Overcoming Toxic Masculinity & the Stigma Around Men’s Mental Health + Advice on How to Raise Emotionally Resilient Sons & Vital Relationship Advice for Men with Therapist John Kim
Published June 21, 2020
45 min
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    There is a lot of talk these day about the expectations we place on all sexes, and how this can impact our mental and physical wellbeing. Thankfully, we can break free of these expectations and learn to find our own identity and way in life—we don’t have to be who the world says we should be! In this podcast, in honor of Father’s Day and Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month, I spoke to therapist and bestselling author John Kim about men’s mental wellbeing, the stigma associated with men’s mental health, how to break the cycle of toxic masculinity, how fathers can improve their relationships with their sons, how to be better parents and the power of knowing who you are as a man in today’s world.

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    Podcast Highlights 

    1:53 Why John is a therapist who went rogue 

    6:38 How John went from being miserable to finding joy in life 9:08 Why help is never just one-sided 

    9:32 What is toxic masculinity? 

    12:46 Why is men’s emotional wellbeing important? 

    14:57 How John overcame his own toxic masculinity 

    20:00 How do we break generational patterns? 

    23:59 The power of facing your own resistance 

    25:40 Tips for parents 

    29:40 Breaking the toxic masculinity cycle 

    36:50 Advice for fathers who have sons 38:26 How to grow as a person   

    Read the podcast blog and transcript here:  https://drleaf.com/blogs/news/overcoming-toxic-masculinity-the-stigma-around-men-s-mental-health-advice-on-how-to-raise-emotionally-resilient-sons-vital-relationship-advice-for-men-with-therapist-john-kim

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