These two..
ATC from each country should have a couple of local fun ATC guys like these two clearing the skies of myths, contradictions and misunderstandings. Kudos to controllers AG & RH for their fine and fun podcast. You facilitate safer and more efficient transport and airspace operations.
Triad Tower Terrors
Do you enjoy dry humor, useless information, losing brain cells by the minute - you've come to the wrong place. Well, aside from the dry humor that is. A very engaging and entertaining Podcast by two knowledgeable guys. They do well at providing in-depth information but not heading into the weeds too often not become overly political during the conversation. I wish I had started listening as a Student Pilot and appreciate the Podcast even more now working through my Instrument Rating. A must-listen! Great job guys. Alpha Tango
A Must Listen for anyone interested in aviation
As a career pilot I was taught from the beginning that you should never stop learning. Opposing Bases is a great supplement to that learning. Things change often in aviation and this show is a great way to keep your brain cells sharp while listening to some top notch entertainment as well. Not bad for a couple of robots! I look forward to Monday’s so I can listen to the next OB episode! Keep up the great show. DG
Non-aviator fan!
Juliet Lima here, I just enjoy hearing what you both have to say as well as the comic relief that is peppered throughout the show. If I was a pilot I can safely say that the information given would be very helpful in everyday flying as well as occasional flying. Keep up the good work and play the siren more!
Practical Poignant Pithy Podcast
Practical, poignant, pithy podcast for pilots, controllers , and anyone who has flown or is thinking of flying on an airplane or a Star Destroyer. You hosts, RH and AG, will give the pilot renewed confidence to effectively communicate and operate within the ATC system while providing Controllers with the pilot perspective. The rest of us just listen in for an hour of fine entertainment and a look behind the curtain at what really happens at the end of the jetway.
Only worth your time if you want to be a better aviator
AG and RH truly love the aviation industry. Their experiences of both being pilos and controllers really bridges the gap between the two sides of aviation. Their aviation humor (which we all know is dry and dumb) is absolutely hilarious and brings the entertainment to their incredibly informative podcast. Their interactions with their listeners is amazing and I have them scheduled for my Mondays when their next episode drops. Hopefully one day they will be called to the majors from the class A operation they work. Controllers at Peachtree are the Yankees of ATC controllers someday these guys might grow up to be like them. In the mean time we will learn from them and be better Sky Gods. (In all seriousness this is in an amazing podcast for pilots to listen to. You learn SO MUCH about the other side which might get you better handling form ATC.)
AG & RH r the bomb! Love the show. Mike Juliet in N. Idaho
Mandatory Listening for my Students
These guys turn it up to 11. I’m a CFII based out of a major Class C airport 50 miles east of the facility these guys are based out of. A student of mine turned me on to this show. He himself told me that Opposing Bases was what inspired him to become a pilot. Well, to the hosts: you guys really did it this time, because he finished private and instrument and is half done with commercial and has his eyes set on a big shiny jet. Naturally he piqued my curiosity with such a glowing review. Ever since he suggested the show to me, I’ve been completely hooked. Every Monday I find myself digging through the FARs, TERPs, and FAA Handbooks following up on some situation or question posed in the show that I had never considered before. This weekly dose of curiosity and critical thinking is invaluable to me as an instructor, and I carry this motivation through to my students. It’s gotten to the point where I require anyone starting with me to listen in at least once. Just last week, a student came running up to me with a glimmer in his eye. “GRAB A PEN, I FINALLY THOUGHT OF A QUESTION I HAVEN’T HEARD ON OPPOSING BASES!!!!” Suffice it to say I am truly thankful for what is provided here. If you’re any sort of an avgeek, you owe it to yourself to take a listen. RH and AG, never change. Cheers, JAM
Great podcast from the Controllers POV
Found this through the APG podcast and have been addicted ever since. The hosts provide a in-depth discussion of aviation from the perspective of a controller. They answer questions and do not provide Bravo Sierra when they are not sure! They also invite controllers from other areas to provide additional details. In all this is a great podcast, even if you are not a pilot!
Such a valuable resource!
As a new PPL, I can’t enumerate exactly how much I’ve learned from listening to this podcast. It’s made me a better pilot for sure.
My Favorite Podcast!!
mike echo hotel
October 13, 2019 Mike Echo Hotel I have listened to every episode, and was even lucky enough to be part of the audience for the first ever live episode at Oshkosh 2019. As a VFR C172 pilot, it has been great to learn about aviation from the air traffic controllers perspective, and these guys are just plain delightful to listen to. They have given me the confidence to work with ATC in a very busy air space, which makes my flying much safer and enjoyable. Awesome podcast!
Great View From Behind the Scopes
As a Private Pilot it’s very nice to get the views and opinions of Air Traffic Controllers. RH and AG have great tips on helping them out as controllers that ultimately help us out as pilots! They are not robots contrary to the beliefs of some out there 😛
#1 Podcast for anyone interested in aviation
Hotel Mike Bravo
Anyone who has an interest in aviation will enjoy this podcast. The hosts, RH and AG, have a chemistry that makes the content both enjoyable and educational. As an aspiring CFI, I plan to put this podcast on the list of must haves for all of my future students, as the information is invaluable to a new student. If this was a book, it would go on the top shelf between “Stick and Rudder” and “Fate is the Hunter” as must reads. Looking forward to many more informative shows!
Funny and Informative...regardless of your age and flight hours
After listening for a year, I have found this podcast to be very insightful. Especially as I was going through my instrument training. And as other reviews have mentioned, this podcast has helped me while flying. When looking through reviews of this podcast, I noticed that pilots with a low time and high number of hours seem to gain insight from this podcast. What makes this podcast different is that they are entertaining and I love the “intrigue” that is created by not naming airport identifiers. MBS
Very informative when staying on topic
Excellent content for those of all experience levels. Everyone in aviation should strive to improve themselves and continue learning and this podcast is a great resource for such goals. I have found some of the later episodes featuring guest podcasters to be less informative. In some situations other podcasters offer good insights but sometimes their presence doesn’t add much to the topic at hand. Having other ATC personnel as guests is always more beneficial than having other podcasters, though I’m sure it’s harder to find ATC personnel to appear on the show. Also the trumpet fanfare was cute the first few times but a change to something shorter would be an improvement. Other than those items it is a great podcast that I look forward to every week.
Very valuable for instrument and up pilots.
I can’t imagine a world where this wasn’t rated 5 of 5. Now I regularly get into situations where I either predict an air traffic controller’s need so I can help them or know exactly why they are asking me something. Great content.
Great view behind the scenes
I now understand what’s going on behind the scope during my instrument flights. The guys are entertaining and super informative plus the great questions from pilots more experienced than l bring a unique perspective. Thanks!
Entertaining and dangerously Educational!!
One of my favorite aviation podcasts! After 30+ years as a GA IFR pilot these guys have given me more insight to the ATC system than I thought possible. Great work guys! Signed Kilo Delta
Best ATC podcast
Eternal Trainee
Opposing Bases is one of a kind. If you’re looking for an aviation podcast that’s unique, insightful, captivating yet also witty and humorous, look no further.
Nothing like it!
Whiskey Juliet Sierra
As an avgeek, not a pilot or controller, I’ve learned so much about aviation and all that happens behind the scenes. Thanks to AG and RH for sharing their knowledge and experiences!
Very Informative and Entertaining!
Roger Ziff
As a general aviation pilot who frequently uses ATC for IFR and VFR flights, I have found this podcast to be very interesting and informative! Anyone who receives services from ATC or is even curious about it should listen. The hosts do a great job keeping it interesting and entertaining. "Expect further clearance in 7 days" still cracks me up when I think about it.
Awesome aviation podcast
A must for any pilot to listen to. Always entertaining and you can learn something every week.
Bravo Charlie Whiskey
Great podcast on the workings of ATC from an ATC point of view.
Educational and Entertaining
I started with newer episodes, but have gone back to the beginning to get the full show history. I am a relatively new Pvt Pilot, and learn something new on each episode. AG and RH have a chemistry, and the personal interactions make the show entertaining as well. I plan to be a long-time listener. EC
A lot of knowledge here
These guys know there stuff and present it in a relaxed way that is easy to follow. Doesn’t matter how long you have been flying there is always something to learn and it’s great to hear things from the ATC side.
Great insight to ATC
David Abbey
For anybody who wants to know what it’s like to be an ATC at a medium sized, diverse traffic airport in the US, this is podcast is for you. RH and AG gather weekly to produce a very informative and entertaining podcast about ATC. They discuss their weeks at the Triad airport, have a topic of the week, and give great attn to listener feedback. I learned of their podcast from the Airline Pilot Guy show. I greatly admire the ATC profession and their role in keeping the US National Airspace System one of the safest in the world. Having safe skies is vital to an successful economy. Thanks for a great podcast.
Great Podcast
Great Podcast — easy to listen to and lots of good info and insight!
Always learning new things
Big and cold guy
I love the show. I will listen to it over and over again to pick up tips that help me be a better safer pilot. I especially enjoy hearing how ATC works with us recreational pilots and flight instructors
Perfect for Pilots
Great podcast for pilots that want to learn about how ATC works. AG and RJ are both controllers and pilots, and provide great insights on the inner workings of ATC. As a pilot, I have learned a lot that helps in my flying. Highly recommended!
As a pilot I want to give a shoutout to this amazing show! Episodes are informative and an awesome insight to what happens on the other side of the mic!
Juliet Alpha Mike
This is simply one of the best aviation podcasts out there! It’s a great format that isn’t just a repeat of other shows and aviation news topics. RH and AG do a great job of providing useful insights into the intricate and often confusing world of ATC. These two have me in stitches half the time which is a welcome relief from the oft dry and too serious aviation news podcasts. I was laughing so hard, AG had me in a 4G inverted dive with a MiG 28 when he told his story of talking to another mysterious aircraft on the same taxi way while under NVGs! RH and AG keep it human and relatable so even though I live far away from Triad in the land of Cheerwine and B(BQ1), it feels like they could be talking about my backyard. Great job guys and I look forward to the next 50 episodes!
Great podcast!
I look forward to every new episode. I’ve been commercial pilot my whole adult life and learn something from these two dedicated controllers/pilots every show. Joe Schena
RH and AG are great!
Alpha Golf Fab
A must listen for the aviation lover, plane spotter, aspiring air traffic controller, or pilot. The hosts provide an entertaining touch and educate their audience every episode. Great podcast!
Very useful podcast
Books reader
As a student pilot in the middle of my private certifcate, I'm a long way from using some of the IFR topics discussed. But its very helpful to see the world from an ATC perspective, and especially from the ATC perspective of controllers who are also pilots and understand both sides. Probably the most valuable info is that a VFR pilot is not 'bothering' ATC by communicating with ATC. If ATC is too busy, they'll let you know. But it's helpful to controllers to know what the heck that little blip squawking 1200 is planning to do out there. Great stuff. Keep it up.
An unprecedented view of the ATC side
ATC Brandon G.
RH and AG really know their stuff, and they share it with YOU! If you're wanting to learn about Air Traffic Control, this is the resource you need. My favorite part is listener questions. Ever had a burning question for ATC? These are the guys to ask!
One of my favorites
For a wannabe pilot, this podcast is great. I’ve learned and enjoyed so much.
An Aviation Enthusiast MUST!
Derek Cooks
RH & AG provide great insight into how the National Air Space (NAS) works from the ATC side, with a generous helping of their perspective as pilots. I'm not "in" an aviation oriented job, but as a lifelong aviation geek, I appreciate the mostly non-technical discussions, the humor and entertaining stories, as well as the highly knowledgeable back-and-forth about accidents, incidents and just plain old everyday occurences. I've been listening since episode 1, and look forward to each week's addition.
Excellent Informative Show
Juliet Bravo IAD
As a non pilot and non ATC this is a great podcast. AG and RH have great back and forth banter. It's a funny show and I learn a ton each episode. They're doing a lot to improve the safety of the NAS. Keep up the great work guys!
This just makes sense
If your a pilot in any capacity you need subscribe to this podcast. Is there anything that makes more sense than actual air traffic controllers talking about flying and there dealings with pilots on a daily basis on safety and procedures for pilots to listen to? This podcast can only make flying in every realm safer and more comfortable. The audio quality is great and the content highly educational. Thanks guys for the great podcast
RER pa28
RER Pa 28
After some 3000 hrs of combined day VFR, NITE VFR, true instrument flight, into level three thunder storms over the Atlantic returning from Burmuda, one would think you May seen and heard it all!! Not so! every episode that you offer provides me with an entirely new learning experience and I am humbled by the empty knowledge I possess, thanks for your practical insight and detailed specific focused learning based on structuredvtraining and experience, This is Absolutely a 5 star ratings podcast, please continue to help keep me safe, regards, RER PA28
Great look at the people behind the scope!
Mad Engineer
This is a great podcast to hear about how the people responsible for getting us around in the air as a pilot or passenger do their job in a safe and professional manner.
ATCs are people too!
It's great to hear commentary like this! Air Traffic Controllers help keep our skies safe, but they're also human as heard here. Will eagerly keep listening!
These guys are great info for everyone in aviation
I fly to secret squirrel triad airport often and have worked with both of these seasoned professionals. As a 6 year part-time commercial pilot, they provide excellent real world knowledge. Both of them being quite experienced pilots as well makes it required listening.
Great show
Great show. Don’t stop! Ought to do a local meet up sometime.... BQ1?
As an avgeek I find this podcast super interesting and insightful. I look forward to episodes every week. I do have to ask sounds like the sign off at the end of each episode is a child saying “yeah Trump”. Is that what’s being said? If not, I’d love an explanation in an upcoming episode. If so, why? Why would you include something like that which a large portion of the population would find divisive? I think remaining apolitical is best, unless policy affecting the subject matter is involved. Just my 2 cents. I’ll keep listening.
Not another APG
Though aviation related and APG inspired, this is the view from the other end of the radio and not the other side of the cockpit door. Three episodes in and am really enjoying it! It’s nice to hear their perspective. If you’re an airline pilot, GA pilot, controller, or just someone who enjoys aviation, you’ll enjoy this show. Great show. Keep it up!
Excellent idea for a podcast
As an instrument rated private pilot, I’m always trying to improve my ATC communications. I look forward to future content. I think it would be interesting to hear about your pet peeve’s and things that make your job easier as it relates to ATC communication with us private pilots.
Deeper-This is the Blue Bird
Doug Masters aka Fuel Lights
Great job to the both of you! I'm looking forward in hearing more! AG we've had some great flying experiences together...maybe reconsider coming over to the dark side! Keep it up, I will pass this along to others.
Keep it up
Hey, I'm a follow controller I like where this going.
Ham bone
Nicely done. Looking forward to more from these guys.
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