February 24, 2020
We're doing something new on the Mother Like a Boss™ podcast! We focus heavily on mindset here, so why not do an incredible roundup each month that includes wins from our students, new shifts that I find are working and a few quick and easy tips you can implement right now to shift your beliefs in motherhood and life.
February 20, 2020
We are not responsible for the emotions of others and micromanaging the feelings of our kiddos is exhausting and pretty unproductive. I want to create a safe space for my children to feel a wide range of emotions, so that when they're unhappy, they learn to cope instead of seek out someone to fill them up. The road can feel difficult, mama and I hope this episode helps you navigate it.
February 13, 2020
Remember the days when you didn't know everyone's opinion about everything and they didn't know your opinion about everything either? The good old days. Opinions are great because they make us all different, but being sanctimonious in the way we show up with those opinions can be damaging to the confidence level of us all, moms included.
February 7, 2020
Your Best Mom Life is OPEN! This is 12 weeks of accountability to create a life fueled by momentum and bursting with intention. Listen to this bonus episode to get all the details and join us before the doors close.
February 6, 2020
Times may be changing, but homemaking is still important. Why? Because your home is more than the cleaning, the cooking, the momming. A home is what happens inside and outside the walls, separate from the material world. Our homes are intangible, a feeling more than anything. That never stops being important. So what does that mean for modern moms and reluctant homemakers alike? Today is a discussion that answers that very questions with truth and respect.
January 30, 2020
Vulnerable. That's what this episode is. In my motherhood communities, we get a lot of questions about step, or bonus parenting. I may not be a stepparents, but I am a stepchild and have been since I was 3. I wanted to open up on this episode and give a unique perspective from the viewpoint of a "bonus kid." Sometimes, the best ways to approach difficult situations are by putting yourself in the other person's shoes.
January 27, 2020
This month, our mindfulness episodes are focused simply on a statement, an affirmation to base your mindset shift on. You spend your life caring for your children, your family and the people around you, but you are worthy of being taken care of, too. The more you are filled with love from yourself and care from those around you, the more you'll have to give without resentment or exhaustion.
January 23, 2020
Let's all be honest: not every moment of motherhood is fun. Some moments are difficult, messy, joyless and the whole thing can feel downright unlovable. So how can you keep your mom spirits up in the unlovable moments? Let's uncover the answer to that question in this episode.
January 20, 2020
This month, our mindfulness episodes are focused simply on a statement, an affirmation to base your mindset shift on. Do you base your worth on who you are innately and are you caught in the trap of believing your are what you do? You are who you are, mama, not what you accomplish.
January 16, 2020
It's official: I'm the mother of a teenager daughter. Someone catch me as I fall over in disbelief. I am uninterested in typecasting her in the role of "moody teen" and instead plan to let her forge her own path, emotions and all. We thought it would be a great way to celebrate the birth of my first born by doing an insightful and honest Q&A session with her. Our listeners (and their teens!) asked and we answered.
January 13, 2020
This month, our mindfulness episodes are focused simply on a statement, an affirmation to base your mindset shift on. You are more than "just" a mom. You are a person. You are a woman. You are more than the sum of the titles you carry around.
January 9, 2020
Being an overachiever was a badge of honor for much of my life. Achieving gave me purpose and accolades made me feel worthy, but at what cost? There is a trap that's easy to fall into as a go-getter, an overachiever in life and it's time we discuss what price we pay in motherhood for falling into this trap. The gold-star mentality can be costly when no one is handing us gold stars anymore.
January 6, 2020
It's a new, fresh year and everyone is trying to get (and stay) motivated to accomplish all the things. I have news for you: motivation is NOT what you need to be successful or get things done. Motivation is a feeling. It's based on emotions. Even as an exhausted mama, you can still accomplish incredible things withOUT relying on motivation to do it. Here's how.
December 26, 2019
Each year I'm alive, I learn something new and exciting. Today's episode is dedicated to the good, the bad, the ugly and the powerful lessons I learned in 2019, both in my personal life and my business.
December 19, 2019
The only thing that feels harder than setting goals is sticking to them! It's that time of year and everywhere you look, everybody's talkin' 'bout goals and resolutions. But how do you actually set goals for 2020 that won't overwhelm you or cost you $75 for a new planner you won't use. Goals should fit your life. Here's how you can make sticky goals for the new year.
December 12, 2019
"Here come the holidays, here come the holidays, right down stressful lane." I am self-confessed boundary ninja, but it hasn't always been that way. Around the holidays, which is my favorite time of the year, the last thing I want is to feel stressed and overwhelmed. I want to enjoy the time with my family and the season upon us and boundaries are the way to do that.
December 5, 2019
Calling all my business mamas, or my "I'd LOVE to be a business mama" mamas because this episode is for you. I started my first business as a young, naive and pregnant 22 year old and my second successful business with a 3 year old and 9 year old at home. I know that running your empire with small kiddos to care for can be challenging at best. I'm here to lighten your load and help you create a plan that will help you win in business and at home.
November 29, 2019
If you listen to the podcast, you know that mindset work and mindfulness is a huge part of my world. In a society obsessed with Google and always finding the "how", I'm obsessed with the why. In this bonus episode, I'm letting you in on a secret I've been keeping. The doors to my brand new course Mindful As a Mother are officially open for pre-enrollment and you're invited to join now! Get all the details in this episode before it expires or head to to join us NOW.
November 21, 2019
Kari Story has an amazing...well...story to tell. This working mom of 3 and her husband have their hands beautifully full and today we dive into the mindset of perfectionism and mom guilt. Can you feel those in your gut just reading that? Kari is open and honest, and our discussion about how to become the leader of your ship will help so many other struggling moms out there.
November 18, 2019
Be present, they say. Set goals for the future, they also say. Where is the middle ground? It's possible to love where you are while also looking ahead with anticipation and preparedness.
November 14, 2019
If you've been around the Mother Like a Boss™ world for any amount of time, you know one of my signature phrases is, "Routines should fit into your life, not the other way around." Routines are great, the bee's knees for sure, but what happens when they become an obsession? It's easy to become obsessed with micromanaging the moments of our lives to avoid the chaos we fear, but is that any way to really enjoy your life?
November 11, 2019
In the instant gratification nation we're all living in, what does it truly mean to buy your time back? What would it look like to invest some of your time now to buy it back in the future? As a mom, the idea of investing in my routines, my systems and delegation in my home is bought me back hours of my life that I can invest back into myself and my family.
November 7, 2019
Home management is a hot topic these days and everywhere I look, there is another checklist or printable promising to get your home "in shape" and organized. But what IS home management and why are so many moms struggling? There is a deeper, more helpful conversation to be had that is beyond another checklist. Managing your home can be easier and less stressful, so let's dive into the how.
November 4, 2019
Mamas, being "busy" has become a status symbol we were as an indication of our worthiness, but I'm here to tell you it's more like an epidemic. What is being "busy" each day really getting you? Let's explore that in another mindful Monday episode and discuss how to lovingly cut the cord with the need to stay busy.
October 31, 2019
It's Halloween, so why not talk about the scary, gross places you're probably forgetting to clean. No judgement, girl. This is all about recognizing and changing. We have a lot on our minds, so remembering to clean every nook and cranny in our houses isn't usually at the top of the priority list. Let's simplify it today.
October 28, 2019
You are going to fall in love with my guest today just as much as I did. Schandra, a single working mama, is so open and honest about her struggles in this episodes. We dive deep into the perfectionism that is often handed down from our own parents and how that become a crippling mindset as you try to get anything accomplished in your day. Listen to this episode with an open heart (and a box of tissues!)
October 24, 2019
When I started my first business at 22, not knowing anything about business, I didn't think much about financial freedom. I was brought up to believe you worked, made money then retired. It wasn't until years later when I opened my mind to new possibilities that I realized I could create my own financial freedom for my family while empowering moms around the world to create freedom in their own homes.
October 21, 2019
We're all familiar with fear of failure, but what about a fear of success? It seems downright nutty to fear doing well and yet here so many of us sit afraid of being too much, having too much or maintaining too much. Whether it's at a job, in a business, at home with your kids, in your marriage or just managing your home, fear of success is real and ultimately causes us to self-sabotage so we never quite reach a level that seems out of reach.
October 17, 2019
How focused are you on doing things the "right" way? Does not knowing the right way keep you from doing anything at all? The personal self-sabotage is dangerous as a mom, because there is no right way, no perfect way. Instead, let's work on finding the BEST way. The best way that works for our home, our family, our values and our schedules.
October 14, 2019
Boundaries feel difficult to set, but how much more difficult are you making your relationships by NOT setting boundaries? Whether it's at home, with your children, at work or with difficult family members, healthy boundaries are about showing love for others and ourselves.
October 10, 2019
I'm still shocked at how controversial the topic of house cleaning can be in the motherhood community and how dead-set we all are that it has to be the worst, most exhausting thing in the world. It's no wonder how many side-eyes I get when I say I spend only 30 minutes a day cleaning my house.
October 7, 2019
In a world dead set on saying yes to every opportunity that comes along, what would happen if you said no more often? What would life be like if you said no to the things that don't truly serve your personal and family priorities and left room to yes to the things that do?
October 3, 2019
"I have high expectations." is a phrase I've heard my entire life, from teachers, parents and even out of my own life. But what does that really mean? In the world of motherhood, having expectations of our children and family can cause more resentment than good, especially when they aren't communicated.
September 30, 2019
We're bringing back Mindset Mondays, and now with a twist. These episodes are 5 minutes or less and just what you need to get a kick-in-the-butt nudge of empowerment for your week. When the mindset you have is leaving you feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, negative and miserable it's time to ask, "How's that working out for you?" Change can feel hard and trying something new can feel scary, but honestly, what do you have to lose?
September 26, 2019
We're not an overly strict household. I'm not an overly strict mother, but when it comes to the words we use in our house, my husband and I are sticklers. The words and phrases we use matter, and I don't mean swearing. I mean the negative words we've let infiltrate our daily conversations that get passed down to our children. I'm far from perfect but eliminating certain words and phrases have given us the power of positivity and abundance for our family.
September 23, 2019
We're bringing back Mindset Mondays, and now with a twist. These episodes are 5 minutes or less and just what you need to get a kick-in-the-butt nudge of empowerment for your week. We use the words happy and fulfilled interchangeably, but they aren't the same. So how can you truly lived a fulfilled AND happy life and motherhood?
September 19, 2019
Money is a loaded topic and one most people stay away from. But not me. I love money because I know the true power that can be found when good people have money. As women, we're still playing catch-up and money can feel like an icky topic, especially if we're not the one "bringing home the bacon."
September 16, 2019
Wanting more for yourself isn't greedy, so why does it feel that way? Because we've been told our entire lives that giving is more important than taking. But abundance isn't about taking, it's about receiving and the more you receive, the more you can give. This is a short, powerful episode with words that will strike at the heart of this issue: Greed and abundance are NOT the same.
September 12, 2019
I'm not perfect, but I'm fulfilled. How do I stay that way? A few simple not-so-conventional habits have proven to keep me on track, even when I feel like I'm going off the rails.
September 5, 2019
The way we run our home is so much more than the sum of it's parts. It's more than the cleaning, the cooking, the wiping butts and playing taxi driver to our kids. Much like any other social group, our home is built on the culture we create for it.
August 29, 2019
Papers and crafts and artwork, oh my! School is starting back up again, which means the influx of "stuff" is coming with it. Instead of drowning in a pool of doodles, announcements and old quizzes, let's discuss the systems that work to handle this before your house is taken over by the piles.
August 22, 2019
They say hindsight is 20-20. I think that phrase was created about motherhood. We go into this season of newness not knowing what to expect, but expecting to know it all. Of course, we don't. I resisted homemaking for years, or at least the word itself. Embracing it for what it can do for my life has brought me peace and joy beyond measure. Today, I'm traveling back in time and telling my former self what I wish I knew about homemaking and motherhood then.
August 15, 2019
We're pulling a question out of the figurative mail bag today for some Q&A action. Today's burning question: "How do I get my kids to do chores without constantly nagging?" It isn't nearly as difficult as we're all making it, but it's going to require more than an expensive chore chart from Etsy and a fancy reward system.
August 8, 2019
I'll be honest, I have had a love/hate relationship with meal planning over the years. As I dig in deeper to that relationship, I realize it all comes down to the challenge most of us face: overcomplication-itis Meal planning can be as simplistic or as sophisticated as your heart desires (or your time allows) but let's talk about how to get started and make it easy, even if the thought of meal planning makes you gag.
August 1, 2019
Motherhood, like life, is just a series of seasons strung together, but the newness of our seasons can leave us feeling busy, stressed and wondering how to cope. Today's episode is dedicated to preparing for the new seasons we face, whether it's the birth of a baby, a move, a life-changing event or just sending our kiddos off to school for the first time.
July 25, 2019
We are women, hear us roar! Modern women are the raddest, but we also have more on our plates than ever before. We're also absorbing information at more rapid rate now and playing the comparison game with everyone we follow on social media. I'm talking today about how we can still embrace running a home, even as the most awesome modern version of you that there is.
July 18, 2019
It's time to speak to the mother behind the mother behind Mother Like a Boss. That was a mouthful. I'm giddy with excitement to invite my very own mama onto the show today to answer some of your audience questions and get insight into motherhood and homemaking from a woman that has been a single mother, a solo parent, a Navy wife and has raised 3 kids into adulthood through good times and bad.
July 11, 2019
The only thing worse than complaining is the complaining about complaining. This episode is complain-free. Instead, this is an honest discussion about the price we're all paying by living our lives through the lens of negativity and complaints. Complaining is more than just negativity about your situation, it's a grasp for control in the moment. But what is the cost of doing that all the time and what example are we really setting for our children?
July 4, 2019
It's Independence Day here in the United States and I'm celebrating the only way I know how: by talking about house cleaning. I'm loads of fun at parties, friends. Your house, just like your hair, your body, your clothes and anything else you use on a regular basis, will eventually need to be cleaned. Making it a burden rather than just another thing you do is creating undo stress in your life. Today, let's find freedom from the burdens of house cleaning and home management all together.
June 27, 2019
I have to admit that it feels like we're drowning in negativity these days and moms are getting the brunt of it. Everyone has an opinion on how you should raise your children and live your life, but are all opinions bad? Is all criticism negative? And how to be sift through the opinions without feeling worse about ourselves?
June 24, 2019
Today, I'm getting as honest and real as I can about the pervasive "hot mess mommy" culture that's swept through motherhood over the last few decades, and giving my thoughts on why we at Mother Like a Boss™ choose to take a very different approach to empowering women.
June 20, 2019
This just in: you don't have to wait for January to create your goals or make a fresh start. Any time is a good time and the summer is no different. Use what you have during the summer months to create a fresh new beginning for yourself, your home and your family.
June 17, 2019
Not all goals are created equal. We're taught to aim for the stars and reach for the moon, but if what you want out of life doesn't require you to shoot rockets off into space, why are you? Mothers are led to believe there is one way to do things: one way to run their home, one way to be a mom, one way to do it all. Your aspirations shouldn't reflect what you "think" you should be aiming for. Putting effort into the wrong thing is what makes good goals go bad.
June 13, 2019
Our children are so full of potential and by nature love to dream big, but a dream can’t come true without some kind of goal attached to it. Today’s episode is call out to us as parents to help our kids reach their highest potential, measure their success along the way and accept (and even invite) “failure". I’m pouring out some great tips and steps to get your children started with positive goal setting at an early age.
June 10, 2019
"The struggle is real!" they say, but is it? More importantly, does it have to be a struggle? And as moms, can we have challenging moments and days without being permanent riders on the struggle bus? The answer is yes, yes we can.
June 6, 2019
We are surrounded by more stuff than ever, but feel more lack than we ever have. Having more can be a convenient way to fill the voids we feel, but that isn't based in abundance. Having an attitude of plentifulness doesn't mean we have to give in to amassing more stuff just for the sake of having more stuff.
June 3, 2019
Gratitude is truly a gateway to a life of joy and fulfillment, but it doesn't need to to something we shame our way into when you're feeling down. We're allowed to feel our feelings. Whether it's frustration, anger, guilt or sadness, our feelings are real. We can use gratitude as an invitation to shift those feelings, not a punishment for not feeling happy.
May 23, 2019
You have questions, I have answers! I love doing fun episodes like this that allow me to answer some of the most popular questions that get asked by you. From getting back on the routine horse, to the Office character I relate the most to, this episode will give you a lot of truthful answers and hopefully a bit touch of inspiration for your day.
May 20, 2019
You have a lot on your plate, mama. Don't I know it. I'm here to give you some truth (as usual) and tell you that those long to-do lists aren't doing you any good. Busy doesn't equal productive and it's time to makeover those long, busy-filled lists.
May 16, 2019
It is officially time to let go of all the myths and lies we've been believing as homemakers and embrace the finer parts of making a home that don't involve the likes of Pinterest-perfect perfectionism or burdened mothers acting as servants. In this busy, noisy world, it may be more important than ever to cultivate a space in your life that covers you from the stresses of the outside world. Modern homemakers, unite.
May 13, 2019
FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out I saw that acronym floating around the interwebs last year and admittedly had to Google it (old person, party of 1) I know the feeling. I've been there. Saying yes to things not because I want to do them, but because I fear missing out. Social media has made us more fearful than ever as moms of missing out (or having our children) miss out on what everything else is experiencing.
May 9, 2019
Let me be direct here: if you're a mom dealing with anger and feeling nothing but guilt and shame about it, this is THE episode to listen to. As a mother who has felt her fair share of explosive anger come out of no where, my guest helped me see the shame I had been carrying around and how to shift the shame, guilt and anger to something more productive. Today's guest Natalie Hixson brings vulnerability to a topic that is still taboo: anger.
May 6, 2019
"A place for everything and everything in its place." A cheesy cliche, but a true statement. You don't have to go label crazy or spend every dollar you have at The Container Store to organize your home enough so that everything has a place to go. Giving your "stuff" a home is the easiest way to repel clutter and creates systems that are easy to follow and sustain in your home.
May 2, 2019
We just passed our three year anniversary here at Mother Like a Boss. We get new listeners and followers everyday and I knew it would be just as important for our loyal listeners to hear the story behind how we came to be as it is for someone just joining us. In today's episode, I'm taking you behind the scenes and inside my heart for this company, and what we are planning for the future. Mother Like a Boss™ is in the business of empowerment. This is a look at why that is and how that works.
April 29, 2019
With a ton of giddy excitement, I'm welcoming Allie back to the podcast and our conversation goes deep into the difficulties of finding and keeping friends when you're a mom. We put so much of our energy into our homes, our families and our partners, we're often left with a void that is only filled by true, lasting friendships. Today, Allie is shining a light on how to make friends not only as a mom, but how to do it when you've moved away.
April 25, 2019
Renata is bringing so much vulnerability to this episode and we have a productive conversation all about avoidance masked as busyness, how to actually make time blocking work for you, and how to transition from boss mom in business to mom boss at home.
April 22, 2019
When was the last time you truly invested in yourself, either with money or time? Moms are notoriously bad at deciding we're worthy of investment, as we're so used to giving to our families. This episode is one of tough love, but it's all the advice and encouragement I wish someone had given me 13 years ago. We're worthy of the investment and if you're looking for lasting change, it's time to put some real skin in the game, friend.
April 18, 2019
I'll admit, I'm not a hoverer. I've always been independent and want to raise my children to be the same. Because of this, I consider myself a submarine parent: you know, the kind that sits below the surface, comes up to check on things every now and then, and goes back below the surface if all is good. This isn't a judgement of anyone else's parenting style. Quite the opposite. This is the confession of a parent that tries to ride the line between overbearing and totally passive.
April 15, 2019
Running your home is a team sport, so why is so much of your team benched while you play all the positions? You deserve to communicate your needs and your family deserves to have your needs communicated. What is your favorite way to work together as a team at home?
April 11, 2019
Motherhood is a journey and we're all on our own path, so why are we so focused on what everyone else is doing? We've become obsessed with keeping up with other moms who are trying to keep up with other moms who are trying to keep up with other moms. It's a cycle of comparison that is disempowering and fruitless. Let's instead compare ourselves to others only when it empowers us to do better and encourages us that if she can do it, so can I.
April 8, 2019
"I say what I mean and I mean what I say." I've been known to utter this phrase once or twice (or a hundred) times as a mom, but do I really mean it when it comes to myself? We're so busy trying to keep our promises and our word to our children, our spouses and our friends that we let self-integrity fall by the wayside. If you want to see progress, it's time to hold ourselves to the integrity we expect of others. Say what you mean and mean what you say, mama.
April 4, 2019
I can't let the spring time pass without talking about spring cleaning. While I'm not a fan of saving up all your cleaning energy for one specific time of the year, there is something to be said about giving your home a fresh start after a long winter cooped up inside. What is your favorite way to spring clean your house or life?
April 1, 2019
There is no amount of guilt about the past that will change the future. We've held onto and been force-fed mom guilt for long enough. It's time we let go of the mom guilt that isn't serving us or helping us create the life we want to live.
March 28, 2019
In these episodes, I get to take you behind the scenes of an honest strategy and coaching session with a mom navigating the waters of modern homemaking. Email Zitsch is a mom to a 2.5 year old son and we have an open and real discussion about the difficulties of finding the outside motivation to get things done at home and what to do when you're love language is words of affirmation (but your husband's isn't)
March 25, 2019
We're almost at the end of the first quarter of the year and I'm thinking, "How is that even possible?" Time strikes again! While we ponder how it's possible that it's already the end of the first quarter, it's also the best time to check in with your goals.
March 21, 2019
I love to bring on encouraging and empowering guests that can add to the culture of beauty in modern homemaking. Today's guest is no exception. MacKenzie Koppa of Cultivating the lovely is a podcaster and voice actor as well as a single mom to 4 kiddos. I invited her on because she thrives on cultivating loveliness in the everyday chaos of life and connecting with her kids through story.
March 18, 2019
We have a culture of motherhood suffering, struggle and sacrifice. What if it didn't HAVE to be this difficult? What if we started asking for and expecting help and stopped complaining about the help that we do get? You don't have to be a martyr to be a wonderful (and productive) mom!
March 14, 2019
After 11 years in the professional house cleaning biz, I learned a thing or two about how to clean more effectively in less time. It isn't about being the best. I started out knowing absolutely nothing, but over time I learned and it helped me not only build a thriving business, but also keep my own house clean in less time. I'm passing on this knowledge to my own kids now, and onto you. You don't have to like cleaning to clean like a pro.
March 11, 2019
Kids are messy. Motherhood is messy. Life is messy. Maybe it's time for us to be grateful for the beautiful things in life that create messes instead of waiting around for the messes to go away? Cleaning doesn't have to be a burden, it can be a means to an end: the end being joy.
March 7, 2019
I'm a big believer in the power of daily routines for your life and home, but what happens when they just aren't working? Today, I'm breaking down 3 of the biggest reasons your routines aren't working and how you can start shifting that TODAY. Your routines should fit into your life, not the other way around. So tell me, what routine has been instrumental in keeping your life and home on track?
March 4, 2019
The thoughts we think and the words we say create the life we live, not the other way around. Today, I want to encourage you to notice and pivot the words you're speaking in your home, to your loved ones and most importantly, to yourself. What words will you speak into your life today to create something positive and beautiful?
February 28, 2019
It is such a joy that I get to bring back on-air coaching calls to the podcast. These discussions with real moms and real students are filled with truth and helpful to so many other struggling mamas out there. It is my pleasure to welcome Kerri Grace to the podcast today. Kerri is a stay-at-home mom with my 2.5 year old son, Jameson and a husband works long hours. Kerri is also the owner of her own fitness and nutrition business, primarily online.
February 25, 2019
We can truly be our own worst enemy. It's time to stop the constant and perpetual inner criticism and focus on how positive feedback can make us the moms we strive to be.
February 21, 2019
We live in a very judgmental mom culture, where there is always someone to let you know you're making a mistake or the wrong choice. Mommy judgement is alive and well, but what about also discussing our own judgements of others and ourselves? Today, I want to have an honest and open discussion about judgement. What it really means, where it really comes from and how we can start to pull away from people in our lives that have nothing but judgmental things to say to us on the regular.
February 18, 2019
New seasons bring about new changes and when we're stepping up to improve our lives, we're creating a new normal for ourselves. But what happens when the new normal makes us feel uncomfortable or even guilty for living a better life? It's time to love the changes you're making and embrace amazing new normal you're creating for your family.
February 14, 2019
Would you consider yourself a worrier? I used to be and call myself a recovering worrier now. After years of deep work, I know now that my worry was caused not by anxiety, but rather the opposite was occurring: my need to control situations was the cause of the anxiety I felt. Motherhood is a never-ending story of possible worry and overthinking about what could go wrong, but I've found that no amount of that overthinking makes it any easier and rarely do our worst thoughts even come true.
February 11, 2019
In a world that wants it fast and wants it now, how can we rise above the magic pill culture we're all caught up in? I've seen the effect of what happens when we avoid the journey of life impatiently waiting for the quick fix. Doing the work IS the journey. In this tough love inspired episode, I'm encouraging you to end your search for the magic pill or guarantee outside of yourself and begin to recognize that the only person in complete control of your success as a mom and woman, is you.
February 7, 2019
Self-care is a hot issue right now in the motherhood community and rightfully so. Moms, more than any other, are often left feeling depleted as we care for those around us and make excuses for why we can't care for ourselves. No more. Today, I want to give you an honest and raw look at what I do everyday to care for myself above anyone else. When I'm at my best, I'm able to give my best.
February 4, 2019
In a world where loving yourself fully and showing yourself true gratitude and appreciation is severely lacking (especially for all the mamas out there) let's change the conversation and become moms that show love to others by first showing love to ourselves. We're nurturers to so many. It's time for us to nurture the women we are and honor the moms we aspire to be.
January 31, 2019
It is such a joy that I get to bring back on-air coaching calls to the podcast. These discussions with real moms and real students are filled with truth and helpful to so many other struggling mamas out there. Today, I'm welcoming Lisa Prieto, a homeschooling and entrepreneur mama of 2 with a lot on her plate. This conversations gets honest and real, as we discuss fear of failure and the overwhelming paralysis that outside (and inside) criticism can cause.
January 28, 2019
Around every corner in motherhood, there seems to be another thing to be afraid of. But what would our lives look like if we stopped making our everyday decisions out of fear? Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being judged? We don't have to throw caution to the wind and live recklessly in order to enjoy a life where our decisions are based more on love than on fear.
January 24, 2019
Getting and staying organized isn't about how many storage containers or bins you have in your home. The last thing we need is more stuff to hold our stuff. Instead, I want to help you think of organization as nothing more than a system, something that can be replicated over and over again to give you ease in your life. So, how do YOU feel about getting organized?
January 21, 2019
"Take a chill pill" has quickly become my motherhood mantra. With all the distractions and decisions and fears associated with being a parent, it's easy to become frantic. Let's all take a collective breath of fresh air and make today the day that we chill out.
January 17, 2019
In a world full of devices, screens, social media and all things internet based, screen time is a hot topic. It's a common question I get, "How should I handle screen time in my home?" The truth is, I don't have all the answers. All I know is what works for us, and what works for us is setting clear boundaries and making our values clear. This episode is all about how my husband and I handle screen time in our home and what has worked for us.
January 14, 2019
I can't even describe the ways my life changed positively when I started letting go of the need to control everything in my life and started practicing the fine art of surrender. Surrendering isn't about giving up, it's about accepting what is so you can take more inspired action.
January 10, 2019
Let's all just face it: we are living with far too much stuff. Too many things, too many options, too many obligations. My guest today is on a mission to provide more for moms by showing them how to live with less. Allie Casazza, host of The Purpose Show podcast, founder of the globally-praised course Your Uncluttered home, and one of my best friends in the whole word is bringing a lot of truth and wisdom in this episode.
January 8, 2019
They say that patience is a virtue, but did "they" ever have kids? As a self-proclaimed impatient girl since childhood, I've seen the danger in living from a place of "Next, please. Hurry up!" Impatience strips us of the present moment. In this episode, I want to encourage you to take a breath and move through life with more ease and less expectation. We'd be amazed what we can enjoy and experience without the wait of expediency looming over our shoulders.
January 7, 2019
And just like that, we're at 100 episodes! Can you stand it?! Today, we're flipping the scripts and creating some fun for this special occasion. My good friend Erika Tebbens is here interviewing me and asking some of the most popularly asked questions. This is like listening in to two friends have coffee, which is what I wish I could do with every single one of you.
January 1, 2019
Today's episode is dedicated to starting the year off right, without lofty resolutions that won't be met. Instead, I want to talk about purpose and how you can achieve everything you want in your home, your life and your relationships in this brand new year.
December 28, 2018
Go shawty, it's my birthday. I'm the big 3-5 today and I couldn't be more excited. To me, getting older is a privilege not afforded to so many. I'm wiser. I'm happier. I'm richer in all areas of my life. Join me for a fun episode where I'm sharing 35 random things about me to celebrate 35 trips around the sun.
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