Fun Listen
It’s sad that the show is over, but thanks for the memories and book recommendations!!
Fan submissions
Just a suggestion but having fans submit couples to talk about sounds like a fun way to discover new interpretations of characters in media.
Pretty Good
Bieber, not Kingston
The show’s great, but sometimes they talk about topics they have very little knowledge on. For example, when they talked about 50 shades of grey, neither of them had read all the books or seen the movies.
Favorite New Podcast
I was passing through BookCon when I heard someone say “Make crafts with the OTP Podcast!” I jumped on that, picked up a free book (that I am *LOVING*), and subscribed to the podcast. I tuned into the first episode, and I am so happy I did because this is the kind of podcast I’ve been wanting. Erica and Marissa are super cool and have lots of funny and awesome things to say about their favorite OTPs. This is officially my new favorite podcast!
Do reylo please!
Can’t get enough!
I love OTP so much! I feel like the hosts would be fun to drink copious amounts of wine with! Fingers crossed for a Boy Meets World episode... Cory + Topanga forever
~Can’t wait for more~
I really enjoy the show so far! The conversations are really inviting, especially since I’ve never read/seen 50 Shades but felt totally versed enough by the pod to listen and understand. I can’t wait to see how the show develops as it matures and finds its groove!
Very enjoyable
I think the length of the podcast is perfect, short enough not to drag and long enough to cover the topic thoroughly. The hosts are pretty funny and we’re only two episodes in and I enjoy their groove. Excited to keep listening and see who they keep talking about.
Great show!
Erica and Marissa are funny and a lot of fun. Subscribed! Ship it!
neat concept
Paddington Bear OG
first episode was an interesting look at the culture and context around Harry and Meg fever; interested to hear how they will handle fictional couples. shipping/fandom culture is a cool concept that deserves a look so it's nice to see a podcast like this
Love it!
So excited to listen!
Laugh out loud
This trailer made me LOL. Can’t wait for the first episode! Love this concept and the hosts are hilarious.
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