Document Deep Dive into Trek
Alexander Gates
From and the Roddenberry Network, comes a short-form discussion show about documents found in Gene's personal archives. Each week, they read a document and discuss the implications, history, and how it fits in the behind the scenes narrative of the show. The hosts are engaging and fun; extremely knowledgeable and well-researched. For any Trek fan, no matter how big or small, this is a must-list.
Just the thing for lovers of Trek trivia!
Love hearing stories from the beginning of Star Trek and seeing these amazing documents. Thanks!
A must for any Trek fan
This is a very fun podcast. Deep dive into some behind the scenes documents.
In a word, fascinating.
Just when you thought there was nothing new to discover in the Trek Universe, there's something new to discover in the Trek Universe. Well done!
A must listen!!!!!!!!!
Heard the previews on slice of sci fi podcast and just listened to first show. Great start. I hope it catches on.
Only the best from Roddenberry.
Wonderful production quality and fantastic information presented in an interesting format. I look forward to hearing more from Dr. Trek, Larry Nemecek, John Champion, Ken Ray, Dorothy Fontana and other Star Trek royalty.
It’s about time!
I want more! Great first episode. Larry’s wealth of Star Trek knowledge will be a gold mine for this podcast. Looking forward to many many more.
Wooden Shoes 13
A wonderful review of the founding documents of Star Trek! Every hardcore Trek fan NEEDS to subscribe. This is History 101 at Starfleet Academy
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