Great Show
I look forward to listening to each episode. Eric and Ted are always informative and entertaining, with the most knowledgeable folks in the field of dog training. Keep up the great work!
Great Podcast!
Hello 🌎 I love you 😘
Very informative! Only negative is the “static radio sound effect”. It’s to much.
Great podcast.
ian kohlhofer
Very informative podcast. Love listening to it, but the audio is complete garbage.
EP 39
Just listened to episode 39. Best one yet. Super informative. Keep up the great work
Great podcast
Absolute great podcast with tons of information.
One of the best podcast out there but the audio!
K9 Birddog
The information and the host along with the guest are incredible but the audio of Eric and the guest who call in sound great? But Ted sounds like they are using a microphone, is impossible to hear him consistently but if you turn it up to hear him when Eric or a guest talk it’s so loud! I end up missing most of what Ted says and he’s probably my favorite! Hopefully they can fix the audio issues and this would be 5 stars all day! Love the show so much learned every episode!
Entertaining + Informative = Awesome
I’m into sport dogs / working dogs so I love the show!
Fritter ! 5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Great Podcast ! Thanks for having Frank on your Show.
Love the training tips
Awesome training information!! When are you going to give Georgia Police K9 Foundation a mention?
Absolutely awesome information
Seriously amazing information presented by some of the best and most knowledgeable guys in the K9 world!
Great listen!
I love all the topics you guys cover and depth of which you dive into them!
Love listening to each episode. Great topics and super knowledgeable host and guest!
Knowledgeable and interesting!
This ain’t your mamas K9 podcast. Love every bit of this informative and captivating podcast!
Great information.
Thanks for sharing knowledge. A lot to learn from this podcast.
Very informative and entertaining
Love listening to the program. It’s awesome to listen to the wealth of knowledge Ted, Eric and guests bring to the show.
Max the millionth
On top of more facts
lisalisa cult jam
The best working dog radio show out there! From police to sport it’s all here!
Great show
Borderland k9
You guys have done a great job with this show. Ritland, Suttle, Bradshaw, every show has been great.
Love it
***EDIT*** did not have my right earbud in. Is episode 4 missing audio or am I having an issue on my end? Great info and great podcast.
My favorite podcast
Real K9 trainers and handlers each episode that discuss relevant information in the working dog world. I can’t get enough of the information that’s in each episode and looking forward to every new guest. Great stuff!
Great podcast
J Kam
Excellent podcast with very much needed information being put out.
Real informative!
Awesome show with a real down to earth way of delivering information that is both informative and useful!
Great podcast
Great information in an enjoyable format. Much needed.
Love this
Happy there is such a great working dog informational podcast. Thank you for creating this!
Love it
Finally, something worth listening too. Great job and looking forward to what's ahead.
Tuned in to hear Eric talk K9s. Love every part of the podcast.
K9 Skye
Great show. Very informative. So much knowledge packed in this podcast. Excited for the next episodes.
This is awesome!
This podcast is fabulous! Great new K9 related podcast that the industry has been needing for years! Great information and well formatted! I’m eager to hear the upcoming episodes.
Great show.
Owner and operator of WMK9. I rescheduled my anniversary to listen to episode 1. Made my wire keep our baby in for an hour more during labor for episode 2. Purposely ran out of gas to listen to episode 3 uninterrupted. Great show!!
Awesome you guys. Glad to see this finally happen.
Gives a great insight into the industry with so much knowledge. Excited for more episodes to be released. 🤘🏽
Great work guys! Thanks for doing this. Mike Ritland always a good time.
Excellent listening!
Jake Stanley
Looking forward to more episodes!
Great Podcast
If your wanting information about training K-9’s these guys are the best.
K9 Bliss
9 Left
Just finished episode #2. So much awesomeness!
Everything K9
What we all have been waiting for and its finally here. Can't say how excited we all are to see this come to fruition. Excited to see and hear the upcoming guests and topics on this show. This is what the we’ve been waiting for and is the future for everyone in the K9 industry. Thank you to all involve to make this happen. Joseph James Professional K9 Solutions
You won’t find a more entertaining and informative podcast on K9’s.
This is the future. Do you want cutting edge, no frills, exciting information that is not filtered by someone simply trying to steer you towards buying crappy gear? If so, tune in. I am and will be! Jeff Schettler CEO Georgia K9 NTC
Real K9 Information from handlers, trainers, breeders and more!
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