November 18, 2019
What would happen if we lost radar at TRIAD? AG and RH catch up on feedback and your awesome questions.
November 11, 2019
Where does the controller expect you to go after a course deviation for traffic or weather when they say "resume own navigation" or "proceed on course"?
November 4, 2019
Episode 97 Show Notes RH and AG get to 12 more listener questions and comments. This is an all feedback episode. We’d like to say thank you to everyone for their patience and a special thank you to all our show PATRONS! We are having a blast with this show and the questions keep getting better each week!
October 28, 2019
Do you fly straight-in when the controller didn't specifcally clear you that way?
October 21, 2019
AG and RH discuss a spike in TRIAD traffic and how we adapt to seasonal traffic. How do we keep the airspace moving safely and efficiently? We also discuss “Med Evac” operations and how we prioritize that type of operation.
October 14, 2019
AG and RH disuss TRIAD SIDS and STARS, the Triad Bear, and more of you great feedback/questions!
October 7, 2019
Please file VFR flight plans and get flight following whenever possible!
September 30, 2019
RH and AG explain what may have caused a delay for a military student pilot and more of your awesome feedback!
September 23, 2019
RH and AG catch up on more awesome questions and feedback! Enjoy the show!
September 16, 2019
Star Destoyer at TRIAD, practice approaches, call sign mixup, drones, and advice for a new CFI!
September 9, 2019
A pilot reacts quickly to a bird strike and lands safely in a TRIAD airspace airport. Great job!
September 2, 2019
What are separation services? And AG and RH close out the Chicago series with some information about the tower.
August 26, 2019
How are all the IFR flights separated in the Chicago area?
August 19, 2019
What are the tips and tricks every VFR pilot should know in the Chicago area?
August 12, 2019
RH and AG talk about controller creativity in bad weather, holding, and deviations.
August 5, 2019
AG and RH catch up on feedback and discuss a story about help from ATC in Kansas City area.
July 29, 2019
The closing episode in the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019 Opposing Bases series. You don't want to miss this closing episode.
July 27, 2019
Romeo Hotel is a passenger on the FISK Arrival to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019 Fly In!
July 26, 2019
Romeo Hotel flies backseat with Mike on the Fisk Arrival after departing EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019
July 26, 2019
Romeo Hotel and Mike from Flying and Life Podcast talk about Day 4, Thursday July 26 at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019 live from the ultralight runway!
July 24, 2019
RH and Captain Nick travel to FISK to watch the FISK Arrival and the hard work of NATCA Air Traffic Controllers!
July 23, 2019
Live from EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019, AG and RH get through some feedback while surrounded by the sights, sounds, and people of AirVenture!
July 22, 2019
AG and RH attend Day 1 of AirVenture Oshkosh 2019 Day 1
July 21, 2019
Rock Your Wings: the window to fly to KOSH is open! Fly safely and we will see you soon!
July 15, 2019
Fly safely to AirVenture Oshkosh and let's review the arrival procedures in the NOTAM!
July 8, 2019
Bay Area flying with Max Trescott and a discussion about VFR vs IFR practice approaches.
July 1, 2019
AG and RH catchup on feedback, AG nearly electrocutes himself, and we get another English lesson from Captain Nick!
June 24, 2019
What is the best way to accomplish practice approaches safely and efficiently?
June 17, 2019
We discuss what happens when someone forgets to cancel at a non-towered airport and how we make sure they are safe!
June 10, 2019
How to apply to be an air traffic controller, awesome feedback, and great audio from our listeners!
June 3, 2019
AG and RH discuss which controlling ATC facility VFR pilots should call during flight following near Delta airspace.
May 27, 2019
Live studio recording with AG, RH, CP, and JB! Your feedback and their perspectives!
May 20, 2019
AG and RH discuss checkrides in flying and ATC.
May 13, 2019
We are going to dig deep into the inbox and catch up on some awesome feedback. We will also show PATRON’s perspective on air traffic control, her experience during an emergency, and what advice she has for the flying community.
May 6, 2019
AG and RH will continue discussion about the complex Potomac Approach airspace.
April 29, 2019
How to navigate under VFR near Washington, D.C. and the SFRA!
April 22, 2019
What is required for an aircraft to use CAT III ILS and autoland?
April 15, 2019
AG and RH read some feedback from Foxtrot Foxtrot from “Frozen Tundra Center” and discuss some of the differences between ARTCC and TRACON traffic, equipment, and controllers!
April 8, 2019
How do center controllers predict and resolve conflict so far away?
April 1, 2019
What are your weather planning considerations when filing IFR to an airport without an IAP?
March 25, 2019
PRM approaches, breakouts, missed approaches, resequencing, and Class Bravo transitions.
March 18, 2019
RH interviews a controller from Atlanta Tracon to learn more about their operation.
March 11, 2019
We break down speed limits, speed restrictions, and why we use speed assignments in the TRIAD airspace. Another great list of aviation bucket list items, too!
March 4, 2019
How does ATC assign beacon codes and what happens if I forget to turn my transponder on inside of a mode C veil around Class Bravo airspace?
February 25, 2019
AG and RH discuss Foreflight, flight planning, turbulence avoidance, and family feedback.
February 18, 2019
Juliet Echo Charlie from Atlanta sent in some great questions about helicopter operations on the ATL airport. How do ATL controllers keep the traffic flowing when helicopters are nearby?
February 11, 2019
RH and AG discuss runway selection, runway use programs, and listener questions.
February 4, 2019
“The Voice”. AG and RH discuss training and the dreaded “voice” when a trainer (OJTI) over-keys the trainee and starts issuing corrected instructions. Why does this happen? Is it safe?
January 28, 2019
AG and RH tackle a mountain of emails. Thank you for the awesome feedback, everyone! And thank you for all the support during the shutdown. We are so lucky to be involved in such an awesome aviation community!
January 21, 2019
AG and RH discuss the "Miracle on the Hudson" and RH's aviation heroes: Captain Sullenberger and First Officer Jeff Skiles.
January 14, 2019
RH and AG discuss AIM recommended use of transponders, drones, communications during flight following, and more!
January 7, 2019
AG and RH catch up on news and feedback; serving our listeners!
December 31, 2018
Pilot deviations are on the rise at VNY; learn how to prevent it from happening to you!
December 24, 2018
Merry Christmas; Feedback Special
December 17, 2018
What is the point of Special VFR and when would a pilot request the clearance?
December 10, 2018
Thank you for your feedback and questions that drive this show!
December 3, 2018
Medical Emergencies and ATC interactions, controller saves, and listener feedback!
November 26, 2018
VFR Flight Plans, Communication Confusion, Thanksgiving Traffic
November 19, 2018
Checkride time in Australia!
November 12, 2018
Who decides which approach is advertised on the ATIS?
November 5, 2018
What is happening in the tracon when controllers are not talking to planes?
October 29, 2018
Immediately expedite with no delay!
October 22, 2018
Why is ATC telling me to standby?
October 15, 2018
AG and RH discuss approach clearance requirements.
October 8, 2018
Why can't I fly directly over this giant Class B airport at 4000'?
October 1, 2018
Student solo loses her right main landing gear during a practice flight and all ends well!
September 24, 2018
Map madness and fix frenzy: what do we see on our displays?
September 17, 2018
How do we train a new hire in RADAR at TRIAD ATCT?
September 10, 2018
How do we train a new hire in the tower at TRIAD ATCT?
September 3, 2018
PIREP TIME! Pilot weather reports matter!
August 27, 2018
Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting!
August 21, 2018
Invisible airspace boundaries are like walls in the sky!
August 13, 2018
Follow up from Episode 032 regarding ODPs, the Seattle crash, and an interview with BG, host of "Podcasting on a Plane".
August 6, 2018
How do you stay clear of obstacles departing IFR from a non-towered airport?
July 30, 2018
How do you pick up an IFR clearance at a non-towered airport?
July 23, 2018
Thank you, Captain Al for your wonderful feedback!
July 16, 2018
An in depth conversation about dispatching and air traffic interactions.
July 9, 2018
NOTAMS have gotten out of control!
July 2, 2018
What happens if you go missed in the mountains below MDA?
June 25, 2018
AG and RH guide you through the process of applying to be an Air Traffic Controller!
June 18, 2018
Captain Mike and First Officer Jeff travel through TRIAD!
June 11, 2018
What do we see on our radar screen?
June 4, 2018
When AG and RH rule the Galactic Aviation Universe . . .
May 29, 2018
What happens when a new runway is built at a busy airport?
May 22, 2018
Possible pilot deviation, Advise you call TRIAD Approach!
May 14, 2018
Blue Angels, F35, helicopters, and more!
May 7, 2018
Parallel Runway Operations and Separation Requirements
April 30, 2018
Listener feedback, long range audio, evacuations, and more!
April 16, 2018
Why are read backs so important to the safety of the NAS?
April 9, 2018
Take a trip on a 75/767 to Europe with Zak, our first guest co-host!
April 2, 2018
Crew Resource Management and ATC Teamwork!
March 27, 2018
AG and RH discuss wake turbulence separation requirements, pilot wake avoidance techniques, and real life encounters with wake turbulence.
March 20, 2018
Night, IMC, IFR weather, missed approach, NORDO, now what?
March 13, 2018
Transponders, altimeter settings, and unverified altitudes.
March 9, 2018
AG and RH discuss their earliest memories of aviation, planes, and air traffic.
March 1, 2018
How does ATC help keep you safe going into a non-towered airport under IFR?
February 21, 2018
AG Flies to DCA! Holds, EFCs, and Fuel Emergencies
February 15, 2018
Practice Approaches, APG dinner, and "Zippy" says hello!
February 6, 2018
VFR Flights Matter and AG and RH are answering GA questions about VFR in the NAS
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