Great show
It’s awesome but Joanna talks too much and I love her. Just let the other hosts speak a little more. Keep up the great work.
Very confused by new format
This podcast used to release a podcast per episode and now it looks like they’re just covering the first episode of different shows? Was really looking forward to Joanna and Richard discussing a new episode of Watchmen every week but I guess that’s not happening. Super bummed out.
Watchmen s01e01
Super annoyed that they referenced content from the second episode to assure the audience that certain themes would be addressed and then didn’t even cover that episode the following week. Definitely not interested in scattered and sporadic coverage.
Rucky Digital
Lawson take a side. Don’t just “wait to see what people think” you are a critical mind right?
thought this was about a show
A Loupe
clearly this isnt a podcast about the show Watchmen as much as it is another attempt to show off snd force political views down others throats!
Not Good Bob
This podcast had so much promise. It covers top notch TV shows (GOT, Succession, and now The Watchmen). Joanna is consistently great, but Richard Lawson is horrible. He seems either indifferent or simply lacks podcast skills. Zero chemistry, little interest, and minimal opinions. I’m sure he is good at his day job, but I miss the David Chen/Joanna podcasts or anyone else with her. She is top notch and deserves better
Only one episode?!?
I loved this first episode recap so much and have been searching for a podcast to geek with through this tv show adaptation! Loved that one of the co-hosts read the graphic novel and one didn’t, one host is a woman, really good energy and conversation. Please cover more of Watchmen! Damon Lindelof’s work is so nuanced and the hosts did a great job with it. More please!
Really Disappointed!
I am so disappointed to hear you are only going to cover 1 episode of Watchmen! I was so looking forward to y’all’s interpretation of Lindeloff’s version. I’m new to the Watchmen material, but huge fan of the Leftovers and am currently watching Lost while following The Storm. I really hope you change your minds! Reconsider?
Does the Male host even like Watchmen?
This podcast focuses on being politically correct more so than it does analyze the show. While it does well in going through each scene you’re pulled out of it with the unapologetic PC male host constantly questioning the direction it’s heading. Get someone who wants to actually analyze the show not critique its direction AFTER JUST THE PILOT...!
Watch Sucession instead of quoting Sodheim
I’m very disappointed that a Sucession recap podcast ~ especially one associated with Vanity Fair ~ is so lacking in basic facts about the show. I’m embarrassed for you both. You talk down to your listeners “ I don’t expect people who don’t podcast to ...” You don’t recall the “vital moment” when Greg discloses to Kendall “ I have these documents”?!!! Watch the final episode of the first season you dum dums! “ I see you Greg. I like it” Not a direct quote - just from watching it months ago but still way closer than YOUR recollection of this brilliant moment you’re attempting to recap. Richard’s rewrite of Greg’s approaching Kendall with the documents - aka- airplane bathroom fiction- is insulting to the character, the writers and viewers. Stating that Greg’s motivation is to “make a connection w/ the person sitting in front of him” is more evidence that that these podcasters are not recapping this show with the attention it - and we listeners- deserve. Richard is definitely the Tom to Jonna’s Shiv. This is the Sands of Sucession Podcasts.
Where is s2 last episode podcast????!
I really love this show. I listen to the podcast weekly. What happened to the podcast for the 10/13 last episode of season 2? Where are you?
Execellent coverage of Succession
Virgil in California
Great podcast,but regarding Sucession S2E9, how can "blood sacrifice" come up and neither of you speculate on a Mother of Dragons birth for the season finale?
Excellent Joanna Robinson content as usual
The podcast is great and the banter between the two hosts is spot on. At this point I have an eternal subscription to listening to Joanna doing anything including reading the phone book. Not only that, but I tweeted at her about apple podcasts not uploading and episodes since S2 episode 1 and in 20 minutes it was fixed. The lady is a baller.
Love it!
I listen to a few podcasts that have one woman, and one man as a host, and have noticed a trend of people getting annoyed with the woman host. Reviewers should investigate why they’re actually annoyed to hear her speak/laugh. I love this show! I’m on a weekly routine of watching the new succession and then waiting for the podcast to come out to help me process what I just saw. The only problem is that you can’t see all the episodes when you click on to the shows page - weird. It only shows episode one. I have to search for the new episode to have it pop up!
So glad you’re doing Succession! The 2nd season rocks.
I was super ambivalent about Succession S1 but S2 is a whole new ballgame. I’m all in with this pod, now. Let’s go.
Technically Issue with Podcast on iPhone
Update 9/20:19: Tks briianboitano for confirming the issue! As of today, problem still exists (8/11/19 shows as most current, later episodes not shown). Guess no one from VF reads these reviews. Posted 9/13/19: I love the podcast but, for some reason, the August 11 podcast of Succession shows up as the most current podcast for season 2 on my iPhone. I subscribe to many other podcasts on my iPhone and none have a similar problem. I’ve deleted and re-subscribed a number of times, but the same problem persists. At first, I thought your excellent podcast had been canceled after the August 11 episode. I now need to search the web for a specific episode title to enjoy your most current podcast. Very annoying, please correct. Again, love the podcast!
same issue as mattyM32
same issue as mattyM32
Lazy Criticism: Succession
I have enjoyed JR’s work across other platforms and through her GOT podcast, but this podcast doesn’t do it for me. I just wish more time (even one working day) was put into the hosts’ reflections of the show. Recapping isn’t criticism.
Still watching: Succession
Joanna Robinson is amazing as always and Richard Lawton is a great partner as they dissect this show. Look forward to listening every week!
The water cooler I’d choose
Alex from the North
I think I’m drawn to recap podcasts like one because I generally watch tv alone and never seem to engage with my friends about it. It’s nice to take a moment to think about an episode and then later get someone else’s take on it. Joanna and Richard offer a more critical view than mine, which is nice. I hadn’t realized how undemanding I can be when it comes to tv. I appreciate this pod.
The two podcasters say this word over and over. It’s as if I’m listening to valley girls discuss the show. It has worn me down so I have to give up listening.
Thanks for reviewing Succession. I have enjoyed this podcast through GOT, BLL and now Succession. I appreciate the thoughtful analysis and it enhances my experience in watching the shows!!
This show has become intolerable
My friend and I are as liberal and progressive as you could imagine on social issues, especially as it pertains to media. But these two are ridiculous. Joanna turns everything into a social justice issue to the point that 50 percent of her social observations come off as virtue signaling (though she’s probably not aware this is the case). And, she is so worried about not offending people that I’m not sure she has her own moral compass. We used to be so excited when a new episode came out, but now this show has become intolerable. Please change Joanna.
Please stop the annoying ums and "sort of"s and "like"s
Once one becomes aware of how often both speakers rely on these really annoying speech patterns, it becomes impossible to listen anymore. I will stick to reading their articles. JR seems to bring this out in Richard, because in his interview with Matthew McFaddyen on Little Gold Men, the speech pattern of saying "sort of" before every opinion completely (almost) disappears.
Still Watching: Succession
Tia Cookie
I am still listening, even though Joanna's voice is very nasally and she laughs way too much.
Thank you !!!!!!!
Kim Chip
So happy you all are going to podcast Succession!!!!
I like the analysis but Joanna’s incessant drawn-out “uhhhh” and “ummmm” are so distracting!!!!
Very Good Conversations - Great Interviews
I've listened to most of the "seasons" of Still Watching skipping only The Romanoffs as I have not seen that show. The hosts are usually great and have a good vibe with each other. The Versace season was probably my favorite so far but I have enjoyed all. The end of their Big Little Lies 2 conversations kind of derailed a bit as I had strong disagreements with both hosts but I will still be back when they review a show I watch. The interviews however are amazing. Both Richard and Joanna really connect with the guests and get good insightful answers that seem fresh and not responses the talent has given hundreds of times.
Snide f’s with grating vocal tics
T&P to anyone who survives this autopsy of a podcast and still consciously chooses to subscribe to their copiously self-promoted other one.
Debbie downer
Liked the first few episodes but then realized these two were not going to be happy no matter what happened on Big Little Lies. Ended up unsubscribing due to the constant negativity. BLL isn’t perfect, but I feel like this podcast spent a lot of time rehashing the same criticisms over and over again rather than adding anything new or meaningful to the discussion surrounding the show. Disappointed.
Great Podcast
I loves this podcast even thought I have never listened. This Podcast is great because it involves two of my favorite things. 1. Pod - whether it is used to seamlessly move items from a location to another. Or they are used to grow peas, pods are great!!! 2. Cast - used to make a model for mass production or to throw a line used in fishing. I think we can all agree the two together are like Honey and Mustard, as Abraham Lincoln said while bombing the French in The Franco-Hungarian war “I need more of that cast”
Miserable viewers
All you do is find fault. It’s exhausting.
Good but something’s different
I’ve been a happy subscriber from the start. Lately I’ve gotten the sense from it that reminds me of the people in high my school who were into vinyl and spoke verbosely on art in a way that distanced themselves from others. Seeing as that’s completely my thing, it’s odd that I feel put off by the takes on Big Little Lies S2. The source material has run out, and I’ve learned my lesson from other book adaptations, so I’m along for the ride with BLL. Richard and Jo are... not having as much fun as I am. Nevertheless, 4 stars. Good, smart people doing good work, even if I don’t like the takes. Thx for the pod!
So tone deaf
Joanna and her pal reviewing a show about grown woman and men is ridiculous! They sound like 20 somethings with no real life experience, that got a job at Vanity Fair.
Really tried to like this podcast
Kiki P-E
Despite getting a revolving door of people involved with the show, this podcast has failed to impress. Boring hosts, dead banter and not a single drop of nuance in the analysis of the shows (GoT and BLL).
Calling me a fan of Joanna Robinson is an understatement. Watching shows are actually more enjoyable for me when I know at the end of it I get to listen to her talk about it. I like the dynamic between her and Lawson, too. I love when they troll us with the “on the nose” reference. Lol. Or is it just me thinking they are?! I think all the guests are lovely but I gotta say my favorite part is the first part of just the 2 of them talking. I hate to admit it but on some rare occasions I don’t listen to the interviews. (I did that with some GOT guests) Anyway, keep up the great work. Still waiting for that last romanoff episode podcast tho!
Great podcast
Mags Rayder
Joanna and Richard continue to helm a fantastic podcast. I love their chemistry and the interviews are always a delight. Great podcast production as well.
Joanna - Enough with the therapist!
I love this show. It has very cogent and thoughtful analysis. However, it seems like in almost every episode this season, Joanna has criticized the behavior or approach of Robin Weigert’s character, Dr. Amanda Reisman. Joanna: Richard observed way back in this season’s Episode 1 that THERE ARE CRAPPY THERAPISTS IN THE WORLD. Deal with it. Rather than criticize Reisman’s behavior every episode as “unrealistic,” just go with it as I, Richard and I’m sure more than a few of your friends can testify that Reisman’s behavior is probably not the most nutty thing a therapist has done over the years. “Some” therapists do stupid things...The quality of your analysis isn’t helped by criticizing Reisman’s behavior every week. Anyway, love the show.
Bad chemistry
I really like Joanna Robinson a lot, and whenever she’s podcasting on a show I am watching, I make sure to listen. But she has terrible chemistry with her cohost Richard. It’s like she has to drag Richard‘s opinion out of him kicking and screaming. It feels so awkward. Over and over again throughout the podcast she has to say to Richard, “so what did you think about that?” in order to get him to comment. It sounds more like an interrogation than a discussion. Good podcasting is when the hosts have intelligent conversations that grow organically out of that mutual interest and show interesting insights. I like what Joanna has to say, I just wish she had another co-host. (To hear Joanna in a good partnership on a podcast, listen to her and David Chen in “A Cast of Kings.” That’s chemistry.)
Joanna is fantastic, as always...
...and I like Richard, too. Their discussions always manage to be both in depth and light and airy. As a podcaster, Joanna walks that line beautifully. Big Little Lies is a show that I enjoy well enough, but getting to listen to the recaps afterward makes it a must watch for me. Highly recommended.
Thoughtful Review
Fun to listen to and an enjoyable recap each week. Thank you.
Tea Junkie
Refreshing to hear a podcast for a woman driven show that states facts without excessive giggling, the need to ham it up and talking over one another. I enjoy the opinions, the insight shared and the thorough deep dive into each episode.
Johannah Joy
I refuse to let JR ruin this show for me. She’s got a major chip on her shoulder.
Great Pod!
Love the podcast! You two are some of my favorite film/tv critics to read so Still Watching is essential. My only complaint is that I’d like to hear more from you both in the episodes; The interviews are interesting but I kinda prefer just hearing Richard and Joanna hashing out an episode of television! But anyways, thank you much for your work :)
Pretty Good Discussion of Big Little Lies
I liked the discussion and I appreciate how they get into the directors’ work. But Richard really needs to cut back on “I’m afraid they’re going to do this” or “I was worried they were going to do that.” I’m listening for a discussion of what the show did, not constant “worry” or “fear” that the story isn’t going to be told or isn’t heading the way he wants. Anyway, happy this is here, and hopefully future episodes will be about the show as presented.
Just awful.
Zzzzzzzz. Boring!!!
Thank You for saying It like it is (for You). Continue to Swim with The Dolphins
Arya the Night
Gave this podcast a listen and... WOW was offended instantly by their misogyny.
A great TV and Film Podcast
Richard and Joanna provide a great perspective on Game of Thrones and I look forward to hearing them opine about other shows. You can tell that some of the reviewers didn't even listen, they are just giving Joanna the misogynistic hate rant treatment. Try this out if you are a normal person, I think you will enjoy it.
Boring, Awkward, Dry
Joanna Mason gives the most awkward interviews. I feel sorry for the people who contribute their time to the show. The show dry and boring, besides. Look elsewhere.
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