027 - Organize 365 Friday Workboxes
Published June 10, 2018
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    It’s finally time to talk about the NEW Friday Workboxes!

    I’ve worked on the Friday Workboxes for a very long time (and by that, I mean three years), so I feel like they’re more than ready to go out into the world and start changing people’s lives!

    If you want to take a trip down memory lane with me and travel back to around two years and four months ago, that was when I first introduced the idea of a Friday Workbox with you. Time flies, huh?

    It may have taken a few years to get here, but it took that long to make sure the Friday Workboxes would be as awesome as possible. And as the saying goes, it’s “better late than never,” right?

    Friday Workboxes Are For Home-Based Businesses

    Are you an entrepreneur or the owner of a home-based business? If you are, the Friday Workboxes are PERFECT for you!

    There are four Friday boxes available, including a box for:

    1. Direct Sales
    2. Home Schooling
    3. Entrepreneurs
    4. Teachers (this one will be available July 1st)

    If you’re familiar with the Sunday Basket® system, navigating your way around the Friday Workbox will be a piece of cake. They share some similarities such as the use of the 1.0 and 2.0 Slash Pockets, but they also differ regarding their use and purpose.

    The Friday Workbox is a complete system and costs $150. You can’t buy each part of the box individually, but you can make your own workbox with materials from the Organize 365 Store, if you prefer. But I would advise that you save yourself the hassle and go for the complete Friday Workbox to get the most out of your investment.

    Friday Workboxes Vs. Sunday Baskets® : What’s The Difference?

    You’re probably wondering how the Friday Workbox differs from the Sunday Basket®. When you think of the Sunday Basket®, what pops into your head? Bills, letters, medical information, finances, and everything in between, right?

    The Sunday Basket® is built for organizing the home, and everything that’s connected to that is kept in your Sunday Basket®.

    The Friday Workbox, on the other hand, is all about organizing your home-based business or “passion project.”

    The NEW Golden Hour – (Friday at 2pm)

    I’ve designed the Friday Box to be done on a Friday at 2pm. That’s very specific, I know. Of course, you can do the Friday Workbox at any time of the day. But if you’re anything like me, you want to be done with work by 2pm on a Friday!

    You’ll need at least one hour to work on your Friday Workbox. As you’ve probably heard me say before, for every minute you spend planning, you GAIN five in execution. So, if you spend just an hour planning, you’ll save yourself five hours next week – how awesome is that?

    Reviewing The Week & Planning Ahead

    Some of you may still be thinking, “But why choose a Friday?” and I have two reasons:

    1. When I do the box on a Friday, I can review the week and plan for what needs to be done the following week. It gives me a clear perspective and saves me a lot of time when Monday morning rolls around again.
    2. I don’t like to work over the weekend. I’d rather respond to emails and get in touch with people on a Friday rather than wait for the beginning of the next week. This way, I can enjoy my weekend and not have to think about work again until Monday morning.

    Inside Your Friday Workbox

    The Friday Workbox comes with a Sunday Basket® in the color of your choosing, one set of the 2.0 Slash Pockets, and two sets of the rainbow 1.0 Slash Pockets.

    One set of the 1.0 Slash Pockets are set up in a similar way to the Sunday Basket® while the second set includes labels for each day of the week.

    You’ll also receive a guide for your workbox about how you can sort out your slash pockets.

    Each one is focused on the traditional sales cycle and color coded as follows:

    • Pink Slash Pockets – Leads
    • Purple Slash Pockets – Customers
    • Green Slash Pockets – Finances
    • Blue Slash Pockets – Marketing & Personal Development

    Once you get the hang of the Friday Workbox, it will start to create a fluent sales cycle for you. As you go through the program, your sales will increase and your business will become more organized.

    Friday Workbox Workshops

    On June 18th, I’ll be hosting a live workshop. And if you’ve bought a workbox, you’ll receive a quick invite to come and join me on the live call. During the Workbox 1.0 Workshop, we’ll go through everything you need to know about the Friday Workboxes and how you can organize yours to be the most effective and impactful for YOU.

    So, if you buy a Friday Workbox, you can check out the original live workshop, and you’ll also get a link to another video showing you how to organize the workbox you purchased.

    The direct sales, entrepreneur, home-school, and teacher workboxes will each have their own coaching video so you’ll get a real fine-tuned and in depth workshop related to the workbox you purchased.

    In your Friday Workbox System, you’ll receive:

    • A Sunday Basket®
    • One set of the 2.0 Slash Pockets
    • Two sets of the 1.0 Slash Pockets
    • A printed workbook to talk you through how to assemble the workbox
    • A recording of the live video class and the coaching video for your specific workbox

    Imagine having the ability to organize your work in one box, going through it on a Friday afternoon and keeping your work organized throughout the week.

    Sounds great, doesn’t it?

    In the next podcast episode, I’m going to tell you how to get these Friday Workboxes organized most efficiently and effectively as possible – stay tuned for that one!

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