Black Hawk Down
Guys, the show is awesome, but enough with the sci fi and comedies. You’re ignoring one of the best war films of the last 30 years. How have you skipped this? Please and thank you.
5 podcast mikes
I’d listen to these 3 talk about anything together. Like... Developing life saving medications by trial & error medical microbiology experiments? I’m there. Undiscovered people’s of the rain forest of Brazil? I’m there. Entomology? I’m still there, if a little freaked. Quantum physics? I’m there. Ancient Greek mythology? I’m still there. Rodents of the Americas? Totally there. How to get my boyfriend to be as good as the three of them? I’m selling tickets to my friends. 25 & counting sold already.
I enjoy this podcast. That’s why I’m giving it 5 stars. I recommend this one to anyone who’s interested in war films based on historical events or set in the reality of our actual universal timeline. Having said that, I must request that the gentleman behind this podcast NEVER review a comic movie again. It’s clear, after listening to the episode on Captain America, that the guys take the movie completely out of context. I am convinced they truly know nothing about the MCU. Why did they even try reviewing one of the core Marvel movies?Their ignorant take on the film tempts me to never listen to the podcast again. It’s almost unforgivable. It’s a sci-fi, comic film guys. It’s goal is to tell an unrealistic adventure purely for entertainment. Please take off your political and historical glasses when you watch it.
Dragonslayer, please? =>
Please review Dragonslayer 1981!?
Good stuff
commander snuggles
I don't always agree with what they say about movies, history, politics or the world in general but that's opinions for ya, they're not always great. It's three guys talking about war movies, so what do I care if they say something screwy? They're smart, interesting and funny. You could pass the time in worse ways.
Great way to spend some pod time
Really enjoy this podcast. It's fun, serious, funny, and genuine (even if I wish they had a veteran's perspective, at times). The guys can be snarky at times, but it's rarely cynical and doesn't consume the podcast and doesn't detract from their honest reviews of each movie. They make me want to watch (or rewatch) these fine (and maybe not so fine) war films. Please keep it up. (But maybe Ben could read some history not written by Howard Zinn and think a little outside of his obtuse political box.)
History, Filmmaking, Great Dumb Jokes
You don't have to watch the movies to get a lot out of this show, the leads are insightful and charismatic, their takes are the hottest and loaded with interesting perspective, and sometimes even Adam talks. It's a great show! Five things.
Amazing Show
Don’t be a dingaling, listen to this podcast
Chairman Wow!
I give this podcast 5 pork chops or roast chickens or cigarettes made from the discarded tobacco of other cigarette butts, or whatever. Never heard of a star. It’s my number one source of perfect pronunciations of the word “interrogate” and lengthy digressions about the failings of the Boomer generation. Listen to every episode at least 6 times, you owe it to yourself and your country, wherever that may be.
One of the best shows on the pods
No Koch
This is a very entertaining show. The hosts are knowledgable and inteligent. The show is a little funny, a little serious. Long enough for some good time eat up if you listen while you work. You can listen in order or skp around to different eps. I love it.
Well worth checking out for lovers of war movies
I found Friendly Fire almost by accident but am very happy I did. As a kid who grew up watching war movies with my dad, I am loving revisiting movies I haven’t seen in decades or being introduced to more recent movies I have missed. The three hosts have a great dynamic and every episode gets many literal laugh-out-loud moments out of me. If you’re a stickler for avoiding movie spoilers beware that their deep dives into the movies leave no stone unturned.
Fury episode
I’m going to listen to more of these podcasts this was my first from these guys and it was not a waste of time but so much detail was missed in their discussions about the controversial issues in this film. It’s frustrating as hell when podcasters get facts or miss things in the show! Opinions are our own but dint get details wrong. Please.
Shock and awe
This is the only podcast where three white dudes I don’t know talk about movies that doesn’t make me want to punch myself in the face.
Thanks for watching for me
I don’t even watch war movies, but I love listening to these guys discuss & rate them. Now I don’t have to watch any of them.
Praise & a suggestion
Great podcast. Really love & appreciate that y’all did “Come & See”, (incidentally that Director DID make another movie, but it was made before C&S, but not released until after that was a hit. It’s called “Agony” and it’s about Rasputin & the end of the Romanovs. It’s a STUNNINGLY beautiful film, almost like a Visconti movie. It was held back by censors cuz it, historically correctly, did not include any Bolshevik characters & is also vaguely sympathetic to the Tsar as a person. The guy who plays Rasputin is a pretty big Soviet & Russian film star to this day. You guys should look for a Hungarian film from the 60’s called “The Red & The White”. It’s about the Russian Civil War, and in addition to being visually striking, & innovative, was a rather too nuanced portrayal of the Civil War for both the Hungarian & Soviet censors. But I believe it was released at some point. Shouldn’t be that hard to find, if was on Netflix a while ago. Best- Ned Lewis, Massachusetts.
Episode One/Saving Private Ryan
the real Sov
“Dennis Farina is my hall pass.”- Adam Funniest thing I’ve heard in quite awhile!
"On The Beach" (1953)
You guys should really review the original 1953 "On The Beach" starring Gregory Peck.
5 ninja throwing stars
atropos twitch
I can not recommend this crew enough. I can only hope they decide to make more episodes and create new content that I will devour joyously.
One of my favorites, right up there with greatest gen. Keep up the good work.
My favorite movie podcast...
...and I don’t even like war movies.
Well worth your time
Rowan Graham
I love John Roderick. John, I love you.
Nothing new
Unlikable and self important hosts offering no new insight to these films. Not worth the time.
Good clean fun
For all of hose young men who feel like their old men this podcast is for you. Great fun all around. All three host are great and funny in their own way. I like the 3 of them so much that I also followed them to their other podcast!
Great Podcast
Andy Lobb
I listened to these guys non stop on a 50 hour drive and I was never bored of them once. Great chemistry, even if Ben is a little annoying, and I could listen to John Roderick ramble all day! I’m really glad this podcast exists because now I’ve dived into the war movie genre and it is worth it. Submarine trope salads, am I right?
I love this podcast
Tom Craven
I haven’t seen most of the movies and don’t watch them as they go, but it doesn’t matter. Great evergreen audio from interesting and entertaining people with excellent chemistry. Strong format. On a scale of 0 to 5 Colombian Rabies, where 5 is best, I give it 5.
I don’t even like war movies
But I love hearing these guys discuss them. Thanks for thoughtful conversation, fellas.
Actually going to watch the Hurt Locker now...
As always: entertaining, insightful, and not stuffy. I think I was a little too young to appreciate this film when it came out—and a little too over the wars that dominated my childhood, so I completely forgot about the Hurt Locker. As usual, Friendly Fire has made me want to watch a film, even (or especially?) after all the spoilers and summaries. Also, a note to other reviewers: this is not a war history podcast. This is a war MOVIE podcast about war movies, not about wars. I would pay real money to listen to Roderick do a war history podcast though...Ben and Adam can be there too.
Betas & War Movies? Novel.
Usually funny with good chemistry. Would be interesting to have some different views of maybe someone who’s worn a uniform or shot a rifle even. The snowflake schtick is cute and all, but wears thin given the subject matter sometimes.
Good chemistry
Steve Zzzzs
Adam, Ben and John are an enjoyable cocktail of smart, insightful and funny. I enjoyed the chemistry between Adam and Ben on their “a little bit embarrassing” podcasts. I had some reservations about their new venture: adding someone of my own generation to the mix to make it a threesome, and tackling much different subject matter to boot. What a great result. Adam, Ben and John, thanks for the many hours of enjoyment. You make my long commutes something to look forward to.
Great fun even if you don't love war movies
I don't watch the History Channel much. I haven't kept up on all the PBS specials on war. I don't read books about war. I have seen quite a few war movies, but I don't seek them out. On paper, this shouldn't be nearly as good as it is. I haven't seen 75% of the films they cover, but the team does such a good job describing the films and going over the issues and concepts behind them, all while keeping things entertaining as heck. I never thought I could enjoy a movie podcast where I didn't have to put the work in to watch every film first, but unlike other movie podcasts I've tried, this one delievers even if you have no intention of watching the film. It's hilarious, informative, and I look forward to every new episode. I wish I could give something ten stars.
Had to write a review on how horrible it it
I’ve listened to thousands of podcasts and this is my first review. I was intrigued about there review of Hurt Locker which is the worst war movie ever made completely over rated and unrelastic in every sense. I was looking forward to them pointing out all the flaws. Yet the first half of this was just talking about how great the movies was. I couldn’t wait to hear there reviews about how inaccurate it was that they promised in the future I was excited about this podcast at first but deleted from my library these guys have no clue about war or the military and should not have a podcast on it
Live in Los Angeles
Great live show at largo/coronet guys!
Thank you fellas
Don’t normally write reviews for ANYTHING but seeing the small handful of 1 stars specifically for John made me mad and confused. Not overbearing at all, this cast was was my introduction to Roderick and I find the esoterity delightful. Keep up the good work fellas
I gotta admit when I’m wrong
Initially did not like but something kept me coming back. Good podcast. John is now my favorite after really not liking him. Love this pod trying to watch all the movies.
Love it!!
Super Book Girl
This is a great podcast! I love their take on the movies in regards to the time period it came out and what it depicts. I look forward to it every Friday!
Fantastic podcast
This has become my favorite podcast quickly. The give and take between the three guys is fantastic and their sense of humor is in line with my own. Some of my favorite movies as well as some new ones that I’ll be looking to watch now. It’s not often that I laugh out loud while cycling down the road but this podcast has made me look a fool as I burst out laughing while riding along. Great production value.
Not your father's HIstory Channel
Whidbey Island Fan
I would never in a million years think I would enjoy a war movie podcast but this is one of the most entertaining and interesting shows I listen to. All you need to do is give it a listen and you will be hooked too. Since it is not topical, you can enjoy the back catalogue in any order you want so new listeners will have a lot to look forward to.
Followed Ben & Adam from "Greatest Gen" — glad I did
100 Watt Walrus
Love the tongue-in-cheek mixed with sincerity, and filmmaking insights (Ben & Adam) with historical knowledge (John). Have been discovering new movies through this podcast too. They do some deep dives.
Three Extremely High-Quality Knuckleheads
The touching saga of a big, blustering Boy-Of-A-Certain-Age who gradually grows into a real podcaster through the guidance of two patient masters.
Best of both worlds
I love this. You combine my two favorite things: History and War Movies about history. I love that you make sure to correct things that are wrong, misplaced or misused in box office hits! You’re commentary is very agreeable and so enjoyable to listen to. Thank you for educating and entertaining me!
Approval from a pendant
She wants the 1701-D
Good show. Nice hosts.
Just saw them live in Brooklyn!
They killed their first-ever live show. Love these guys. All the best!
Sneaky gem
5teve m
I first started listening for movies that I’ve seen but now I find myself looking back through the catalog. It is a great way to identify old movies that are worth the watch. It’s nice to have spark notes on bad movies that I will never see and a new perspective on movies that I love. Just enough “film studies” to expand that perspective while never crossing the line into esoteric BS. I often want to punch John Roderick in the face- you may have been cool in 1996 but an expert in military history you are not. That said, he’s probably 90% correct in historical context and the fact that they try to provide context at all makes the podcast extremely interesting.
I have found a new appreciation for war movies
A thoughtful yet irreverent podcast
I stumbled into this podcast in the MaxFun donor feed and have since binged it. I love the dynamic between these guys. If you like good entertaining discussion from different povs you should really give it a listen
To crush your enemies. See them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of their women
This is a great podcast. A solid balance of humor, cultural commentary and the guys are great to listen to.
Perfect blend
These three offer a great mix of grumpy old man, juvenile jokes, and insightful commentary. Love the show.
Stick with Greatest Generation...
...or just lose Roderick. He's your dumb Grandpa for whom the worst thing a movie can be is innaccurate. Zero sense of humor or fun.
Is it a war movie podcast?
Noose Brighthawk
Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. But at all times it is great and entertaining!
Get to the chopper …………
whatever man
How did I get here. What have I found. Well I found a bunch of guys who watch war movies and talk about it. At first I thought John was the guy who would tell us the real history or real story of the story. The authority figure. Ben in my mind was the film school guy talking about the juxtaposition of the brutality of war and peace. The art guy. Adam, well Adam was like my buddy who was always down to do something but his point of view was way out there. We will call him the scratching on the screen with a screwdriver guy. We guess what. None of them are my guy as individuals but as a single force of 1 they become my guy. Great show, lots of fun. I don’t always agree with it but it is a laugh out loud good time. And as with all my reviews I use a rating system that is unique to this review. I give this podcast 5 my guy ratings. Cause with the victor comes the spoilers
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