#17: Maximizing Productivity w/ ClickUp’s Chris Cunningham & Zeb Evans
Published May 15, 2018
23 min
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    ClickUp.com isn’t your ordinary productivity space. The brainchild of two Virginia natives, Chris Cunningham and Zeb Evans, the two 28-year olds are taking organization to the next level. Unlike tools like Trello, ClickUp takes all your goals, notes, agenda, and even chat messages all in one space. Through their witty marketing and persistent attitudes, they’re creating a whole new way to organize businesses.

    Cunningham and Evans are continuously updating their software to cater to their users’ needs. They have created customization features beyond what other platforms have allowed. By creating an all-in-one tool, they have emphasized the importance of being transparent with you and your team’s priorities, making the ability to reach your goal easier. The two refuse to be complacent with their software- endlessly adding features to make the platform seamless.

    Although ClickUp was not an easy journey for the two founders, their hard work has surely paid off. They have moved from their office at Palo Alto to a new space in San Francisco. They have added more employees to their company, and are consistently making tasks easier to execute. ClickUp’s success lies in their ability to evolve with its users and their needs.

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    Time Stamp

    0:30: What is ClickUp?

    1:50: ClickUp’s features and customizations

    3:12: How was the name “ClickUp” coined?

    3:56: “It’s all about being unique, you know, differentiating yourself some way”

    6:00: The design of the iconic ClickUp hoodies

    7:20: How to go about the designs of swag: fonts, layouts, and everything in between

    9:20: The origins of the ClickUp founders and the transition process

    11:00: The growth of ClickUp

    12:20: The Silicon Valley dream

    13:40: The move to San Francisco

    14:25: Adjusting to ClickUp’s growth

    14:50: “If you have complete transparency over your prioritization, then everybody can help”

    15:35: ClickUp makes moving over to their platform easier

    17:20: Keeping the platform recent and updated

    18:00: What’s in store for ClickUp?

    19:30: Keeping content productive
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