So fabulous!
When I had insomnia, I use to make up concert line ups with weird themes in my head until I fell back asleep. 10 year later and l discover this podcast. It is so much funnier than anything I ever came up with. Great host and guests and so much fun.
New Favorite Podcast!
This is great fun. As a one time Mix Tape maker, the concept speaks to me. Always charming and engaging host + great guests from world of comedy and performance makes for entertainment. I'm deep into bingeing this right now and so far the quality is consistently excellent. Bonus: I've discovered some artists' work that I would have never heard otherwise. Hope it goes on forever.
Wildly engaging, funny throughout...
realJohnny Markus
Eliza Skinner possesses an uncanny ear for hooking the listener. The show's a sparkling kaleidoscope of pop culture now and past, laced with high octane wit and cutting edge guests. I'm binging!!!
Subscribe! Do it!
Three episodes in and I’m in so into this dang podcast
Match made in music lover heaven
I’m one of those people who love curating playlists of songs for various occasions. So when I stumbled upon this podcast and listened to the first episode, it felt like I found the perfect podcast for me. The topics for each episode are fun and creative, the conversations with the guests are super entertaining, and Eliza Skinner is such a wonderful host.
Great show
Try it! you’ll like it!
The perfect concept podcast
Loved listening to the episode about animals and ghosts, this is a cool podcast - can’t wait to see where it goes from here!
Funny and smart
Eliza Skinner is my new fave 💗
Uh oh
That Chris hardwick statement from April Richardson did noooot age well. But I like the podcast no hard feelings.
Great host, concept and execution
Adair Rae
I love almost everything Eliza skinner does, and this is no different. Such a great listen!
its a really solid and interesting podcast.
Jerry scopolamine
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Got hooked from the first listen and have since listened to all of them and look forward to new ones.
Classic Yogurt Friend Podcast
Andj C
Music and real talk lovers unite. Come with us while we share the good, bad, and adolescent of the emotion music inspires. It’s the best. You’re behind already. Catch up Bro!
What might have been...
Justin Helmer
If Eliza Skinner wasn't so GD funny she would be an amazing music supervisor for movies. She and her guests take turns building a playlist for situations both specific and abstract. Great listening if you've ever agonized over a mixtape or spent time avoiding socializing by micromanaging the playlist at a party!
I listen to a lot of podcasts
But this has to be one of the best I’ve found
She’s so funny and talented can’t believe I didn’t know about this podcast until now!
Love this!
This is my new favorite podcast. Love the music, love the conversation! Nothing better
It's cool and there is a playlist.
Jon-Michael W.
The wonderfully funny and smart Eliza Skinner hosts this delightful podcast with a terrific premise that provides plenty of new music discoveries and celebration of songs you love in the context of interesting themes and stories.
Chris Pieske
Eliza Skinner is one of the best comics in the world, and this is a perfect concept.
Turbo and Ozone
Perfect blend of humor, passion for and knowledge of music. Genuinely fun to listen to and I’m glad I found it.
The making of a good compilation tape is a very subtle art.
Jude Kenny
Coolplaylist is a funny and informative show that introduces different opinions on music as guests discuss their unusual playlists. With jokes and banter driving the podcast, it is a joy to hear the guest share their personal taste with current songs along with ones that shaped them while growing up. The best side benefit is that the podcast showcases songs I'd never get to hear from my circle of friends or streaming algorithms that just pick songs I already know. Standout moments for me: Aisling Bea cranking “Where's Your Head At” after a disappointing day, Jonah Ray playing The Weakerthans while getting over a crush, April Richardson sharing her love of country music and Edgar Wright nerding out over Queen. I recommend to fans of comedy and music and those interested to learn something outside their comfort zone.
The absolute best
Joseph Zappa
I was already a big fan of Eliza’s, she is amazing! Funny, smart, and I always loved her singing on other podcasts so when I saw she was going to have her own music podcast I was already subscribing and it just keeps getting better and better each episode. I love the concept and it just makes me happy. Also, the theme song is super catchy and it always, delightfully, gets stuck in my head! I cannot recommend this podcast enough!
Hip Hip Horaaayyy
Cool beans in hot sauce.
What a great idea and a great host
I love Eliza Skinner and her comedic voice, and it's about dang time she got a podcast of her own. This is a great idea and it's very well-executed. What great guests she gets! I have found some new jams as well as bobbed my head to the favorites in my heart. I look forward to every new episode.
Like a blanket for your ears
you can call miel
At the end of a long day, there’s nothing I want to do more than curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and listen to Eliza Skinner’s dulcet tones. I would enjoy hearing her read the phone book, but the fact that this is a super humorous, heartfelt podcast doesn’t hurt either. Also, I cried seven times in the “Walking Around After a Breakup” episode.
This podcast is a solid gold nugget among a see of turds
I haven’t listened to this podcast yet, but from just being a fan of Eliza Skinner and her various projects I know I will love it. Eliza is the epitome of a brilliant and unique comedian.
Great podcast!
Eliza has a really cool perspective on a lot of subjects, especially music and comedy! Also love checking out the Spotify Playlists! BURN DOWN THE PATRIARCHY!!!
Simply great
doctor fax
Great conversations stemming from well thought out music selections made this one of my favorite podcasts very quickly.
A+ podcast
Great way to find new music
Love it
Great premise. Would expect nothing less from Eliza Skinner. Smart, funny, interesting, very entertaining. Lots of fun.
Trying not to fanboy
Joe Weinmunson
I've been a fan of Eliza's for years. When I heard that she was making this podcast I momentarily wondered whether I was dreaming. I love making playlists (I'm old enough to have made personalized cassette mixtapes) and maintain a list of my favorite songs from every year on YouTube. The show has a great premise, and while obviously I don't always agree that they're the BEST choices I love hearing Eliza and a guest explain why, TO THEM, a song means something to that topic.
Good people, Good music, Good times.
Love this podcast. Eliza is cool, love her voice and the stories she tells. The guests have been great and the scenarios are interesting. A great pod to listen to and chill out.
Fun and Funny, Regardless of your Music Tastes
I have never been big into music, but I do like Eliza so I figured it was worth a shot. Funny and heartfelt conversations every time, even though I may only know one of the songs they mention in the episode.
Hip, funny, smart
Big Juli
In three words that's the Skinner. Love the convo and the guests. Funny music talk for music nerds!
How was this not already a thing?
Great premise, great guests, totally enjoyable in all the ways you want an entertainment podcast to be.
Eliza is the best
This is my favorite new podcast. Eliza is so funny and charming and her guests are great.
My new comfort food podcast
Warming, pleasant, and puts me in a better mood after listening. Good music and enjoyable conversations. Is there more to ask for?
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