E35 Crypto Tax Havens, IRS & Crypto LoopHoles, Hong Kong & Russia want YOUR ICOs!
Published April 20, 2018
49 min
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    E35 Crypto Tax Havens, IRS & Crypto LoopHoles, Hong Kong & Russia want YOUR ICOs!   https://youtu.be/WxaZ-1aK360   Remember when you took tests in school, and you always had that one pain in the aorta question to compare and contrast. hated it. but it was an outstanding way to look at any issue. today, we compare and contrast crypto tax and regulation policies for three countries, china, actually hong kong, russia and the united states.   1. despite crackdown in trading, crypto and blockchain alive in china cointelegraph; chinese are imposing conditions and limitations on cryptocurrencies by the people's bank of china.   but two of the largest chinese cryptocurrency ewxchanges, okex and huobi, moved immediately to hong kong, and resumed cryptotrading. this created greater oppourtunities for investors and entrepreneurs.   but china will allow blockchain for retail trade.   2. hong kong has no capital gains tax on cryptocurrency transactions.   3.russia drafts bill to legalize cryptocurrency trading on approved exchanges.   'we don't want to limit or regulate, but we will set some limits,' said  russain deputy finance minster alexi moiseen. this is a change of heart given that vladamir putin was initially against all cryptos.   4. crypto tax breaks proposed by officials in russia tax exemption on profits from crypto-related transaction have been proposed during a meeting at the ministry of economic development of russia.   5. crypto currency investors lose major tax break under u.s. tax code irs has amended irc section 1031 a 1 regarding 'like kind' exchanges, excluding all cryptocurrency from a previous legal loophole and making all crypto trades a taxable event.   6. the sec just made it clearer that securities laws apply to most cryptocurrencies and exchanges trading them.   that included oversight of 'wallets' as well.     https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/03/07/the-sec-made-it-clearer-that-securities-laws-apply-to-cryptocurrencies.html   The SEC is going to increase regulation of cryptos, including "wallets."       http://bitcoinist.com/cryptocurrency-investors-lose-tax-break/   IRS shut down a major crypto tax loophole, making all crypto trades a taxable event...       https://news.bitcoin.com/crypto-tax-breaks-proposed-officials-russia/   Russia is implementing tax exemptions on crypto related transactions...,       https://news.bitcoin.com/russia-drafts-bill-legalize-cryptocurrency-trading-approved-exchanges/   Russia is going to allow crypto trading with some oversight..         https://www.google.com/amp/s/cointelegraph.com/news/despite-crackdown-on-trading-crypto-and-blockchain-in-china-are-alive/amp   China cracks down on crypto trading and ICOs, but major Chinese retailer will use blockchain for transactions.....       https://blog.startupr.hk/taxation-information-cryptocurrency-in-hong-kong/   Hong Kong had no capital gains tax on cryptocurrency...   #$bitcoin #bitcoin exchange rate #bitcoin exchange #bitcoin calculator #bitcoin converter #bitcoin atm #bitcoin chart #bitcoin charts #bitcoin faucet #1 bitcoin in usd #best bitcoin wallet #bitcoin casino #bitcoin difficulty #bitcoin address #bitcoin etf #bitcoin forum #bitcoin conversion #1 bitcoin #bitcoin gambling #bitcoin current value #bitcoin games #1 bitcoin $ #1 bitcoin to usd #bitcoin generator #bitcoin account #bitcoin graph #best bitcoin miner #bitcoin creator #bitcoin cloud mining #bitcoin buy #bitcoin currency #bitcoin exchanges #bitcoin cost #best bitcoin exchange #bitcoin dollar #bitcoin conversion rate #bitcoin calculator usd #bitcoin asic #bitcoin cz #bitcoin credit card #bitcoin faucets #asic bitcoin miner #21 bitcoin #bitcoin app #bitcoin bank #bitcoin future bitcoin faucet, 1 bitcoin in usd, best bitcoin wallet, bitcoin casino, bitcoin difficulty, bitcoin address, bitcoin etf, bitcoin forum, bitcoin conversion, 1 bitcoin, bitcoin gambling, bitcoin current value, bitcoin games, 1 bitcoin $, 1 bitcoin to usd, bitcoin generator, bitcoin account, bitcoin graph, best bitcoin miner, bitcoin creator, bitcoin cloud mining, bitcoin buy, bitcoin currency, bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin cost, best bitcoin exchange, bitcoin dollar, bitcoin conversion rate, bitcoin calculator usd, bitcoin asic, bitcoin cz, bitcoin credit card, bitcoin faucets
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