E36 - Using Blockchian to protect your data! WIZEBIT.COM
Published April 20, 2018
46 min
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    E36 - Using Blockchian to protect your data! WIZEBIT.COM   ROMAN TYKHOVSKY FOUNDER & CEO - WIZEBIT.COM   A cutting-edge futurist with 20+ experience developing Machine Learning and AI cloud-based platforms, Roman has co-founded five technology companies in the past decade. From biomedical devices, to gaming engines, to network automation, to hardware and software, Roman is prolific engineer that has spent his life mastering code to blur the limits of reality.   We believe in using the blockchain to protect individuals’ right to own their own data and not be used as unwilling pawns in a global marketing scheme.   We are dedicated to making your home smarter by allowing you to control every Internet of Things (IoT) device without exposing your data to third parties. By using a localized version of the WizeBit blockchain, you keep all data local while bringing an entirely new level automation and control to your house via devices like the WizeBox Hub - Smart Mining Device. Moreover, each box mines cryptocurrency for you - generating revenue for you without any effort from you. This is the smarter IoT home. This is Wize   We represent a strong, interconnected community of developers and technologists seeking to make the digital world more secure and comfortable through the utilization of blockchain technology. Wizebit is a cutting-edge company specializing in software, hardware, and artificial intelligence development. Our innovations represent opportunities for people to bring the blockchain into their personal and professional lives without intrusive privacy violations. We’re committed to making the world a better place, one block at a time.    • Blockchain Developer • ICO Advisor  • Risk Management, Security Strategy & Architecture • Biometric Security Applications  • Machine Learning Algorithms • Developed Dedicate Server Managment and Cloud Managment AI * poweredby.ai, networking protocols, end-to-end systems, full software stack. • Experience in creating and maintaining automation tests (integration, regression, performance, etc.)  • Develop and use effectively automated script design standards with the objectives of maximizing reusability and maintainability. • Experience with web-based JAVA/Python applications with large-scale relational databases. • Security tests, reusable components and function libraries. • Coordinate with vendor to resolve open issues/enhancements /upgrades and understand the use of a specific functionality as and when needed. • High degree of professionalism with an established reputation for quality, exactness, and results in fast-paced, ever-changing environments. • Cross-platform test automation for native, hybrid and mobile web apps, test on simulators, emulators (and real devices (iOS, Android).     https://github.com/wizebit ghostdirve.io https://www.facebook.com/wizebit/ https://twitter.com/WizeBit https://www.reddit.com/user/WizeBit/ https://t.me/wizebit https://www.linkedin.com/in/romansky/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/18338134/     #$bitcoin #bitcoin exchange rate #bitcoin exchange #bitcoin calculator #bitcoin converter #bitcoin atm #bitcoin chart #bitcoin charts #bitcoin faucet #1 bitcoin in usd #best bitcoin wallet #bitcoin casino #bitcoin difficulty #bitcoin address #bitcoin etf #bitcoin forum #bitcoin conversion #1 bitcoin #bitcoin gambling #bitcoin current value #bitcoin games #1 bitcoin $ #1 bitcoin to usd #bitcoin generator #bitcoin account #bitcoin graph #best bitcoin miner #bitcoin creator #bitcoin cloud mining #bitcoin buy #bitcoin currency #bitcoin exchanges #bitcoin cost #best bitcoin exchange #bitcoin dollar #bitcoin conversion rate #bitcoin calculator usd #bitcoin asic #bitcoin cz #bitcoin credit card #bitcoin faucets #asic bitcoin miner #21 bitcoin #bitcoin app #bitcoin bank #bitcoin future bitcoin faucet, 1 bitcoin in usd, best bitcoin wallet, bitcoin casino, bitcoin difficulty, bitcoin address, bitcoin etf, bitcoin forum, bitcoin conversion, 1 bitcoin, bitcoin gambling, bitcoin current value, bitcoin games, 1 bitcoin $, 1 bitcoin to usd, bitcoin generator, bitcoin account, bitcoin graph, best bitcoin miner, bitcoin creator, bitcoin cloud mining, bitcoin buy, bitcoin currency, bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin cost, best bitcoin exchange, bitcoin dollar, bitcoin conversion rate, bitcoin calculator usd, bitcoin asic, bitcoin cz, bitcoin credit card, bitcoin faucets
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