learn about her experience of going to audition for Season 6 of the TV Show Nashville Star in Austin and the challenges she faced getting there in 2008.She tells us about the process of the first few rounds and writing her original song. Trust us you want to listen to this, it is fascinating.We then learn that she went to Nashville to audition for the top 50 and what sacrifices that entailed for her family.We love the message this sends to Mom’s everywhere that you can still go after your dreams. The question of the day Segment: How do we feel about the scandal of parents like Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin paying to get their kids into college.Penis and Pussy Talk with Miss Polly Segment: The true toll of porn on teens and young adults. Miss Polly gives us amazing advice that every parent needs to hear. We end the show with a LIVE PERFORMANCE of Melissa singing her original song “READY TO STAND”. Chills you guys. Do not miss it. We have listened to it over and over.
March 29, 2019
We are back with Jana who came from Oklahoma to appear on our show. There is much more to this beautiful blonde Barbie than meets the eye. She has been in the legal field for the last 19 years and she has a passion for helping people. She is a victims witness advocate for district 18 in Oklahoma. She advocates for victims of abuse and battery and families of a loved one that has been murdered. She has been a paralegal for family law, malpractice, estate planning etc and is also a mediator for the State of Oklahoma. We learn that usually people think of domestic violence cases as it being the man against the woman, but lots of cases are reversed and it is the woman abusing the man. Lots of men do not speak out, because of their pride. Domestic abuse can occur between anyone living under the same roof. Then we ask Jana some fun life questions. She gets especially passionate about how men are supposed to treat women on a first date and beyond. We then pose the question of the day which we get very passionate about and we would really love to hear back from our viewers how they feel.
March 27, 2019
Jana comes to us all the way from Oklahoma to share her incredibly scary story when she got kidnapped by an ex boyfriend. He was married unbeknownst to her and he did not take kindly to her breaking up with him. After her ordeal he got charged with domestic battery and kidnapping. Jana has an 18 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. We learn about her love for the lake, boats and fishing. She fishes every single day.Besides being a tomboy at heart she is also a city girl and a model. She has appeared in Speedboat magazine several times. She tells us about going 188 miles an hour in a speedboat and wanting to go 200 next time. At the same time she tells us of her fear of rollercoasters. Last year some of her friends died in a tragic boating accident. Despite this tragedy and several close calls she still has a need for speed. We then discuss our Question of the day where we discuss how amazing Christy Brinkley looks and what we all think about putting in the work to look good in old age or just letting oneself go. It is a very interesting discussion you should not miss.
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