Great show
Got directed here from Classic Movie Musts podcast where Aaron was a guest. Glad I found this show, great interviews from some of the best writers out there!
Love the intros
Ello R
Aaron has a nice voice
This is an excellent listen, not only for writers and filmakers, but anyone who enjoys a personal glimpse into the lives and minds of the very diverse group people and personalities that made the movies we enjoy and share. Aaron is an enthusiastic but also knowledgeable host and steers the interviews to rewarding content. Enjoyed every one so far.
The absolute best!
Noam Lev
There are times when you hear something, sometimes by accident, and it changes who you are, the way you see and understand things and the life around you. This podcast by Mr Tracy does just this. I am impressed, I am emotional, and I am just blessed to have discovered this. Thank you!
new york city
i love this podcast!
Cure for Writer’s Block
Great insight and just plain fun to listen to. Listening to industry insiders has become my go-to for writer’s block and inspiration when I’m stuck in a rut.
It’s magic
Christy ABC
I know embarrassingly little about how movies and tv shows are written and this podcast is the BEST way to peek inside the process. All my favorite movies and shows are represented. The questions are brilliant and the clips are super fun to hear. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes film or tv, or really anyone who’s ever seen a film or show. The Nancy Meyers and billy ray episodes are my faves. really you can’t go wrong. I would listen to Aaron host a show about particle physics that’s how engaging he is. 5 stars.
the best podcast on dramatic writing
bob louis freeman
wow. the conversations are brilliant, the craft talk is easily understandable but also makes you think and reflect and they're so enjoyable. i look at screenwriting in a new way. Aaron is a born conversationalist who clearly delights in his guests. The roster of people he's spoken to is nothing short of extraordinary. Many of my favorite movies and shows are represented. I hope there are hundreds more episodes. This is my favorite podcast.
Deconstructes modern screen writing thoughtfully
Toby Schiff
Everyone who is involved in screen writing should be listening to this podcast. It gives a a unique and insightful perspective in modern screen writing. You will not regret listening.
Insightful and Inspiring!
Really enjoy this podcast and each episode is a great listen. I look forward to more!
An Excellent Tool for Writers
Feels cozy and intimate, and it is intelligent, well-produced and inspiring to boot! Useful talks for both the professional and up-and-coming screenwriter. I appreciate my friend S.P. who shared this wonderful, informative channel with me.
Recommend highly
A friend of mine just recommended and it doesn’t disappoint. Well done and intelligent questions.
So inspirational!
Sarah loves to write
Downloaded this because I thought the name of the podcast was creative and interesting. But I love this series! If you’re a writer looking for some inspiration - you must download and take a listen. Not even halfway in and I am so inspired by the list of talent Aaron interviews and the meaningful tips. I’m working on a script where I have a big scene and I love how Aaron mentions Bobby Moresco writes his big scene, visually puts it up and then writes a story around it. I can’t wait to try this technique. Thank you for putting this together and inspiring all of us aspiring writers!
My favorite podcast on screenwriting
buddy glass dc
Truly the greatest. Aaron is an extraordinary interviewer. All my favorite tv shows and movies represented. I hope he does a million.
13th st
natalie dubs
i love this podcast! the guests are amazing. aaron asks such interesting questions about writing and craft and process. i would listen to a million of these. i’m not a writer but really like getting a peek behind the curtain.
Favorite new podcast about writing.
writer alex
This is a must listen for all writers and aspiring writers. Engaging and informative interviews with some of the top writers in the game.
This rocks.
Excellent interviews
Aaron gets some amazing guests and asks some really insightful questions. Exceptionally well produced, too.
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