Episode 1 of season 4 won’t play :(
Texan native
Love this who’s and was excited to hear it. Just came out today and it’s not working :/
I am a cis gender male, who manages a gender diverse team, and this podcast is among my favorites - not just as a manager but as a human in the workforce. The depth of every episode is in line with the best podcasts ever produced, and well beyond the scope of a standard business podcast. One of my favorite aspects is the thoughtful processing after each interview, where the hosts digest the interview and highlight personal takeaways. This podcast is well worth your time.
Loving this!
Love the content. Keep it up!
Feminist grievance culture
They conveniently disregard the fact men are more likely to be unemployed, lack a college education, be homeless, die younger, lack health insurance, lose custody of their kids, suffer from addiction, etc.
Great Advice on Relevant Topics
Love the topics and how applicable they are. Great advice and interesting to listen to.
This is exactly what I hoped it would be
I found this podcast when I was looking around for career-oriented shows. I’d subscribed to a few other related podcasts before, but they’re all hit and miss. It’s not to say they’re terrible or useless or anything so drastic, but I can honestly say that sometimes, I skip an episode. That’s not the case with Women at Work. I enjoy this show so much! The topics are engaging and thoughtful, and the hosts do a wonderful job of really digging in to the nuances of what it’s actually like to be a woman in the workplace. Thank you for your research and efforts. I am truly a fan, and I would recommend Women at Work to any woman, whether she’s working in an office, at home, or is a stay-at-home mom. It’s nice to feel like someone else has your back, and sometimes, a mentoring career woman with more experience than you is really helpful. I’d also recommend this podcast to men, because let’s be real: men could use a LOT more insight into the issues women have to deal with in the workplace. A little empathy wouldn’t hurt either! Long story short, Women at Work is exactly what I hoped it would be, and I am very glad to have found the show. Thanks again.
Thank you Deloitte Digital
Deloitte Digital sponsors this exceptional podcast and too often we forget to thank them so want them to know that their message is getting through and associating their company with such a quality series ( ashamed to say I only discovered it recently but have gone back to listen to the previous seasons) will help them gain new clients and engender good faith from their existing clients. Thank you Amy B Amy G and Nicole for bringing your A game always. The guests are great but I really enjoy when the three of you discuss the topic after the guest.
Thank you for having the two ladies on the show to talk about Sisterhood is scarce. They brought up issues I have been feeling as a woman in technology, and it felt nice to be heard for once.
Make more episodes!! We need them!
commuter fan
Thank you!
So insightful and useful for men and women and all levels of experience
I just found this podcast and am so happy to have done so. There are many topics and great speakers that I can really relate to and I made several realizations about my own behaviors in just the first episode! Can’t wait to listen to them all!
Thoughtful discussions relevant to working women
The topics covered are timely and relevant to professional working women, and the range of views and perspectives makes for interesting discussion. I’ve listened to several and my favorite is the one that addressed the thankless, administrative or event planning projects that women often get stuck with. I talked about it with several of my female colleagues. I definitely recommend this podcast and look forward to the future episodes!
Love this podcast !
Ellen from Taiwan
I have recommended this podcast to many of my friends. Can’t wait to hear your new episodes!
Thank you!
I've learned so much from these incredible women. It's changed the way I think about myself, other women, and spaces we navigate. Thanks for telling us the truths we need to know🖤
Found it!
I was looking for a podcast that reflected my voice, and this is it! Interesting and insightful, I highly recommend it for anyone who is a modern woman at work and everyone who works with them.
The guests are excellent, the views address intersectionality, it’s well structured - just yes. It’s helping me think critically about my own role
Love Women at Work. Practical advice to help me navigate complicated situations. Especially when I don’t have a mentor of my own.
Enlightening, Empowering, & Empathetic
I just joined a more corporate work environment after being a teacher for several years, when my life plan was radically different, and this Podcast covers many topics — with a diverse range of guests who all bring their own expertise and unique cultural experiences — that are suddenly relevant to my life as a working woman (and hopefully someday, God Willing, a working mother). Each Podcast makes me feel ready to advocate for myself and the other women that I work with and help me stay cognizant of my own experiences and how my actions and reactions influence my place in the office. Keep up the great work, tackling challenging subjects with authenticity and fearlessness.
Women Who Wow!
Katie Joy B.
Nicole, Amy, and Nicole, along with her stellar guests shine the brightest of lights on what it means to be a female in our current workforce culture! Bold, insightful, and engaging are just a few of the words I’d use to describe the time you’ll spend with them. Thanks for putting out such a superb show ladies - keep up the great work!
Remove the last 15 mins of episode Make Yourself Heard
Infamous Snoozer
This series has been affirming and empowering to help navigate the workplace as a woman, especially a woman in the tech industry. However, since we can’t review individual episodes, I specifically wanted to strongly suggest removing the last 15 minutes of the Make Yourself Heard episode. The speaker at that point onward offers advice that contradicts the good content previously provided in that episode. She suggests undermining yourself to accommodate the male colleagues that interrupt you. Doing so nearly promotes tokenism rather than promoting equality.
Relevant topics, honest conversations, and amazing hosts. Each episode inspires me to do more & be more. I am so happy I found this podcast!!! Looking forward to listening to more!
Changed My Workplace
Miz Lauren
After a recent disappointing lunch session put on by my global company’s Women’s Network resource group, I suggested in the feedback survey to listen to the HBR WaW podcast and to have a discussion. I was so nervous they would take it as offensive that I gave honest feedback about my disappointment of their previous session.... but to my surprise, a couple weeks later, an event was on the calendar to listen to the Perfectionism episode, and we used the discussion guide to have a rich conversation with key takeaways we could implement in our day to day lives. The women in the session from many different company functions were all enthused and highly engaged, in contrast to the previous one I had attended where most people including myself were defensive, confused, and feeling ignored. THANK YOU for providing this resource... it’s making a BIG difference!!
Love this podcast
This podcast is great it’s full of insight. I’ve literally been the personal hype woman for this podcast sending it to all my coworkers, posting in our women’s ERG, and posting it on social media. It’s great knowing there are other women experiencing and thinking some of the same things as me, it’s also wonderful hearing ways to handle various situations that can occur in the workplace.
So in love with this podcast
Farmen Carmen FL
This podcast is food for my soul! I love every episode. Thanks so much for your hard work!!
Thoughts Parental leave
San Francisco is the only city that requires private employer to provide full paid 6 weeks leave to bond with your babies. How can we advocate and put a bill to provide longer paid parental leave nation wide?
I look forward to these!!!
As a woman in a male dominated industry I value these conversations and sharing greatly, please keep them coming!!!
Hits and misses
I really like some of the episodes, but others end up sounding more like social justice warrior rants about sexism and implicit/explicit bias. A bit too leftist for me.
Thank You
I just finished listening to the Authenticity episode, and I can just say THANK YOU. This episode resonated so much to me and the struggles I encounter everyday at work. I am a Latina with a strong accent and direct personality, and being authentic at work has been more of a struggle than I ever thought, especially working for a Forbes Top 50 company. So thank you for encouraging me to be myself and the importance of it.
Narrow and Confused About What Intersectional Means
This is fine. It’s good information. It’s not terrible original, but nice to have in context of a full episode. Focuses exclusively on heterosexual, cisgendered women. Sorry ladies, there are more than just straight cis women of different races if you want to include diversity. I mean I would even be happy with calling out that the information is focused only on a certain type of woman and they aren’t experts on the queer community so they can’t cover it. Not very impressive from a publication of this quality.
Fresh perspectives
Grown Adult Woman
They take on all the obvious topics but layer in views from professors and research. And the hosts offer such informed insights.
Moderator needs to only talk and not make random noises
Love this...but the “mmm-hmmms” from the person who is moderating is extremely annoying. I had to stop listening because it was so difficult tune out.
Can’t wait for more
Love everything about this podcast, from the editors to the topics to the guests. I listened to season 1 in a few days and can’t wait for the next season.
More episodes, please!
It's good, worth the download
Loved this limited series. Wish there were more episodes- so much more to discuss.
More more more!
Love this podcast! I was really sad to hear that it's a limited-run series. Please please create more! These conversations have been so beneficial to me professionally and as a woman.
Please make more!
This podcast is so incredibly helpful, empowering and interesting. Please make more episodes.
Great podcast
Tricia 😀
Informative, interesting and truly a great podcast. If they had a podcast episode every day, it wouldn’t be enough for me.
Wage Gap Isn’t Real
It just isn’t. There was a law passed YEARS ago that mandated that women get payed the same as men, so the idea that women get payed less than men is ludicrous. Of course this isn’t brought up in the workplace because IT DOESN’T EXIST!
Excellent and Valuable
Heffer Forbes
These conversations, especially the segment on being heard, is so valuable. I’m amazed at the honesty shared here and will share it with my colleagues as well! Thank you.
Thank you. Please keep going!
I have so appreciated these discussions and diving into these topics.
Season 2?
julie dre
When is season 2 coming!?!?!? Please, please, please soon!!!! My favorite podcast ever!
Muy Excellente!!!!
This podcast was fantastic-o!!!! The energy of the three main HBR hosts, the diversity of guests, ideas, and topics, it was so relatable! And I simply love Sarah Green Carmichael. She is so down to earth and asks such great questions. Thank you for this. So timely!! 🙌🏾
My go-to
Liv <3 xoxo
My go-to podcast for all women at work things related. Fantastic! Keep it up!
More episodes please!
I love Women at Work and getting tips and tricks for the workplace, which despite being fulfilling, can leave this woman feeling exhausted and frustrated at times.
Inspired my first podcast club
A friend recommended this and I inhaled all the episodes. I love it to much that I’ve been inspired to have a podcast club. I invited some female colleagues from other firms and we will be discussing the each episode of the podcast- like a book club. Please make more.
Don’t go!
I’m sad this podcast is over! Please make more episodes!
Eye-opening! A ‘must listen’ for working women!
I consider myself quite knowledgeable and aware of gender biases - from reading and watching a lot on these issues. But I learned so much, listening to HBR’s Women at Work. Clearly, there are a lot of challenges that I did not even know of. But being aware of them helped me understand some of the behaviors and actions of people I interact with. I can’t wait for season 2! Thanks so much for creating this highly insightful and helpful podcast.
These have been so helpful to me - the Conversations are relatable and practical. I hope they do more of these.
Helpful and timely information
Great podcast! I’ve learned so much from all the episodes I’ve listened to. I really hope this will be longer than 6 episodes.
Keep it up!
Tobey K
Listened (without interrupting) to the episode about listening. Lots of helpful tips!
Way better than expected!
Quite pleased with the candor and depth of conversation, as well as the intergenerational perspectives. Looking forward to more.
Simply amazing
As a professional woman, this podcast (so far) addresses the issues that run through my head on a daily basis. Thank you so much for putting your talent and energy into this project.
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