Inspirational, funny and thought provoking
I originally stumbled upon this podcast over a year ago getting ready for a trip to Montana. Not only did it entertain me on a 12 hr trip by myself through Wyoming, but it had me thirsting for more. Scot asks these professional skiers questions that provoke thoughtful conversations. You get a glimpse into their lives that you wouldn’t otherwise get from following them on social media. You also get to find out the different attributes that have made them so wildly successful in life; from mindset, to overcoming fear, diet and morning routine. Definitely a worthwhile listen to anyone that loves skiing or follows these athletes in any way.
Great podcast
Scott Unity, ME
It’s a different style podcast than many out there. I enjoy most of these. Episodes with Amy Jane David are excellent.
The Athletic Stance
Love the true Stories So great to listen to! Thanks Scot !!
Inspirational and educational
Scot is one of the most energetic, genine and engaging people I've ever had a chance to meet and his excellent interviews are an embodiment of his character. I highly recommend listening to The Athletic Stance and following him on social media. He's one of the few people promoting good ideas and positivity in the world and he has lots of great perspectives to share.
Best podcast hands down!
Scott has such insightful info and the interviews are on point. Always looking forward to the next episode!
Guests are awesome but...
The guest list here is awesome. Great group of skiers to hear from, but the audio is often awful, the host rambles constantly and is unbearable. I occasionally download guests I really want to listen to and pain through anything the host says.
Great interviews!
Really enjoying the podcast! Good to see a CB local having some success in podcasting! Keep it up!
Different kind of ski podcast
Fun podcast that deviates from just discussing skiing. Interesting conversations about personal philosophies and mountain culture
THE BEST road-trip companion!
I don’t think this podcast could have shown up for me at a more relevant and needed time (~3k mile solo road trip). It’s wonderful to tune into these athletes routines, trials, tribulations, and awarenesses beyond movie premiers or a quick hello on the mountain or bar. Keep it up Scot!
Good content, sound quality lacking
Need a producer? HMU
You are a rockstar Scot! I love hearing about your journey and experiences in extreme athletics and the mindset you've developed to be a legend! Keep up the great work brother!
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