Just what I needed!
T Lori
I always have a million things going through my head to remember. Where do I put that until I can get to it without having to repeat it in mind over and over so I don’t forget? The Sunday Basket! Where do I put that piece of paper or receipt that I may or may not need just until I figure out if I DO need it? The Sunday Basket! Where do I put that paper that I need to take care of, but not right this minute? You got it!! Over and over it helps me stay sane and rest assured that I’m not going to miss something!
The Sunday Basket Works!
I was able to setup my own Sunday Basket by listening to this serial podcast about the system. I did end up purchasing the pre-made system, and I'm very glad that I did. However, the magic is not in the product. It is in the consistency of working through the basket each week. I found an old check in my papers once I got everything going, and that more than paid for the investment of her basket system. Any time I feel stuck, I go back and re-listen to the steps while I work.
Love Lisa but.....
Sally S-P
I love listening to Lisa Woodruff in this and her other podcast, Organize 365, but this show is more focused on her advertising her products, services, etc. I admit I listen anyway because of her amazing personality but I don’t find that she is actually helping me organize anything which I thought was the intent of her show. She does this in the Organize 365 podcast although she has moved toward advertising there as well but the Organize 365 podcast has so many episodes of substance that it’s easier to overlook. Having said all that, I wish I was friends with Lisa W :). She is so honest, fun and intelligent.
Do as Lisa says and you will get organized
My goal this year is to declutter my home and organize my important documents. Together with the Sunday Basket podcast and 365 Podcast, Lisa will help me achieve this goal, so I’m killing it!
Saved me $$$
HS ELA Teacher
Thanks to Lisa’s Sunday Basket system, I just caught a mistake with a payment I thought was recurring, but it wasn’t. If I hadn’t been going through my Sunday Basket, I probably would not have caught my mistake which would have cost me more money in late fees. Btw, mine is a Friday afternoon box- since our busy family has many activities on the weekends, it’s my flexible way to schedule getting through the box over the weekend. If I get it done on Friday, it’s one less task on my weekend to-do list, and I can enjoy family time. Lisa’s Sunday Basket system is practical and perfect for my busy life.
Well, it’s gonna be great! I’m writing this review before the podcast launches because I know it’s gonna be great! Lisa understands organizing and how people think about it, which makes her the BEST when it comes to motivating and explaining organization! She has changed my life—let her change yours!
Enneagram 7 - I lack consistency
I love Lisa’s other podcast & have been following her for years. I love the concept of the Sunday Basket & have set it up. BUT- as in all areas of my life & as an Enneagram 7, I lack consistency to keep a project going. I look forward to this podcast helping to keep me on track. My paper is always piled up too high & bulging OUT of my basket. Thanks Lisa!!!
Another amazing podcast from Lisa
Lisa’s other Organize 365 podcast is great and I binge listened to the entire thing until I got caught up. This new podcast is focusing solely on paper organization and her revolutionary Sunday Basket system. A must-listen to anyone who wants help getting control of the paper in their home or office. She’s funny too so it is an easy listen!
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