Too bad it’s not appropriate for kids.
I love listening to your podcast and my 8 year old daughter is interested in getting into distance hiking. Unfortunately you seem to think that to be interesting you need to grow in a lot of profanity that is not appropriate for kids to be hearing. I’d love to be able to share your experiences with her while we drive to school or drive on vacation but the swearing that is peppered throughout your podcast ruins the opritunjay for responsible parents to share the podcast and hiking information with their kids. You should be encouraging young listeners to get interested and involved but you are turning them away.
Mrs. Vigness
From Ohio to Colorado for a Melanzana Hoodie
mandy gee
The husband and I found ourselves free of responsibility for four days. We decided to drive from Ohio to Colorado to get our own Melanzana hoodies and to put a some miles on the Colorado trail. We downloaded all the episodes of Backpacker Radio to help us get through the long drive. After many hours of listening I’m still not sure if Zach hiked the AT or not. Thanks for making the drive entertaining and for teaching these wanna be thru hikers a few things. Mandy Gee
What is there not to love?
Zach and Chaunce are an awesome and entertaining team. The interviews and stories shared provide insight into the backpacking community and make my trek as a weekday cubicle dweller a lot better. It is obvious how much they enjoy the outdoors and the energy reflects in their stories. My only negative comment is that after listening to the podcast I’m left in the need to go outside and thru-hike, drink!
A pleasure to listen
This podcast scratches an itch in between long backpacking trips. A must listen if you have any interest in long distance backpacking.
Pure comfort
The show for me, is like enjoying a hot cup of coffee (with a nudge) next to a campfire on a cool night. Not only is it entertaining, but it’s been a valuable resource for me on all of my hikes. Which have totaled up to zero trail miles thus far. Regardless, I will keep listening, as I need to know the who, what, where, when, why, and how to poop, when on the trail. If I ever get on the trail that is.
A. J. Pope
A P R O P O S P R O P O S Maybe this podcast should try to get sponsored by a thesaurus instead.
A podcast.
This is a podcast. It is about backpacking. It is hosted by Zach and Chaunce. I listen to it. Sometimes it is funny. Sometimes it is useful. It is easy to listen to. They have guests. They talk. Sometimes the guests are interesting (legend) Sometimes they aren't. I left a number of stars that is more than 4 and less than 6.
Continued Connection
I truly enjoy this podcast. I am an avid hiker, who has to balance a professional life with my love of the outdoors and the trail. Backpacker Radio keeps me connected to the trail when life provides zero time to hike. Guests are great and truly provide valuable insight to life on the trail as well as fantastic advise for gear and trail life! They also shed light on the humor, amazing moments and the hardships that come with life on the trail. I appreciate Zach and Chaunce’s hard work, well may be not that hard 😂, which gives us all an avenue to stay connected!
Scarlet Squad
I bought this radio thinking it would last at least 6 months while thru-hiking the buckeye trail. Almost 2 years later and it is still working! The only weird thing is it doesn’t pick up any radio stations. It just plays recordings of 2 people discussing hiking and stuff. I tried returning it to REI but they had no idea what I was talking about and kicked me out of the store. Anyway, 5 stars. One of you should really consider hiking the AT some day.
Couple of Ginger Jabroni's
Bonsai Bob (my trail name)
Whenever I'm having a good day, my mood is slightly above average, or things are going somewhat well for me in life in general, all I have to do is listen to Backpacker Radio and I can be miserable again. Their mindless dribble, meaningless banter and horrible voices bring me back down to normal and I can go about my grouchy slothlike day in peace. Still waiting for the day Zach hikes the AT so I can read his book. Seriously though, Chaunce & Badger run the best hiking podcast out there. Tons of great info and amazing guests. Thouroughly enjoy listening to every episode. Keep it up.
Long time listener, first time reviewer
I love this podcast and look forward to hearing it every week. It gives me all the feels and keeps the thru hiking itch both scratched and itching like crazy at the same time. Keep up the great work!
Great Podcast!
I love your podcast and have listened since the beginning. I listen to several other podcast, but yours is such a joy and it makes me laugh out loud and puts a smile on my face. I just finished episode 49 with Pretzel and it was great! I loved listening to him and liked how you guys just let the show go in any direction instead of having to stick to a planned structure. Keep up the great show and great information and content your putting out. SlingShot
Can never get enough...
Just finished the episode #49 with Pretzel. Awesome episode as are most but his final note was spot on, these trails are all of our responsibility to protect and care for. I’ve hiked a mere 130 miles of the AT (southern PA, southern VA and a day through Roan highlands) and daydream constantly about thru-hiking a long trail. Fact is I don’t know anyone that is nearly as obsessed with backpacking as I am and Backpacker Radio gives me the opportunity to geek out and live vicariously through you two and your guests. Every guest adds a great piece to the collective recipe of the show and it brings me joy to see when a new episode is released. Eyeballed the TransCatalina a few months back and look forward to your takeaway. Happy trails!
True Love
I’ve been a Pod lurker for a couple years now. After 6 weeks on the AT in 2017, I needed something to fend off the claustrophobia and boredom that settled in when I returned to my desk job. Now, I live vicariously through you and your guests. LOVED the Peter Bakwin and the Pretzel interview most recently...almost lost me with a slow start, but I’m so glad I stuck it out. So enjoyable! Two years and you’re still getting me through my work day!
Post binge depression....
Duke the Puke
So we’ve all heard about post trail depression but no one has ever brought up post BPR binge depression. It’s a real thing folks! I’ve listened to Badger and Chaunce from start to finish over the last two months and enjoyed every second of it. I’ve never hiked anything longer than a day trip and as a new father probably won’t be thru hiking anytime soon but I love hearing all the stories and educating myself about all this through the podcast. Picked up Zach’s book and am half way through it. I’d love to hear more about your experiences with meditating on the trail and if it’s still part of your hike when you get out on longer trips. Keep up the great work and can’t wait for new episodes.
Ted Hikes Around
Congrats on reaching the “long episode” terminus! The interview with Pretzel was epic and he needs to be a return guest for sure. As a PCT section hiker I appreciate everything the Cinnamon Connection does to keep me informed on the latest, greatest hiker trash goods. I heard a rumor you both hiked the AT....double down. Drink drink.
Entertaining and motivating!
I got into backpacking and my buddy told me about this podcast after his PCT adventure, love hearing all the stories and experiences, In Kansas we have NOTHING to hike, but moving to Golden for work and get to hike all I want! From Ginger to Gingers, y’all keep it up! Love it.
Best podcast - 3 Stars
Aged Hipster
I enjoy the Crimson Crew (idk if you have called yourselves this but it came to me) so much I installed itunes which is a lot since I loathe apple and its propietary nonsense. Anyway I downloaded this podcase on a whim never thinking I'd listen to it because even tho I enjoy the outdoors and backpacking. I figured it would be dry AF, really and how much can you talk about pack weight, gear etc, but I was pleasantly surprised to find great chemistry between the hosts and entertaining stories and interviews. I haven't thru hiked nor plan on the podcast is relatable, informative and enjoyable. However one thing I can't figure out is how Chaunce and Badger go from dynamic personalities to zero affect when they are reading ads, even when Zak "ad libs", the juxtaposition makes me chuckle- so don't change. Finally I appreciate I gotten responses to the emails I have sent backpacker radio.
Six Stars
I found this pod cast when I needed something to fill the void after returning from a trip in the Cloud Peak Wilderness. Now it keeps me sane during mind numb days at work. It’s like sitting in camp with great friends. Love the banter and poop stories.
Where Sounds of the trail left off, BPR has my full attention
Bern the vote
Hey guys, future at-some-point through hiker whom binges anything hiking related and I have to say this pod is great. The Viking episodes were hilarious and just listening to everything covered about the PCT and AT keep my wheels turning. Completed the Maroon Bells loop and looking to hit the Smokey’s in a few weeks (fingers crossed) and I can’t stop listening to anything hike related. It’s addicting! End of ramble. Cheers to many more episodes, y’all! *Much Time Later* I heard my review read the other day on the radio and had to see where I have gone since writing the review within the first few episodes of Back Packer Radio. This podcast drove me to run my first Ultra in Bear Mountain, NY, along with prepping myself and my partner to walk the entire Long Trail. While I didn’t hike the Smokey’s (yet) we are planning on trekking across the John Muir trail, permit permitting, along with a few hikes under wraps (one might rhyme with Macific Mrest Mrail). I’d rate this 5 stars again if I could but I’ll just have to listen week to week and hope I can high 5 y’all one day on trail (or at a hiker meet up). Thank you for all the inspiration that has led to my partner and I finding an activity to love together and explore new areas of our world. Cheers, Trash Wizard out!
Love this podcast
Great way to get through some final miles of my AT thru hike. I can’t wait to go back and listen to old episodes. Really love the format, hilarious hosts, and interesting guests! I love how it’s super easy to relate to this podcast, and how laid back it is. Thanks again for the great content!
Love the stories, keep em comin!
I’ve listened to all the episodes of Backpacker Radio and I have to say that Zack and Chaunce are hands down some of the best interviewers in all of podcast-dom. Zack does such a great job of drawing out interesting stories from his guests! Really love hearing all the crazy stories from the trail and I enjoy that we, the listeners, are part of the “in jokes” (drink!).
I really love the show. Zack is okay... I guess. I mean did he even ever hike the AT??Chaunce on the other hand is so hot that I think I am coming down with Gingervitus.
Good stuff
I worked for a FS trail crew in the Sierras this past summer and this podcast was an awesome companion while I hid from mosquitos in my tent. From inspiring to funny, Chaunce and Badger have a great casual but professional way of running the show which is awesome... however if I don’t hear any more Always Sunny clips at the end I might cry
Fun & informative
Love the banter the stories love the links in the details. I’m addicted. Keep it going
Can't get enough
Real stories from real Hikers that keep me listening. Thankfully I didn't find out about this podcast until a couple of weeks ago. Otherwise I would've already listened to all of them. Lots of releveant Guests keeping me enthralled. Hope there are many more podcasts to come
Loving this ❤️
Just started listening today, I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of needing to know all things in relation to Thur-hiking. Thanks for all the great knowledge and also I leave this review so another ginger may be gifted with a freckle.
Definitely Addicted
hiker trash gotta blast
I have spent the last three weeks binge listening to this entire podcast. The cinnamon connection brings hiker trash realness to my university centered life. In the midst of grad school in Eastern Washington, there is not a lot of free time to go on spectacular adventures while school is in session, and this podcast helps fulfill my curiosities and fuel my outdoor habits. As an experienced day hiker, but lacking any overnight backpacking experience, what 5-7 day backpacking trips around the country would you two recommend? Also an invention for your patent pending store could be a decomposable bag that can be put by your butthole that you can directly poop in and bury, to spice up the cat hole routine. Also did Zach Hike the AT? At least we know one person in this dynamic duo did. -Stephanie Broussard
Awesome show
Thank you for the latest podcast glade to have Chauncey back having you two changes the already great dynamic. I look forward to each show and hope you keep politics out! I’ll keep listening and buying Greenbelly. Question, since you are interviewing guests that do trail running would you consider dedicating a show every now and then to Bikepacking? This is a growing sport because us hikers that work full time jobs can cover miles on some of the same trails over two weeks that would take a month walking. Reach out to me if you have an interests in suggestions for guests. P.S. I am a section hiker AT 2016 P.S.S did badger hike the AT at all? Mark AKA Permit
Fully Immersed...
Just started listening about two weeks ago and am trying to catch up on everything. Already on episode 20 and just learned Zach hiked the AT. CONGRATS Juliana on finally doing the AT and being able to join the club. You liked a comment I left on your insta the other day and I totally fanboyed. Keep the Turmeric Team Trouble going
You might be hiker trash...
I’d like to start out this review with my idea for a new podcast segment. It’s basically a take on Jeff Foxworthy’s bit, “You might be a redneck” but instead using the phrase “you might be hiker trash...” Here’s an example, if you’ve ever discussed the color of your hiking urine and formulated it into song might be hiker trash. Yes, I did this, and yes, it was the song “Amber” by 311. 🎶Amber is the color of my hiker pee...whooooaahh🎶. Make it happen. You’re welcome. In all seriousness, I love the show, both of you, and all of your guests. You have entertained me through many road trips, long training runs, and just to and from in my normal daily work routine. P.S. Congratulations to Chaunce on the completion of her AT thru-hike. You da bomb! And Zach is pretty cool, too.
I did it
Yup, I did it. I’ve now listened to every new and old episode of Backpacker radio (all 45, so far), and two seasons of Trail Correspondents while hiking up and down a local hill. A medical emergency in January got my attention, and these podcasts have been my constant companions for about 450 miles. Maybe someday I can hike the AT, maybe even when Zach finally decides to hike it, like Chaunce just did. Just sayin’...
A Timeless Tale
The gripping tale of one woman’s journey from poop-covered wanderluster to classy and sophisticated underwear model, alongside her professional companion’s struggle to overcome alcohol addiction and a failing skeletal system in his attempt to one day hike all 2,190 miles of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail.
6 stars for Zach’s ad-reading robot voice. The content is fab, too. Love you guys. Thank you for making this! Xo - Goldilocks
Love The Podcast, Hope I Can Be Guest Sometime
I’m currently thruhiking the AT and just found this podcast. Very fun to listen to while I hike, especially the episodes about the AT. Would love to be a guest someday. I come thru Denver a lot and think I have some pretty interesting and funny stories. Like the time I accidentally drank my own piss at Trail Days, running from the police in Gatlinburg with illegal moonshine, sleeping (aka passed out) on trail at the 1000 mile marker due to too many cocktails in a can, etc. I have also UniPacked (mountain unicycling backpacking) the Colorado Trail (first person to ever do this), the Camino del Norde with my girlfriend who also unipacked and the Arizona Trail with two other unicyclers. I get paid to be a unicycling unicorn and it’s been my full time job for 10 years now. No joke. Oh and I like beer...a lot...almost up to 5000 different unique beers on Untappd. 🥳 Just google unicycling unicorn if you want to contact me.
Cinnergy and substance
I’ve enjoyed this podcast from the beginning and I especially appreciate the hosts’ willingness to allow their human vulnerabilities and imperfections be a part of the show’s texture. Both Zach and Chaunce are real-deal hikers and media types; they are knowledgeable, prepared and they present great interviews with amazing guests. That said, it’s the spontaneous, down-to-earth presentation of this show that keeps me listening. Everyone is quick-witted and no one takes them self too seriously. With all the great personal -that is to say, poop - stories and their open sharing of personal foibles and failures, it’s easy to imagine that Chaunce and Zach are my own friends from the trail, which is bound to be awkward if I ever meet them out there. After all the hours I’ve spent with them in my ears, I’m certain I would forget that I don’t actually know them and that we are not, in fact, friends. I’m writing this review with my leg in a giant black cage, propped up on pillows, in my house, nowhere near a trail. From what I understand, Zach can relate. I have almost let myself sink into self-pity, but then I remember that 1) I didn’t do this to myself drunk-hopping a fence, and 2) If Badger got back on the trail, I will, too. Until I do, Backpacker Radio will keep me connected.
A million thank you’s from the bottom of my <3
I happened upon this podcast while recovering from recent major surgery. Confined to only short walks until my body is back to normal, Backpacker Radio is my company on every daily walk. I have laughed and cried so many times listening to each amazing episode and all of the wonderful guests with their beautiful stories. It has even inspired me to follow my dreams and do the AT when I get out of the military next year. Thank you Badger and Chaunce for getting me through one of the most difficult times in my life!
Knock knock....
Who’s there? Smell mop... Smell mop who? Smell your poo?!?! That’s DISGUSTING 🤢🤮
Sofa Warrior’s Guide to the Long Trails
Herein this podcast lies: 1) A most sarcastic and witty ginger who thinks Hawaiian shirts communicate hiker trash not a luau. Yes, she’s smart. Yes, she routinely fails to prepare in advance. But, oh man, does she know her stuff and sure as hell asks inquisitive, naively phrases questions - the same ones that this sofa warrior has, except she knows her crap and I don’t. So thankful for her questions. 2) A sarcastic and know-it-all ginger who comes completely prepared with insightful questions and a near encyclopedic mind for backpacking trivia. Want to know who has the FKT for that trail in your community park? He probably knows it, knows the guy who holds it, and has a poop story about it. The Howard Stern of backpacker radio. Except, he’s yet to let his obsession lead to divorce. Yet. 3) A series of repeat homeless vagabonds, I mean, guests that are smart, interesting and drunk. Ginger #2’s questions make them all seem super interesting, everyday people, and achievers of incredible feats. And some of them are incredible. 4) An incredible who’s who of backpacking greats and industry vets. Want to hear from the caretakers of AT, PCT, or your sidewalk trail to the grocery store? They all spend time in the studio telling their tales. Informative, funny, and human. Love it all.
My favorite road trip podcast
I’m a travel nurse. This podcast has become a joyful way to pass the time while I’m on the road. Being a travel nurse allows me to go to the places I want to backpack. I followed Chaunce on the PCT and now I follow her on the AT. I’ve always been a hiker. A few years ago, I gave backpacking a try and became hooked. Growing up 35 minutes from the AT in “rocksylvania”, specifically near the gnarly climb out of Palmerton, I decided to be a section hiker and do all of the AT. Thanks for providing fun and informative content and cool interviews. You guys rock!
Smurf dude 903
5-star show, but still curious why nobody has commented on Zach’s iconic “interesting” when talking to guests
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 6 Stars
Clay and Zach promised me a sticker for a 6 star review.
Can’t wait for the next episode...seriously.
Backpacker Radio has been my go-to for all things thru-hiking since I became obsessed with the idea (and reality) to do a long-distance multi-day trek. I just finished the final episode after binge listening the last few months and feel like I’ve gained a ton of info from both the hosts and their guests. I’ve found myself laughing aloud as I walk through the woods and dream about future adventures and am awed by stories told on this show as well as the Trail Correspondent series. My husband and I are about to embark on our first thru-hike on the Tahoe Rim Trail next week and couldn’t be more excited. Thank you for all the resources, entertainment, and inspiration! Chaunce, best of luck on your last few miles of the AT and Zach, isn’t it time you planned an AT hike of your own? Please keep doing what you’re doing!
Love it
What’s your theme song
You people are nutz!
T dub007
Truckee here from the PCT as I section hike all of Oregon this summer (I am a teacher, this hike when I can), and love your off the wall podcast with Java’s snark remarks, laughs, and stories; Chaunce’s poop stories, AT 2019 hike (drink), and smooth voice, and Badger’s PBR comments and great style of keeping everything in order while talking. You ALL make me laugh while in the middle of no where! Truckee (Tyler)
Please Avoid Politics
The Llama Tamer
This has been an excellent podcast until episode #42 with Clare Gallagher. Our culture has become saturated with politics the last several years and it unfortunately has become more and more difficult to avoid it in areas that it would normally be way off topic. Episode #42 was a disappointing example of Clare’s political views inundating the podcast that is supposed to be about hiking/backpacking, and I hope it is an anomaly. I had this podcast rated as a 5* until this episode aired. I, like many listeners of this podcast, want to hear about backpacking/hiking/camping/poop stories, not someone’s views on what the White House should be doing. It cheapens the podcast, and removes it from the extremely short list of places one can go to seek non-political talk. For the same reason that ESPN has been hemorrhaging subscribers, Backpacker Radio will also begin to lose its appeal if the hosts can’t keep their guests on topic. Stick to backpacking, interviews, and poop stories, and all will be well.
This is a very fun podcast. I like #40. I like knowing the facts and history of trails, and people, etc.
Warning: this show will make you want to leave everything you know behind
Listening to this in the windowless, fluorescent light of my office staring at my dusty screen makes me want nothing more to throw all I’ve worked for in life behind. I’ve had feelings of this before- to just leave and wander into the woods where I love to be. This show has compounded and magnified these feeling exponentially. It scares me. I knew I wanted to do the PCT, now I know I HAVE to do it. And the concept of returning back is what frightens me the most. I’ve done large camping and hiking road trips and have been largely fine afterwards. But this is a thing that makes me fear that I’ll abandon it all entirely. This is an incredible podcast that has given me insight to this life. And for better or worse I am ridiculously appreciative of it as all I want to do with my life is immerse myself in nature. Suggestion: cover the E trails in Europe (or others in different continents or countries). I’m very interested in them but know little about them. I’d love to hear of people traveling them and dealing with language barriers, resupplies and general things along those trails. Thanks from a lost soul
My comfort food
I have to start by saying I don’t know how this podcast happened to me, because all my other podcasts are about disc golf. But I’ve listened to every episode of backpacker radio twice now and I’m still not tired of it. I actually get annoyed when my phone plays other podcasts now. Chaunce and Badger make me laugh out loud like an idiot, and together with their guests continue to inspire me to be more adventurous on and off the hiking trail. Chaunce has also inspired me to embrace a diet of gummy trail mix, which I intend to do as I explore the trails of the Bitterroot Mountains (which I just moved to). Thanks for the good times guys. Bring back Weezer and Gummy Bear. And one of you please hike the AT already 🤦🏽‍♀️
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