December 21, 2019
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September 1, 2019
Follow our hosts: ►Visit : ► BITCOIN CASH CITY |Buy Tickets Now Link: ►PRE- REGISTER to Crypto Exchange Link: ----------------------- SHOW NOTES ----------------------- ►BITCOIN CASH | Supporting Hong Kong protesters The company Genesis Block has been handing out water bottles to protesters with a BCH logo and the words “free water” on the bottle. LINK: ►CASHSCRIPT | used to write and rewrite powerful smart contract functionality Gabriel Cardona has re-written both the Mecenas (Met-Say-Nahss) recurring payment smart contract and the Zero-Confirmation Forfeit contract in the CashScript language LINK:   ►RealmX | BCH mobile Game to launch at the End of the Month The reasons are simple. Because the Bitcoin Cash chain is fast, reliable, and low-cost. That’s perfect for an online game. More importantly, BCH has a huge community which is helpful to enlarge our userbase.” LINK:     ►Craig Wright | Loses Case versus Kleiman estate Craig Wright now appears to owe the Kleiman estate 50% of any Bitcoin he mined before Dave Kleiman’s death in 2013. Whether that is any number of coins remains to be seen.   ►Zeux App | Adds Bitcoin Cash Integration With the app, users can now pay using BCH at any UK location that accepts Apple Pay or Samsung Pay LINK:   ► | Crypto Exchange Opens This Week! Our exchange will offer BCH pairings & more than 50 trading pairs and w. SOURCE: ►BITCOIN CASH CITY |Conference Lands in Australia Next Week - September 4 - 5, 2019 Townsville, Australia Members from the team, including - Gabriel Cardona, Vin Armani, Akane Yokoo will join other prominent BCH members in Queensland Australia Sept 4-5th. ► Who are we? -- is your premier source for everything Bitcoin related. We help you buy, use, and store your Bitcoin securely. You can read the latest news. We also provide helpful tools and real-time market price and chart information, as well as Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin events information. -- ► Follow Here: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Telegram Channel: Podcast: Bitcoin Store:
March 28, 2019
Mineable digital assets are the most valuable cryptocurrencies on the market today Cash Shuffle brings greater privacy into the BCH ecosystem Twitter accused of Shadow Banning @bitcoin Crypto debit card companies find themselves in a precarious profession How is Bitfarms, a mining company, handling the current market?
March 21, 2019
Interesting findings in Satoshi's pre-release bitcoin code Joey and Matt discuss the importance of having a skill stack The LN pizza that never came Exchanges falsifying their reported trade volumes The mysterious past of QuadrigaCX co-founder Michael Patryn Avent starts accepting bitcoin cash payments via Bitpay XRP accused of manipulating market sentiment across social media
March 14, 2019
Joining us in exile from the Bahamas, John McAfee is never shy to voice his opinion. We discuss what the cryptocurrency world needs most, JPMorgan and state-backed coins, plus the platform for his 2020 presidential campaign. ETH not considered a security, according to SEC chairman Jay Clayton Are cold storage wallets on phones safe? Vulnerabilities on Trezor hardware wallets People still nervous about making cryptocurrency payments John's go-to drinks when out at sea (or on land).
March 11, 2019
A special episode recorded live on stage at the Anarchapulco conference last month. There is a lot of talk about how cryptocurrencies will help the oppressed to have more economic freedom. Enough talk. Bitcoin's been around for a decade. It's time to take action. Matt Aaron, leader of's efforts in Venezuela, shares his thoughts on why Venezuela needs cryptocurrencies and why cryptocurrencies need to work in Venezuela. If you'd like to learn more, visit
March 7, 2019
Early Bitcoin adopters build a Seasteading home off the coast of Thailand #DeleteCoinbase sentiment is high after Neutrino scandal Blockfi launches BTC and ETH interest bearing savings accounts A new twist adds some clarity to the Quadrigacx mystery Tron is partnering with Tether for a TRC20 token Tokyo nightclubs to start accepting BCH in April
March 5, 2019
With 8 bills recently passied in the state Congress, Wyoming is positioning itself as THE cryptocurrency and blockchain state of the United States. From charter banks, to utility tokens, to special mining utility agreements, there is genuine excitement in the bitcoin world.
February 28, 2019
Joey King, developer at is back on the show. Why is the lightning network so complex? What is the real reason for it? BCH and BTC whales accumulate more bitcoins during the price dump China's updates their crypto ranking (again) Bitcoin easter eggs everywhere The lighting network and planned absurdity US Government helps Bitfinex recover $106,000 of stolen BTC Cryptopia reports on the losses from its January hacks
February 21, 2019
A new person (not CSW) comes on the scene claiming to be Satoshi The impact of JP Morgan and CBDCs on bitcoin Shift Card ending its debit card service The new Samsung Galaxy, crypto and blockchain friendly Coinbase wallet app now supports bitcoin cash Millennials place their faith in crypto
February 18, 2019
For years, lawyer Daniel Kelman has led the fight to recover the lost bitcoins from the infamous Mt Gox exchange.  All of a sudden, Brock Pierce has declared that he is the rightful owner of Mt. Gox and that he plans to be a Robin Hood type figure and give everyone their coins back. Daniel and I discuss the timing and motives of Pierce's proclamation and what it means for the future of the hundreds of thousands of bitcoins still locked up.
February 15, 2019
Craig Wright is being sued for 1.1 million BTC Bitcoiners debating about raising Bitcoin’s supply BTC trading volumes in Venezuela hit record highs Cryptopia is allowed to reopen their exchange Nasdaq to start offering BTC and ETH indices Public Pension funds start investing in crypto
February 8, 2019
The founder of Coinlab, Peter Vessenes’ filed a claim for $16 billion to Mt. Gox. Now, the restitution process faces another obstacle. A Mt. Gox trustee may have crashed the crypto market last year Indian government is concerned that cryptocurrencies could undermine the rupee Ethereum Scams 101 CEO of Quadrigacx died with the private keys and it seems that customer funds are lost.. The yellow vest movement keep protesting against taxes, the banking system, and the bureaucrats
February 1, 2019
Two groups of hackers responsible for stealing about $1 billion of cryptocurrency You can now use wrapped bitcoin (WBTC) on the Ethereum network Are unknown Bitcoin miners taking market share from known mining pools? Wikipedia accepts BCH Iran planning to tackle economic sanctions using cryptocurrency Genesis Capital lent out over $1.1 billion in cryptocurrency loans in 2018
January 25, 2019
The airdrop error that sent Koreans BTC and other cryptocurrencies John McAfee “living in exile” Operations of physical bitcoin manufacturers have ceased to exist Executives of a South Korean exchange sentenced for inflating trading volumes Cryptos: the new television show directed by the Hollywood actor Kevin Connolly
January 18, 2019
Joey King is back with insightful analysis of bitcoin news. A lot of bullish and bearish signals are the ones that we aren't thinking about. New luxury hardware wallets Bitpay does work: 1 Billion processed in 2018 Binance has launched a euro and pound fiat-to-crypto trading platform Will Russia start to invest in bitcoin? Bullish or bearish signal? Scams on social media platforms impersonating bitcoin personalities A new impressive “blockchain phone”
January 15, 2019
China is an important country for bitcoin development, investment, and adoption.  What's in store for 2019? What is the sentiment around Bitcoin, EOS, Zcash, and blockchain tech? Journalist Cindy Wang is on the ground in China and shares the latest news, rumors and things to keep an eye on as the year progresses.
January 11, 2019
A street mural inspired by the Yellow Vests protest contains a solvable puzzle with 0.28 BTC inside Binance’s decision to terminate services to some of its loyal users in U.S. sanctioned countries The entreprise blockchain hype falls flat Coinbase, Ethereum Classic, and a 51% attack Nick Szabo debates cryptocurrencies as a better, alternative national reserve to gold Unit of account: pricing in satoshis.
January 4, 2019
Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday 2018 - the year that many altcoin investors went back to BTC The altcoins that failed to survive 2018 Can you tell when an altcoin is close to death? Bakkt has announced that it completed its first round of funding 2018’s Top Cryptocurrencies Ranked by Github Activity
December 28, 2018
We spoke to four experts with diverse skillsets: 1. Roger Ver - Founder and CEO of, investor in many Bitcoin-related startups. 2. Vin Armani - Founder CEO of CoinText and developer 3. Miko Matsumura - Cofounder of Evercoin and GP gumi Cryptos venture fund 4. Gabriel Cardona - lead at, created BitBox
December 21, 2018
Despite the low probability of success, many are unafraid to call "the bottom". Plus, Bitcoin Cash leads an upswing in the crypto market. BCH making us feel cautiously optimistic The BTC bottom predictions The Proof of Keys campaign Is JP Morgan wrong about the future for the cryptocurrencies? Cypherpunk Godfather Timothy May has passed away
December 14, 2018
Joey King is back to go over all the latest news. More crypto FUD plus thoughts on the Lightning Network, Stablecoins and more. “What is Bitcoin?” one of the most trending searches of 2018 Allianz global investors CEO wants cryptocurrencies to be banned Mark Karpeles could face 10 years in jail The Lightning Network (LN) is not close to ready for commercial use The taxi driver who sells cryptocurrencies to passengers What's going on with the Basis stablecoin?
December 7, 2018
Misinformation has reached a new level at the darkest time so far in the bear market. We make sense of it all. Cryptophobic statements from the former Israeli Prime Minister Maduro is raising the price of the Petro against the sovereign bolivar The three worst Bitcoin lies DHS wants surveillance tools for cryptocurrencies like Monero and Zcash Morgan Creek is looking to bet against the S+P 500 performance. Any takers? A new study by Coinshares has revealed Bitcoin’s impact on the climate change
November 30, 2018
SEC asking for key upgrades before approving bitcoin ETF U.S. Government trying to blacklist bitcoin addresses Russian miners are looking to sell their hardware China’s updates their crypto rankings Snowden weighs in on the value of bitcoin Wallet Apps infected with malicious code The eight most important transactions in Bitcoin history Ross Ulbricht petition reaches 100,000 signatures
November 26, 2018
Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano of Morgan Creek Digital runs an awesome bitcoin podcast focused on the investing crowd, Off the Chain. A recent episode with Murad Mahmudov made a particularly compelling case for bitcoin and why fiat may be in trouble. It makes you want to buy bitcoin (with fiat) immediately after listening. The episode soared the charts reaching number 4 in Business > Investing. Then it was gone ... We go behind the scenes of the episode and get Pomp's take on the bitcoin ecosystem
November 23, 2018
Updates on the last six days of the hash war How crypto traders are handling the drop A new message from Satoshi? Cryptocurrency exchange Quoine is going to trial Market volatility goes beyond crypto Updates from China: Jihan Wu is no longer CEO of Bitmain. Truth or fake? Market panic: miners are shutting off their machines Zhao Dong’s opinion about the BTC drop Coco wallet and its new tool that help users split their BCH assets
November 16, 2018
The BCH Hard Fork war kicked off 24 hours ago. What happened and what comes next? Blake Moore joins us to discuss. Plus crypto campaign contributions in Michigan are deemed illegal. Bitcoin Cash miners break records The Michigan Secretary of State has formally barred cryptocurrency donations to political campaigns "Central Banks may want to issue digital currency" says the managing director of IMF Has it been good for Stablecoins?
November 8, 2018
President Maduro helped make Venezuelan Bolivar worthless. Can he do it with a national cryptocurrency as well? Plus an update on the Bitcoin Cash hard fork next week. Venezuela and its plan for Petro Adoption Preview of the BCH fork on Nov. 15th Initiative Q. The next Bitcoin? Jeffrey Berns plans to Build a Crypto City in the Nevada Desert President of the Marshall Islands facing a political attack for her support of a national cryptocurrency
November 5, 2018
David Clement is the director of external relations for Students for Liberty, the largest libertarian student organization in the world. Bitcoin is a bottom-up movement; it starts with the kids. Students for Liberty is going strong in 90 countries around the world. From using digital media to promote liberty in Africa to advancing liberty through public policy and academia in Argentina. David has a pulse on how college students are thinking about bitcoin and blockchain.
November 1, 2018
Coinbase, a young kid arrested for running an unlicensed money-transmitting business between Mexico and San Diego, and a 7 year journey for two Slovenians with 1000 Euros and a garage selling their exchange for millions in 2018. The tenth birthday of the bitcoin whitepaper Coinbase raises more money in a Series E The Bitstamp acquisition A Bitcoin trader going to jail Gab is blocked by Paypal and Stripe Cindy Wang with updates from China Maplechange loses funds. Was it a hack or a scam?
October 29, 2018
Gabriel Cardona, founder of BitBox and head of is on the show. We talk about his world travel; helping to inspire to developers and entrepreneurs to build on Bitcoin Cash. Permissionless Ventures and Hackathons Have an idea? 30 million dollars of funding available for BCH startups Why bitcoin cash is the most undervalued asset in the cryptospace Advantages of launching token on Bitcoin Cash protocol instead of Ethereum The 100x multiplier for Bitcoin Cash ViaBTC's VIAT token
October 25, 2018
IDEX is banning traders who reside in New York The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) approves Coinbase custody services for “institutions” HTC’s new blockchain smartphone Coinbase now supports USDC, a stablecoin Bakkt Bitcoin Futures will start trading on Dec. 12 The ten days of Bitcoin’s history China Update Bitmain officially released Overt Asicboost firmware for Antminer S9 Star Xu and OkEx had a very hard time this week
October 18, 2018
Professional contrarian Derek Magill joins us to discuss Tether, American Express buying anti-bitcoin advertising, his thoughts on the Binance and Chainanalysis partnership and other hot topics in the crypto world. American Express promoting a dirty war on Bitcoin 51 percent attacks on altcoins becoming a spectator sport;  Someone in China thinks "USDT sucks" Derek's thoughts on a potential Bitcoin Cash fork Global security firm to offer crypto storage solutions
October 15, 2018
Kevin travels all around the world to help run the mining pool. He has some stories to tell; insights that will make you think differently about the health of bitcoin. But sometimes we forget about the miners. A fundamental part of the ecosystem, how do they see Bitcoin?  Why governments are inviting bitcoin miners to expand operations and more
October 12, 2018
Jimmy Song is back. And a shady Russian exchange "pumps" in a (brilliant) PR stunt? Plus, ViaBTC did an ICO. Will it pave the way for more mining tokens? Nouriel Roubini and his testimony full of exaggerations and inaccuracies Binance’s major move: donations instead of fees Pantera fund down 40% Yobit launching an aggressive campaign The first ICO on the bitcoin cash blockchain On oct, 13 a livestream of an altcoin being 51% attacked Unocoin is launching its own crypto ATMs in India
October 4, 2018
"Mess with a bull, you get the horns." Erik Voorhees breaks down WSJ's poor and unethical journalism. Report finds lax security on crypto exchanges Breaking down the 36% of lost and or stolen BTC SEC, CFTC, and FBI take action against 1Broker Beijing Sci-Tech Report (BSTR) accepts BTC Crypto ATMs supporting Bitcoin Cash are growing in Europe Meet Fabio and his BCH merchant adoption story Wall Street Journal attacks Shapeshift; Voorhees responds
September 28, 2018
Laws don’t have to be harsh to be bad: sometimes they just need to be vague, or ambiguous, or to not exist at all. Confusing laws for crypto users in U.S. Frustrated crypto traders in India 1 in 4 millennials want to invest in crypto Chinese crypto adoption stats Coinbase has made a surprise mov Is Bitcoin becoming mainstream? A new bitcoin-based foundation Google will allow some crypto ads in US and Japan Bitmain has filed its initial public offering (IPO)
September 21, 2018
A third of humanity remains financially excluded Money laundering in Danske Bank Netherlands’ Largest Bank ING violated numerous money laundering laws Are Visa and Mastercard running a credit card cartel? The monopolistic tendencies in the trade of bitcoin and other crypto from Brazil’s banks Japan's first major exchange hack in months A new platform allows people to create a custodian-free bitcoin trust China Updates "A Crypto Newbie Prepares" the new book from  Bitcoin Tycoon Li Xiaolai
September 13, 2018
Welcome to another action-packed week in the never-sleeping, never-slowing world of cryptocurrency. Unlike the legacy financial system, bitcoin doesn’t clock off at 5pm or on weekends. Ether at a 14 month low; BTC dominance rising SEC taking action against two cryptocurrency firms The confusing sales tax for bitcoin in the U.S. The Blockchain Association is ready to play in D.C. The World’s dirtiest currency: USD IMF is pushing on the Marshall Islands Thai government wants its own crypto wall
September 6, 2018
Is there finally clarity on the Satoshi Nakamoto mystery? Kelso discusses how a wallet not touched for four years, containing hundreds of millions worth of BTC, is suddenly moving funds. More clues about Satoshi Nakamoto identity The Bitcoin Cash stress test results BCH getting Adoption Across Canada, Europe, Australia Iran approves Cryptocurrency Mining The new  “beautiful” Russian cryptocurrency mining rig Venezuela’s Petro is facing serious doubts about its viability
August 30, 2018
Reina is back on the show. Her and I talk about the bitcoin ecosystem and make another trip around the world: India bitcoin legislation - what does the future hold? A national cryptocurrency in Iran DASH adoption in Venezuela China update: CSW and a WeChat message University students and cryptocurrency/blockchain adoption A worthy competitor to Bitmain emerges
August 23, 2018
Top stories for this week: Bitconnect aftermath Bitcoin ETFs rejected again by the S.E.C. Was Bitmex victim of a DDoS attack? Research by Bitmex suggests Satoshi owns less coins than we thought The first jackpot winner in ETH ponzi 'Fomo3D' Woz is back and excited about crypto China has updated its crypto rankings China Bans: Shanghai and WeChat Everyone, tune into Humans of Bitcoin this Monday night (EST) for an exclusive with Cody Wilson that will rock your world.
August 16, 2018
Lawsuits + internet arguments: they have become a staple. The bear market is in full force, so we give you some tips to take advantage of it. AT&T has been sued by Bitangels Co-Founder Another lawsuit, this time by Playboy Washington Post journalist  failing to understand the basics Is Bitcoin illegal in Saudi Arabia? The search for Satoshi has turned into an international hunt 5 ways to benefit from the Bear Market Former Baidu executive Qi Lu joins American start-up incubator Y Combinator
August 13, 2018
Nasssim Taleb saw the financial system was way too complex for any one to understand. He built has career in learning how to deal with uncertainity. His work is quite popular within the bitcoin community. Joey and I thought it would be worthwhile to look at some of his ideas through lens of Bitcoin: - the Turkey Problem - Risk taking and iterative action - Mediocristan vs extremistan - Fat Tails and asymmetries - IYIs - Dr. John and Fat Tony - Lindy effect - Antifragility
August 10, 2018 developer and contrarian thinker Joey King is in da house. He provides his own spin on the latest news: CEO Jack Dorsey is attracting criticism from the left for failing to ban figures it disagrees with, such as Infowars’ Alex Jones, who was unceremoniously booted from Spotify, Youtube, and Apple’s App Store in one fell swoop. Did the market panic because of the delayed ETF? Surprising coins being considered for Coinbase custody: Ripple, Bytecoin, Kik and Monero
August 2, 2018
People around the world celebrate Bitcoin Cash Day Paul Krugman calls out bitcoin; we respond Use crypto and become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda Kim Kardashian gets her first Bitcoin McAfee wallet, hackable or unhackable? A crypto scammer arrested for SIM jacking MacDonald's MacCoin Bill Clinton is invited to Ripple’s Swell Conf NFL Players earning crypto?
July 27, 2018
The SEC is overwhelmed by over 90 different letters about the Bitcoin ETF decision Altcoins seem to be dying Ross Ulbricht on twitter, beating changes, and fighting for his freedom Coinbase has formed a political action committee (PAC) Cryptosphere leaders dominate fortune’s new ledger 40 under 40 list Coinbase launches crypto gift card service in Europe and Australia
July 25, 2018
What is it like running the largest node on the Lightning Network? Andreas Brekken of shares his findings. Halfway through the project, we cover the following aspects of the LN: How easy is it to setup a node? The economics of opening channels Profitability of running a node Security from hackers Will there be future KYC/AML requirements?
July 20, 2018
Bitcoin soaring and the Lightning Network An idea why an anti-crypto politician is blasting cryptocurrencies Are cryptocurrency exchanges creating fake volume? Is the age of Cryptocurrency Banks coming? New chairman of The Federal Reserve gave his opinion about cryptocurrencies Change.Org fights for Ross Ulbricht’s freedom China update Bitmain and BCH Tokens Head of Internet Finance Professional Committee Chen Yunfeng said  lockchain projects share similarities with pyramid schemes
July 13, 2018
Reina Nakamoto is back and we cover the latest stories: Hyperbitcoinization and a bright (or dim?) future The "next bitcoin" Have you sold bitcoin in the Past? You may have issues with loans and mortgages  More crypto issues with police in India New academic research reveals the short life of ICO projects A localbitcoins trader is going to prison The private beta of the Opera browser with an easy-to-use and built-in cryptocurrency wallet Mr. Stiglitz´s bitcoin prediction
July 6, 2018
Li Xiaolai called creators of Binance, NEO, TRON and Qtum scammers Taiwan  set up a Cross-straits Blockchain Alliance (CBA)   Indian Supreme Court is not lifting cryptocurrency ban Israel's crypto regulations Ripple`s third  lawsuit European Parliament’s findings and recommendations Uzbekistan and its advances towards legalizing cryptocurrencies and implementing blockchain technology Coinbase Custody is now officially open for business Syscoin hacked Expedia has stopped accepting bitcoin (BTC
June 29, 2018
Reina Nakamoto joins the show from Helsinki. A sharp game designer, she has been in the bitcoin world for a while. We discuss: What would happen if Satoshi moves his coins? The 00000000000000000021e800 overreaction Crypto on the Dark Web and the FBI investigating 130 related cases BTCChina exchange revealed that are opening back up for business Yakuza’s involvement with crypto exchanges in Japan. US regulation, fighting the illicit use of crypto Facebook to allow cryptocurrency ads
June 22, 2018
EOS and their launch troubles Bithumb hacked, 35 billion Korean won (around $31 million) in cryptocurrency was stolen South Korean government will strengthen the regulatory framework for cryptocurrency exchanges BTC and BCH trading are now supported on Japan’s SBI Crypto Exchange North Carolina is adapting virtual currencies into its laws The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) launched a report that provides a critical appraisal of Crypto
June 14, 2018
This week we welcome Josh Ellithorpe, Senior Engineer at Coinbase. Josh added valuable perspective to this weekas news: Tether has been blamed for market manipulation, again A new order from the Japanese police that affects crypto mining Suspicious activity at South Korea’s Coinrail exchange Ripple CEO shares his opinion about BTC CHINA: Blockchain technology to verify the wine supply chain and fight counterfeits. Twitter scams Epic virtual graffiti battle raging between BTC and BCH
June 8, 2018
A bullish week for Bitcoin. Banking, mining .. the infrastructure is starting to come together. Crypto exchanges versus the banks - if you can’t beat them, join em Another claim to the real Satoshi? Bitcoin pizza guy talks about his relationship with Satoshi Nakamoto The future of the 20 trillion tax haven “industry” Bitmain has a serious challenger in the mining ring Brenna Sparks, a big believer in Bitcoin and blockchain speaks about cryptocurrencies and governments And a big China rumor
May 31, 2018
A UK company trademarked the name Bitcoin and is slinging lawsuits A new website estimates the cost of a 51% attack on different cryptos Ripple trying to separate itself from XRP Weiss crypto ratings, who are the "winners"? The top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges from 2016 vs 2018 South Korea’s national legislature has officially proposed to allow domestic initial coin offerings OKEx users who bought futures and lost money threatening suicide The Hangzhou-based EOSFORCE team made a big announcement
May 25, 2018
Today we have the underground famous Andreas Brekken on the show and together we will talk about the most important news of the week: The Double Spend attack on Bitcoin Gold Small banks loves bitcoin Coinbase acquires decentralized DEX platform paradex Banco Masventas allow customers to settle in BTC as an alternative to Swift SEC announced its going after insider trading and illegal practices India is considering to impose a goods and service tax (GST) on cryptocurrency trades
May 18, 2018
We have a special guest - Joel from Bad Crypto joins us to deliver the news: The SEC has launched the best token sale of 2018 Bitcoin Cash upgrades to 32MB block size without a hitch. How stable is a stablecoin if it pumps by 40%? Bitmain  announced that they invested in Circle to issue USDCoin A look at Bitcoin vs Altcoins since 2013 CEO of Alibaba, says bitcoin is a bubble Is bitmain playing dirty?
May 11, 2018
This week, it’s all about the big guns weighing in and saying their piece about bitcoin. We’re talking Warren Buffett vs Elon Musk. In other news: Novogratz is turning to crypto Ripple is being sued, among other problems with this "cryptocurrency" How many marriage proposals are on the bitcoin blockchain? EOS Block Producers in China Iranians are going abroad to purchase cryptocurrencies Bitcoin smart banknotes launched in Singapore Approximately 6.25% of the total bitcoin supply with Xapo
May 9, 2018
Ryan Charles is the founder of, a content platform powered by Bitcoin Cash micropayments. He has been involved with bitcoin software since 2013, primarily coding on the application layer. I asked Ryan to break down he May 15th hard fork and what it means for Bitcoin Cash. Mentioned in the episode: Use cases for re-enabled op codes
May 4, 2018
Goldman Sachs is opening a Bitcoin trading operation Warren Buffet thinks Bitcoin is a mere casino Japan’s FSA gives privacy coins a thumbs down After raising $1.7 billion, Telegram cancels ICO and plans to expand into tokenization Coinbase valuation has increased from $1.6 Billion to $8 Billion Mining rigs in the stratosphere, the new concept Miner One launched this week Huobi exchange will work with leading industrial players to set up 10 blockchain labs in 2018
April 27, 2018
It’s been a good week for Cash – Bitcoin Cash – and a mixed week for ethereum. Facebook to be sued for scammy crypto ads Myetherwallet Servers Are Hijacked in DNS Attack Exchanges Suspend ERC20 Token Deposits After Discovery of Smart Contract Bug Bullish news from China Security Firms Offer Protection for Crypto Traders in Moscow James Bond bitcoin caper
April 20, 2018
Valuable information: Unchained Capital released a report analyzing unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs). Localbitcoins is requiring users who trade “significant” volume to verify themselves. Bithumb has published its first audit report. How much are their crypto reserves? China updates Jihan Wu head of Bitmain and its stance on DPOS. Official announcement: XDite is running for Mayor of Taipei
April 13, 2018
Bullish sentiment is in the air. The Rockefellers and George Soros are getting into the game. JPMorgan Chase is sued for anti crypto-friendly "policies" Blossom Finance concludes that Bitcoin is compliant under Sharia law The best performing cryptocurrencies of 2018. Who is the top performer? Bitfinex denies money laundering claims linked to Colombian drug cartels A dedicated Litecoin debit card is coming China update: Communists on the blockchain?
April 10, 2018
Journalist Edward Kelso  has followed the quest for a Bitcoin ETF from the beginning. We discuss the implications for Bitcoin IF an ETF is approved by the SEC. Kelso identifies some key turning points in the saga and looks at what the future holds: Trump's appointment of Jay Clayton Jay Clayton's appointment of Dalia Blass The unexpected progress of ProShares   Follow Kelso on Twitter @cryptokelso
April 6, 2018
Verge’s 51% attack Vitalik Buterin battles Craig Wright Bitcoin mules, the business of trading bitcoin OTC in China The worst performing cryptocurrencies of 2018 (so far) A Bitcoin serial scammer has been busted in Bangkok The SET charged the founders of the Centra ICO with fraud Mark Karpeles confessions via an AMA (ask me anything) session on Reddit
March 30, 2018
Coinbase is planning on adding ERC-20 tokens to its offering of cryptoassets Cryptocurrency and blockchain associations from Russia, China and South Korea plan to file a class action against social media giants for banning crypto ads. Blockchain technologies, mining, cryptocurrencies and coin offerings are being regulated in Russia President Trump has signed the CLOUD Act. Why is the crypto community worried? OKCoin has angry customers at their headquarters
March 23, 2018
Is there child porn on the Bitcoin blockchain?  Ethereum’s ICO Whales Can Crash the Market Predictions from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Conclusions from G20 summit 15-year-old finds a vulnerability in Ledger wallet US Treasury plan to add cryptocurrency wallet adresses to SND list China: JD.COM will adopt blockhain technology A new criptokitties copy Lenovo is also adopting blockchain tech for it's latest phone
March 16, 2018
If there’s one thing a crypto recession’s good for, it’s rebuilding. It’s yet to be confirmed that we’re in a full-blown crypto recession, admittedly, but whatever you wanna call it, the charts ain’t looking too pretty right now, which makes it a prime time for looking elsewhere. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and EOS, Senators and IMF Talk Smack About Crypto, China “Blockchain Media Self-discipline Pact”, Google Bans Crypto ads, Futures market volumes are increasing.
March 9, 2018
Bitcoin drops below $10K East vs West in Crypto The US Securities and Exchange Commission has concerns about crypto exchanges Japanese regulators shutting down crypto exchanges What happened with binance, was it really hacked? A new ruling: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are commodities Research paper says issuers of ICO Tokens will face class action lawsuits Mt Gox's crypto stash is being dumped Bitcoin “broker” arrested for selling without asking for ID
March 5, 2018
Our first guest today on the celebrity edition of This Week in Bitcoin is one of the most decorated U.S. athletes in Olympic history. He was a sensation in short track speed skating, winning 8 medals in his olympic career. You may ask why he is on today’s show? Well today, he is competing in the cryptocurrency world. He is the cofounder and CEO of Hybrid Block a cryptocurrency trading ecosystem that is focusing it’s initial efforts in Southeast Asia.
March 2, 2018
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is cracking down on FinTech companies issuing initial coin offerings (ICOs). Self-proclaimed “Satoshi” Craig Wright is being sued for billions. Did he really stole his partner’s bitcoin? Do you remember that Coindash was hacked in July? Well, now a mysterious hacker has returned 20,000 ETH to the company's wallet. News about the future of adult entertainment: Las Vegas Strippers are now accepting Bitcoin via QR Tattoos.
February 23, 2018
Bitcoin Usage has dropped significantly since December. South Korean news: cryptoexchanges are growing exponentially and an unexpected death from a South Korean cryptocurrency regulator. Cryptowallets are moving to the next level. Don't miss out on crypto via Facebook, learn how to see crypto related content with the new algorithm that wants to keep it off your newsfeed. Weird stories - Sometimes crypto can be a little strange, Bitcoiin (yes, you read that right) and Steven Seagal.
February 16, 2018
How are "Bitcoin Whales" increasing their holdings? Japanese crypto investors are preparing to face taxes of up to 55%. More hip-hop stars go crypto. The most controversial bitcoin fork yet? IOTA community in battle with its’ dissenters. Tons of crypto losses due to bad code. Sergey Medvedev, a russian cyber criminal accused of being the co-founder of the dubious dark web marketplace Infraud has been arrested in Bangkok.
February 9, 2018
Positive news for bitcoiners from the U.S. Senate hearing on cryptocurrencies. Addressing the fake news and FUD that is rampant in the cryptospace. Forbes releases the very first crypto rich list and some people view it as an unnecessary invasion of privacy. Korean Government defends cryptocurrency trading and investing. Weiss Ratings defends their C+ rating of Bitcoin. Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak sells his bitcoin nd more about China fake news and FUD.  
February 2, 2018
A new week, a new scam: A cryptocurrency start-up has dissapeared into thin air. Meanwhile Facebook is banning all advertisements for cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and initial coin offerings. Companies like Square and Samsung are introducing new ways of trading and mining with Bitcoin. Bitfinex and Tether are being subpoenaed by the CFTC. A very popular messaging app in Japan is launching a cryptocurrency exchange. And finally Venezuela announces their Ethereum ICO.
January 26, 2018
Major Problems with IOTA, a critical evaluation and an online wallet hack. 8 South Korean Credit Card Companies Block Transactions to Overseas Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Stripe is ending Bitcoin support. What about Stellar? Scientist are discovering the magic of DNA information storage via a Bitcoin challenge. Do Tether and Bitfinex have the funds they claim? How did 50 cent make $8 million in Bitcoin?
January 19, 2018
Korea continues to stay in the spotlight with insider trading allegations and more bank regulations. Belarus is launching a tax-free zone for cryptocurrencies. Bitconnect looks dead, and more news out of Venezuela. Live from The North American Bitcoin Conference.
January 12, 2018
United States, Malaysia and Korea are actively regulating cryptos: The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suspended trading of UBI Blockchain Internet, Ltd. Malaysia Says No to an ICO The South Korean regulators have started investigating two major cryptocurrency exchanges: Bithumb and Coinone. And more news about bitcoin events, payments and security alerts: Has Microsoft stop accepting Bitcoin as currency? CEO of a porn coin has vanished with millions of dollars from investors
January 5, 2018
Featured story is on the meteoric rise of Ripple. Could it surpass Bitcoin's market cap? We also talk about the first lightning network transaction, Japan's Bitcoin GDP Effect, and Venezuela’s national cryptocurrency - the Petro.
January 1, 1970
Follow our hosts: ►Visit : ► BITCOIN CASH CITY |Buy Tickets Now Link: ►PRE- REGISTER to Crypto Exchange Link: ----------------------- SHOW NOTES ----------------------- ►BITCOIN CASH | Supporting Hong Kong protesters The company Genesis Block has been handing out water bottles to protesters with a BCH logo and the words “free water” on the bottle.
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