January 20, 2020
Come with us, way back to Port Haven. As our principle cast decide to go off on an exciting team-building adventure, Prinkle is left to resupply the ship. Little does he know that today will be no ordinary shopping trip...
January 6, 2020
We got so many listener questions that we couldn't fit them all into one episode! So here comes round two: the Quickfire Chronicles!
December 23, 2019
As this chapter has come to a close, we turn now to the traditional table chat exploration of the season just done, and answer some listener questions.
December 9, 2019
In our season finale, our heroes enter the Jedi temple on Alpinn in search of the fate of Daverin Coldfire. But time is a strange thing in a temple, and fate is a twisting road. What secrets await them through those stone doors? Presenting episode 21 of the Coldfire Chronicles!
November 25, 2019
Our beleaguered crew have finally made it to Alpinn and met the scholar, Vitaara Kai. The kettle is on, and the answers they desperately seek may finally be in sight. Can it really be this easy? Presenting Episode 20 of the Coldfire Chronicles!
November 11, 2019
Just as it seems their goal is in sight, another problem arrives. Just how dangerous is the orb they recovered from the Coster Thibaren? Will Prinkle ever recover? And will the scholar be able to shed any light on things? Presenting Episode 19 of the Coldfire Chronicles!
October 28, 2019
Our heroes are finally back on board the Coldfire's Mercy. After a quick Conflict and Morality check-in, they finally have time to catch their breath and talk through some of the things that have happened aboard the Coster Thibaren. Presenting Episode 18 of the Coldfire Chronicles!
October 14, 2019
Mr Flesh has been defeated, but our heroes still haven't safely made it back aboard the Coldfire's Mercy. Will they ever catch a break?
September 30, 2019
Beneath the Coster Thibaren In the heart of the asteroid In the dark, and the heat, and the horror Mr Flesh lies waiting. Presenting Episode 16 of the Coldfire Chronicles!
September 16, 2019
With the Coster Thibaren now clear, our heroes are faced with a stark choice: descend into the heart of the asteroid and confront Mr Flesh in his lair, or return to the Coldfire's Mercy while they still can.  Presenting episode 15 of the Coldfire Chronicles!
September 2, 2019
Our heroes choice to delay the inevitable has met with disaster, as they have stumbled upon yet more danger. What fresh nightmares wait for them on the Coster Thibaren? And will they all survive this latest challenge?
August 19, 2019
Brutalised. Traumatised. Terrified. Somewhere in the ship lies both the artifact and the terrifying Mr Flesh. Faced with that, only one question remains: what will run out first? Their luck? Or their air?
August 5, 2019
With one threat down, our wary heroes continue to explore the stygian depths of the Coster Thibaren in search of answers and artefacts. What happened here? Who exactly is Mr Flesh? And what other horrors lie in wait on this cursed ship?
July 22, 2019
Our heroes have made it to the Coster Thibaren, an ancient freighter laden with heavy purpose and dark mysteries. Somewhere on this ship is the knowledge they seek to progress their search for the truth about Daverin Coldfire. But is this vessel as empty as they first believed?
July 8, 2019
Before our crew can find the answers they seek, they must find something to trade. Their journey takes them to a derelict freighter called the Coster Thibaren, and a stolen artefact contained within. But something lies sleeping on board, and our heroes may yet wake it up... Presenting Episode 10 of the Coldfire Chronicles!
June 24, 2019
Normal service is resumed as we rejoin our heroes exiting Hyperspace and on their way to their Rebel contact. But nothing ever goes easy for our weary crew, and soon they face the greatest challenge of their lives... an audience with an Ithorian!
June 17, 2019
The end - and the treasure - is finally in sight! But will our heroes survive to make it home? And, more importantly, will they avoid being grounded if they do? Presenting, for our mid-season break, the final episode of Tiny Tikus Adventures!
June 10, 2019
Were Drenzo and R-01 smashed flatter than the thinnest pancake? Are Tikus and Rissik really alone in the dark? Is there truly treasure out there or will this become the worst birthday party Tikus ever has?  Presenting, for our mid-season break, the third episode of Tiny Tikus Adventures!
June 3, 2019
With the treasure hunt in full swing, our precocious protagonists make their way to the Lighthouse Lounge to see if X really does mark the spot! Presenting, for our mid-season break, the second episode of Tiny Tikus Adventures!
May 27, 2019
The Bar family cordially invite you to join them on the occasion of their son Tikus' sixth birthday! Jelly, ice cream and personal indemnity waivers will be provided... Presenting, for our mid-season break, the first episode of Tiny Tikus Adventures!
May 13, 2019
Resentment. Distrust. Fear. Anger. The influence of the Dark Side waxes over our heroes as they make their final preparations to leave Port Haven. Can the galaxy's longest running and most beloved soap opera help heal the rifts?
April 29, 2019
We talk Conflict and Morality. Auberon checks his privilege, J'ren supervises and Lasa makes friends with a Besalisk. Pretty standard, really. Today's sponsor is !
April 15, 2019
Although the immediate danger has passed, blood is still up and tensions run high. Can the bonds our heroes have developed survive the events just past? Has the team building exercise completely backfired?
April 1, 2019
The tables have turned on our heroes, and they are now the prey. Life and limb are not the only things at risk here - will the heat of the moment prove too much for the fragile trust our heroes are starting to build?
March 18, 2019
With a deal in hand, our heroes have a few days to kill while Coldfire's Mercy is loaded. Rather than another shopping montage, Auberyn suggests they join him on a hunt in the jungle around the station. Will this be as good for building trust and teamwork as Auberyn thinks?
March 4, 2019
After a good night's sleep our heroes take stock and return to Hawker to make a deal. But what does she want in return for her help? And what happens when more is offered than they anticipated?
February 18, 2019
Finally arriving at Port Haven, our heroes find it aptly named, offering them the chance to relax in safety and resupply that they've been so desperately needing. Making contact with Hawker Balboe, Pyjak's old friend, the times comes for our heroes to make a decision about their future...
February 4, 2019
Fleeing through Hyperspace towards Port Haven and an uncertain future, our heroes find themselves trapped together with nothing to do but wait...
January 28, 2019
In this sneaky bonus episode we announce the winner of our anniversary giveaway, do a handy recap of Coldfire Chronicles chapter 1 to help bring everyone up to speed and do the Morality calculations so we can see who's tipping closer to the Dark Side...
January 21, 2019
Force Majeure and the Heroes of the Hydian Way are very proud to present this crossover episode! As two worlds collide, who knows what might ensue! Join us, as Ben from the Hydian Way weaves their magic over a certain shop in Cynabale...
January 7, 2019
With the adventure over (for now) our cast sit around the table and talk a load of utter guff. We reflect upon the season just gone, talk about our characters and answer some fan questions, and then look forward to Season 3 and the return to the Coldfire Chronicles.
December 24, 2018
With the Reza's Heel exploding around them, our heroes race to escape with their prizes. How will they get away? Will they be first back to Brakka's Palace? And how exactly are they going to explain this to Tikus' parents? Presenting the season finale of Shadows of the Jedi!
December 10, 2018
Having retrieved both the Hutt statue and a number of other interesting artefacts, our heroes begin to make their escape from the collapsing spaceship. However, when a foe thought departed returns, can they win through and survive?
November 26, 2018
Aboard the downed freighter Reza's Heel, in the Captain's cabin, our heroes have come across two unusual artifacts  - the Hutt statue they've been sent to retrieve, and a strange mechanism which may be the source of the threat on Cynabale. What secrets will be revealed by these two treasures? And what will the consequences be?
November 12, 2018
Leaving the khyber crystals and the smouldering corpse behind, our heroes press deeper into the ship, heading towards the captains quarters and the statue they seek.  However, what they encounter could well be even more deadly than the khyber crystal fragments, even more deadly than the weapon used on Vin's Fort... as they come face to face with real horror, will their determination be enough to survive?
October 29, 2018
With our heroes finally aboard, it becomes increasingly clear that something very dark has happened aboard Reza's Heel and, before their task is through, it's only going to get darker... Presenting Episode 10 of Shadows of the Jedi!
October 15, 2018
Break time is over for our hapless heroes, and the end of the goal is in sight - Reza's Heel, the golden Hutt statue and the potential super-weapon are just over the next sand-dune. But first, an awakened Imperial droid presents a quandary both ethical and physical!
October 1, 2018
Our heroes finally get chance to sit down and discuss the events of the previous evening. As secrets are dragged into the light and buried pasts are unearthed, the stakes are raised way beyond the whims of one Hutt - the future of the entire planet may rely on this band of unlikely misfits...
September 17, 2018
Leaving the carnage at the Watering Hole behind them, our heroes find themselves in a race to the crashed starship. With no sleep and less answers, something has to give... Presenting Episode 7 of the Shadows of the Jedi!
September 3, 2018
Our heroes emerge from their confrontation into a scene from a nightmare. In the face of impossible enemies and overwhelming odds, it's going to take a miracle for them to survive... Presenting Episode 6 of the Shadows of the Jedi!
August 20, 2018
In the heart of a ruinstorm, our heroes have confronted their nemesis Garrett Tane in the cellar of the Watering Hole bar. What is his plan? What links Garrett to the unexpectedly generous ISB agent? What was that crash up above? With danger pressing in from all sides, our heroes seek answers... Presenting Episode 5 of Shadows of the Jedi!
August 6, 2018
Battered and covered in goop following their battle with the odious Sky Sirens, our protagonists resume their journey across the desert towards their prize. As a ruinstorm begins to break, they seek sanctuary in the settlement of Vin's Fort. Obviously, they migrate to the bar, because as we know nothing at all bad happens in bars on Cynabale... Presenting Episode 4 of The Shadows of the Jedi!
July 23, 2018
The race is on! Our heroes, in their newly purchased vehicle, head out into the shimmering blue sands of Cynabale's deserts to claim the prize and reap the gratitude of Brakka the Hutt. Simple, right? Presenting Episode 3 of The Shadows of the Jedi! Visit our website for social media details and music credits!
July 9, 2018
It is a truth evident to all that there are winners and there are losers, and waking up in a cell is a pretty good indicator of where you fall on that spectrum. However, with every consequence comes an opportunity, and some chances you simply cannot walk away from...
June 25, 2018
On the Outer Rim planet of Cynabale, in a bar called the Bloody Red Kiss, three strangers and a droid settle in for a nice relaxing night. Little do they know that this is no ordinary night on the tiles, and tomorrow's hangover is likely to be the least of their worries... Presenting Episode 1 of The Shadows of the Jedi!
June 11, 2018
With Season 1 of the Coldfire Chronicles wrapped, our cast take some time to discuss the events of the game, to give you all a bit of a taste of what's coming in Season 2, and to just generally talk stuff and nonsense.  Hopefully you will enjoy our irrelevant chatter, if not then we're sorry, but Season 2 - Shadows of the Jedi - will be starting in a fortnight, so I'm sure you can forgive us until then.
May 28, 2018
Tenth Brother is here. Their mentor has turned against them. Their ship is trapped behind a frozen waterfall. The Dark Side of the Force holds sway. Everything seems hopeless for our heroes. But even in the darkest times, there is always a chance to succeed, no matter how slim. Will they take it? Or does our story end here? Presenting the final episode of Chapter One of the Coldfire Chronicles.
May 14, 2018
With time to catch their breath, our heroes also have time to ask a few pressing questions of Pyjak. However, secrets are the deadliest of weapons, and they can turn in the hand easier than anyone might have anticipated... Presenting the explosive penultimate episode of Season 1 of the Coldfire Chronicles. Twitter: @forcemajeurepod Online: For full music accreditation and links please see the Credits page of our website.
April 30, 2018
With Pyjak freed from his cell and out of Imperial hands, all that's left to do is escape from the base without being killed by Stormtroopers, unravel the mysteries of their mentor, work out exactly what Coldfire's Mercy is and get off planet before Tenth Brother arrives. And do this before their cups of tea go cold. Easy, right? Presenting Episode 8 of the Coldfire Chronicles. For full accreditation and links please see the Credits page of our website.
April 16, 2018
Our heroes plan to liberate their mentor is not going exactly to plan. With time now even more of the essence, and enemies closing in, will they succeed in freeing Pyjak and escaping from the prison or will they be joining him warming a cell? Presenting Episode 7 of the Coldfire Chronicles. Follow us on social media! For full music accreditation and links please see the Credits page of our website. Hope you enjoy the show!
April 2, 2018
Our heroes have successfully made their way into the Imperial base. As they work out how to get to their captive mentor, an ally emerges who may prove pivotal to their success. Presenting Episode 6 of the Coldfire Chronicles. Follow us on social media! Twitter: @forcemajeurepod Instagram: forcemajeurepod Online: Email: For full musc accreditation and links please see the Credits page of our website. Hope you enjoy the show!
March 19, 2018
Their mentor, Pyjak, is in Imperial hands. Coded warnings from the Rebel Alliance hint that he may be more than first thought. And behind all this the threat of Tenth Brother looms ever closer. It's time for our heroes to stop reacting and start planning, before it's too late for everyone. Follow us online: Twitter: @forcemajeurepod Instagram: forcemajeurepod Website: For full music accreditation and links please see the Credits page of our website.
March 5, 2018
Having spent the night in a cave, our heroes finally make it to Lasa's shack. What they find there will set them on a path which defines their future and may send them rushing headlong into a confrontation with the Empire! Follow us on social media! Twitter: @forcemajeurepod Instagram: forcemajeurepod Online: Email: For full music accreditation and links please see the Credits page of our website.
February 19, 2018
Having fended off one attack by ice wolves, our weary heroes continue their trek through the storm to Lasa's shack and, hopefully, sanctuary. However, navigating through a whiteout is often easier said than done... Get in contact at: Twitter: @forcemajeurepod Instagram: forcemajeurepod Email: Website: For full music accreditation and links please see the Credits page of our website.
February 5, 2018
A disappearing mentor, an encroaching storm and a sense of impending threat. Will our heroes unravel the mysteries in front of them? Or turn their backs and return to the comforting regime of prison life? Get in contact at: Twitter: @forcemajeurepod Instagram: forcemajeurepod Email: Website: For full music accreditation and links please see the Credits page of our website. Hope you enjoy the show!
January 22, 2018
This is Force Majeure - an actual play Star Wars podcast. On the frozen prison moon of Daxos, an unlikely group of Force-sensitive misfits are about to have their worlds turned upside down. Presenting Episode 1 of the Coldfire Chronicles.! Get in contact at: Twitter: @forcemajeurepod Instagram: forcemajeurepod Email: Website: For full music accreditation and links please see the Credits page of our website.
January 15, 2018
Welcome to Force Majeure! We are an actual-play Star Wars podcast, using Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Force and Destiny. This is a short episode just to let you know the plans for the podcast and welcome you to the show! We can be found on: Twitter: @ForceMajeurePod Instagram: forcemajeurepod Online: Hope you enjoy the show and see you next time when we kick off Chapter 1 of the Coldfire Chronicles!
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