Amazing interviewer
The most recent episode shows how amazing Trevor Noah is as an interviewer. He should do longer form interviews.
ChEeSe iS gOoD
ChEeSe iS gOoD. iSn’T iT cOoL. :)
Takes Road Rage out of the Road
If you suffer from Road well listen to Trevor u don’t want to get to your destination
Useful and funny!
Love the podcast! It tells me what’s going on out side of my humble rock and makes me laugh. (Like more than normal.)
Hilarious and informative
Trevor Noah is so talented and funny! Love this show, podcast and TV versions. Note most of the low rated reviews seem to be politically motivated. The podcast is high quality, highlights of the show and entertaining .
Amazing and funny
People who give 1 stars are haters and trolls and I love this show
Its great
I love this podcast, not just because it’s funny but because it really reminds me of the types of conversations I have with my friends.
Love It
junction boys
Best podcast out there...Trevor Noah rocks!
Funny but Rude
True he is funny but once he starts on politics he ruins it. He stands on the graves of children that just died and uses it to be mean to people
not funny
Love it
fedora cat
This podcast presents the news in a fun and creative way, and it gives off a sort of MAD magazine type vibe. Trevor Noah has the quick-witted quips to make the news interesting; I both respect and appreciate it. The frequent ICYMI episodes are kind of boring to be completely honest though. In addition, I wish that the episodes were either a just a little bit longer, or that there was more opportunities to get more insight into certain situations along with more about Trevor’s honest opinion on a subject. Also, I love the fact that there are those people who give one star ratings for this podcast, saying really stupid and rude things. The best part of it is, most of those people have a strong prejudice against Trevor, or they just want to be a jerk. You can tell by the fact that none of them can give multiple reasons for why they don’t like it. Do they not get the jokes, or do they not get the jokester? They might not answer this because they don’t want to admit their unreasonable biases to the world.
Noah is a lightweight neoliberal corporate comedian
Jon Stewart he ain’t. He’s a mannequin. He was hired to be a puppet and that’s what you get. The Daily Show is a disgrace now.
Amazing podcast
Anyone who give it 1 star is stupid
Pathetic jokes for pathetic people
Give us the whole show!
And none of this replay stuff - it’s so disappointing to discover 2/3 episodes are old or 3-7 min long from a different year! Still love Trevor so 5 stars...
Hilarious and informative
Raider Nationn
This gets me through work. I listen to it everyday. Trevor Noah has great delivery. I really appreciate this podcast
Almost 5
Love Trevor Noah, dislike the constant ICYMI I’d rather hear repeats.
I love this show, but it is soooo disappointing to wake up, see I have a “new” episode, only to find out it’s ICYMI. If I DID miss it, it was intentional OR I could just go back to the original episode and download it from there.
Why did they stop uploading complete show?!
This was an excellent podcast. A daily 30min listen for me. Now its not worth it. I want the current event commentary from the start of the show! The interview at the end is hardly as entertaining or even worthwhile!
Next best thing to the show itself
When they stopped airing The Daily Show on Hulu, I stopped watching the show all together. Once I found this podcast, I was happily reunited. The only downside is not always getting the physical jokes, reactions, or images they present. (That’s right-I love the Oxford comma. Oxford comma for the win!)
Just wow Trevor
Trevor is one of the best host ever.I love watching TDS because he’s so good.
Too Short!
Just a few minutes? Why?
Great, but...
Love the show, but they started just airing only the interviews, aka the part of every late night show I skip.
Clever Title! Trevor - to - go
You guys are wrong for making fun of his ears. Great show perfect for a quick dog walk or trip to the store. Now I am never Trevor-less.
Please fix
This used to be great but as of late, there are only a few minutes each day. If the entire episode is not up, this is worthless.
Plz fix
The Mattlok
What happened to playing the whole show this is trash 👎🏾
The Daily Show
Why did you stop putting the whole show on?
Suddenly sad and unhappy
Skinny Kangaroo
I work at night and can not afford cable. When I first started listening to this podcast I loved it. The full show. Having me laugh so hard the my fellow team members wondered what was so funny. But know all this week it’s been just 7 minutes shorts. I want the whole show back please
Where is the entire episode? This bites! Love the show. Want to hear it all. So disappointing!!!!
Entire Episode Please.
What the heck? Where did the whole episode go? I don’t get it. If you can put the main interview on, why can’t you put the whole episode on? I am missing the monologue. The reports. Please put it all on!
Could be better
Clever Trevor
Such a wonderful way to be informed of what’s happening, that you Trev, love the show and the podcasts. Thank you🙏🏾
How have I missed out on TDS itself all my life - But most importantly how have I missed our in TDS with Trevor Noah! His comedic take on issues both great and small is phenomenal.
Not the whole show
I love TDS and I love Trevor Noah. But, the audio version of the show is missing a lot. They don’t do the segments with the correspondents and only part of what Trevor does on the actual show. I thought this would be a way for me to catch the show if I missed it on TV. But too much is missing, so it’s not a good substitute.
Trevor is awesome!!
Don’t like to miss an episode but when I’m tired and don’t want the tv light. The podcast is perfect.
Trevor is great
I loved Jon Stewart in this show, and I really like Trevor now. We need his relief and hope rn. I feel like this show makes me happy the way Bob Hope made the Golden Girls happy. Trevor gives me hope for our country. I’m so glad he immigrated to minister to us with comedy and social critique. He’s our Bob Hope. I wish everyone would listen and laugh and love others.
Thank you!!!
Thanks for making this a podcast !!! Xfinity in MD took the comedy channel off of my streaming service, I was missing this!!
Excellent and up to date
Wonderful way to stay current
Absolutely amazing! Such an empathetic, intelligent, likable and amazing person! This beautiful person is making a difference 😊
Faux news is an advertiser ?
jr 12234568
Faux News is advertising on this ? Are you serious?
Fox News Ads? Seriously?
I love to listen to this podcast but I will not listen to an ad for Fox News. Laura Ingraham? Tucker Carlson? I’m sorry. I can’t.
Was 5 stars until now
Loved listening to the full shows, these short interview clips are not appealing. Not sure what’s behind the change (ad revenue?), I’m going to stop listening to these.
Love this!
Fiddlin' Cid H.
Easy way to catch up during daily commute when I miss the broadcast. Little inconsistent though in publishing schedules and editing mistakes...
5 stars!!
Loooove listening.
These interviews.
The hell guys? I would give you 5 because I love supporting black artist but all you're giving us are interviews. Thanks but no thanks.
Yeah Podcast!
I work a lot so I cannot often watch the daily show on tv. I am so glad there is a podcast so I can listen to it at work. Trevor is fantastic I love his unique perspective on current events.
I Need Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah brings a fresh perspective to every topic. He helps me think about many issues in a new way. His positive energy and leadership on tolerance, gender equality, and race is so necessary. Listening to this show makes me laugh out loud (he has the best impressions) and inspires me to be a better person.
So funny!
Love the behind the scenes interludes and thoughts from Trevor, and his many, many character voices! Only thing is the sound quality could be improved as it is inconsistent in volume.
Bring back the news updates
Really enjoyed listening to the news update and jokes before the guest appearance. The podcast stopped doing them on my phone about a week ago. Please bring back this segment as it is very funny and a great lead into the guest interview. Thank you.
So funny
When I am sad this always cheers me up.
Longer episodes
I love this show and I listen to it every morning, but this is one of my only sources of news, and I would like to see that the news portions are longer. Can’t wait to see Trever in Portland!!!
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