Shout out
Great job Joe Cool and Mark-a-lark! Love the shout out to “carol” and I got SKATEWAY as soon as mark mentioned the hoakie pokie! -mertha
LOVE @ 425 degrees
Marla Edgley
What can I say! I recently traded in the news of the world for podcasts, because the world brings me down! I am a longtime Linkin Park fan, all the way back to Hybrid Theory... I never jumped off the wagon even when the music changed after Meteora! Their music has been a huge part of the soundtrack of my life! Now imagine mixing a part of LP with a sport I was sort of conditioned to hate as kid! I’ve never liked or appreciated golf! Never! But thanks to your podcast, I’m completely intrigued! I don’t want to play golf...but I find myself wanting to watch it! And that’s because of you guys! Your humor is medicine for my soul, and to know that Dave is laughing, and enjoying his life in the wake of losing Chester, and flipping his life upside down, is super helpful for me! I have been devastated by his passing and I never even knew the man. I can’t even imagine how it is for the surviving 5, and Mark Cow Flower as well! Please press on and keep doing this! I am officially caught up. I’ve listed to every episode and it’s a wonderful, wonderful off-road trip from life! And PS...I don’t know if you guys or any of the golfer guests came to Chamber’s Bay in University Place, Washington when we hosted the US Open in 2015...but that’s my hometown!! My son landed his first job working security at the Open while finishing high school! Chambers’s Bay is a beautiful place! It where we swim our Labs and do the walk! I’ll have a new appreciation for the golf course now, I certainly wasn’t on board when they first revealed the plan to develop it. But I also understand it’s a very unique course designed like Scottish I guess it’s pretty cool to have it in my back yard! Love you guys! Love this podcast ♥️
Unfortunate Dance Instructor
At my 5 yr old daughter’s dance class, the instructor (a high school student) asked my daughter what music she listens to. My daughter quickly and enthusiastically answered, “Linkin Park!” The instructor responded, “What is Linkin Park?” While it is unfortunate this poor dance instructor was not aware of the greatest band in history, along with its unrivaled bassist, I hope to compensate by introducing her to the greatest Podcast in history, along with its unrivaled PGA Tour Pro...and Mark ;).
Fun, Entertaining Stories from the Inside
I love hearing stories from a personal perspective of the flip side of the entertainment and sports industries. Great way to see the human aspect of some heavy hitters. Love learning more about Dave and family outside of his job. Also, never knew anything about golf and am now interested in checking it out next time I see it on TV! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Interview the MemberWives! You guys rock and it shows that you love your families 😁
My commuting pastime
Very interesting, love the interaction. I'm golf oriented so especially like that. Keep it coming..
Awesome Threesome
This is by far my favorite podcast. Each one is interesting and they make me laugh, even if I’m having a bad day. I look forward to Thursday’s. You have also broadened my horizons with your eclectic guests! Y’all are the best.
This show will advance mankind
Great show, if you want to hear the perspective of a professional athlete, a professional musician and Mark, then this is your show. Guests have been comedy writers, other professional musicians, other professional athletes and other individuals which are leaders in their perspective fields. The show is highly entertaining and insightful. Definitely worth listening too.
ucla girl lol
This is so much fun to listen to and some podcasts are great to listen to with my kids!
Awesome balance of comedy, sports, beer education and cringe.
You literally feel like you’re wielding a guitar in one hand, in tune of course, while teeing off on the oceanside par 3 at Pebble Beach with an abundance of different beers your trying with your buddies while listening to each Member Guest episode. Keep it up fellas.
Entertaining Podcast
I am not a golfer nor a musician but I love hearing these guys talk it up. They are entertaining, funny, and honest. I’m always looking forward to the next episode!!!
love it
i played each episode 2-3 times!
Love it!!
The jenn #1
Love listening to you guys!! Huge fan of Dave! I wouldn’t throw your autograph away man!! Just really played golf for the first time this past summer.. so not really super knowledgeable, but you guys make me wanna play more😂🤣 Thanks for entertaining me, and awesome job on the Guest!! Awesome interviews!! 🤘🏼🎸🏌🏼‍♂️❤️
Music sport just fun time
Don’t play podcast that much but this one fun and love all the stuff they talk about a bit of sport music and just a fun time feel like your hang out with them.
Hilarious and genuine.
These guys are truly great people. They are funny. Their guests are great, too! I’m not into sports, but I don’t mind hearing them talk about golf! I especially love when then they talk about music. Great podcast!!
I love listening to this podcast while drawing. You don't need to be a golf fan in order to understand. The conversations are always interesting and changes direction at any given moment. I high recommend MemberGuest!
The Best PodCast this Year
I love love this new podcast. New ones will be posted weekly, I think. This is Dave (of LP), Brendan and Mark. They often have gold guests, but they also have had Tre Cool, and how cool is that. They talk about everything from golf, to other sports, music, gear, Linkin Park, what they are up to and just fun stuff. It is a must listen. It will make you happy. I just love it. I, of course, adore Dave and he could read the phone book and I would be happy, but this is great. Please subcribe to it. You never know who they might have. And you can ask for certain guests via twitter on Dave's account, so do that, you never know, he might see it. Party on.
Great Listen!
Funny, engaging, informative, and just has a great, chill vibe! Would definitely recommend it for anyone to include in their podcast episodes.
Hole in One!
Great conversation and lots of laughs, a definite must listen!
This guys are fun! Every Monday I think to myself “I should go play nine holes” but then I realize it’s winter, so I listen to their golfing adventures instead! I love LP, golf, and Mark!
Great Listen
Have really enjoyed this podcast! Feels a little like eavesdropping on a conversation my husband would be having with his friends. I really like the topics and guests! The only bummer about it being a podcast is you can’t see Dave and his incredible flossing skills. Great podcast! Look forward to hearing more!
Love it
I came here for Dave, stayed for the humor and words of wisdom. Very nice pod cast. LPforever
Entertaining Podcast
Love The into & the guest they had the last two episodes! So far great topics!
This was great, keep it up. Looking forward to more.
Listening to a group of dudes at the top of their respective crafts talk about the things they love in a non-pretentious way was very entertaining. I could listen to Dave, Brendan, Mark and Matt talk all day. 5/5 will listen again. Thanks guys.
Great Podcast
Lauretta C.
Super impressed with the first 2 episodes. Always finish up feeling ready for the next. Keep up the great job guys!
Good times!
Fun, relaxing listen - I feel like grabbing my own beer and hanging with them!
Best new podcast!
MoMo Jones
Great conversation, awesome entertainment - a must listen. 👍
Beers and Buds
Awesome first episode you guys! So proud of you Dave, Brendan and Mark! Keep up the great work...And come play a round of golf if y'all are ever passing through Alabama! PS... I would have been one of the 5 people watching Dave throw the bass to Brendan-lol👍🏻🎶🎶⛳️⛳️ 🎬
Jazz notes
If you like golf, rock, or authentic conversation, this pods for you. Good humored. Matt was the perfect first guest. I could use more Mark and more jazz notes.
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