You Know
Your Podcast is number 1 in my world. Please try to control the # of times you speak “you know. I realize you may be challenged Respectfully, Stephen Weaber
Interviewer Interuptis
Really enjoy this cast. My only cringe is the Isikoff interuping of the guests. exremely annoying and no-pro. ... agree with the mooch comments, why give that db any time...
Good show! Mostly
buttsteak buildabear
I stumbled into this show. I don’t know anything about it. It may even be created by people I despise! Still haven’t checked. Ive never looked into it. I just liked it. Great flow and insightful. It’s become one of my top 5. However, the kavanaugh episode. I guess I realized at this episode that this was a show by boomers. Like baby boomers. It’s okay, I can get past it. But I do think I have to say something. It is both possible to be raped and not remember being raped. Frankly, I would guess it’s fairly common. Not remembering a crime is irrelevant. Mostly. And I’ve never been raped or anything. It just seems like pretty basic logic being omitted from this conversation. Let’s end on a positive, Ive never been bothered by anything in the show before and think we need more perspectives like this.
Gave it a chance but no thanks
They interview some pretty awful people and don’t push back at all , but they had plenty of pushback for the authors of the Kavanaugh book. Pass this one by and find a podcast hosted by a woman or by a man with more integrity and less misogyny.
Are 10 stars available
Great Interviews and analyses!!!
Highly recommend this podcast!
I like it...
There is alot of confusion these days. So interviewing Felix Sater helped calm some of that confusion. I enjoyed Felix Sater! He has led a very interesting life.
Tough questions
Bill Leader
Hosts do a nice job keeping subjects in line. Ask penetrating questions. Great job. Balanced and fair.
It’s unbelievable that y’all would allow this apparatchik on your podcast essentially unchallenged. Disappointing and fatal to your credibility.
Mooch = 🙄
No way 5 stars when Anthony Scaramucci gets his say so irresponsibly unfiltered. C'mon, guys. After hearing the grilling other guests have gotten on this podcast, it's cringe-inducing to listen to such a dope speak as if he has a credible grip on objective reality.
Beta-Male B!+(#
Michael Isikoff is such a hack fool. I heard he wears XS white briefs.
Gag me
The Mooch is as interesting as watching paint dry. He is so full of himself it’s sickening. Between your shameful disparaging of a true hero, to allowing this low talent (no talent) jerk I’m changing my impression of the show. BTW, Mr Mueller’s performance didn’t change the message! Trump is a traitor, liar and needs to be kicked to the curb!!!
Mueller hearing
Sandy McP
Focusing on Mueller performance is outrageous. He was cautious and guarded not to speak to provide any mischaracterized media sound bites. This society has normalized tv reality show and this panel is doing the same. Focus instead should be on criminality of this administration and the dangerous emergency our democracy is facing.
Send her back. Super interviews today on Rep Party DB. Please bring the Deutsche Bank scandal back to the front row. Every member of the T family is a director and a money launderer. Over 50% of condo sales in nyc and Miami were to Russians or other thru special purpose companies. DB and Trump .Org conspired to launder money with abandon. This would put anyone else in jail. Time to start indicting his kids, Kushner and Weiselberg. Tighten the noose. You guys have not given this subject the attention it deserves. Plus it is fun. DB look like incredible idiots.
New favorite podcast
Finally a podcast that offers intellectual, factual insight into the crazy happenings in Washington. Both journalists ask tough questions and clearly do their homework before an interview. They make evident the lack of substantive legislative agenda of a number of house members.
I love this podcast but....
Sophie Majeski
the Scalise interview was a rout. What a weird guy. I'd always heard he wasn't very bright, but they must do some kind of training, sounds like Kellyanne. Never stop talking, never answer the question, deflect, and blame everything on Nancy Pelosi and/or the Democrats and then claim to be a bipartisan kind of guy looking for a reasonable partner on the other side. Ugh. Painful to listen to this.
Calm Down
I like the subject matter, but this podcast is difficult to enjoy due to the hosts talking over each other their guests. If I wanted a shouting match I’d watch cable news.
Johnson Impeachment
4th choice
Great topic. Terrible podcast. Michael, you and your guests talk over each other constantly. You’re not in a bar talking among friends and trying to compete with one another, thinking you have an audience. You in fact have an actual interested audience and it was very distracting when you all would talk over each other, trying to finish each other’s sentences.
Scalise Interview
Kane Shraemer
I loved the ferociousness you went after Wolfe with re:his sources/blatant inaccuracies, but I just have had a hard time understanding your diametrically opposing attitudes towards Scalise. Scalise was given free reign to level several lies, personal attacks on Democratic leaders, and Trump talking points without any resistance. I wish y’all had done better to demand truth from the minority leader.
Trump’s Loyal Whip
Pennsylvania Fact Lover
You let Scalese tell one lie after another. I wish you had interrupted his constant spate of misinformation and talking points at least a few times.
Children Not Very Young Women
Hey, I am enjoying your other podcast Conspiracyland. Would give it a five so far. I’m only a few sentences into this one though and you refer to the girls who are children, as very young women. Big mistake. Even if you clean it up later this is harmful.... oh my gosh, you did it again I can hardly listen to this. “Underage women as young as 14....” Language matters. You should know this as a journalist. I really wanted to listen to this episode. It’s becoming unbearable.
Pushing back
I love your show typically, and you pushed back on Michael Wolf, but why not push back on Steve Scalise when he pushed his lies?
I Agree with BronxBrenda
I rarely find myself in this situation (regarding your pods) but I agree with Brenda, you let him control the interview. I would've liked to have seen more of the hudspa you demonstrated in the Wolff interview. Oy vey!
You wimped out on this one
Very disappointed that you didn’t push back on all the lies Steve Scalise told. You allowed him to filibuster you. What a shame but no doubt more of the same when all you guys are afraid of future access to these lying liars.
scalise interview
Yeah Yes Yeah
The interview of steve scalise was an abomination. Isikoff and Klaidman did nothing to question the outright lies that scalise was saying. Isikoff and Klaidman should apologize.
Steve Scalise
Power of the Press
Guys, you’re supposed to be hardheaded journalist? How could you sit there mute while Steve Scalise said there’s no obstruction. That Bob Mueller could have indicted the President but did not because there was no obstruction. That is factually in accurate and a LIE. Neither one of you spoke up and said that is factually wrong. You let him spout the same old tired GOP talking points without challenging him on any of them. He said the economy is the best it’s ever been -that is factually inaccurate but neither one of you chose to challenge him. I expect that kind of sloppy interviewing from Chuck Todd; not from you. Do better!!
Interview with Scalise was an embarrassment
Unsubscribed after that episode since they took such a soft approach to the interview. Was really expecting more from this team.
The Steve Scalise pod...
Guys... I’m very happy you were able to get a retrumplican on air to interview but why, why, why did you just allow him to spout lies and nonsense all program long...??? You guys pushed back with the force of a 3 hour old infant... I love your pod and gave this one my usual 5 star rating but please don’t allow this type of propaganda to go unanswered again. Very disappointed in this episode...
Majority whip
Not once did you correct Steve Scalice regarding his accusations of Obama didn’t do enough to protect our election. It was Mitch McConnell that stopped Obama from telling us. If you are going to interview then please correct their lifesaver!
Soft ball interview
Pastry Queen
When Congressperson Steve Scalise lied about the outcome of the Mueller report and about bills that were supposedly rejected by Pelosi for purely partisan reasons, I heard little or no rebuttal from the hosts. Come on. I thought I was listening to Fox News whitewashing of the facts.
Trump’s loyal whip
Whipped y’alls butts. He ran over both of you with lies and deception, then while y’all were mumbling he backed up over your carcasses. Then you ended the episode with no rebuttal or apology. Nioce job. Think I’ll take a break from the show, since you couldn’t point out the hypocrisy in his responses and drank his vinegar like it was sweet tea.
Painful To Listen To
Slave to the Rhythm
The Michael Wolf episode was one of the worst podcasts I have ever wasted time on. Hosts and guests just making accusations, attacking each other and talking over each other the entire time. A bunch of jerky kids yelling at each other on a playground would have been more entertaining, informative and engaging. Last time I listen to this nonsense. There's a world of good content out there, this is just annoying minutes of my life that I'll never get back.
Outstanding interview with Amb. Bill Burns
A brilliant diplomat, and a very decent human being
Great but...
FEEDBACK: You guys often interrupt each other to make EXACTLY the same point. Take turns. Get a coach. Otherwise I love the topics and the smarts you bring to every episode and it’s one of my favorite podcasts. But, guys, stop acting like you’re at a coffee shop on your third cup. Love the show despite that. Just imagine if you develop your broadcasting skills.
Quit Interrupting your guests!
You cover important topics, have fabulous guests and instead of thoughtfully interviewing them, argue and talk over them. I started listening after reading Russian Roulette and have come away disappointed with the format.
I was hoping to learn something from listening, but the hosts just hurl accusations without letting Michael Wolff answer the question. Very hostile and awkward to listen to.
Enjoyed podcast
Just listened to the podcast and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The host was excellent as was the guest.
Wonderfully Fun
Didn’t know about this podcast until I heard Michael (who I’ve always been a huge fan of as a journalist and on MSNBC) on Mueller She Wrote. What great fun and perfect companion podcast to Mueller She Wrote.
Stop Interrupting Guests
I like this podcast. Great guests and historical perspective is valuable. But I get annoyed when hosts interrupt guests and don’t let them finish their sentences and thoughts.
Too many talking at once
Good information here, but maybe listen to the episode before releasing and delete the parts where 2 or more yell all at once? The interruptions make hearing what you say nearly impossible. Take turns. Finish sentences. Listen as well as talk. Thank you.
Too much interrupting and bullying
Princeton Petrus
Guys. Cutting off the witness and taking over him is not a tough interview. It’s just bullying and irritating to listen to. Isikokoff should stick to asking quastions instead of talking so much.
Do your research too
I have enjoyed your podcast, until today with Michael Wolf. You were not professional with this controversy guest. Questioning him on facts is good journalism, berating him when you do not like his respond is horrible and complete turnoff. This episode should have been discussions and learning by both sides, yet it melted down to a bias division. My case in point, it is an absolute fact the FBI does handcuff males in their home while collecting evidence even when they are extremely cordial and NO arrest is made. You, as hosts, please do more research before bullying a guest you invite on. It was difficult to continue listening when as hosts you were not giving the man much time to explain. It is a shame because I have been a long time listener.
Great Episode!!!
Jopy Williams
Just listened to last week’s episode with David Enrich and Emily Brandwin and absolutely loved it. Emily’s rapport with the hosts was great and she brought a unique point of view. Not to mention really funny. Just subscribed and looking forward to more.
Jim Sack
Dan Klaidman suggested the Trump investigations came up short because Congress farmed our the investigation to Mueller. Being it was a Republican House at the time that would have conducted any investigation that investigation would have been a managed white wash.
Judy in Ohio
Down to three stars. Why would any guest show up to be interrupted, shouted over, and have sentences finished by a loud mouthed bully intent mainly on hawking his own book and pumping up his past accomplishments? Issikoff ruins the podcast by sounding more narcissistic than 45.
Same with the show and also hate the logo - but continuing to subscribe!
Too much bullying
Russian Roulette is an important book, so I seriously wanted to like this podcast. However after listening to months of episodes, I have had enough. The hosts, particularly Isikoff, talk over their guests, badger them and mistake this podcast for a cable news shouting panel. They have terrific guests and I really want to hear their thinking - which is impossible when they are being interrupted and ordered to produce more inflammatory sound bites. I'm out.
About that opening
Love the podcast but i have to take out the earphones to avoid hearing Trump proclaim his honesty. Cannot stand his voice - even Nixon is music by comparison.
Love your podcast, but hate, loathe & despise seeing tRump when I open my app. Unsubscribing from your show. Will return if/when you change the logo.
These are the same people that believed the Clinton funded opposition research document was true without verification. Went forward to the FISA Court with a lie and then leaked to the media more unverified information. Do they hate Trump and our country this much? Or even worse did they really want Hillary to win even after she clearly broke the law with her illegal email server allowing her classified government emails to be seen by our enemies. She has broken the law over the past thirty years without consequence. Your not hero’s and the host and Corn are not telling the truth. When will you come clean?
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