018 - Household Reference Binder
Published April 1, 2018
26 min
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    Household Reference Binder

    Would you like a simple way to make managing your home easier than ever?  In this podcast episode, I want to introduce you to my Household Reference Binder - what it is, how I use it to manage my home, and how it can help you run yours.

    How It Began

    I originally created the Household Reference Binder around 15 years ago. I created it because filing cabinets just did not work for me. I wanted a portable binder instead to help me be more organized with household paperwork and I’ve used it ever since. It’s been invaluable!

    The Secret - Think Of Your House As A Person

    Once you start to think of your house as a person, it gets so much easier to manage. That’s because all of the things we have to sort out for our family (like clothing, maintenance, food, etc.) need to be done for our house, too. I know, it’s kind of a weird way to think about it, but trust me.

    If Your House Was a Person, Who Would It Be? And How Well Would You Take Care Of Him Or Her?

    The Household Reference Binder, and the Household Operations Binder that I’m covering next week, will really help you to take care of your house as if it was a person. It has all of the information, just like you'd have for your child or anybody else you might be taking care of. Because if you have a house, you have something else (or somebody!) you need to take care of. It’s no different from any other person in that respect.

    This binder has been really invaluable to me in helping me take care of my house. I think of it just like taking care of my kids. It’s similar to the Medical Binder that I keep for my kids, where everything important related their medical needs is in one place.

    I have my Household Reference Binder divided into 5 sections:

    • The House
    • Appliances
    • Electronics
    • Decor
    • Exterior

    When I first started using my Household Reference Binder, I was getting rid of my manuals for electronics at the time. I would just keep the model number and receipt. I didn't even bother keeping that for smaller goods (items less than $100 or those that I would definitely not repair if they broke), which eliminated 90% of the manuals and receipts that came into the house.

    We've repaired and replaced pretty much everything during the 20 years we've lived in our house. I don't plan to move, so I just replace stuff instead! It creates a lot of paperwork, but the binder means I don’t lose any of it and can find it easily. It's even got business card holders so you can include details of your trusted tradespeople that you only need to consult maybe once a year.

    You can get your own binder by going to Organize365.com/shop.

    How To Organize Your Household Reference Binder

    Once you’ve got your binder, it’s very simple to set it up into the 5 sections and then fill them out:

    Section 1 - The Home

    This is where you store all the essential information about your lease or home purchase.

    Section 2 - Appliances

    This section has a sheet for you to list all the information about your household appliances so you can make informed decisions about whether to replace or repair when the time comes.

    The binder has sheet protectors so you can easily slip in receipts.

    Section 3 - Electronics Inventory

    Personally, this is my biggest section. We have a lot of electronics, but then I do have two teenagers! I've also created printables for this section, so you can print out more sheets if you need them.

    Section 4 - Decor

    This section is really fun. Each room gets its own sheet and you can list how you decorated each room plus the furniture it contains. So you’ll never forget what color of paint you used when it’s time to redecorate.

    Section 5 - Exterior

    This is all about the outside of the house and garden. I've found it really useful to keep names of the plants and trees in the garden. It’s so helpful if you want to remodel.

    Believe It Or Not, Your Binder Will Save You Money!

    Keep your Household Reference Binder next to your kids' Medical Binders and any other binders you may have, and then whenever you need any information, it's right there.  I've saved myself thousands of dollars by keeping information together like this. It reminds me of previous quotes I’ve had for work around the house, which items need repaired, and which would be more cost-effective to replace.

    My Household Reference Binder will save you so much time and stress. You'll be able to find the information that you're storing in your filing cabinet at your fingertips literally within seconds! They’re available now here.

    So have fun making your Household Reference Binder! And don’t forget to check back for next week’s episode when I tell you about the Household Operations Binder!

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