Great Contnet, unnatural pace
I’m not sure why, but this podcast is somehow unnaturally speed up. It seems to have been over edited and they cut pauses in a conversation, which makes it difficult to listen to. Pauses, “unms” and okay.
Best data science podcast
This is my favorite data science podcast. Please consider making weekly podcasts<3
Great content poor quality
I love this podcast for the information in it; I hate listening to the podcast because it hurts my ears. The recording quality or compression is quite poor and makes it very difficult to listen to.
Love it
I love this podcast, it’s really the only one I listen to on a regular basis. I go through withdrawals when I don’t have my dataframed fix!
I never miss DataFramed!
DataFramed is a must for aspiring data pros and anyone who wants to understand what data science is all about as a practice. That should cover just about everyone - I’m talking to you managers, leaders and other decision makers! It’s the highlight of the week for me as I try to become proficient in this field because I learn about the career paths of real working data scientists, leaders in their field. Hugo Bowne-Anderson is an excellent host and interviewer, prompting the guests to talk about their challenges, concerns, and view of the future of the field. It’s a welcome big picture view and break from learning math and coding. I also learn valuable practical lessons in the short segments that break-up the guest interviews. For example, the last few weeks featured DataCamp’s Emily Robinson’s superb introduction to the Data Science around A/B testing and proper experimentation. I always learn a lot, and I always recommend DataFramed.
Extrenely useful
Dataframed is definitely one of the best data science related podcasts around.
I'm a huge fan of Data Camp and now Data Framed for a while now. I would say that the only aspect that is sometimes a bit much is the voice of the host. I know that should not outweigh the content of the podcast, but at times it is a bit too much for me.
Fantastic resource for aspiring/working Data Scientists
This podcast is the bomb. Hugo is a great host and I absolutely love hearing about what “data sciencey” things people are doing across different industries. I’ve gotten so many useful tidbits (e.g. new techniques, packages) and bigger picture takeaways (e.g. archetypes of data scientists, asking critical questions before beginning an analysis) that I’ve applied in my own work as a data scientist. I recently did an overnight road trip and found listening to the podcast on my drive more effective than coffee at keeping me awake. Sometimes it can get a bit repetitive (same questions between episodes, same concepts emphasized within a podcast) but just when I thought I had heard it all there’s a blooper reel in episode 38 to keep things fresh. Hats off to you Hugo and DataCamp. Please keep up the good work!
My new favorite!
I originally came across DataCamp to learn Python for data science and thought I’d give the podcast a try as well. Both are incredible! Hugo does an incredible job making data science interviews engaging and thought provoking. He really asks great questions and guides the conversation incredibly well. Some day I hope to be as amazing and intrigued as Hugo!
EXCELLENT, all 'round
funkstar acrobat
Every aspect of DataFramed is outstanding: Hugo is a great educator, interviewer, etc. and has a clear and resonant voice; the production values are top notch; the guests are wonderful; the form of the podcast is excellent with relevant and informative breaks built in. I don't think I've ever heard another podcast nail everything so well from the earliest episodes. Thank you!
Excellent general coverage, expert guests, plus practical new tips each week
This is pitched for both new and experienced Data Scientists, with episode content designed to have enough for the whole spectrum of listener. The break up of the core interview with helpful practical interludes is great to stay engaged. The guests are very experienced and experts in their areas. Hugo asks helpful clarifying questions during his interviews and spends time summarising and reviewing key concepts we learn during the episode. This helps find practical take aways. Finally, I love the recurring "most favourite technique" and "call to action" final questions, because they are super practical. Each week I make sure I document and brush up on these—in addition to the interlude suggestions—so I can be mindful to use them in my job as a Data Scientist.
Great resource
Informative, great guests, anyone can learn from this...even true beginners
Humorous, Logical, Informative
I am looking to learn about and become a part of data science community, and DataFramed is such an excellent inspiration and guide.
Great listen for those curious about Data Science
This is a great podcast for those new to data science like myself or even seasoned professionals. It's great to hear how people got their starts, projects they're working on and challeges in the data science field. This podcast makes me even more excited to be transitioning my career to data science!
Data Framer
I listen to a couple other podcasts and this one attracted me because it explored some industry experts I haven't heard of before. Ben talking about data science in the trucking industry was a highlight for me. The latest episode with Katie about nuclear engineering and data science was fascinating. I do wish the descriptions were a little longer on the iTunes and Google Play pages but not a huge deal. Looking forward to the next one!
Informative, interactive, and interesting
My boss introduced me to datacamp as a way for our team to all get the same training in data science. Hugo quickly became all our favorite teacher for the lessons. When we heard about this pod cast we all listened together while working. Hugo brings some of the more complicated topics forward in a very understandable way and teaches though examples very well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who is just starting in data science, to an experienced pythonista!
Great Tool To Learn About Data Science
I discovered this podcast and found it enjoyable to learn about all of the different ways data science is applied in real-world scenarios. Hugo and his guest are engaging and thoughtful. There are also tips scattered throughout the interviews. 5 stars and recommend anyone interested in data science to listen!
Entertaining and informative
I've really been enjoying the dataframed podcast. I've been studying towards becoming a data scientist for about a year, and this podcast has been a really great addition to my studies. It gives good insight into the kinds of problems that data science can tackle through interviews with current practitioners. Hugo makes sure to ask for clarifications on terms and concepts, so this podcast is appropriate for beginners while not being too basic. The guests so far have been very good, and I've learned something from every episode. Plus, Hugo's inflections make everything sound extra exciting!
Rich data science content!
Great podcast covering many aspects of Data Science, worth re-listening multiple times to all the episodes so far as they are overflowing with quality insight!!
Cuts through the hype and builds genuine interest
Like many others, I am interested in becoming a data scientist, or at least learn to use data to help guide police and practices in my career. DataFramed has wonderful guests who speak clearly about their experiences with data, data science, machine learning, and other hot topics; however, Hugo --the Host-- makes sure that his guests can explain these more esoteric concepts to beginners like me. In addition to the guests, there are frequent segments on news and trends in the field. I really enjoyed the conversation wherein a guest argued that one day, full stack developers maybe using langauges other than R, Stata, or Julia to crunch numbers. If you like Data, then you need DataFramed.
A worthy podcast.
I thoroughly enjoyed all the episodes, especially the one with Roger Peng. I love how there are concrete stories associated with data from each guest; it makes me see the bigger picture of the field. A must-listen podcast!
Finally the Right Data Science Podcast!
I've been looking everywhere for a great data science podcast, and this is it! Hugo is a charming host, and the guests are top caliber industry and academic experts. The podcast segments are insightful and practical. If you are looking to get into Data Science or are a seasoned professional, this is your podcast!
Great insights and conversations for all Data Science skill levels
balabala moon
Hugo is a great host and even better questions of his guests who are impactful in their respective industries. He expertly wears the interviewer hat while being an effective spokesperson for the Datacamp and Data Science learning community. Keep it and I am excited for what future episodes hold!
Sr Data Scientist
A wonderfully refreshing podcast on data science that is packed with a great lineup of guests. The short but focused side discussions also offer a good change of pace to the show. Anybody interested in immersing themselves into the field of data science should give this podcast a listen! Highly recommended.
Perfect for introductory Data Scientists
I found datacamp while learning R for a project at work and fell in love with data science techniques. Now I listen faithfully every week as Hugo interviews fantastic community contributors every week!
Catnip for data nerds
bring on more frogs!
I'm getting many more dinner party invites since I started listening. I'd have given 6 out of 5 stars if there was more discussion of Hugo's beard.
A fun way to learn data science
Hugo is always fun to watch in videos and listen to in podcasts. He explains difficult concepts in a way that is easy to understand, making the data-science-beginner feel more confident. Thank you for being so committed to the community!
Nice podcast
Jake pod dog
This is a really nice podcast. Thanks!
Intellectually stimulating and fun podcast.
Sue Marquez
I have already gone through a couple of episodes of the podcast and I am enjoying each of them. Hugo is great host and has gathered very smart people to talk about the challenges and also the path that many data scientists follow. The structure of the podcast is from data problems, mathematics and potential areas to explore by data scientists. I highly recommend the podcast.
Hugo has deep insights into this field like very few other people do. I recommend it if you’re a data scientist who wants to be in the know!
dr. Phat
Hello dear listeners, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each of the episodes I’ve listened to so far! Hugo has collected a really diverse and entertaining group of data science thought leaders. I love the little segments he intersperses throughout the interviews. Regardless of your previous data experience, there is something to learn in every episode!
Incredible Podcast
Hugo is a blast to listen to!
Humorous, entertaining, and informative!
Hugo has developed a great set of podcast episodes that explores the data science landscape from a variety of practitioners. Looking forward to more!
Binge worthy podcast!
Its nice having a podcast dedicated to data science. I've enjoyed the guest as well as the format. The podcast has quick bits during interview breaks that offer insight and helpful tips. Keep up the great work!
My new favorite data science podcast
Hugo is the Australian Larry King. He gets the best guests and asks them thoughtful and witty questions. This one is a keeper!
Informative podcast with great guests
This is a really great podcast, and I really enjoy hearing how the daily work of experienced data scientists looks like and what challenges they are working on. The moderator's questions are super well-tailored to each of his guests, which makes the topics and disussions super diverse, fresh, and interesting.
Mad science :) Super entertaining!!
I really enjoyed these Data Framed podcasts. Especially Dave Robinson’s ‘Citizen Data Science’ and Hilary Mason’s look at the past, present and future of data science. I think the whole series strikes the right balance between catering for the amateur data dude (like me) as well as adding plenty of content for the more experienced data scientists out there. And it’s free!! Thanks!
Finally a good & consistent Data Science podcast
The quality of the guests are great, and the segments are interesting. I particularly enjoyed the hilary mason episode & the Robert Chang one.
Great podcast!
Hugo does an a some job and the guests have been good too.
Good host
Host Hugo draws thoughts out of guests and impresses with his strong beard (not shown).
Entertaining and informative
Hugo does an incredible job keeping the listener engaged while still delivering interesting insights. The guests are fantastic and the overall production quality is spot on. More of this please!
Really interesting podcast
I enjoyed it. I liked hearing Hilary mason talking about her different data science projects and career.
Insightful, interesting, awesome
Hilary Mason was an excellent first guest for this podcast. There’s nothing else like it out there and Hugo is a perfect host for such a podcast. Can’t wait to listen to more!
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