FACEBOOK is DEAD! And MINDS.COM has taken over! E100 - (Bill Ottman) and [MINDS.COM]
Published December 3, 2018
29 min
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    FACEBOOK is DEAD!  And MINDS.COM has taken over! E100 - Bill Ottman and MINDS.COM   Bill Ottman An American Internet entrepreneur and freedom of information activist based in New York City, best known as the CEO and co-founder of Minds.   Ottman pursued English and music at the University of Vermont. In 2010, he worked as director of marketing at Gathering of the Vibes Music and Arts Festival. In 2011, Ottman co-founded Minds, an open source social networking platform that launched to the public in June 2015.[1] He is also an advisor at Code to Inspire.   Minds.com An open source and distributed social networking service, integrating the blockchain to reward the community with ERC-20 tokens for various contributions to the network.[5] Users can use their tokens to promote their content or to crowdfund and tip other users by subscribing to them monthly in exchange for exclusive content and services. Minds has become popular for its commitment to privacy, decentralization, optional anonymity, radical transparency, free speech, and user rewards in contrast to the surveillance, secrecy, censorship, and algorithm manipulation occurring on many proprietary social networks.   Minds was founded in February 2011 by Bill Ottman as an alternative to top global networks abusing digital rights. It was co-founded by John Ottman, Mark Harding, Ian Crossland, and Jack Ottman. In June 2017, the company raised over $1 million in the fastest equity-crowdfunded sale of all time.[7] In March 2018, Minds exited Beta and launched a white paper and testnet for its new native mobile apps and Ethereum integration. In October 2018, Minds raised $6 millions in Series A funding from Medici Ventures. Which is an Overstock.com subsidiary. Patrick M. Byrne, founder and CEO of Overstock.com, will join Minds’ board of directors.   Features include a news feed, video, images, blogs, groups, search, encrypted messenger, cryptocurrency wallets, exclusive content paywalls, promoted posts, tipping, and a token reward system. Minds maintains cross-platform functionality with both web and mobile apps. Frameworks, software, programming languages, and other technologies utilized in the platform include Apache Cassandra, React Native, AngularJS, PHP, Nginx, Elasticsearch, Ethereum, OpenZeppelin, Truffle, NativeScript, MetaMask Ubuntu Server, Redis, MongoDB, DroneCI, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, Linux, Vagrant, Docker, NodeJS, Gulp, TypeScript, OpenSSL, Socket.io, and NPM.   Minds has been featured by Forbes, Business Insider and VentureBeat for its tools to combat the decline of organic reach through algorithm changes on Facebook, Google, and other major sites. When the network launched its Alpha mobile applications in 2015, the global decentralized hacktivist collective Anonymous showed initial support for privacy features. Some have since expressed concern that other fringe groups could undermine the platform's ability to deliver accurate and curated content.[15] The Observer, Barron’s, and Breitbart discussed the network’s dedication to free speech and community-participation. Cointelegraph, Cryptobriefing, Bitcoin Magazine and Hacked have covered Minds for its digital currency ecosystem. On June 5, 2018 CBS Interactive, ZDNet's published an article about Minds, with focus on Minds blockchain integration.   minds.com mind.com/token https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Ottman https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minds
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