October 23, 2018
Bay Area locations: More info on creator awards: Instagram + Twitter handle: @wework The WeWork Story Founded in 2010, wanting to build more than beautiful, shared office spaces. A dream of building a community and a place to join as an individual but where you become part of a greater "we". WeWork is redefining success mesausred by personal fulfillment, not just the bottom line. Listen in to the final episode of the first season of the Brand Hero podcast as Elton Kwok, GM of Northern California of WeWork, joins the pod to discuss how WeWork has built their brand from the ground up through guerrilla marketing.
October 16, 2018
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October 8, 2018
Ben Taylor is a highly motivated brand builder, marketer, and digital strategist, with concentrations in product development, product sourcing, supply chain management, lifestyle brands, and inbound marketing. He has been working in his industry for the past 13 years on all different levels, from small businesses to Corporate 25's and software giants. Get Ben's Checklist HERE!
October 1, 2018
Joey Yak creates content for Entrepreneurs such as Brad Lea, Cole Hatter, Billy Gene, Manny Lopez, TjHoisington, Greg Walker, Casey Adams, Caleb Maddix and many more.  Check out Joey's songs here
September 25, 2018
Brian Scudamore is the founder and CEO of O2E Brands, the banner company for 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, and Shack Shine. Brian is a serial entrepreneur, known for pioneering the professional junk hauling industry with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. Since conquering that market, he’s gone on to apply the O2E (ordinary to exceptional) formula to the painting, moving, and home-detailing industry with WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, and Shack Shine. Shout out to our sponsor of this episode, The Hustle! Check out their open jobs here:
September 18, 2018
Jeff Ratcliffe is one of the most well-known and respected names in the fantasy football industry, Jeff Ratcliffe got his start in football back in 2010 when he started writing for Pro Football Focus. He sharpened his skills and became part of the team at NBC/Rotoworld, where he wrote news blurbs and contributed articles, rankings, and projections. Jeff then ventured into the world of audio where he started up one of the most successful fantasy podcasts on iTunes (the PFF Fantasy Football Show) and was brought on board to host a weekday morning show on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. He also made the jump to television where he can be seen every Sunday morning during the NFL season nation-wide on CBS Sports Network. Jeff has consistently performed as one of the most accurate analysts in the fantasy industry with multiple accuracy awards and his work has also been recognized by the Fantasy Sports Writers Association with three awards over the last two years. Check out the College Football Playoff National Championship coming to Levi's Stadium!
September 11, 2018
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September 4, 2018
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August 28, 2018
Connect w/ Josh on LinkedIn Check out Josh's website Get a FREE Ike’s Sandwich! Get a FREE 30 day trial to Audible to listen to free books (click here) JOSH'S STORY Josh coaches C-suite executives to become thought leaders and leverage their personal brands and influence to attract top talent, lead their teams effectively, and grow their businesses. As the founder of MWI, an international marketing agency created in 1999, Josh shepherded the company through multiple boom and bust cycles. Josh’s lessons learned about entrepreneurship, marketing, and business strategy have been featured in hundreds of articles in more than 20 publications including Inc., Time, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fast Company, Mashable, and TechCrunch. Josh has appeared on national and international TV and radio, and on dozens of popular podcasts. In 2016, Josh published Chief Marketing Officers at Work, which includes interviews with 29 CMOs from companies like Spotify, Target, PayPal, GE, and The Home Depot. It was recognized as one of the 5 Best Business Books of 2016 in Success Magazine, and named one of 11 Marketing Books Every CMO Should Readby Forbes. In 2016, Josh also founded Influencer Inc, a publishing, training, and events company that assists executives to become thought leaders.
August 21, 2018
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August 14, 2018
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August 7, 2018
Get a FREE Ike’s Sandwich! Get a FREE 30 day trial to Audible to listen to free books (click here) Eric Meyerson is head of marketing for Sensai, a new startup that gives businesses, creators, and artists the power to transform their online influence with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Eric is a respected industry veteran in social media, marketing, and consumer technology, and a former marketing leader at Facebook, YouTube, and Eventbrite. He is a sought-after media commentator and thought leader on topics and trends related to online marketing, social media industry trends, and the rapid changes affecting social media platforms (and the impact for SMBs, artists and content creators).
July 31, 2018
Get your FREE Ike's Sandwich! Does your brand have a clear identity? What about your products and services? How do they interact with each other? In this episode, we’re exploring the brand relationship strategy with our brand hero this week Brandon Comstock!
July 24, 2018
Get a FREE Ike’s Sandwich! Get a FREE 30 day trial to Audible to listen to free books (click here) Thoughtful Human® exists to help people find honest ways to communicate in dynamic relationships and challenging circumstances like these. it’s our shared struggle to love, fight, grieve, forgive, overcome, and celebrate — even in some of our darkest moments. it’s accepting and destigmatizing dysfunction and meeting our loved ones where they’re at. it’s being there — consistently — when it really counts. WE CHALLENGE YOU — to care, connect, and communicate more. we challenge you to ask the simple questions — again and again — that build trust and create the space for real conversations. we challenge you to practice radical empathy and lead with kindness. WE INVITE YOU to join this movement and make it your own — share your story, share your needs, share your feedback. we want to hear it — all of it — so we can keep creating honest, relevant sentiments and series that matter to you.
July 17, 2018
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July 10, 2018
Connect with Karen on LinkedIn! Check out the Book here! Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences @Work Organizational culture isn't just a hot topic-it's an untapped asset and potential liability for all businesses. And yet, for all its potential to make or break, few know how to manage cultures with proficiency. Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences @Work provides the much-needed "how-to" with Design of Work Experience (DOWE). Tapping into human-centered design, interdisciplinary innovation concepts, and other research, this leading edge approach partners employees and their employers in unprecedented ways to co-create solutions and differentiating experiences that are customized, relevant, and profoundly impactful to the organizations for which they are intended-all while building employee engagement, learning agility, and capability. Be open to changing mindsets, for this is not your typical business book. Part-business case, part-instructional, and part-commentary, the guidance offered here puts your organization--not some detached case studies-at the center to envision how DOWE can help you design solutions and experiences unique to your context. Culture will no longer be esoteric or intangible, but overt, meaningful, fully leveraged, and truly experienced. No more hacking through trial and error to a culture that lacks sustainability. We can practice the management of culture and organizational change through lived experiences, with intention, rigor, and discipline. Leaders, managers, teams, and employees alike will benefit from understanding the need for this approach, how it's defined, why it works, and what to do to successfully tackle business challenges and positively influence lives with this innovative model-if you are willing to do the work to get there.
July 3, 2018
Lea von Bidder is one of the co-founders of Ava. Started in Switzerland in 2014, Ava is a medical technology company dedicated to bringing innovation to women’s reproductive health.  Their first and currently only product is a bracelet that is worn at night to monitor and predict fertile days. Ava is mostly focused on couples of who are trying to get pregnant although Lea says they are moving from being a fertility company to a women’s health company.  Lea explained, “there are so many areas we feel we can help, such as pregnancy monitoring, contraception, menopause, so many areas we can contribute to with new products” When asked about how the name Ava came about, Lea enthusiastically stated that she and her co-founders are in love with the name.  Although, in her own words Lea insists, “the story behind how it came about is a little boring!” Basically, women's health products are often called women's names and they wanted to continue this trend. Ava was the most common female baby name in the US and thus, Ava the company was born! Lea continues to talk about how women today demand more information about their health. They want to have access to data, they want to be more informed than their health care provider and they don’t want to rely solely on the medical system. “Our product should proactively help women and empower them with the data they need.  We wanted to be much more uplifting and empowering” emphasized Lea. Although they didn't start out with this as a marketing goal, Ava has become good at influencer marketing.  “I think it's because we are in a topic that is so highly stigmatized and that no-one really wants to talk about.  We found that influencers are the best way to informed the community” Lea stated. One of their other success stories is their communities. Lea says their community groups are a wonderful team of users who become a support group for everyone trying to conceive.  “We don't have the resources to organize events but a lot of our users do that”, she says.  With an online map of users’ locations, members of the communities have started meeting up in the real world. Visit their website to learn more about Ava: Timestamps 00:22 Congratulations Lea on making the Forbes annual “30 under 30” list for 2018 01:10 What is “Ava”? 01:33 Ava is women's health company focused on giving women different insights about their bodies across all different stages of their productive life. 02:14 Leas entrepreneurial journey. 03:35 What's in a name?  How did Lea come up with the name Ava? 04:12 Brainstorming the brand. 06:51 Product development.  What went into the planning? 07:49 The clinical research and the science behind Ava. 09:33 Influencer marketing.  Even one of the Kardashians is supporting Ava! 11:34 The biggest challenge?  The clinical research. 15:53 What else for Ava? 18:23 Massive changes in health.  Consumers want to be more empowered on their own. 19:09 What inspires Lea?  Lea finds inspiration everywhere. 20:28 Learn more about Ava.
June 26, 2018
Connect with John Nemo here Nemo's website and book Rate & Review the Brand Hero podcast John Nemo is an Online Course Creator ("LinkedIn Riches" +  "Webinars that Work"), Bestselling Author and a LinkedIn trainer. Preview of John Nemo's LinkedIn Profile... WHAT I DO: I help Business Coaches, Consultants, Small Business Owners, Sales Executives and others leverage LinkedIn to generate more sales leads, add new clients, land more speaking engagements and increase their online platform. HOW I DO IT: I provide online training programs, books, on-site workshops and other content aimed at helping you discover how to generate more business for yourself using LinkedIn. WHO I WORK WITH: I've personally rewritten and optimized the LinkedIn profiles of A-List Entrepreneurs, Bestselling Authors, Business Coaches and Consultants including: ⭐ Chris Brogan ⭐ Bob Burg ⭐ John Lee Dumas ⭐ Mari Smith ⭐ Tom Ziglar ⭐ Dan Miller ⭐ Jairek Robbins ⭐ Ray Edwards
June 19, 2018
Do you know already that networking is important and that sometimes it’s who you know that is more important than what you know?  Listen in to Travis Chappell, founder, and host of Build Your Network talk about how he built a successful podcast show on how to network effectively and what it takes to build your network. Travis wanted to get into the podcasting space and first thought about sales as a potential topic because sales was his background.  However, after researching iTunes, he discovered there was about 1000 or 2000 podcast already about this subject! He knew the rules of podcasting, as he states: * "niche down” * “the riches are in the niches" * "niche till it hurts” and * "when you think you've niched enough, niche some more" So he had to rethink. All he knew was that he wanted to get to people who were influencers in the business world. He says, “It was a selfish thing for me as I wanted to build my own network”.  He wanted to improve his inner circle and then teach others how to do that. Travis first got the idea for Build Your Network in November 2016. He wasn’t sure exactly how to start or the specifics of what he wanted so he attended coaching. This helped him get clearer on his goals and formulate a plan. He launched in August 2017, publishes 3 episodes a week and has produced a total of over 100 podcasts since then! Travis says, “getting that first couple of people to say yes is key, then it becomes easier”. Being successful in podcasting according to Travis is a combination of legitimacy and professionalism.  He also says that it was important for him to spend money on a podcasting coach as he believes this really helped him to stand out. A tip from Travis, if you want to get a certain person on your show, is you must be smart about it.  Do your research, listen to interviews they have done on other shows, read their content and figure out where they hang out. According to Travis, philosophically there is no difference between online or offline networking.  You must “be giving, look for ways to add value, be genuine, think long term” in both forms of networking. Another tip from Travis is that paid networking events are often more valuable than free ones.  Sometimes you have to "pay to play" and masterminds are also a great way to network. To listen to Travis’s podcasts visit the Build Your Network site here: Or join his Facebook group by clicking here:
June 12, 2018
Britney is the VP of Sales to one of the largest supplier in the Swag industry, today we are going to learn how and why she and her team took Gold Bond to the next level. Britney never have thought of selling pencil for a living yet she made an extraordinary promotional products which includes not only pencils and pens but products like mugs, bags and even fidget spinner which you ever wonder where it came from. She started back as a purchaser in a retail chain for promo counter that leads her to the Gold Bond Company. What she thought as a part-time job, turns to be her passion. She quits her jobs as a purchaser and started full time in Gold Bond. Britney's skill in handling people which drives her passion and her creativity had contributed a lot to the success of Gold Bond. Truly a Brand Hero. 1:10 what is Gold Bond 1:44 How Gold Bond got its name? 2:38 how did you find yourself in the promotional products industry 5:05 a part time job became a passion 6:04 gaining from content marketing 7:15 our big focal point - social media engagement 9:55 we use Sam's content planner! 11:04 how do you plan a meeting with 10 people... it’s hard 13:45 Give yourself a little exposure, do a video about your product 14:40 acting vs reacting 15:45 we do meeting and bring ideas to the table... it’s our sacred table 17:27 there’s so much market saturation out there that if you’re not one of the top provoking meters      then your just the "me too"! And nobody really like kicking it with a "me too" 18:13 what products are in line next year? 21:26 how do you create products like a back pack where they are only a few? Where do you really started 24:50 I like to look inspiration in a lot of different places, but what drive passions for me is our employees
June 5, 2018
At only two years old, “The Hustle” is famous for its distribution of a daily email. A collection of the current business and news – everything needed to start the day.   Grown in a short period of time to now having nearly 1 million young professional subscribers, the CEO and co-founder Sam Parr contributes some of its success to its tone. He says, “It’s a mixture of Bloomsbury meets The Daily Show”. The Hustle is like your educated friend.  The one who talks about important topics in a funny and sarcastic way, but has all the facts to back it up. Shifting from blog posts in the early days to email was deliberate and the move has also contributed to The Hustles success. At the time, Facebook was really pulling back their reach to audiences and this made for an unsustainable business. Sam insists, switching to email and being laser focused on making it bad ass is another factor to its success. Sam explains to be successful, you should be analytical.  Ask yourself, what’s the best that can happen and what’s the worst that can happen? It also helps to get in the right mind set.  Sam used to mediate previously, but now, he practices some mindfulness and he is a big fan of yoga. Hustle Con actually came before The Hustle and is an event aimed at “non-techies”. It started due to almost selfish reasons, because Sam wanted to befriend the speakers and be around like minded people that would maybe inspire him.  From those early days, Hustle Con events are now very successful with approximately 2,500 attendees that come from all over the world. The next Hustle Con is June 22nd, 2018 in Oakland California.  To buy tickets go to: While you’re there, why not join The Hustle email list as well: Timestamp 00:25  Introducing to The Hustle – your educated friend who is also funny and sarcastic. 02:12  Shifting from blog posts to email led to success even though email is not considered cool 05:04  How to grow your tribe using Reddit 08:22  Great content is a necessity 09:05  The Hustle “charge” philosophy 11:28  Hustle Con – the early days.  “I started it for mainly selfish reasons in the beginning” 18:27  To be successful you should be analytical and have the right mindset 18:46  Sam Parr on getting into the right mindset, mindfulness and yoga 30:05  Sign up to The Hustle or a Hustle Con event
May 29, 2018
As a men-focused niche founded in 2012, Touch of Modern is an e-commerce website and app that caters to the modern lifestyle. Considered as one of the fastest growing company, it is a curated, online shopping destination for men to elevate their lifestyle. It provides redefining online shopping experience for every product curated from furniture to fashion curated by in-house design experts and offered at unbeatable prices. As the co-founder and CEO, Jerry Hum explained that the app focused on discovery and selling really cool and interesting, one-of-a-kind, in-season products from well-known brands and up-and-coming designers that can’t be easily found in mainstream retailers. Jerry plays a key role in determining which products, brands and designers are featured on Touch of Modern. Trained in architecture and with a strong background in design, Jerry applies a systematic approach to curation, evaluating each proposed item against a strict set of criteria to meet customer demand and brand standards. A native of New York, Jerry now resides in San Francisco, where Touch of Modern is headquartered. Today, the site is one of the most popular men’s lifestyle destinations, with more than twelve million registered customers. The business reported hit $113 million in revenue in 2017 and is continuing to grow profitably. Time Stamp 01:35     What is Touch of Modern? 02:01     Sourcing the good fit products 03:05     The process of curating products for the website 05:15     How Touch of Modern started 08:55     Recent accolades 09:40     The process of gaining 12M users 11:20     Andrew bringing up Twitch 13:00     TV as a platform to grow the following 13:22     Target audience demographic 13:57     What the website has to offer 14:42     Building customer relationship and customer retention 16:08     Touch of Modern App 17:55     Number of products being released daily 18:24     Selecting and hiring talents and employees 19:27     Attending tradeshows 21:46     Going on adventures during his spare time 23:56     Using some products in his own website for his adventures 24:45     Jerry’s tale of adrenaline rush and the fear of heights 26:26     Future adventure plans 29:15     How to find out more about Touch of Modern 29:20     How the name Touch of Modern came up
May 22, 2018
Amy Wister is changing the retail terrain with her new tech development, the style dial. Through this tool, women shopping across the country will be able to take their silhouette and find the right fit in the millions of articles clothing found in stores. Through her background in Intel and headstrong attitude, Wister is a brand hero to endless retailers and brands. Although Wister has now found her footing in the world of entrepreneurship, it wasn’t always an easy journey. With her responsibilities as a mother, and other important commitments, it was almost as if her goals as an entrepreneur had to be put on hold. But, with the help of her peers, Wister was able to get right on track and catalyze The Stylist Online, building it to be the online platform that it is today. With the style dial as a recent accomplishment, Wister is optimistic about the future of technology and retail. As augmented reality is rising in popularity, she has no doubt that this technology will surely assist in the process of online shopping. Staying in the game has always been Amy’s focus, and now that she has her dream team and revolutionary technology, she is able to reshape the online retail landscape, one fit at a time. Time Stamp 0:50: All about The Stylist Online 1:52: What is the style dial? 3:30: Revolutionizing the women’s apparel market 5:22: Amy’s journey to The Stylist Online 5:35: “The hardest part is actually just taking action, once you take action, you just got over the hardest part” 8:09: Amy’s background in Intel 10:00: Amy’s hardest entrepreneurial challenge 13:50: Finding support from her team that put her back on track 15:30: “I see now in hindsight, why I was able to stay” 19:10: The future for The Stylist Online and more technology 22:16: All things come in the right time 23:30: How Amy manages her time
May 15, 2018 isn’t your ordinary productivity space. The brainchild of two Virginia natives, Chris Cunningham and Zeb Evans, the two 28-year olds are taking organization to the next level. Unlike tools like Trello, ClickUp takes all your goals, notes, agenda, and even chat messages all in one space. Through their witty marketing and persistent attitudes, they’re creating a whole new way to organize businesses. Cunningham and Evans are continuously updating their software to cater to their users’ needs. They have created customization features beyond what other platforms have allowed. By creating an all-in-one tool, they have emphasized the importance of being transparent with you and your team’s priorities, making the ability to reach your goal easier. The two refuse to be complacent with their software- endlessly adding features to make the platform seamless. Although ClickUp was not an easy journey for the two founders, their hard work has surely paid off. They have moved from their office at Palo Alto to a new space in San Francisco. They have added more employees to their company, and are consistently making tasks easier to execute. ClickUp’s success lies in their ability to evolve with its users and their needs. Check out ClickUp! Time Stamp 0:30: What is ClickUp? 1:50: ClickUp’s features and customizations 3:12: How was the name “ClickUp” coined? 3:56: “It’s all about being unique, you know, differentiating yourself some way” 6:00: The design of the iconic ClickUp hoodies 7:20: How to go about the designs of swag: fonts, layouts, and everything in between 9:20: The origins of the ClickUp founders and the transition process 11:00: The growth of ClickUp 12:20: The Silicon Valley dream 13:40: The move to San Francisco 14:25: Adjusting to ClickUp’s growth 14:50: “If you have complete transparency over your prioritization, then everybody can help” 15:35: ClickUp makes moving over to their platform easier 17:20: Keeping the platform recent and updated 18:00: What’s in store for ClickUp? 19:30: Keeping content productive
May 8, 2018
I am really pump up with today’s interview because today, we have the man on fire…no other than John Lee Dumas aka JLD the host and founder to one of the most successful podcast – the Entrepreneurs on Fire. Let’s listen and learn the secrets on what it takes to build a brand from the ground up with over 1.3 million listeners every month. 1:20 how it all started, what makes you think of doing a podcast 2: 36 The Memoir and the Daily Refresh podcast 4:50 JLD has a free podcast course 5:28 how were you able manage the multiple brand? 7:42 how did you approach the rebranding, from seven to two episode weekly 11:55 JLD talks about the survey he had on his podcast
May 1, 2018
Green Banana Social CEO and founder, Charity Gibson, has always had a passion for social media. Through her own relationship with social media as a young adult, she was able to take her interests and turn them into her success. Now, Gibson consults and advises companies on content creation and strategy regarding social media platforms. Gibson believes in social media’s ability to bring people together. She knows that the connections these platforms create can produce emotions and relationships which foster brand awareness and loyalty. As an expert in social media, she seeks to pull customers towards organizations through the digital space, with the combination of swag and social media strategy. Gibson could have never imagined that her love for social media would lead her to leave her distributor company behind and start a business helping other organizations build their social media presence. Now as the head of Green Banana Social, Gibson seeks to create meaningful interactions between clients and customers through diverse campaigns. Time Stamp 0:30: Charity’s background in the swag industry 4:05: Selling umbrellas in Arizona 6:00: The origin of Green Banana 8:00: How Charity found her passion for social media 12:10: Turning a handshake into a hug 18:50: Businesses doing it right on social media 21:43: “You’re melding the tangible world with the digital space” 22:24: How to create a consistent social promotional campaign 28:15: Cracking the code for LinkedIn and Facebook groups 29:45 “We wanna make sure that whatever promotion we do for them, or whatever we’re building for them, that it does something awesome.”
April 24, 2018
Debuting the first OrigAudio product on Shark Tank, Jason Lucash and Mike Szymczak launched the “Fold N’ Play”, a speaker which folds based on the Japanese art of origami. Now a multimillion dollar company, OrigAudio is expanding into multiple products while keeping its niche boutique name. Starting out at Jansport, Lucash has his own love-hate relationship with the world of marketing. With an idea in mind and a pitch on a national television series, Lucash partnered with Robert Herjavec, putting OrigAudio on the map. On the premiere of the episode, OrigAudio’s website crashed seven times and sells out on Amazon- and the rest is history. Now the company has expanded into backpacks, power packs, headphones, and other accessories. Although, OrigAudio’s journey hasn’t been all smooth sailing; some problems with retailing has sent OrigAudio back on their original platform and focusing on their promotional ideas. Lucash still has his hands in the project, saying that he enjoys the creative aspects of the system more than anything else. Today, OrigAudio is also tied with B2B marketing, creating promotional products for multiple companies throughout the country. Lucash is optimistic about the future of the swag industry as the shift goes from quantity to quality. The promising field of promotional products are surely leaving the old bulk purchases behind, and with more memorable items like OrigAudio speakers in the swagbag, it’s clear that the industry is looking up. Time Stamp 00:32: Jason’s first appearance on Shark Tank 02:00: The launch of OrigAudio 03:00: OrigAudio’s original products 05:01: Spoofing one of the most known products in music 08:00: The growth of OrigAudio 10:02: Transitioning out of retail and taking the Rock It out of Bed, Bath & Beyond 12:58: OrigAudio going into promo 14:47: Jason can’t stay away from the promotional industry 16:24: Creating custom designs for different clients 17:30: Getting inspiration from retail to create promo that sticks 19:28: The relaunch of 20:15: Creating a retail brand while being a promotional product company 22:00: Taking one piece minimums into success 23:00: Making awesome OrigAudio employees 24:45: The importance of company culture 26:00: A day in the life of Jason Lucash 27:15: What’s in store for OrigAudio? 30:48: There’s no meditating for Jason 34:00: Evolving from old school distributors into high quality products
April 17, 2018
Check out Social Media Marketing World 2019 - I'll be there! Here’s the highlights about our media platform/reach: * Social Media Examiner started in 2009 and has led the way in producing high-quality, how-to use social media for your business editorial * Our 7th annual conference Social Media Marketing World returns to San Diego, March 20-22, 2019 * Visit to get the best rate on your ticket for next year! * For a sneak peek at 2019 Sponsorships email me at: * We created an Event Sponsorship Playbook designed to help you achieve the ideal event outcome. Events are expensive – and your brand is worth it! * In this podcast, we explore tips on how to grow your leads and customers by attending physical events * Looking for more events? Explore our curated Events page where we list relevant digital/social/marketing events * The Social Media Marketing Society helps marketers stay on the leading edge of social media - it opens again for membership in Spring 2018 * The Social Media Marketing Podcast Mike Stelzner hosts a weekly podcast filled with social media how-to, it gets 300,000+ downloads monthly * The 
April 10, 2018
Starting off with a pair of crew socks with the Seattle city skyline, Jake Director created a brand with his best friend to create a line of premium quality socks. Now with multiple licenses like the NFL and the MLB, Director is changing the sock game, one pair at a time. Strideline’s success was initially catalyzed by Marshawn Lynch. Through connections with the football star’s masseuse, Lynch ended up wearing the socks after a massage and straight into the game. From then on, Strideline was a hit- now they’re creating multiple lines of socks, from baby socks to business wear, there’s a Strideline sock for any event. With competitors like Stance, Strideline is focused on the athletic side of the field. With influencers such as Odell Beckham Jr., and now multiple licenses with several athletic leagues, Director’s high school idea has turned into a growing business. One of the most impressive aspects about Strideline is their grassroots presence and growing marketing- with the brand being launched while Director was in college, he didn’t have the money to coerce promoters to wear the brand. Instead, he relied on the quality of the product and tenacious word of mouth advertising through networks, and it paid off. Now, Strideline is building relationships with multiple influencers, brands and leagues. The company also takes pride in its ability to collaborate and customize designs for any customer, and assures quality in every order. As the company continues to grow, Director is working to expand retail connections, and in the near future, even acquiring the NBA license. Time Stamp 01:40: Strideline’s growth in the sports influencer field 03:19: The start of Strideline 07:00: How Marshawn Lynch launched Strideline 09:20: Strideline’s olive jar 11:50: Influencers shine the light on Strideline 11:52 “We’ve had a lot of programs over the years, just building relationships with these influencers” 13:30: Strideline gets into the promotional product industry 16:20: Why socks are taking off in the swag world 16:55: “It’s something that people can attach their name to that speaks to quality every time the end user puts the sock on” 19:00: Designing custom made socks 24:45: Getting more consumers into Strideline
April 3, 2018
Chief Executive Producer for the San Francisco 49ers, Robert Alberino is nothing but fast-paced fun with classic values. With a spearheaded team in the midst of Silicon Valley, Alberino is keeping and creating an era of The Faithful. The San Francisco 49ers has had a few bumps in the road, but it is hard to undermine its brand recognition across the country. With its classic SF logo and loyal fanbase, Alberino is crushing campaigns in his Santa Clara headquarters. Through his love of the game and energetic personality, Alberino is set to create an epic return for the 49ers before kickoff even starts. Down the road from Candlestick Park, Alberino’s team is looking to modernize the 49ers historical narrative. With the 49ers story and a team looking to innovate, fans can expect the SF look with a sleek new finish. Always working with 49ers enthusiasts in mind, the marketing experts with Alberino tirelessly delivers memorable fan experiences from its game day giveaways, to its dedicated social media team who is always open to customer feedback. After a spectacular five games with quarterback Jimmy G., there is no knowing where the 49ers can go next season. The off season is building up anticipation for the upcoming games that both the marketing team and fans can’t wait to be unveiled. For the 49ers and its fans, it’s safe to say that 2019 will be a season full of surprises. Time Stamp 05:15: Robert & his company’s background 06:55: Robert’s team and their responsibilities 12:08: “Before talent even gets mentioned, the question for you before you want to be part of that team, and that goes back to the seven [leaders] is, are you super selfless and can you lift up the rest of the team?” 15:30: San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara 19:10 Talking about Jim Mercurio 21:42: Jimmy G. and the 49ers 22:46: Expectations after the end of the season 24:26: “We had had so much uncertainty in the last 3 or 4 years that we sort of needed a good dose of Jimmy G.” 25:35: Off-season work for the marketing team and modernizing the look 28:55: Purchasing large quantities of swag and which items succeeded 30:24: “We wanna give away things that people remember.” 31:40: Initiating game giveaways 33:40: The 49ers and community events 36:40: Robert’s three tips for young professionals 42:30: First impressions are everything 44:21: “You wanna dress for where you’re going, not for where you are.” 48:48: Robert’s call to action
March 27, 2018
Co-founder of commonsku, Mark Graham, is a veteran in promotional marketing. Through their software, not only has Graham helped entrepreneurs with their business, but created a platform for marketing professionals to interact and share lessons and values through networking events. Graham is one of the leaders behind skucamp and skucon, two commonsku sponsored gatherings for businesses far and wide which touch on topics a variety of topics- from TED Talk like presentations to Keynote events, attendees are bound to take away a new perspective from a plethora of guest speakers. Through his work, Graham became no stranger to event planning. His own experiences with commonsku events has given him insight to the details and aspect of any gathering-international and local. He credits much of his success through his amazing team, which works to make any affair more seamless and interactive than the last. Graham admits that these events are no walk in the park- it is a process which only gets smoother through feedback and revision. He and his team continuously labor through the process, taking notes down the way for any improvements or hiccups. After the event, Graham not only visits his team’s feedback, but also the attendees. His team gathers the opinions of guests and puts them into action as they plan the next event lined up. Overall, Graham reveals tips and tricks into making events successful. From money-saving initiatives, to organization tools, he gives a valuable insight into the recipe which creates memorable commonsku events.   Time Stamp 01:50: Mark’s background 02:08: “One of the things we felt was really important when we were building the commonsku product was to create a brand with a great personality. ” 03:30: All about skucon & skucamps 05:30: The evolution of skucon 07:47: An ongoing wishlist for commonsku events 09:15: The financial schematics of event planning 11:55: Building an event that reflects your company 13:00 Ways to save money when planning an event 17:32: Roles and responsibilities for your event team 22:35: Tools to organize your event 26:00: Roadblocks for events and last minute issues 30:19: Reflecting back on the event and room for revisions 33:00: The process behind great swag 36:45: Get ready for skucamp 2018
March 20, 2018
Redefining the insurance landscape is with its CEO, Jennifer Fitzgerald. Through high-quality editorials and creative content marketing, the small start up has managed to make its stand along its big brand competitors. Fitzgerald knows that life insurance isn’t exactly the most exciting product in the world, but through her run with some Fortune 500 Companies, it was what she knew best. Through her observations of what insurance companies weren’t doing, she decided to launch Policygenius, an online answer to buying insurance. Through relevant content and insightful editorials, Fitzgerald’s company was able to gather consumers to create the leading online insurance marketplace. Despite their service, Fitzgerald labels her company as “tech first”- with its headquarters in Redwood City, she is one of the many who is targeting the tech audience which most aged companies are neglecting. With her knowledge about insurance and a trusty content developer, she set her path into creating a brand purely from content marketing. Now, Policygenius is marketing in several large metropolitan cities such as New York and Chicago as they launch their first outdoor campaign. The company’s successful campaigns has been a gamechanger and the stuff of start-up dreams, and Fitzgerald is not shy to attribute to their editorials and content. Despite their current successes, Fitzgerald continues to push the company forward- they are currently working on mobile app content and expanding into home and auto insurance. With Fitzgerald leading her team, be prepared for Policygenius to be a household name in the near future. Time Stamp 00:55: About Policygenius 02:00: Using tech to make insurance approachable 03:00: Attributing content marketing for Policygenius’ success 03:54: “We’ve used content marketing to organically earn that traffic and that brand awareness.” 04:07: Policygenius’ first outdoor campaign 05:25: From “blog” to “magazine”- producing high quality content 06:44: Relevant content to round up the ecosystem of life insurance 08:06: How to manage a successful editorial team 08:42: “Our content team in-house isn’t that huge, we have about half a dozen folks and a handful of freelancers who write for us. But they’re dedicated to it, really experience, and it took us a while to build that team to where it is.” 09:31: The difference between Silicon Valley and New York 09:42: “If you look at the advertisements [in Silicon Valley], and I was just seeing them today walking around, it is always geared toward a tech audience.” 11:55: Jennifer on Startup Grind Conference 13:09: “Nobody in the insurance base was producing quality content.” 13:47: Jennifer’s advice on building new content for first-time entrepreneurs 16:12: Advertising in podcasts 17:37: Tracking podcast advertising success 19:09: Finding the right podcast to advertise your brand 19:45: What inspires Jennifer? 21:33: What’s next for Policygenius?
March 13, 2018
Family man Kirby Hasseman undoubtedly has his hands full- between his wife and two daughters, a brewery, Hasseman Marketing & Communications, and an award-winning podcast, it’s a mystery how he’s able to do it all. With his roots in Coshocton, Ohio, Hasseman is delivering marketing joy in all the projects that he pursues. Influenced by his parents, Hasseman pursued a career in marketing after being unable to stay away. From there, he has ventured deep into content creation, and credits a lot of his success to his supporting team. Hasseman shares much of his success to the people surrounding him, primarily from his family and support staff.   Over the years, Hasseman has researched and sought the aspects of a successful promotion. He has been able to launch campaigns with stories that capture more than just your attention, but also your emotion. Even to this day, he is a student just as much as he is a participant in the promotional world, stating that he continues to keep track of all marketing concepts which spark an idea. A “big picture” guy, Hasseman is always looking at the pieces of his puzzle and is continuously inspired by just about anything; the secret, he says, is just doing it. Hasseman isn’t one for letting ideas slip his mind, and he doesn’t let his thoughts to linger long enough to create hesitations. This mindset is what fueled Hasseman’s brewery, which started with a small home brewing kit in his kitchen. Hasseman’s positive energy and drive is certainly the force behind his success. Adding his openness to new ideas, and commitment to consistency, Hasseman built a recipe for his own success. It is clear that his joy and pride continues to shine through his company’s work, and that we can expect more from the Ohio native. Time Stamps 01:15: Kirby’s background 01:58: Fan of Happy, Kirby’s message to his daughters 03:25: Molding Kirby’s interest in marketing 03:59: “The idea for branding- it’s about positioning, and context, and what’s the story you want to tell?” 04:40: Incorporating story into promotional products 07:10: Understanding the things you don’t sell 07:50: Kirby, the Content King 08:28: The 10,000 ft view of a media company 09:29: “It’s about trying to consistently put out a message on a regular basis.” 09:58: Set the deadline 11:40: Keeping track of ideas and “Aha!” moments 14:15: Organization through Trello 15:52: The beginnings of a brewery 17:47: Kirby’s secret to time management 18:55: “What are the activities that I do that give this company the most value?” 20:35: Content & consistency goes a long way 22:50: “Sometimes you just have to work your ass off if you want to be successful.”
March 6, 2018
Check out! DOWNLOAD my eBook on how to get started working w/ VA's DOWNLOAD your Skills / Fun Matrix DOWNLOAD your Time Audit template Powered by freelancers all over the world, FreeeUp’s Nathan Hirsch turned virtual assistance into a $5 million dollar business. Hirsch, who started off selling textbooks out of his college dorm, is a virtual matchmaker to countless of entrepreneurs- he can connect you to the perfect virtual assistant in just hours. Overwhelmed by his own hectic schedule, Hirsch found himself struggling to keep up with his rapidly growing company. Through virtual assistants, he found the relief that he needed. From accountants to web developers, Hirsch is taking advantage of his business as much as his clients, having a staff of fifteen virtual assistants throughout the globe that keep his company up and running. FreeeUp has connected hundreds of entrepreneurs with their perfect VA through their intensive hiring system. Hirsch and his team go through thousands of applicants and select only the top candidates for the tasks at hand; from administrative work, to customer service, to bookkeeping, these VAs take the time out of the time consuming aspects of in-person hiring and onboarding, while providing talented freelancers for any situation. With thorough communication and feedback, these virtual assistants can start their tasks within a few days on the job. Best of all, virtual assistants’ flexibility and various skills can adapt to whatever your company needs, creating consistent workers while taking out the intensive training. Whether your company needs one, or ten virtual assistants, Hirsch’s platform is sure to ease the difficulties of entrepreneurship. How To’s: How to determine if you need a VA, and which tasks can be outsourced Get away from your computer, business, and other distractions Find a peaceful location where you do most of your effective thinking Map out everything that you do on a day-to-day, week-to-week, to month-to-month basis Put in a list, in the order of easiest to hardest Identify a task(s) from the list which you hate, don’t really like doing, wouldn’t want to do anymore Create your idea of a perfect worker- whether it be based on price range, time availability, location, skill set, etc. +SwagSam Tip: For a week or two, do a time audit. Every half hour, write down what you’re doing, and categorize it in a big picture stand point. You’ve made your VA request, now what? During the interview…. Be prepared with any questions you may have for the candidate Ex.: Their proficiency in a specific software Look for red flags: be aware of any possible reason why this person is not a good fit for you Keep in mind that even the best VAs in the world are not the best fit for every single client in the world HIRING PACKET: Once you’ve selected your VA... Set expectations. Once you find the right candidate, put in any preferences/pet peeves you may have so the VA knows what you expect of them. Communication is key; speak to them about what you like, what you don’t like, if you care about tasks being done a certain way. Give them the opportunity to ask questions, as well as the opportunity to back out if they cannot meet the expectations you put forth. Onboarding: identify the most common tasks associated with...
February 27, 2018
Born and raised in San Jose, Ron Filice was inspired by his own setbacks to become the CEO of his own company. Founding Filice Insurance after being rejected from Santa Clara University, Filice took his own losses and turned them into his biggest win yet. In addition to their health insurance, Filice Insurance also offers an amazing company culture. Through swag campaigns and pride in his own beliefs, Filice finds any way to encourage and inform his employees that they are appreciated. By creating a tight-knit company culture, Filice is able to leave his mark on the marketing world by enhancing his own people. With hope and belief close to his heart, Filice has launched multiple campaigns to nourish the uplifting environment at Filice Insurance. He had recently created “champion shirts”- inspiring t-shirts with a positive statement which prides someone in their work ethic. Through his own failures, Filice has found the beauty in his struggles. By taking his own story and spreading it through his company, he has undoubtedly become a self-made brand hero. Time Stamp 01:20: Ron’s background and his roots in San Jose 02:10: “My father always said: you don’t judge a man, how he acts when the sun’s shining, you judge a man how he acts under adversity, when it’s raining.” 03:20: The history of Filice Insurance 04:45: Creating a successful brand through swag 05:30: “No matter what I make and who I am, if I don’t treat people right then I don’t feel good about myself.” 06:01: 9:29 Meetings on Monday 07:12: Champions through t-shirts 08:15: “If you have hope and you believe in something you can aspire to be anybody you want to be.” 09:30: Being mindful during your workday 10:56: Tips for young professionals starting in business
February 20, 2018
As Senior Vice President of Handstands Promo, Charley Johnson refuses to sink into the stereotypical role, when asked what his goals are for the company, he answered “enlightenment”. Johnson has been in the marketing scene for several years now, but to him, nothing has defined his success as well as his discovery of transcendental meditation. It is no coincidence that the most of the successful figures we know meditate, and Johnson delves into the small habit that makes a big difference. Johnson is not your average senior vice president- his own journey with transcendental meditation, or TM, has been so transformational that he wants to share it with others. Despite  the hustle and bustle of running a large company, Johnson finds the time to meditate daily, giving the average person not much of an excuse. TM has paved the way for Johnson’s productivity and focus, and he is so amazed with the results that he wants everyone he comes to experience the same outcome. From his fellow gym members to a NASA engineer, Johnson isn’t shy when it comes to sharing his passion, his belief in TM has encouraged others to follow the path to their own enlightenment. Despite preconceived beliefs about meditation, Johnson motivates other to try TM because it works. Through simple guides and a fraction of your time, it opens up your consciousness in levels one cannot even imagine. Johnson has no fancy tools or guides to follow, he’s not here to sell his own products, instead, he promotes looking into any TM facility, and taking the tools given to you while removing the dogma behind it. By taking the small steps, you can change your mindset within days, and now with apps such as Headspace, the journey to mindfulness can be reached by anyone. Because of its simplicity, TM may not seem effective, but with patience and belief, you can also reach your own enlightenment.    Time Stamps 00:50: Charley’s background 3:10: How Charley stumbled upon marketing 5:09: The benefits of meditation 8:09: Finding the right teacher for your karma 9:30: “Don’t worry about the dogma, don’t worry about the religious aspect; get the tool, put it in your toolbelt, and get the hell out.” 10:20: “We all have someone who took a chance on us, and they may not look like a teacher but that’s exactly what they are.” 11:15: Charley’s goals for transcendental meditation in the marketing industry 13:40: Delving into your consciousness: who are you? 15:50: How to drive your team into meditating 16:18: “I want, what I pray on, or meditate on or whatever, I ask that I can impact every person at that company’s lives.” 18:15: Charley suggests meditation for concentration and focus above all else 20:00: Behind Pay It Forward’s marketing success 23:55: Waiting for the right moment to meditate, and finding inspiration in simplicity
February 13, 2018
A platform which started from design contests among freelancers, 99Designs is now a global company working in 150 countries. CEO Patrick Llewellyn has expanded the start up from its beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, making 99Designs the largest marketplace for design. With clients such as DraftKings and Jagermeister, Llewllyn has created a multimillion dollar company and has left a stamp on the marketing world.   99Designs takes the challenges of finding a graphic designer for your needs- whether you’re building a website or creating new packaging for your product, the website offers thousands of options. 99Designs gives their clients an expedient solution for their designing problems by taking their clients’ ideas and matching them up with the right designer to fit their artistic vision. The site has created a software which partners up designers with clients to work on projects in real time. The most impressive feat of 99Designs is their ability to create a relationship between the artist and the company, to ensure that both sides are clear of the assignment on hand. 99Designs takes the headaches of going through multiple artists by offering you the ones which best fit your needs. By forming a design contest around your vision, customers are able to view several executions of the idea at once, without going through the back and forth process with one person. It is no question why 99Designs has exploded across the globe with their convenient and quality service. 99Designs has taken the design community and created a network within clients, and artists themselves. 99Designs and its innovative CEO truly breaks the boundaries of design. Time Stamps 2:15: 99Designs’ background 7:40: From Australia to Silicon Valley 13:55: “We believe that design has no borders” 15:40: The 99Designs Process: matching a designer to the user 18:58: Creating a workspace for the company and the designer 19:55: Giving companies access to thousands of specialized designers 20:45: Who is 99Designs’ competition? 22:45: Other than branding, what designs has 99Designs’ produced? 24:35: “For us it’s actually bringing our customers’ product to life” 26:40: “Basically anything that can be designed has been designed on our site” 27:15: 99Designs’ guarantee: we will give you the design you want, or your money back 27:50: 99Designs gives back to Oakland 29:55: Patrick’s hectic schedule, from Melbourne to the Bay 32:20: Advertising in podcasts 33:50: Patrick’s podcast playlist 35:50: 99Designs’ roadmap for the years to come 38:00: 99Designs wants to make your design needs convenient
February 6, 2018
A legend in the promotional industry, Bobby Lehew, Chief Content Officer at commonsku, probes through the importance of storytelling in marketing. Taking inspiration from his literary obsession, Lehew creates highly acknowledged presentations which now pushes him beyond the swag business, and into marketing courses and workshops across the nation. From screen to swag, Lehew finds parallelism within the works of movie industry icons Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, and the advertising business. Using the common literary device known as monomyth, Lehew discovers that the hero’s journey applies to more than just stories. With the customer as the hero, and the marketing company as the mentor, Lehew describes the relationship as that of Luke and Yoda from Star Wars; marketers have to hand the customer the lightsaber solution so that they may overcome their business’s promotional challenges. Lehew defines promotional services as an emotional transaction, building more than just relationships, but creating the emotional bonds between the product and individual. Lehew finds that swag is not defined by its physical components, but by the emotions they can evoke. He attests that for this reason, being in the swag business is just as rewarding as receiving swag. Lehew’s influence and dedication to the promotional industry is undoubtedly prominent. His understanding of customer ideals and psychological needs fuels the storyboards of swag and touches those who receive it. Bobby Lehew surely redefines swag’s personality from impersonal to exciting. Time Stamps 1:00: Introduction 4:00: Beyond the swag business: presenting for B2B & marketing workshops 4:38: Bobby & the art of storytelling 6:00: The customer is the hero of the story 7:43: The Monomyth: our hero’s journey 11:20: Bridging the customer from problem to solution 14:45: Asking questions and the importance of “why?” 16:20: Evoking emotions is the swag business’s job 18:00: Getting in touch with your product’s emotional delivery 20:00: Creating swag is as rewarding as getting them 24:00: Advertising is an emotional transaction Quotes “Start with the problem and not the product, what is the purpose they’re [the client] trying to achieve?” “We don’t ask a lot of the ‘why’ questions in this business, and we should.” “One way for this industry in particular to get up from under the inferiority complex is to fall in love again with what the medium does and what impact it has on the emotional landscape.” “These customers are trying to achieve something and it’s almost always emotion.” “When you get in touch with what your product does on an emotional level, you can open up a whole lot more in terms of conversation, and stories too.”
January 30, 2018
Bill Petrie is the President of PromoCorner; the leading digital marketing service provider for the SWAG industry. Lessons - Be Consistent with your content - Be Authentically you and what you do - Do something for 10 times then evaluate - Blogging: Have at least 5 posts ready before you start - Ask hard questions SWAG - How do you want the person to feel when they receive branded merch with your logo on it? - How do you want them to think of you as a brand? Well, that was fun... hope you enjoyed this episode with Bill Petrie. We have a lot of exciting episodes coming up. Everything from interviews with the CEO of 99designs, learning how to work with VA's from Nathan Hirsch and even interviews with Tucker Max, John Lee Dumas and Pia Silva... if you enjoyed this pod, please subscribe and share it with a friend. Catch ya next week.
January 13, 2018
This is the podcast for those whom do not fast forward commercials, for the dreamer that takes pen to paper and maps out their vision, and for the people that wake up in the middle of the night with creative ambitions. Value Business Products: Family Owned OFFICE SUPPLY Company in Silicon Valley ValueBP Marketing Group: My SWAG business WhatUp Silicon Valley Mojo Mondays Podcast Chico Feet Video Referenced
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