Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Garrett, host of the WARRIOR WEALTH podcast, highlights all aspects of finance, wealth and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
One of the podcasts that changed my life
I can’t say enough... or maybe I I don’t want to yet... about how this podcast is waking me up. Listened to 6 episodes in my first week of just discovering Wake Up Warrior. I am once again coming back into the power of who I am. I am becoming the man. I do that myself... but I gained the courage and clarity to do so from this podcast.
Pure crap
Today's Joseph
There are suckers born every minute. Don’t be one who gives these people your hard-earned money.
Top 3 Podcast
By far one of my Top 3 Podcasts. I love how down to earth and personable Garrett is. His podcast along with Gary V and Ryan Niddel are what I now listen to every morning when I go to work.
Incredible clarity...
Mercia beef monster a world of noise and madness. Garrett has got an amazing message - truly the answer to those of us who are ‘stuck’ in business in any way - and the delivery is as creative as it is passionate. Very timely for me, and I think you for providing real value.
Move over Grant Cardone...
This is the BEST wealth creation podcast out there!!
All you have is my word.
All you have is my WORD
This man has paid the price and has learned and grown from it. He has proven the WW works, He puts it in straight forward language and simple to understand terms. If you truely want to have it all. Wake up and do it, there is no tomorrow!. It just may be the hardest thing you have ever done but if you commit and do the work I give you my word, you will be a better man and the world will be a better place.
Every business owner needs to subscribe
Bay Business
Awesome content that will cause you to take an honest look at where you are at in all areas of your life, and the mindset and motivation to get to the next level.
Wake up Warrior, Woke Me Up!
I first saw Garrett White on Facebook over a year ago. His no nonsense, no sugar coating presentation of Himself and His Product rang soundly through this Veteran’s Ears. As if the Drill Sergeant found me asleep on my watch and gave me the butt chewing and punishment I deserved. I had been asleep, going through life’s daily grind with little forethought of my Health, my job and what direction I needed to head to. I started with my Body, joined an exercise program and lost around 40 lbs. I am now happy to say that I am in the best shape of my life at 46 years old. I have a full time job and a side business. My Family life only gets better each day. Listen to Garrett, He may just spout a nugget of truth that is hard for You to hear, but will be the spark that ignites your inner Warrior!
Clear and Concise
Well put together and focused.
Change Through Continual Expansion
Mike O'Sullivan
Being a part of Warrior has changed my life. From my initial due diligence into Wake Up Warrior, to attending Warrior Con2, to joining the brotherhood, Garrett’s message has resonated with me. It’s pretty simple, we all come to a place in our lives where things are not working at the level we know they should be. Our business and investment lives are how we provide for our families, express our message and expand who we are. What we become and give back to others is our gratitude to God for giving us life. (My belief) I needed to Wake Up. I also needed a clear direction on how to expand and become a better business man, especially in the area of marketing. Garrett is a leader. He and inside of Warrior Wealth shows you how to become your best self with mindset, tools and strategies that work.
Powerful Perspective - My favorite GJW podcast yet
Warrior Wealth is my favorite podcast yet from Garrett. There’s a great balance between perspective and application.
Listen and learn
Hammer Apposition
One of the best podcasts out there on business. An in your face, true look at how the “game” of business and money is played. Garrett breaks things down each week in a simple and relatable way.
Warrior Wealth
This is a must I wish I would have been taught these principles 10 years ago. Good news is it’s not to late to change.
Principle Production Path - universal value
Cullen Talley
The content and methods described here lay out a path for anyone who is building, expanding, or protecting their finances while taking into account all other areas of life unlike most who have a myopic view of topics especially wealth. The most amazing part is that regardless of whether your world is collapsing, expanding, or stabilized the principles shared apply. I’ve never seen such universal value for financial based principles that have application regardless of income, age, assets, business role, or education. These concepts have netted me 100s of thousands in the last 2 years so this isn’t just theory there are 100s if case studies proving the science and leaving space for your art to create the life your desire.
My Personal Experience
Dr. Jeff R
A few months ago, I watched a video about Wake Up Warrior which led to buying and reading a book. The book led me to attend WarriorCon 2. An experience that blew me away. At 48 years old having built and lost it all, only to rebuild it again there is a level of experience. Garrett J. White shares his pit and provides unprecedented access to his life. Follow the Podcasts, watch the video and buy the book. Your life will change.
Worth its weight in Gold
Stud drench
Anything this man puts out is worth its weight in gold. No fluff, just real words and blunt truths. Things every man should consider and implement
This is a man who Knows how to Deliver Content
Troy Hoffman
He has the ability to search out what works for people and then digest it and explain it to people in a clear concise actionable format!
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