Such a fresh concept!
Great job on this podcast! Keep going.... there are so many films that have affected us and changed us... and even completely challenged our way of thinking. Thank you!
From the heart & the mind
Bluegrass Educator
A wonderful podcast featuring discussions of movies that change us and that stick with us through the years. It gives me profound appreciation for movies I know and has opened the door to movies I don’t yet know. Thank you to all involved in producing this!
This Movie Changed Me
I am impressed with this podcast. I thought it would be just popular movies and mundane reviews (like the podcast that explores movie music). However, the reviewersand host are people who have a not only have a strong connection to their movie but the insight and, education and experience (writers, composers, etc) to articulte it. I was a film studies major in college and am a movie buff. I like that I'm learning so many interesting things about movies I've seen and others I now want to. I especially appreciate that the podcast includes foreign films, classics, a wide range of styles, periods and interests. This Movie Changed Me has become one of my favorites! What a good idea it is!
So worth it
alix jane
This podcast has been a companion on long drives and flights. The production value is even better on season two. It’s such a pure expression of how we find our stories in film and how film influences the stories we tell ourselves.
What a surprise to find such a jewel of a show !!!! I deeply connect with movies and listening to the show I find myself growing in my understanding of the movies. Great interviews and great movies !
Now, Voyager is CLASSIC, and I than Jade Bastien for talking about it!!!
I loved this podcast touching on my very favorite movie by my very favorite actress, Bette Davis! I know it's about an affair, but the underlying theme is about a woman who was repressed and depressed because of their relationship with her mother. The most brilliant moment to me was when her mother threatens to stop financially supporting her, and Charlotte blurts out: "I'm not afraid, mother." Then she said to herself in a whisper in a bit of awe: "I'm not afraid." Her transformation is inward as well as inward. She had to come to terms with the stigma of being single at a 'certain age,' of finding her place in the world outside of being part of one of the richest families in her town. It is beautiful, and is an homage to those who have struggled mentally with body dysmorphia to the point of anorexia; feelings of being too ugly to be loved; and other feelings of worthlessness. It lets one know that it's okay to seek help with those issues, and that you can have fulfilling life if you do get that help.
PLEASE Do More Episodes
A friend of mine told me about this podcast, but by the time she discovered it and told me about it I was too late. I still listened to the episodes and hope this show comes back with more. I have a growing number of movies that have been significantly formative for me and love hearing from others who can relate by hearing their stories.
This Movie Changed me
I loved !!!! This podcast,, is it no longer available? If so ,, my heart is broken 😞
giving culture its due
m for liz
I love this podcast! Just the right dose of playful, esoteric conversation but with an edge of actual reality. I love the dignity it affords different cultural pieces like Interstellar and Boyhood to act less as didactic, white-centered narratives and more like allegories - there’s a lesson here, about how we can all move forward and use film as a way to do so - please keep making these!
Please bring this podcast back!!!!
I love this podcast! Savored every episode. It’s what introduced me to the amazing on being network! Please bring this show back!! I love revisiting movies through a critical lens or totally new movies to me. It is quite amazing to her the host, Lily Percy’s perspective as well as each guest’s love and passion for these films. 💕💕 thank you!
Wings of Desire
E. Joyce
oh oh I'm so glad you're back. Thank you for doing the episode on "Wings of Desire " my favorite movie of all time! Love this podcast.
Another Precious Nobody.
WANT MORE....please?! Thank you
Glad I found this podcast
Really love the range of guests and films discussed. The episode on Kill Bill Vol 2 made me want to revisit the film and see The Bride through some different lenses. I can’t wait for the next season.
This is a great podcast! So much fun and a great way to remember movies!
Breath of fresh air
young social worker
This podcast is a wonderful reminder of humanity in between all the news headlines I've been taking in. Thank you for a welcomed breath of fresh air!
Thank you!
I absolutely love this podcast. I love the episodes on the movies I have seen because my love of it is reaffirmed, and I learn more about my favorite movies. But I also love the episodes on movies I haven’t seen because I get to add new movies to my watchlist and I am opened up to movies I probably wouldn’t have heard of or watched otherwise. Thank you so much for creating this podcast. It’s like home to me, honestly. It makes me want to write and talk about all the movies that have changed me.
Love this show! The host is so great and I love the integration of quotations and music from the movies. Really excited for more!
I love the concept. I’ve always thought movies can inspire and help people grow. Keep it up!
Gila girls
I too wanted to cheer her on! Interesting is the fact I’m 64 years old I loved this movie! She is strong in a number of ways. I just found this, will be checking for more.
A ray of sunshine!
I’ll admit that a lot of the podcasts I listen to are serious in nature, especially now with so much bad news. This podcast is a welcome respite when I just can’t take anymore depressing situations and just need some solid goodness in my ears. It’s nice too that the guests aren’t always super famous people. Keep up the great work!
I love this podcast. I just stumbled upon it so I haven’t listened to all of them, but I’m starting the binge. I was thinking about what movies have changed my life and I can think of a few. Mostly love stories, maybe a few independent films and then it hit me. CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG. Have you done an episode on how a movie scarred you for life? I can’t be the only one terrified by even the thought of a film and the memories that correlate with it. 😬
This [Podcast] Changed Me!
Truly, a beautifully produced, intimate and honest podcast. I’ve already devoured every episode and can’t express how excited I am for the next (one of my all-time favorite films!). I can already tell I’m going to cry. 😅 Keep up the fantastic work! 😄👍
Honest Audio
A raw intimacy between the host and guest. The host has to create a comfortable space for the guest to feel vulnerable and share a piece of their private life. A piece, which influenced and shaped them as artist & personal identify. I enjoy this podcast and original idea with a feel of comfort food.
Such an inspired podcast!
What a fun and illuminating show. I love the depth and richness with which the guests discuss their favorite movies, and their meaningful intersections with their own lives. There’s joy in hearing about the movies I also love, like “You’ve Got Mail,” and also a greater curiosity about the ones I haven’t seen.
Could not be better
Ellen Stoune
I am so in love with this podcast! Movies... they can be such pure magic sometimes, life changing magic. It is a delight to listen to others who have been touched the same way.
Finally: grounded, real conversations about movies1
I love movies and movie reviews, but it's not often I hear (on podcasts especially) the personal impact movies have on people and what kind of context that can give others for movie watching. This Movie Changed me distingushes itself by not simply staying in the technical parts of the movie like plot, shots and artistry: it goes straight to the meat. Host, Lily Percy does a great job drawing people out (especially in the "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" episode) asking them how they changed and how their response to the movie can change along with that. I love hearing laughter and expressions of wonderment like "so good" "wow" "oooh" etc. in this podcast. That's how people actually react to movies so love that TMCM is keeping it real! If you want to learn more about any of this movies or are intrigued as to how a movie can change you – listen to this podcast! It will make you watch movies differently and compile a new, fresh "watch list." or a "rewatch list" Standouts for me include "Dan In Real Life" (which is not a RomCom despite its trappings) and "Boyhood" which thanks to ebulient poet Naoimi Shihab Nye and Lilys Percy's conviction that it is childhood in a movie: I will have to watch again. Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast!
This podcast is changing my life.
I love this podcast. I love the thoughtful reflections by your guests and the dissection of scenes. Please review more 80’s movies!!
Love love love
Hey hey big wide internet world! I just wanted to let you all know that this podcast is awesome! I’ve listen to three episodes now: Star Wars, you’ve got mail, and (as of 5 minutes ago) boyhood. This podcast is the perfect blend of pop culture and deep meaningful conversations. If you are a fan of on being, this podcast is not to be missed! Thank you so much to all of the folks working to make this podcast so awesome!
Amazing Concept!
Such a fun podcast and touching subject matter! I can’t wait for more.
Dream podcast for movie buffs!!
Found out about this thru OnBeing, was susbscribed in an instant! Loved all the insights so far, hoping Romancing the Stone and Raiders of the Lost Ark get their rightful turn soon!
Wonderful podcast
Just stumbled across this podcast and was pleasantly surprised! I love movies and it's exciting to hear how passionate people can be about a certain one and how they connect to it. I enjoy Lily's conversations with the guests and was really touched by the last few minutes of Episode 2, in which they discuss how the movie helped them to consider what happiness is and its place in our lives. I can't wait to watch the other episodes!
Like a chat with friends
There are plenty of film podcasts that discuss the artistic merit of a film. This one is different and much more personal answering the question - how did this film affect ME? The host and guests are so warm and friendly. It feels like a chat with good friends.
conversations about life-changing movies
bethany actually
What a great idea this podcast is! I just listened to the You've Got Mail episode and it was so fantastic. Thoughtful conversations about stories and how they shape our lives? That is entirely my jam, and now I've subscribed.
Good start
Reyno Tapia
Love this podcast. It’s really sweet. I would recommend 1. Keep the “where were you when you first saw this “ moment but don’t ask guest to close eyes. 2. Introduce the guests’ rap sheet of accomplishments at the beginning, because all the guest thus far are not that recognizable ( which is a plus for me).3. Great idea of “where to find the movie steaming” be a little more specific though ( netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, iTunes, Amazon market)
New Favorite Podcast
Hands down, this is my new favorite podcast. I love the discussions around how and why each person cawme to think of the movies as so infleuentual to them. I believe my only complaint so far is that the episodes could be a little longer!
Love this show!
Every episode is so interesting. So far these are all movies that I love or have some deep meeting and these episodes take me back in time, reminiscing about my childhood, or focusing on my current life. Love the show, thanks so much.
So so so captivated
Like seeing the movie, and someone peeking into my heart and eyes. Plus awesome commentary. So glad I found it.
Cool concept
Cool concept. I’d like to hear the people Lily talks to discuss how their movies influence them in their field of work. Also maybe include a bit of fan feedback on the films (read Twitter posts or something) at the start of each episode. These movies changed lots of us!
Always creates a moment of uplift!
This podcast’ take on movies is culturally informed, intellectually humorous, and masterfully concise!
Great team, great concept.
These kinds of conversations about how Art affects us in profound ways are not just fun to listen to, but they provoke a lot of thought too, and allow us to feel connected in unique ways. Each episode is full of gems and each becomes an interesting way to learn about the guest. It’s not surprising that it’s produced by the stellar team at On Being Studios. Kudos!
These are my people
In absolutely love love movies. I love quotes and themes and symbolism and character development and cinematography and soundtracks. Sometimes I feel out of place working with people who “just don’t watch much tv or movies”.😳🙄 I cant even 🖐 I love hearing these perspectives because I know other people out there have been truly changed by cinema ! Wahoo! Thanks so much for producing this.
Loving the Love of Movies
Mac Jackson
Nothing better than sharing why you love a movie and how its part of your soul. Even if its not a movie I'm familiar with I'll listen because the hosts describe it so well I learn to appreciate it was well. The sound clips add so much and are a touch I've begun to add to my own podcast: The Never Gets Old Podcast. Keep up the great work and keep them coming:) -Mac Jackson
So much fun!
New favorite podcast! I never knew I could so thoroughly enjoy hearing bright, funny, relatable people chat about movies that were meaningful to them but boy, do I ever. Love how their conversations range beyond the movie out to universal themes of all of our lives, and back again. Thanks for this great series!
Tic-tacs - You’ve Got Mail Episode
We all need to be aware of “Where are my tic-tacs moments” lol that’s staying with me forever now.
You Got Mail
Omg... I thought I was the only hopeless romantic that adores this film! I love the concept of this podcast! Following!
Overall 5/5
Concept for this is so fresh and likable. It really is a great listen, sometimes I wish the each episodes were longer!
A Fine Beginning
Midas Welby DDS
Brava. Lily and the guests and their film choices are all great so far. That said, I crave variety, so please stop with the extended Mr. Rogers piece every week. Once or twice was fine, but I feel that less redundancy for the listener the better. Do it, but please keep the redundant parts off air. When I listen to the similarly themed 'Movie Crush' I have to fast forward it through the beginning and ending "wow, what a cool guest" happy talk, and I find myself rolling my eyes impatiently and repeatedly at the host's continual self-important interjections. You're already doing vastly better, and I look forward to your future shows. Thank you.
Great Podcast!
Cinematically Correct
Just listened to my first episode of this podcast and what a throwback! I havent seen Youve Got Mail in ages but what a classic it is! My only wish is that the episode was just a bit longer! This movie has so much in it there couldve been so much more said!
A lot of fun and substance!
This show is like a love letter to movies. It’s funny, poignant, insightful and after listening I feel like I know the guests and myself a little better.
New eyes
Lucy TS
I enjoy this podcast so much because it pushes me to revisit films I have seen with new eyes. For example the lesson of appropriation in the Nightmare Before Christmas ... how did I miss that!? I caught myself tearing up at the score for the movie. Check this podcast out it is well worth your time and Lily’s voice is so soothing ❤️
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