So engaging
As much as I’ve learned, Business Wars is equally informative and fun to listen to. Extremely wee produced.
Great podcast
Ricks American Cafe
The waze vs Apple maps episode was interesting enough, but then it became clear that the episode was just a really long ad read for Lincoln cars. Don’t insult your listener’s intelligence like that... if you’re going to do an ad read, just do an ad read. Don’t try to “sneak it in” as a key feature of the story.
Fantastic Car Ride Companion
Our lake home is about 4 hours away. We started listening to Business Wars a few weeks ago on our trips to and from, and have thoroughly enjoyed the episodes that we have listened to. We are curious about how and why things are and how they became to be. This podcast satisfies that thirst for knowledge in a fun and enlightening way. Well done.
The best
I look forward to this podcast all the time. David Brown is one of the best voices around. Charlie Callari
Perhaps my favorite podcast
When it comes to audio, voices are so important ... and the host of this podcast might just have the best voice in the business. Plus, it really helps educate me on what's going on behind the scenes at some of the biggest brands. Great podcast.
Annoying ads
Shane Magnus
This podcast should be great, but having your ads for other podcasts appear as episodes is annoying. Not only does it make me dislike any podcast you’re promoting, it makes me hate listening to your podcast. Sitting through some garbage podcasts 5 minute commercial is painful. Cut that nonsense out.
An MBA in podcast form.
Business is a chess match and Business Wars perfectly captures the play by play in a compelling story driven way. One of my favorite podcasts out there.
hell with libtards
Please bring more Apple vs Samsung (phones) Apple vs Microsoft (computers) Boeing vs Douglas (planes) Ford vs GM (cars in the 1940’s-1960’s$ Honda vs Toyota (1970-present) Circuit city vs Best Buy (shops) Amazon vs general stores Hilton vs Marriott Costa vs Safeway vs Walmart Yahoo vs Google The train company’s in the 1800’s
Fascinating stuff
Love the show they really bring the stories to life!!
Very one sided read death of WCW
Get to point!!
Full of ads and beats around the bush.
The business war stories are phenomenal, and the most recent wrestling business wars just won me over fully!
Netflix / HBO and Brew Wars Rock!
Great podcasts!
My favorite podcast. So fun to listen to
Great Podcast
Best podcast I’ve listened to.
Mostly interesting
Very well put together, but every series feels like I’m listening to a syndication of American Psycho. Even the Japanese in the Sony/Nintendo episode sound like Patrick Bateman for some reason. Would be much better without the bad impressions.
Great topics, please re-voice
Love this content. Hate the acty and outdated. It’s beyond distracting.
Voice acting is cringeworthy
Listening to the Wwe vs wcw. Whoever is doing the Vince McMahon voice should have actually listened to how Vince spoke. Can’t be taken seriously
Very insightful and entertaining
This is one of the best podcasts I have come across. Love the way business rivalries are told - everything from the narrative to the dialogues to the background score is awesome. And is of course very informative and inspiring!
Great Show! Love Business Wars
This program is really well done. The writers do a great job of presenting business case studies through compelling storytelling. I love the way they connect commerce to the culture surrounding it. This is good for understanding business history.
Engaging business history
Successfully toes the line for me between history lesson and dramatic re-enactment. I’m fascinated by the episodes with rivalries that I do feel like I have some stake in, but even the others capture my attention.
Love the stories!
Oskar Jones
I have listened to every episode. Sometimes multiple times. Living some of them but I enjoy learning the history very much. Possible new wars: Hilton vs. Marriott Topps vs. Fleer Jim Beam vs. Jack Daniels Exxon vs. Texaco..... gas wars! Thank you, great job!
Well Researched, Easy to Follow
This show is informative and episodes are short, making them an easy listen. I love the host’s voice and re-enactments. Seasons are short and focus on one business war per season. Netflix vs. Blockbuster revisited is amazing! I was born in 1976 and was alive for most of this conflict. Thank you for helping me relive how great HBO was for “naughty” entertainment when I was a middle schooler, and how amazing their original series (Sex in the City, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire) were to a young mother. You made me feel a beautiful nostalgia. Thank you! Great work!
I absolutely love these podcasts. They are the perfect length and are done so masterfully. Some that I feel like would be interesting: Best Buy vs Circuit City Apple vs Samsung Microsoft vs Apple Pizza Hut vs Dominos vs Everyone else Lowe’s vs Home Depot Amazon vs Brick and mortar stores BMW vs Mercedes
Terrible customer service
I’ve contacted them twice and inquired about the two missing seasons in their one contacted me back...I guess they don’t care if their listeners get all the podcasts or not...
Interesting Stories, Could Be A More Pleasant Listen
This is a solid podcast, but was there no room in the budget for more than one voice actor? I get distracted by the historical conversations which oftentimes sound like someone talking with himself due to the characters having such similar voices. What’s more, rather than hire a female to voice over female roles, they’ll have a man do it in a slightly higher pitched voice.
Wonderful and interesting
I love this. But I would like to see one about apple products and Samsung products please. Thank you.
Great Listen and very interesting
El Jimador Tequila-JoJo
This an absolutely fascinating podcast with stories of companies battling to be #1. I love how wide ranging the various companies covered are and the insights provided in the “end of series” interview!
excellent podcast
i absolutely love this show. it’s most definitely in my top five. i believe a good episode would be the battle between taco bell and del taco
Feel free to extend each season and delve into more details.
DC vs Marvel
They lost me at Marvel being better than DC.
How about geico vs progressive?
Wars over insurance market share would be an interesting podcast subject
This is an insanely engaging podcast. I rarely find myself entertained by other series, but Business Wars always grabs my attention and makes me want to keep on listening. This comes from a seventeen year old with no business experience. David Brown makes me feel like an expert while keeping me entertained!
Big Fan until 8/12 episode
I really have enjoyed most of the stories and find them most fascinating but now starting to question so of the stories credibility. The story on 8/12 about Gillette’s new marketing campaign seeing some success is completely false. Gillette recently took an $8 Billion dollar write down on earnings and attributed these poor results to the marketing campaign that shamed their own buyers. Who shames and degrades their buyers in an effort to be considered “woke”. It was a failure
Been listening for a year!
Slo pro
Fantastic podcast. David Brown has a great voice and is very enthusiastic. A few seasons got a bit too political for me but for the most part it’s a great podcast! I would be interested in some more food war type seasons like cereal wars.
What happened to Bad Boy Vs Death Row?
I love BW! For some reason I’ve never listened to Bad Boy Vs Death Row. So I started. I made it thru the first 4 episodes and now I can’t find episodes 5 and 6. Not just on this app, but ALL podcasts apps. They’ve all been scrubbed of this season. What happened?????
Imagination meets History
Guitars, cars, and beer. Need I say more? Would love to hear a story about ad giants like McCann Erickson.
Good Content, But Tricky Ads
I agree that the re-enactments are pretty cheesy. Would be nice if they hired some more voice actors. That being said, the content is often fascinating, but the repetitive ads are annoying. Don’t bother listening to the Apple Maps vs. Waze episode. As far as I can tell, it’s just an infomercial for an American luxury carmaker. They won’t hit you with the sales pitch until the end, but it’s pretty obvious. If you see any standalone episodes, that’s probably what they are.
So so good!
I absolutely love this podcast! Amazing storytelling. I also love how the narrator adopts different voices for characters- it brings the story to life!
Business Wars
MCP 59
Outstanding content and storytelling! 5 star rating
Great Stuff
I am binging all the episodes and just love the history. I would love to hear one on Mercedes Benz.
Just so-so
The cereal episodes could have been condensed into fewer episodes. I also disliked that the narrator changes his voice when speaking for the “characters” which to me takes away from the journalistic aspect and makes it seem less professional. I liked the historical part of this podcast though .
Business wars is awesome
Love the inside scoop I get on BW. It’s interesting and historical context is really educational as well
WARNING: Addictive
I’ve never binged a podcast before, but that’s exactly what I did with Business Wars. I love that it’s entertaining as well as historical. Highly recommended!
Great Podcast!
I stumbled onto Fender vs Gibson and now I am hooked. Great storytelling.
Very interesting show
The old-timey radio reenactments are a little corney, but the show is very interesting and well researched. I can't beleive how interested I am in things I never thought I would be. Good podcast!
Informative and Insightful
I started hearing a few minutes of Blockbuster vs Netflix and was hooked. If you’re a fan of business, history, or just plain curious about how some things we take for granted, came to be. I highly recommend this podcast. It’s easy to judge things with the benefit of hindsight but you don’t truly appreciate how remarkable some of these successes or failures are until you understand the environment and the consequences of a decision. Prior to this podcast I didn’t appreciate the difference between Marvel and DC; after this podcast I find myself wanting to take a side. The funny part about this statement is I didn’t have an interest in the topic prior to learning about the origin stories and now find myself admiring their work and better understanding their fans. I could write more but I have a podcast to listen to. Enjoy!
Pizza wars!
Love this podcast. Great storytelling and engaging topics that appear to be well researched. I would love to see a “pizza wars” season with Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa John’s etc...
Well done!
I really liked Cereal Wars, particularly bc it included multiple brands. Might be interesting to have a season of retail wars... Walmart/Target/Amazon/Costco?
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