Just another generic white guy podcast
Initially I was super “stoked” to download this podcast after discovering their hilarious YouTube videos. However I found the podcast to be uninteresting and a bit distasteful at times - from talking about stories of hooking up with different girls in college (yawn) to having a wishy washy take on abortion. With the recent attacks on women’s reproductive health and basic human rights , I was hoping for these boys to have a stronger position and speak up for women as male allies. Having an abortion is not something women just “do” all the time nonchalantly like you alluded in your podcast . It’s always a difficult choice but having an abortion is by no means wrong. It would have been nice for you guys to at least dive into the topic deeper instead of breezing over it or perhaps inviting a woman on the show to have her take on it .
Fire Pod!
Sherwood Tomlinson
My stoke levels have never been higher!! Chad and JT supply a great perspective on life and offer the positivity that’s needed in the world today. Keep up the fire perspectives my dudes! Also The pod with Eli Roth was awesome!
Return of the Stoke
Stoker Ryan
I caught on late and listened back to the full back-log. Can’t recommend enough. Also, Strider is the man!
epic stoke levels achieved
Wyatt brooks.
My parents always told me puberty and taxes would turn me from a child to a man. They were wrong. Chad and JT did.
Max Stoke
Friend showed me the pod a couple weeks ago, couldn’t be better! Love these guys! Keep raising stoke!
Stoked on this Pod
This podcast is incredible, love the pod. Keep it up bros
Raising the stoke across the naysh.
Chad and JT are constantly providing the chill vibes. As a Midwesterner, I often feel drained by the lack of rays and surf. The dawgs always raise my stoke levels and get me frothin’ for the week to come. Keep bringing the good energy and positive ‘tudes! You guys will always be my babes of the week! Also shoutout to Joe for his Chicago sports teams loyalty. You represent your home state well my dawg.
A podcast that is changing the world
Chad and JT have tapped into something special. The way in which their world views work together to paint a picture for all the stokers of what a beautiful planet this could be is unrivaled. True dogs big dogs ohhhhhhhh yes. Thanks for reminding everybody it’s cool to be honest and open with each other.
Best feel good stoker podcast
Eli Esterly
My dawgs usually I listen to podcasts to fall asleep but Chad and JT get me so stoked and wake me up everyday!
My dawgs
This is my first time leaving a podcast review but if it’s anything like my senior prom, I’ll be glad that I did it but just wish that Sarah would’ve danced with me more. Anyway, just got done listening to the episode with Caroline and had to leave a review because “let’s sex traffic some beers” is the best one liner I’ve ever heard. Immediately I imagined Jimmy Tatro delivering that line while playing the role of a collegiate Bill Clinton in the biopic chronicling Epstein’s life. So great job on that, JT. Caroline - solid work on the pod and also on owning a pit bull. Also we’ve got some mutual friends which gets me stoked on plutonic relationships. Chad - my beef of the week is with you making it look way easier than it is to record Instagram stories while riding a Bird scooter. Other than that, whaddup dude.
Best podcast around. PERIOD.
This podcast makes my life better and I promise you that if you give it a chance it will make your life better too. Stoke on stoke bros. Stoke on.
Only wish this was different...
DjChrisy Chris
Chad and JT have been steadily increasing my stoke (or exuberance). The only thing u wish was different was MORE content. They keep me feeling good and finding positivity.
Stoke Found...
This part is so awesome. I found stoke that I didn’t even know I had. Awesome.
Stoked About This Pod
I’m stoked out of my dome listening to these bros. This pod crushes, especially when Strider is on. Dude is wisdom af!
Good pod
I am a girl and can confirm that this is a Good Pod. stoke nashe
Brad killed it
Brad Fuller was the best guest behind uncle joe and strider
Stoke for what’s ailing you
Bill Bagoner
What’s up guys, love the pod, and love the stoke education you guys are spreading across the country. I’ve been a big fan since the Melania days in DC, but was recently able to really reframe some negative thoughts of mine by remembering Chad’s “Beef of the Week” with his treadmill. I’ll be honest, I hate cardio. I’m lucky to never have to really worry about my weight, but still understand the importance of exercise. After hearing chad talk about punishing his t-mill with sprints, I realized I’ve been letting the t-mill punish ME all these years. Now I go into a workout with the mindset of sending that baby for an overnight stay with a mechanic, and I can really knock out those sprints. My heart and my gut thank you. Keep stoking.
My gf is your gf
just happy to b
Love the pod. I recently read a few things that made me think of this dank cast. Arthur Schopenhauer once wrote, “One should use common words to say uncommon things.” And Cyrus The Great aka the king of Persia wrote, “Diversity in counsel. Unity in command.”
Just stoked... it’s real, raw and just some good wholesome fun.
Fully torqued
The dankest of all pods. Dudes, your pod has me cruising down the highway in my brand new Jeep Cherokee fully fricken torqued. The positivity and state of brethren you dudes have achieved makes me feel like a lightning bolt has hit the tip of my dong. Thank u for always making my day dank!!
This pod is straight up spray cans.
Dank as f$@k
Show is awesome
Super dank
This podcast is super dank.
Sup chad Sup Jt
stoker #69
The quintessential pod for the quintessential sponge stoke on... and on and on
Like Brad Pitt’s Jaw Line
Thortamus The Grizzly
It’s nice
Stoke spreaders
These guys are spreading stoke and scaping man areas. Nothing beats it. Strider is a legend. Joe too.
Eddie Gibbons
Very yes
The stoke is real!
If there was a way to liquify this podcast and direct it into your veins you would have the wave skills of Kelly Slater and Jay Adams and the flow of Fabio, along with the muscles of the The Rock and the linguistics of Shakespeare. You would simply live forever, the grim reaper just wouldn’t be able to take your soul due to the good vibes in your rock solid bod. I have also paid off my student loans, got a good dent in my mortgage and married the babe of my life and it’s all simply attributable to listening to the pod and taking the life lessons into my life. #savetheeartheatedibles
Chad and JT are solid stokers
Spam Stoker
From a fellow San Clemente stoker I have to say that the boys have an inner wisdom that translates across many generations. Keep up the stoke. Spammer Triton class of 78.
Collateral Amprage
Even on the most legit days it can be hard to find your stoke. Whether you’re working, surfing, boning, or crushing some dank IPAs with your gf, these lads have everything from a frothy crew to a dank theme song, who’s drummer is absolutely Laying. The. Lumber. Baby, this pod will undoubtedly fill your stoke tank SO HIGH it will be over flowing. You will have no other option but to hit up your dawgs and say “Let’s knock boots with Hunter S. Thompson.”
Stoke tank is full
These dudes are hilarious and wise. Could listen to them all day
Stoke = All-time high
My favorite holidays are the Fourth of July and Christmas. They both get me very fired up and ready to get after it, but they don’t get me as amped as when my phone shoots me the notificaysh that our dawgs Chad and JT have dropped a new episode of the pod. It’s like having the Fourth of July and Christmas every week but never getting tired of either one.
Choadie Foster
Overflows the stoke tank
Funny and Wise
Chad and JT are both super funny and super wise. And its all done in a unique manner: they shine the light of California across the nation and around the world.
So legit so sick
jimmy beetleroo
So legit so sick
Stoke is high
The monologue by JT in episode 84 had my hair standing up these guys are pros at boking shmoles, gettin after it, and keeping our Stoke at it's max !
Truly life changing
Special thank you to Strider for enlightening me with The Dart.
You guys are EPIC!
I heard you guys on Howard Stern and now have listened to almost the first half of your episodes! Can’t wait to catch up on all! I turn everyone I know on to you guys! Keep up the great shows!
Best pod ever... need More Strider !
LOVE Strider’s positivity and always making his gf babe and legend of the week! Hannah needs to take lessons I used to listen to Howard Stern all day, now it’s Chad & JT gotta be a daily show!!
What’s good fellow stokers
i love colorado airbnbs
I love your pod and all the success y’all blurt out among all the other random stories. I am a commercial and residential house paint so I listen to your pod all day. My request would be that you limit some curse words cuz I’m having to mute y’all when it gets crazy and other people are around. And I’m cool with it but I like to be courteous and professional. Love y’all and keep up the council meetings
It’s always the right answer
Pleasure Pike
So I was going through a rough time in my life and was pretty down in the dumps. My brother suggested this podcast because he claimed it would put me in a better mood and give me some good vibes. I wasn’t a huge fan of podcasts but I decided to give it a try. My God was my brother right. This Pod has made me such a happier person and I get so pumped every time I get to listen to a new episode. It’s super uplifting and just fun to listen to and now I recommend it to all of my buddies. If you listen to this podcast you won’t be disappointed I can promise you that
Stoke meter- high
mountains are chill
More strider less joe
Stoked on the pod
Great pod
Striders gf
Nick Ianucci
Unificash the nashe
Stern Show
Classic Finder
Thanks for keeping me stoked
Great interview on Stern and even better pod! Thanks for the stellar entertainment!
Cause it’s right there
If you need advice, these guys are really nice
So fire
Patrick J F
Best podcast of all time. These guys spit knowledge all day.🔥
Boom Clap
Captain knots999
This pod has risen my stoke levels to the point where my stokeometer isn’t capable of reading levels. It broke my stokeometer. But seriously Strider should become a permanent guest because he always gets me fired up. I highly recommend this pod to anyone who appreciates solid vibes and dank jargon. P.s. 1 episode a week is a tough break boys. -Dakota
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