Relevance and reality
Stumbled across this podcast and have been running though all the previous episodes. So much good stuff, don’t think you can absorb it all but it is certainly putting me in the right directions. Got 50lbs to lose with an auto immune so I am hoping this may help with some of my symptoms.
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Dr. Anthony, host of the Keto Answers podcast, highlights all aspects of health, nutrition and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Great information
Overall awesome health podcast even if you don’t follow a keto diet. A lot of good take aways. Side note: episode 72 was a favorite. I enjoy your humor! :)
Merchandisers not informers
maltvinegarfish and chips
Focus on selling not informing. Banter is idiotic and unprofessional. There are some serious people out who form. Not these guys
Filling my bucket of knowledge!
This podcast is so well done! Thank you Doc for putting so much effort into this are making a difference. I suggest this podcast left and right, and I know they will enjoy and learn. Fabulous guests, loads of learning, and a great motivator. I’d love to hear lots more about blood sugar! Thank you!
This podcast is incredible. The guest are varied, informed, and so well chosen. Thank you for all you do. Glad you are fighting the fight and I hope in time your public reach will wake the masses. You, Anthony, are doing the right thing and people are listening. Take care, Catherine McMurray
Audio quality issue
The information presented is great, but I can only hear about half of the content during most episodes...while the audio from guests is just fine, the host’s audio gain is so low that it’s almost impossible to hear over ambient sounds in a moving vehicle. A bit more attention to audio quality would take this show to the top of my faves list.
Great Listen!
Best Keto podcast and information in general that I’ve come across. Some of the guests are hit and miss but overall Dr Anthony does such a good job with his takes and breakdown of everything Keto. Highly highly recommend!
Alzheimer’s and ketones
Martin of Asheville
I just finished listening to the podcast on Alzheimer’s disease in which Steve(who suffered from the disease) improved dramatically after being given coconut oil and MCT oil by his astute wife, a physician. My mother passed away in 2015 after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years earlier. At that time I was one of her caregivers. None of us had ever heard of a nutritional approach to her disease as a possible path of treatment. So glad to hear that this information is getting out there, as we certainly need something constructive to combat this awful disease. I look forward to hearing and reading more about this fascinating topic. I am 67 years old as of this writing and I am planning to add coconut oil to my diet. Thanks to both doctors for sharing this with us.
Great Podcast. Highly recommended
I just finished listening to the podcast where Dr. Gustin has Thomas Seyfried on as a guest. This is definitely a podcast that I will be listening to again and taking notes. I just lost my Mom who was 68 years old to a Grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma, Wild Type brain tumor. Losing her has been really devastating. It infuriates me how the medication they were giving her to “treat” her cancer was more than likely giving the cancer fuel to grow. Things in our medical system have got to drastically change. Too many people are dying from cancer and as doctors, patients and patient advocates our hands are tied because the only options we have is the “standard of care.” I ordered Thomas Seyfried book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, I can’t wait to start reading it.
Listening over and over
loving the info
I really enjoy this podcast. This is one podcast that one may be able to listen to more than once. I binge listen daily for 10 hours at the moment but feel that the information is so important to retain that I will repeat the whole podcast. So much information. Appreciate it all.
Phenomenal, informational, inspirational, [/insert]nal
This is the best keto based podcast. Dr. Gustin brings on many knowledgeable members of the keto community, offering sage advice and tidbits to improve your body composition in a smart and meaningful way. From fitness junkies to non-traditional Dr.’s, you WILL assuredly find what you’re looking for with the Keto Answers Podcast. Keep up the good work, Dr. Gustin!
I’ve tried listening to other Keto podcasts but none of them stick. The caliber of guests is phenomenal and the variety of information shared is really great. It felt a little Bro-ey at first age like a constant Perfect Keto infomercial but I’ve gotten past that.
Love this Podcast!
This podcast has useful information for many different people on a ketogenic diet! Thank you for educating me! I enjoy each episode which provides just the right amount of scientific explanations and practical tips.
Great products and loved this conversation
Bye Magic!
1st off we bought your bars and they are great just the Carmel one was our least favorite and instead of having us return it you just gave us the box to enjoy and gave us a refund on it. Thank you for your great products and customer service it’s rare these days. It’s amazing how I question absolutely everything from politics, to our health system, to mass marketing and tricking mass of people even smart doctors are brought up in a system that values pills, shots, treatment vs healthy eating as a start to health. I recently moved my browser from google to DuckDuckGo and turned off locators trying to do a google cleanse. It’s amazing and I guess not shocking that half the party and some republicans protecting google were they are spying on us and collecting information on us for China and marketing! Sorry for the rant if you disagree that’s ok too lol👍 just nice to hear people are starting to understand what’s happening Thank you for making awesome clean products and you can tell you guys are passionate on making a clean tasty snack
Better than buttered Bacon!
This is one of my very very favorite podcasts, and 110% the only company I will buy keto products and supplements from! So many awesome guests, an awesome host, and TONS of great information! Though I have never met Anthony in person, listening to the podcast feels like having a chat with a wise old friend. (Not callin you old man)😂.
Doctor Anthony and his wide range of professional guest bring common questions, tips and tricks, and the latest KETO research, to the spotlight in this detailed and informative podcast. This founder brings medical research and evidence based findings to his listeners, not just his opinion to the show. This podcast is a MUST LISTEN for any seasoned KETO fan, however, can be a priceless tool for the newcomer in the KETO adventure. CHECK IT OUT..
F**k yeah!
My information source for nutrition, health, fitness is mostly books. I thought I’d peruse podcasts other than Dave Asprey’s. Yours is the only one I’ve wanted to keep listening to and I absolutely LOVE the one guy who swears all the time. My apologies for not recognizing voices yet, so I don’t know which host it is. Anyway, love the real talk nature of this podcast. Thanks, guys!
Improves the human condition.
Will M (TX)
Keto Answers consistently offers actionable information to the individual seeking to better steward their vitality and longevity.
Learning so much
Thank you for your podcast. I have learned so much and my eyes have been open to things. How do I get in touch with you personally? What’s your email address?
Awesome info!
Loving this podcast. It has helped me tremendously as I’ve ventured into the Keto lifestyle. Great content, easy to understand and implement. Can’t get enough. Thx Dr Gustin!
Excellent Q&A episodes. Super informative, not trying to push any agenda, just honest common sense and science based answers. Keep the questions coming, I always learn a lot and often learn to see things from a new perspective. Great podcast.
Lame response to keto when camping
She asked what you would take to stay keto while TENT camping and the best you could do is blow off the question by saying “a bunch of keto bars”?? Then you skirt the question by saying if you have a cooler take meat eggs etc. Why don’t you just be honest and say you can’t stay strictly keto while camping without a cooler. Your podcast is good half the time. The other half is just an ad.
Chew the words like food
I enjoy the content, the guests, and would like to say I have thoroughly enjoyed listening. But, I’m not inside the speaker’s head and when two or three words are strung together in one unbroken wave of sound, it’s at times difficult to follow. A preposition blended with a noun isn’t hard to figure out, but product names can be very difficult to understand. It’s similar to watching video shot by an rank amateur; the filmer’s brain processes the images quickly, but on playback the images fly by too fast to be enjoyed.
Really has grown on me
Jason E
Dr Gustin is super passionate about his work and the episodes are consistently improving
Totally obsessed
Cant decide
I love this podcast and binge listen on a regular basis. Sometimes I re listen to episodes they are so good. My only complaint is ou guys don’t have one everyday 😂 keep it coming. Can’t get enough. I don’t ever purchase products marketed for my low carb lifestyle but I’ll be buying just to support this business because it’s content like this that will change our world for the better. Thank you!
Deplete stem cell ability to regenerate?
Matty Boom
Love the podcast. Great info. I listened to three episodes in a row recently, and I can’t remember which one, but the guest mentioned something along the lines that too much fasting can deplete your stem cells ability to replicate. Does anyone recall which episode? I’ve never heard this before. Wondering if he has any articles/studies to back this claim up?
Every sentence is a question? Distracting?
Memphis Gal
Very informative information, but Dr. Gustin's? Sentences? End on an upnote? At the end of every sentence? WHICH IS REALLY DISTRACTING!!! I'm from NYC, so I can follow someone who speaks quickly, but the uptick thing is distracting, sort of hard to take seriously, follow. Try to listen objectively and see what you think.
Was shocked to see all of the comments regarding Dr Gustin’s rate of speech and inability to understand him as I haven’t had that issue at all. But maybe I don’t have an issue because I speak Minnesotan? Loved the Hotdish reference in episode 62.
Too bad
The content and guests are interesting and informative but unfortunately because of the host’s incredibly fast and hard to hear voice I find it hard to enjoy. His speech pattern sounds as if it’s on 2X and the volume of his voice is much lower than that of his guests. It’s too bad because it has the makings of a great podcast.
Dr. Saladino
I loved this conversation! Loaded with mind blowing nuggets of information from liver talk, pepper and plant toxins. Whoa! A must listen. Thanks for the intro to Dr. Saladino.
We are not hunter gatherers anymore
Hi, love your podcast so much info!! One thing I don’t understand is that we are not living in a cave with food scarcity. Our days in 2019 are not spent thrashing thru forest all day to hunt down a buffalo. So why would we base our diet on people that were walking all day thru mountains and valleys and basically life was rough really rough. If you compare life now to then, dare I say there’s no comparison, so I’m kinda confused when you interview drs that keep referencing the hunter fathers and basing their theory and diet on a way of life that is basically gone. Why would we eat like that? What logic is in that? I am mostly carnivore and I am really trying to understand all these different theories. Thanks for your podcast! Allison
For the love of..
Seriously. Host doesn’t need to speak “slowly”, but freaking slow down your speaking cadence a little bit, especially during interviews! My god! And then on top of that, with headphones/earbuds in, speak closer into your mic or turn YOUR volume UP! Your hard-to-understand language and low volume, so I jack up volume, then the guest’s volume comes in and blows your eardrums up! So annoying. Amazing content, it’s a shame that the listening experience is so hard.
Hard to understand
Why is the speech so fast? Can’t follow.
I can’t understand a word!
Please speak slowly... this podcast has so much information, and it’s great but you got to speak slowly.
Dr. David Perlmutter Grain Brain
Excellent information from Dr Perlmutter about brain health. His book is very informative and so needed in this sugar eating overweight and junk food society. Many diets mainly focus on losing weight with ridiculous measures and fasting. However Dr Perlmutter focuses on normal diets and what not to eat with a emphasis on exercise and incorporating the Keto way of eating. This presentation was great and as a retired RN, I encourage people to heal and stay healthy by eating a healthy diet and mental wellbeing.
Content is good, background music is bad
The background music is distracting, random and sounds like a massage parlor. The content of the guests is great, but please ditch the background music.
Slow down!
I’m from NYC area where we happily speak at a fast pace, but this guy talks *crazy* fast. I couldn’t make it past 5 minutes of it.
I Love Dr Anthony!
I look forward to every new episode. They aren’t too long and are always packed with useful information. Not only for Keto but for all nutritional needs. I trust Dr. Gustin’s advice, theories and guest decisions. If you haven’t tried Perfect Keto products, get on that. They’re amazing!
You put Anti-Vaxxer Ben Greenfield on.
Naptime Cometh
I unsubscribed from the podcast. I expect better judgment from my podcast hosts.
Incredibly informative and fun to listen to
He has so many brilliant guests and manages to promote the Keto lifestyle without being judgmental or dogmatic. I absolutely love this podcast.
Great info from Dr. Anna Cabeca
Full of info for women. Really appreciate that episode. Have her back!!
Must Listen!
If you’re interested in nutrition & performance, this is a great way to spend your time. Dr. Gustin is the real deal & is truly committed to providing his audience with honest & actionable info. Highly recommend
Loving this podcast and the YouTube videos!
Loving it! and a suggestion...
This podcast has been a great resource and I really enjoy the content. I also like the chill vibe of the podcast. The YouTube videos have been great too! I am in a year long Keto Wellness program created by 2 NTP’s (nutritional therapy practitioners) and I would like to suggest that you check them out. Tiana Rockwell NTP is who I work with. She is a fat adapted triathlete as well as a CrossFit member. She has been working with me and many other clients for years and is passionate about Keto, but more importantly, health through eating whole foods and learning about our bodies. Check her out at TriRealFood, Tiana Rockwell.
In reference to Dr. Anna episode
Hey! Love your podcast, normally... I didn’t really get this one. At first, I was super excited about correlations with women’s changing hormones and the application to a keto lifestyle. I felt like Dr Anna basically skimmed the surface without actually saying anything other than “purchase my program”. I somehow ascertained that she has written at least one book on the matter. And she has, it just hasn’t been published yet. Your podcasts guests are usually so inspiring and jam-packed full of info and wisdom. While I am sure, Dr. Anna is both of these, she didn’t really seem to offer any info other than a kinda off sales pitch. I still don’t understand how one’s urine ph effects anything. Sadly, that was what I found most intriguing. Has she written a book on this that maybe I just missed in my search? Best, J
The keto answers podcast
DR Montana
Great information easy to follow loved the most recent podcast with Dr Anna I will share this one with many friends
Amazing Info
Baker Wes
Once again Dr Gustin delivers with another great guest and info that helps anyone curious about adapting a keto lifestyle.
Great Podcast
I’ve learned a ton listening to this podcast. I’d be interested in hearing an expert talking about keto and dieting when pregnant.
Fun and informative
Kalani Ng
Just listened to the episode with Brandon Carter. So far so good. I am inspired to start Keto. I’m definitely going to listen to another one. Mahalo
Episode 046
Lovin Pandora
Do you realize how much you talk about yourselves? Looking for an informative podcast episode? Not this one.
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