Totally agree about the audio!
More like Anal 101 please!
Viva Notte
Not necessarily about anal (though it prob couldn’t hurt)... love that there was a guest who can chime in on the medical and science of “taboo”/not often openly discussed/ungoogleable topics. I thoroughly enjoyed the info Dr Evan and Asa brought forth in this particular episode. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
pornhub class
Elsa Mars
i came here as a perv and found this entire podcast to be EXTREMELY educational. so much so that i’m constantly sharing it with my friends and social media following.
Lovely but needs better audio
Sometimes in the car the audio is so bad I have to turn it off. Please fix the audio!! Love it so much otherwise!!
Please stop texting
Her podcasts and guests are very entertaining, they talk about interesting topics it just becalmed very annoying when you can notice Asa texting , you can clearly hear all the bubble clicking and she becomes very annoying because all she does is agree and say “mmmhmmmm”.
Bobby Hundreds
As a Emigrant and a Trump supporter he didn’t say for the “ Congress “ woman to go back to there country, he said they should go back to there district and help out .Great podcast #5#⭐️
Asa is brilliant and the best
Amanda weber
THE END ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Jeremiah 29:11
First let me apologize and ask forgiveness for my past we’re I have been addicted to porn. I’m sorry I subject people like you to a mear object. You are obviously someone who’ve had brokenness in your own life. I know you are precious to God and he can mend any broken heart. I pray you find peace, that you find Jesus’s love in your life. Nobody has gone so far that God cannot forgive. For all those into porn, there is a hope and freedom in Christ Jesus. I know the struggle porn presents in your life and Christ can give you freedom. Seek help on pure The porn industry is making a mess of today’s generations. We are eternal beings, all of us. And someday each of us will have to account to a holy God how we lived our lives. And let me be clear that the only ones who spend eternity with God in heaven are those who surrender their lives to him. He paid the price for you, but you have to accept that gift in your own life
A fantastic Podcast
Really, Asa is one of the most talented interviewers out there. Her boundless curiosity is balanced by her wide-ranging intelligence. She’s funny, she’s self-depricating, but she’s also confident and self-assured. She approaches every subject matter with complete transparency in an effort to share with her audience exactly what it is about the subject that intrigues and fascinates her. And it’s so specific to her, no interview is like any other. I love how wide-ranging the guests are, from hip hop genius Humble the Poet to porn star legend Kayden Kross to her own husband and father of her child. Every episode is unique because every subject is unique and Asa approaches it from her unique vantage point. I also hope we get more interviews with Sean - those episodes are my favorites to date.
Get a new host
The host literally does not listen to the guest at all. Just listened to Eva Lovia’s episode and had to turn it off. All the host does is just say yeah and um and waits til the guest stops talking to ask the next planned out question. The guest shouldn’t be the one promoting the host to speak.
It’s awesome. Great work. This podcast is getting better and better.. Cheers 👏👏
I can’t hear!!
Love the podcast but TURN THE VOLUME UP!! I can barely hear your guests even on full volume!
One of your Girl Fans💜
I love everything about this podcast. Asa is a PERFECT choice for the host. She is smart, funny, gorgeous and super down to earth and honest. I could listen to her all day. I love the guests so much too. I enjoy all her episodes, but the best were the ones with Sean and her BFF Dana. Love them. They should take turns co-hosting with Asa like every month or something. Its amazing on so many levels. Please never stop Asa. I love your show! I was loving the most recent one since you had your baby. I seriously feel like so many things you and Sean talk about are so me and my husband. I promised myself I was never gonna let myself go or not have sex be a top priority. I was making sure that no matter what I was always gonna be hot and have sex just as much as before the baby. To show my husband how horney I still was, I gave him a very enthusiastic BJ when we were still in the hospital. Surprisingly, it was extremely hot even though I just had a baby 12 hours earlier. He was and still is very satisfied. It’s totally possible to have a child and still have a lot of sex. Thanks for being so relatable and awesome!! Best podcast ever.
Come back
Cool podcast crazy interviews with the pornstars the podcast should come back
Come back Asa!! We miss you!!
I hope this podcast continues! Asa did an amazing job interviewing her guests! Keep em cumming!!!!
Lexington Steele Interview
VERY interesting piece, but Asa was constantly interrupting his great stories with comments and trivial questions. Ugh! Very frustrating for the listeners. Please stay on point and remember it’s an interview not a conversation. Don’t get me wrong, Asa seems like good peeps and I’ll always be a HUGE fan!😉
I love this podcast , make episodes a bit longer and 🎤 sound quality a bit better but other than that I love hearing stories about the industry and the ladies and gent behind it
Great conversations, great guests, brutal audio!
Another Disney Fan
I love hearing the stories and honest answers from Asa and her guests, but the audio is rough. I feel like the podcast is an afterthought, loosely associated with Pornhub. During her pregnancy, the updates have been less regular, but I look forward to more episodes to come detailing this adventure in her life.
Speak up
The new episodes use to be weekly or even daily but that fell off steep. It's been almost 3 months since the last current ep and the last one. But the biggest problem I have with the episodes is the sound quality, either she needs better mics or needs to sit closer to mics.
It was good...
I really enjoyed the super curious podcast. This never quite lived up to the old podcast.
Amazing look into sexuality and the porn industry
Amazing podcast Asa! Incredibly guests and some incredible insight into all things sexual. Would love to see someone with a scientific background talk about sexual wellness and other aspects of sex. Keep you the incredible work and congrats on your marriage and pregnancy 🎉
Dope Podcast
Dopeness Asa 🔥🔥🔥
Very good
This is a very good podcast, I always get hard and I jerk off to asa all the tome. I’m jerking off as I’m typing this.
Post orgasm depression
Asa you should read Cupid’s Poison Arrow by Marnia Robinson. Given you’re comments and conversation I think this would be a VERY interesting read for you. Love all your work! Fan
The star wiht the voice
Newark Knight
I'm glad I get to listen to my favorite star talk about my favorite subject, here's to many more episodes
Please fix the sound
Been using for a while
I love this podcast. It’s amazing, but it is so hard to listen to cause the sound is so low. I literally have my car volume up full blast.
Mommy issues
Definitely a fan of DVDASA and checked out this podcast. So far my favorite thing was the phone calls that spiegler received. It feels so natural, and unproduced, but still funny topics with easy report between ASA and the guests. Great segments, great guests, great questions.
So relatable!
Thank you to you and your guests for being so candid. I find myself saying, “I do that too. I’m like that too.” A lot during these episodes. Coming from the production side of porn (PA/Camera) I’ve never really had time to connect with the talent off set as humans and understand what they go through in life, this is such a relatable podcast! Doesn’t matter if you’re into porn or just curious on what women talk about, this podcast is a great listen. Keep up the content. ❤️🙌🏽
I love this podcast
I think Asa should do a podcast with Kissa and Johnny Sins!😍
Skoops a berto
Soooooooo boring
Good needs work
5 star content 2 star audio quality
Missing Something
As much as I love Asa, I feel this is missing something. The idea of a porn podcast is great, but not all pervs are just into only sex stories. The business itself is extremely interesting. For an example, Asa can go over a little history of the company. How did pornhub get started? Why did they pick Asa. What’s the business background of the founders. Traveling podcasts for fans. Stuff like that. But I think she needs a partner. It’s almost awkward that all of this rests on her shoulders. Maybe she should have guest cohosts. Even if it’s a fan, they still have awesome questions to ask. Three out of 5 stars for the effort and picking one of the best performers in the biz.
Where’s Bae?
No updates for a while :( We miss you boo
Content is great audio is meh
jimmyjo bob
The last episode was a hard listen with the people not talking on mic or it’s just a bad recording.. I’ll give this week another shot of the audio is still bad I’ll move on
Starwars zeek
I could listen to Asa talk all day, she's so funny!
Favorite podcast
Asa usually has awesome guests, this has become my favorite podcast by far. And please more of Christian! By far my favorite episode, I’ve listened to it multiple times. I could listen to them chat all day.
Volume levels
This is an awesome podcast but something has got to be done about the volume levels. Asa sounds fine but this week it sounded like the guests were down a long hall and every once in a while their mics would get really loud and go back down. I stopped listening after a few minutes. This happens a lot.
Asa Akira !
mamba 824
I absolutely love her podcast ! From DVDASA to barstool and now her own podcast !
upset hotel guest
Holy cow he is the coolest person ever. E great interview. Give that man his own show.
Insightful and entertaining
Really enjoy her conversations with her guest. Christian X was my favorite to date - just straightforward banter with no bs
Kaylin Esp.
I started listening to Asa Akira’s podcast after she made an appearance on The Basement Yard. I love the layout of her podcast with it having small sections and she always asked the best questions. I find her entertaining and her commentary to be thought provoking and honest.
Great Show for another side of the modern AV industry
Mr. Panda Panda Pants
Please Please Please bring Hitomi Tanaka on as a guest. =) Asa Akira, someone has been running a cam account with a prerecorded video loop of you under the name SimoneCam.
Love it! Asa and Guests are awesome!
Amazing podcast for anything
Great stuff
Love the end inside the actors studio questions. Interesting discussions from interesting people.
Lex Interview
By far the best interview Asa has done so far, great questions and also better answers form someone like Mr. Steele. He is very eloquent and well spoken on the topic
Every episode so far has had me in tears laughing! I love Asa. Her personality is so genuine and pure.
Great podcast! However you need to put them out more often.
Awesome Topics
Asa Akira you will always be relevant...your topics are awesome and you sound like you have a great deal of fun with your guests and I love listening and recently submitted.Hopefully others are smart enough to do the same
I’m here for Asa but...
Jay Rob
I’ve only heard one episode, the one on Cryptocurrency ironically, but I’m already hooked! I’m a long time Asa fan and her other podcast actually lead me here. Sexy voice, charismatic and intelligent this is a podcast you want to tune into!
Do you know any ebony ?? (Bisexual) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
It would be really cool to hear some bisexual male talent on the show !’nn
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