Had it at 4 stars but changed it to 5 for changing Daniel K’s weather segment (yes, live weather, from whenever and whenever he recorded) to a segment where they kill him off in various ways in various dimensions. It’s perfect. The rest, the majority of the podcast, is fantastic. Hosts are likable and entertaining, content is great. I’m playing along with them now and it’s an awesome experience.
Guilty-pleasure podcast junk food
As someone who used to love old-school JRPGs, this is cracking me up. These guys really captured the experience of sitting together, grinding a meaningless videogame late into the night, wondering what you’re doing with your life. If you are missing your college friends and the stupid conversations you used to have while playing games, this is the podcast for you. Nothing deep or challenging here, just entertainment.
Future Kavli Prize Winning Podcast
The aptly named No One Can Know About This is an ongoing research project wherein Subject / Captor "Ryan" forces Subject / Captive "Jeff" to undergo a series of increasingly more bizarre, dangerous and possibly illegal experiments. These generally involve a combination of sleep deprivation and repetitive task management while being exposed to various stimuli. Subject "Jeff's" attempts to fight back are often feeble (See Doc.A-4 [Forced Banana Consumption]; Doc.A-6b [Dog Toothpaste Consumption]), but they seem to help him maintain some level of joviality despite his circumstances. Subject "Ryan" is far more cruel in his efforts, going so far as to force Subject "Jeff" to relive traumatic childhood memories via home movies and forcibly removing Subject "Jeff" from his environment and placing him in isolation in the woods. Seeing as no hypothesis has been provided, one can only assume "Ryan's" ultimate goal is to kill "Jeff," a feat he would no doubt have accomplished already were it not for "Jeff's" loyal support dog Subject "Haley." A truly fascinating testament to both the triumph of the human spirit and the depths of it's depravity. Also, I think they play a videogame or something.
Fun at times
Listening to these guys play can be fun at times and a solid chunk of their bits are pretty funny, but it all gets bogged down by the uninteresting tangents. This is a podcast where they play Final Fantasy, but there is an unnecessary focus on unrelated things such as their search for bananas at a grocery store. Plus, the chewing on mic can be obnoxious.
I don’t usually
review podcasts but oh-my-goodness did I need this. Listening to them is like opening the window to a room that has been gathering dust for literally 30 years. Thank you for your willingness to put yourselves out there.
I’ve Needed This for Years
This is the first, and possibly only, podcast I have committed to. Jeff and Ryan have my heart because they are all of us on our first playthroughs of these classic, albeit frustrating, games that defined our childhoods—except for Jeff’s. NSFW, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. “TWINS!”
This is a fun listen for anyone that’s a fan of the FF series. The eating-on-mic gets pretty grating though.
Incredibly entertaining
This is a great podcast. It’s about the Final Fantasy games, of course, but it’s just as much about the guys playing them as well. Their interactions, thoughts, mistakes, and really questionable choices all add an extra layer to the experience. It feels like playing through the games with a couple of your good friends. Give it a listen!
I don’t know why I keep listening to this
I feel like it should be a chore to listen to this. Actually I think it might be. But it’s also one of my all time favorite podcasts.
I immediately fell in love
I am so fricken excited about their play through of ffvii right now. It’s always been my favorite, so I’m having the time of my life listening to their commentary. I started listening to their first season (ffi), and I swear to any god that’ll listen that this podcast is the only reason I beat that game! Keep it up guys! I love everything about this ❤️
These two man children are the definition of soy. None of their “bits” are funny. I’ve heard through FF1 and FFIV and granted it’s a few years old but wow is it garbage. Glad I skipped through their ramblings. Not for me but I’m sure with all the 5 stars there’s enough idiots in the world to continue listening to the rest.
Like an onionknight
Just as there is the podcast there is the under-podcast. This one has layers, folks.
Binge worthy!
I've binged every episode and have been having so much fun living in the world of Final Fantasy with a couple of dudes who are my age who get why somebody my age would appreciate a show like this. I especially love the hilarious and heartfelt philosophical musings. I'm legitimately sad that I have to wait a week for the next episode, but I will definitely be back.
I have been having a great time listening to you guys, you inspired me to not only finally beat seven but to play at least the important final fantasy lol, working on 6 now. Thanks!!
I cannot thank you both enough for creating this podcast. I’ve been playing the Final Fantasy games since I was a child, and taking these podcast journeys through each painstakingly phenomenal game with you two has been insanely fun. It's refreshing to hear an “outsider’s” reactions and opinions of the gameplay while he is accompanied by a somewhat-familiar guide. This creates a perfect combination of entertainment. I look forward to hearing new episodes all week. Thank you Jeff, Ryan, and Hailey (sp) !
Awesome podcast
The Sixler
I really enjoy this podcast. It’s definitely not what I expected but it’s a very unique and uniquely enjoyable podcast. I’m a weirdo and listen to podcasts at 2x speed but even at 2x speed it’s very listenable and easy to follow. I really love Ryan’s laugh, it’s delightful, although maybe it sounds different on normal speed. I also enjoy Jeff’s laugh. These guys seem like cool dudes and I would want to be their friend.
Fun easy listen!
After discovering my love for Final Fantasy I found this podcast and it’s very entertaining to listen to! The guys are hilarious and great editors! Thanks guys!
Play along!
I randomly found this show through an ad on the Overcast app and I'm so glad that I did! As a podcast editor myself I am constantly astounded at the editing quality of this show as it transitions between an audio Let's Play, an audio diary, and a normal podcast seemlessly. I'm currently playing along with the guys on Final Fantasy VII and I'm having a blast doing so. I'll definitely go back and listen from the start! Julian- Host of the Nerds Without Pants Podcast
I’m getting perilously close to catching up on the whole backlog. Like Werner Herzog I am compelled to keep listening— I don’t know what I’ll do when I run out of episodes. 5 stars
Come for Final Fantasy, Stay for the Descent into Madness
Adam Mayo
If you thought the "Let's Play" medium could not be done in an audio format, you were wrong.
Jeff and Ryan, will you be my friend?
You guys are awesome. I want to be friends with you!
Entertaining replays of the FF series that have inspired me to dive back into some of these games so I can play right along with them.
Great Podcast
Two seasons in, and I couldn’t love this show more. So great, so funny, I just wanna be friends with these guys.
Best Final Fantasy podcast ever!
I’m really enjoying the voices in season 3. Keep up the great work guys. Edit: I’m so excited season 4 is starting! I’m ready for FF7.
This podcast is amazing. It perfectly sums up how a gamer feels in the grind of Final Fantasy. The simultaneous despair and sense of accomplishment, mix with absolute humor in a perfect way. Thank you.
Empathy and Schadenfreude
Hi. Long time Final Fantasy player here. I love this podcast. Jeff and Ryan, thank you for suffering in the pursuit of entertainment. Your sacrifices are appreciated.
I adore this show!
Epic Film Guys
I started off playing Final Fantasy on the NES back when I was about 9 or 10. Listening to Jeff and Ryan play through the original game is not only hilarious, it brings back so many great memories (and reminds me how frustrating it is!!). It's also funny and an amazing way to re-live some classic RPGs. Can't wait to hear you cover other games in the series. Great show guys. Subscribed INSTANTLY after episode one.
A great Podcast
I just finished the first season. And it is a great example of two men slowly descending into madness! The best part is that they thought they knew how bad it would be. I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the seasons.
I Love These Guys
John Ruml
Humor, positivity, and a pleasantly surprising amount of philosophizing about Del Taco. Final Fantasy IV (Season Two) is one of my favorite games of all time and it was a joy to hear them rip it to shreds.
a masterpiece
these guys are hilarious. it’s like an episode of seinfeld.
"Who's Chewing What" with noise cancelling headphones changed my life
Everyone else has already mentioned how great the Final Fantasy related content is, but the real gems are in their digressions that cover everything from Oz to their excitement regarding Del Taco and the various existential crises in between. It's easy to tell that Jeff and Ryan put a lot of care into editing these episodes with the inclusion of their fun gimmicks like their miniseries, "Who's Chewing What", their time travelling journey of season 2, and much much more. Give these two a listen.
Play along or just listen
This is a great show to listen to as you play Final Fantasy yourself, or just to listen to. It's totally cool if you've never even played a Final Fantasy game, as the hosts do a great job of guiding you through the story, in a funny, rambling way.
Season 3 best yet
I’ve been listening since season 1, which was a great start. Season 2 meh, but season 3 has been amazing. Thank God they’ve decided to sleep like adults. A must listen if you have ever played a FF game.
Always looking forward to it :)
I listen to a lot of podcasts, whether I’m playing video games or the slower times while I’m working, I have a backlog of Marc Maron, Rooster Teeth, and Kevin Smith podcasts but I actually find myself relistening to this one quite a bit. I can’t wait for FF7.
Who would do this to themselves?
This is the worst podcast I have ever listened to. It is hour after hour of listening to two guys make the worst choices of their lives. I can’t recommend it highly enough
God help these poor fools
Why are they doing thins? No one knows but we seem to enjoy their pain so hopefully it keeps coming!
Hilarious nostalgia and absurdity
Jeff and Ryan playing through the Final Fantasy games is a hilarious romp through a haze of nostalgia, frustration, and the slow yet steady unwinding of their sanity as they muscle through the aspects of these beloved games that we’d overlooked in those olden golden years. If you’re wanting to experience these games again but don’t want to play the first 2 hours of the game only to give up leaving the 87th barely-finished save time, then this podcast is for you. Also, Jeff, Ryan. You’re wrong about baked broccoli. While it definitely doesn’t belong on pizza, if baked correctly, broccoli (and cauliflower) is delicious. 1. Melt an obscene amount of butter. 2. Salt and pepper the butter. 3. Add minced garlic to the butter. 4. Toss the broccoli/cauliflower mix in the butter. 5. Put into a baking dish. 6. Bake 400 for 25-30 min. They should be soft, yet firm, but not crunchy. The key here is the obscene amount of butter, which is how we do things in the south. Butter it up enough and it’s delicious!
Wow I’m actually impressed.
I found it immensely enjoyable to listen to you two trudge desperately through all of final fantasy one. What dedication to.. the cause? Well whatever it was, it was magic. I am listening to season two now and it is just as oddly depressingly fun and satisfying as the first. Good job guys.
These guys are so funny their journey is soul destroying but definitely interesting to listen to. Keep up the great work guys.
The Meaning of Life
Sure. This is a podcast about two guys playing Final Fantasy. And they are fun to listen to, full of emotion, full of laughs and entertainment. But this is a podcast that's about so much more than Final Fantasy. It's about life. It's about the history of the Jerky Boys, and the story of McDonald's. It's about finding out how early is too early to eat olives, and how much clotted cream you can eat before feeling sick. I love Final Fantasy, and that's what drew me in. But I stay for the little bits of life scattered in. No replicator in the universe could duplicate this podcast.
Best Video Game Podcast out there
These guys have a true talent for podcasting. Their entire podcast is laid out in a documentary format where they play the games and the review their experiences. Five stars all around.
Podcasting Prodigies
little wei guy
In life there are prodigies whose natural talent is above and beyond others in their field and I think Jeff and Ryan are that for podcasting. It feels like they naturally achieve what many podcasts struggle to do, make you feel like part of the experience. As I was listening to season 1 I didn’t feel like I was listening to a podcast I get like their friend who was being caught up after being out of town for a week. That feeling is what brought me back episode after episode. Keep on trucking. -Andres Suarez-Domit
No podcast better
I listen to a lot of gaming podcasts, and a lot of Final Fantasy related ones. There is no better podcast if you are into these games. These guys play off each other so well. I laugh out loud constantly. Do yourself a favor and listen right meow.
I love these two chuckleheads
Two guys play Final Fantasy, but probably half the funny stuff they say has little to do with the game. It’s fun to play along, though the 1/week cadence is slow for gameplay. Highly recommended.
This podcast speaks to all the things I love about the final fantasy franchise and all the things that are really, really dumb. Many times I emotionally connect to the feelings the hosts experience when they get consumed to beat a game, or beat a boss, or find some cool little connection, or think some story conceit is super dumb. I cannot recommend it highly enough
Final what?
Shawn Newton
I heard your ad on Greatest Generation and thought, what the hell. I only ever played FF7 when I was a kid but I love hearing about clotted cream and other things. Great show.
Great show
Look forward to this every week, you guys are really entertaining. Unique idea for a podcast too, I've never seen one that's a recording of people chatting while actually playing a game (rather than just discussing it after playing)
Excellent Pod!
This Issa Mist Ache
You guys are great and equally funny, which is something hard to come by! I’ve just finished playing the first Final Fantasy (origins version, because I don’t hate myself). Listening to the pod after playing it made it at least twice as enjoyable! Good luck with your next epic journey!
I hooked
Just gotta tell you that I love this stuff. The two of you are very funny
Great documentary style to playing a game
This is a great take on a lets play podcast, live footage of them playing intersperced with footage of them commenting on themselves while editing it all together. It gives the podcast a pretty unique feel and makes jokes a lot funnier as the hosts look back on their stupid mistakes and laugh at themselves. I'm not a huge FF fan but this podast is great.
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