Love it!
Love the stories, the different ideas/ways to look at certain situations and the production! Excellent sound quality to boot! With Kate’s soothing voice she will certainly grab some attention no matter what case she’s covering. Thumbs up all the way! 👍 👍👍👍 Melanie @MurdersMissing
Good conversations
Citrus Sunshine
The conversations are always interesting and often helpful in understanding people and even myself.
Don’t mess with Kate
Kate is blunt and passionate in her discussion. She doesn’t always agree with her guests...and that opens things up for discourse during which both parties may come to modify their thinking. Qualities I am trying to improve in my own life.
Great Show
Danielle Groulx
I love hearing a different perspective on things from an educated source.
An Authentic, Respectful Voice
Ignorance was Bliss’s host, Kate, has a gift for speaking with people with an authentic, respectful voice—whether it’s whoever’s on the podcast with her or her audience. Her intelligent engagement and driving curiosity draw me in to the conversation, and I have a sense of the intensity of her desire to understand, how did we get here? We don’t always get there, but the ride gives glimpses of how a trained mental health professional sees the world…and the criminal behaviors that go on all the time. That insight is unsettling…but it’s a comfort to know that there are people like Kate on the front lines.
You rock, Kate!
Love the podcast. I appreciate the rawness and honesty. And Buttercup5689 can go sit on a pineapple. Keep up the good work, Kate!
Liberace Dude
boring chatter
amazing person
general hannibal of robots
great show
Kate is a Podgod!
I love this podcast! Kate does her homework. She’s thoughtful, funny and entertaining! This pod is a MUST for True Crime junkies!!! 5 stars is insufficient!
Gets it right
I find it charming that this pod isn't posturing with fancy edits; it’s fine to be a little rough around the edges! Personality, format, content drive audience TSL; it’s not heroics with Adobe Audition, sorry to the polished turdcasts (you know who you are).
Kate has a strong storytelling presence that captivates me as she leads me out of bliss. So, so good! Also, I LOVE the cover art!
Enjoy losing your bliss.
Turn Of Phrases Podcast
Ignorance may be bliss, but not as blissful as this podcast. I give this show two less ignorant thumbs up.
fast and furious
Afro Deziac
she's got her content hot and ready sometimes twice a week. get it girl.
So so good
I quickly came here after hearing Kate as a guest on an episode of People Are Wild podcast. I was totally enthralled with the story she told there, and even more excited to hear she has a podcast of her own. I’m loving the balance among story telling, interviews, technical definitions, personal asides and deep dives. She has the knowledge and personal experience to articulately delve into topics at a level I often wish other podcasts could.
Fascinating and thought provoking
Also, nightmare giving. I’ve only just started this podcast and have a lot of catching up to do. So far what I’ve heard has made me feel emotions, which is rare in a podcast. Also, not sure if I want to thank Emily or not but I now am obsessed with Night Mind and all those other creepypasta YouTube channels. After listening to that episode I was up until about 4 am watching the Marble Hornets explained.
Such a good show!
Tonya - G
I heard about this show on Strictly Homicide and wanted to give it a listen. I am so glad i did because Kate is really good at what she does. Keep it up Kate!
Wow. A must listen
Kate takes a look at the psychology involved in many types of crimes. She isn't afraid to bring herself into the story and let the listener know the pain she feels. She will take over the conversation at times but you can tell it is the excitement in her personality that she can't keep quiet. This is a very informative podcast and has made me think deep about myself at times. Keep it up.
Just Amazing!
UPDATE: seriously still loving every minute of this podcast! Kate is amazing and answers all of my questions throughout the’s like she’s in my head (and I LOVE it!). It’s taken me quite some time to sit down and write a review because there’s just so much good to say about it! To sum up my feelings though; I cannot think of a better go-to podcast if you’re looking for the breakdown of different psychological behaviors/diagnoses. Kate takes a unique approach to explaining and helping other understand the dynamics of mental health awareness and its importance. I love that she can explain things in a way that any one can understand, even if they’ve never taken a psychology course. She also discusses the importance of compassion in the field of mental health as well as everyday life. It’s one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to and I hope she continues to grow and others spread the word about this amazing podcast! -Heather (Nature vs Narcissism & Status Pending Podcasts)
Extremely insightful!
Ate-Up:The Podcast
With today’s advanced forensic investigative techniques, we know where, what, when, and how. But we have very little understanding of “why”. Kate is uniquely qualified to give us an insight into the state of mind of criminals. She breaks down the stereotypes and preconceived notions we have about mental illnesses and explains in great detail the afflictions and challenges others face. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in psychology or anyone who would consider themselves “normal”.
five stars
Nicki T @ Strictly Homicide
Im so glad i found this podcast! I have binge listened to date and am so anxious for the next episde! Kate does such a great job hosting and the research is obviously greatly done! Id highly reccomend Ignorance was Bliss to ANYONE! -Nicki T (StrictlyHomicide)
Omg. I started with episode 003 about what it feels like to have schizophrenia. I listen to a lot of podcasts, I mean A LOT, and this episode was quite easily the most interesting, informative, empathy provoking, perspective shifting piece of audio I’ve ever heard. No joke. I am looking forward to devouring every single episode in quick succession and hope for many, MANY more. Such excellent work, Kate.
Never not interesting!
Kate covers a wide range of topics, so there truly is something for everyone. She presents lots of interesting perspectives through her own lens as well as through compelling interviews. This is the perfect podcast to put on while driving or cleaning or going for a walk…any time really…just subscribe already! -Dumb and Busted podcast
Really Unique Podcast!
Forgotten News Podcast
This is a smart, clever, funny and insightful podcast. Kate is great as a host. She knows how to get right to the heart of a topic, and give a perspective that you never would have thought of. In addition, she is an absolute treasure to the podcasting world, thanks to her willingness to collaborate whenever she can. Definitely give her show a listen!
Bliss and more.
Listening to IWB is a definite treat for me. When I need to relax and unwind, I can tune into this show and focus on some good details and storytelling. Definitely a big fan.
It’s like watching a car wreck.
I have been following and listening to this podcast for quite sometime and have now unsubscribed. The host seems to be becoming unstable. It is not only my belief, but others who have listened (among my circle of podcast enthusiasts) as well. It’s bad enough that the host has minimal experience and presents as an expert, the episodes have become more and more erratic, the content drifts and the host sounds paranoid and lashes out into rants. This latest episode confirms it. If you enjoy listening to a arrogant, angry host with little self control and decorum, slowly but surely deteriorate, have at it. I can’t listen to this car wreck anymore.
Interesting, informative and unique!
Kate presents her podcast in a charismatic and dry sarcastic way that makes us love her! Her background feeds intelligent and informative conversations, making for a unique listen every show. If you have an interest in the psychology behind true crime, you will truly enjoy this podcast. We are devoted listeners - keep the episodes coming! @2girlsonabench
So Much To Learn
Voice of the Victim Podcast
Kate has such an interesting view to offer to help us understand mental issues and how they affect criminals. Definitely recommend if you enjoy mentally stimulating discussions from someone with experience!
Kate brings a different perspective
I like how she knows more about the psyche of criminals! That is one of my favorite reasons I love true crime. Trying to get inside criminals or someone with mental issues and how their mind works! Please give her podcast a listen to!
Answering Tough Questions
Sensitive and thoughtful treatment of a difficult topic. The host really knows her stuff and radiates a genuine, down-to-earth warmth.
What we need to know, but don’t want to hear
Looking at mental health from a psychological perception can tell so many stories about where true illness resides, rather than what one is told to believe about themselves. In a criminalistic/forensic standpoint, it hits even harder when you’re identifying where the final strand snapped. The human mind is full of mystery and wonder, but can also be terrifying. Even more terrifying when we believe these things could never happen to us
Holy cannoli.
Kate just f@!$&ng gets it. Keep killing it girl! Love from your Florida FAM. 💖
Familiar Strangers!
Sheamus McKillian
A must listen podcast! You will learn more then ever anticipated from this amazing show! Youll be hooked after your first few minutes listening.
Knowledgeable & Passionate
I listen to so much true crime that it’s such a nice change of pace to listen to something with a clear point of view. If your looking for passion and knowledge on issues of psychology, mental health and social issues (just to name a few) you’ve found your podcast. Awesome job with some really important & difficult topics.
Wow! What a great podcast!
I’m so excited to have found this one. Can’t wait to binge. The forensic psych perspective is so interesting and informative.
Kate is just purely a lovely human being. She is making the world a better place. So glad to have her as a podcast friend!
Don't miss out!!
Jarred's Queen
Kate is awesome! She's the definition of what makes a great host; she's smart, funny, respectful, and fearless! I'm so glad I found this podcast!
100% Heart and Authenticity
This podcast is truly one of a kind. There is so much heart and authenticity and a very deep, emotional exploration of the truth of mental illness and life in general from a broader perspective. There are VERY few shows like this on the airwaves. It’s clear that Kate puts a lot of love into what she does. If you’re looking for mental/emotional/spiritual growth, this is the podcast for you. Rock on, girl.
knowledge is bliss
Fiercely Altered Perspective
Kate has one of the coolest pods around. She is super smart and is able to break down very complex emotions, perspectives...whatever you want to call them, she can break them down to something anyone can understand. She always talks to interesting people and about interesting things. Plus the best thing? She just DOES it. It comes natural, so its no surprise that this podcast is drawing more and more people in. Be sure to subscribe. This is valuable information you need in your life. Plus its funny. You laugh, you think, you reflect, and you feel better about moving forward. Life saving may be too much...but its not far off either. Just depends. I suggest anyone to listen and find out for themselves! You wont be disappointed! Em and Quinn from the fap
Noelle (Hile on Life)
There are so many podcasts out there that I've stumbled upon that cover true crime or mental health...and most of them are the same. I was so excited to find this gem that covers a lot of mental health issues by someone who has years of experience working in a profession that deals with mental health on a daily basis. Keep up the amazing show and I can't wait to hear more!
Kate is pretty darn great!
A Paranormal Chicks
Each episode is truly interesting. Kate does great research and the show is well put together. Five stars!! 🌟
Super Informative
Justin S. Drown
You can tell that Kate has a lot of passion for this and it comes through in her research. Whatever episode you listen to, you leave it feeling more knowlegeable than before. This is a true crime podcast made for true crime buffs. Don't expect typical true crime fair. Give it a listen, you wont regret it.
A Psychological Panorama
Kate has really tapped into something unique here. She covers topics with a very cerebral and relatable analyses of the world's saturnine tableaux. I highly recommend Ignorance Was Bliss to anyone wanting a psychological panorama of the darker aspects of our existence.
I love this show! Kate is so knowledgeable without coming across as condescending or patronizing, and she's so darned personable. She is very empathetic and has such great stories to tell.
Ignorance was bliss
You are simply awesome....great job!
Soooo good!
Jenni-Wives' Tales Cohost
I love this concept, it’s different than most podcasts out there which i absolutely love! Kate is well researched and keeps things very interesting! Although the premise is so right, sometimes ignorance is bliss, but these are topics we need to know more about! Love your passion girl! So glad I started listening!
Love love love
I really dig this podcast. Honest and informative.
Smarter For Knowing...
Life on The Plantation
This podcast is the smartest show out there in the true crime/psychological genre. Kate is intelligent, has a dry humor, and very frankly tells it like it is. The episodes are well thought out, thoughtful, and woven in story-like fashion while maintaining quite a conversational ambience. It is hard to binge-listen as there is so much to consider, ponder, and reflect on following each episode. Yes Kate, I was happier before I knew, but I’m smarter now that I know. Keeping doing what you’re doing, your show is fantastic!
this is an amazing podcast! Kate is intelligent, sarcastic, dark and funny. she also loves her fans! keep up the great work!
Important and moving episode
As a childhood survivor of domestic violence, the subject matter of the debut episode was very personal to me. That's why I'm so glad I listened because this is an important topic and vital that it comes out of the shadows to empower survivors. Kate's tone on the subject, a gentle balance of empathy and inquiry, is right for the issue being discussed. The women who speak with Kate so openly about their abuse AND life after they were free is empowering. - Shannon Ballard, Southern Mysteries Podcast
Brilliant program
Well thought out and concise. I can understand.
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