Episode #140: Panic attack audio guide
Published March 18, 2020
26 min
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    This calming audio guide will help you pre-, during, and post-panic attack. It is taken from my new brain detox app SWITCH. In this app you will learn how to identify the root of whatever is causing you mental distress, how to eliminate the toxic thinking habit and patter, and rebuild a healthy new neural network. It's 5 step 21 day program that takes 15-30mins each day. To download the app today visit: https://theswitch.app With all the stress, anxiety, social distancing and isolation stemming from the coronavirus, the need to connect with each other is more critical than ever. Join our dedicated Facebook group to stay connected with others and share your challenges and best tips for dealing with our new normal: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1870578619744226/?ref=share Visit my website at https://drleaf.com for more free resources, tips, and tools to help you improve and heal your mental health! And be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter to get even more mental self-care tips delivered to your inbox weekly and to see my upcoming events (you can sign up at drleaf.com!)  Follow me on social media for daily mental self-care tips and strategies! -Instagram: @drcarolineleaf: https://www.instagram.com/drcarolineleaf/ -Facebook: Dr. Caroline Leaf: https://www.facebook.com/drleaf  -Twitter: @drcarolineleaf: https://twitter.com/DrCarolineLeaf -Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/drcarolineleaf   If you enjoyed this episode please leave a 5 review on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you are listening! And don't forget to subscribe and share this podcast with friends and family! I love seeing your posts on social media! For podcast sponsorship inquiries, questions regarding the episode, or topic suggestions please email dominique@drleaf.com   Dr. Leaf no longer runs a private practice or takes individual patients. If you are looking for a therapist we recommend BetterHelp, an online counseling platform that offers affordable and accessible mental health care tailored to your individual needs. Visit our sponsor here https://betterhelp.com/drleaf for more details and to find a therapist.
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